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  1. 1. Junior school Activity Centre Day Boarding

  Prakriti Junior School – Admissions open for 2+ and 3+ age groups this year, 4+ and 5+ next year. Will go up to Std V in this campus.  Activity center – programmes for age group 3-17 yrs as well as for adults   Day Care, Library, parenting workshops, Parent-child programme.
  3. 3. Prakriti Junior School - Philosophy
  Prakriti intends to provide an environment where children develop a lifelong love for learning.  The guiding principles for Prakriti are –   nothing can be taught, it can be only be learnt,   by experiencing, by igniting a desire within to learn,   by showing the path to discovery when that desire is ignited.
  4. 4. Prakriti Junior School - Philosophy
•  The teacher is a facilitator - guiding, engaging, communicating, but not interfering.•  The focus should be on developing the ability to think independently and creatively, be a confident decision maker, concentrate, and resolve conflict.•  Nothing can be learnt unless there is a desire to learn it. Mere teaching of facts is not educating.•  Introduction to academics in a fun, interesting manner.•  Lots of opportunity for physical play to build confidence.•  Practical spirituality, emphasizing inner peace and compassionate action.
  5. 5. Prakriti Junior School – Facilities  Spacious, airy, well-lit state-of-the-art classrooms.  Home-style freshly cooked meals (breakfast and lunch)  Age appropriate books, games, toys and montessori equipment in each classroom.  Art, craft, painting and clay equipment in each classroom.  Sand play, water play, tactile play areas; green belt with thick tree cover.  Multiple outdoor play areas for physical exploration.  Open Amphitheatre for Story Telling/ Drama.  Student facilitator ratio of 10:1.  Open dining area (shaded), herb garden and splash pool  Doctor on call.
  6. 6. A day at Prakriti•  An hour for physical play in the morning in multiple indoor and outdoor play areas.•  Freshly cooked breakfast -sandwich, fruit and snack. •  Cognitive activities involving mental stimulation (theme based).•  Short physical play to relax after all the hard work of the mind.•  Story time with extra large sized books, puppets, toys.•  Art & Music- key for Pre-writing, emotional release, expression of creativity.•  Free play, relaxation and wind up -ready to come back the next day!
  7. 7. Activity Centre•  Prakriti is offering a wide range of programs for children (and some for adults), guided by experts with interest and training in working with children.•  Activities already conducted   Art Nouveau (3-6yrs)   Art out of waste   Sculpture   Robotics   Photography   Music-vocal and instrumental
  8. 8. Activity Centre: Forthcoming Activities
  Art, craft and clay  Pottery & sculpture  Photography  Oil painting on canvas  Vocal and instrumental music  Animation with gaurav juyal (anchor of art attack on disney channel)  Yoga for kids and adults  Dance  Theatre  Film viewing for children
  9. 9. OTHER ACTIVITIESDAY CARE  2 YRS+, 8:30 A.M- 6:30 P.M  Freshly cooked home-style healthy meals - breakfast, lunch and evening snack provided by the school.  Highest standards of safety, care and meaningful occupation for the young child.  Adequate naptime arrangements, facilities for indoor/ outdoor play, Doctor on callLIBRARY (Q4)  A reading– cum- reference library for all age groups  Wide collection of books, especially for children  Free lifetime membership to Library on registering for activity centre PARENT – CHILD PROGRAM (Q4)  In hour- long sessions, parents learn how to provide the most relevant, age-appropriate inputs to their young child.  Sessions include a wide range of fun motor and sensory stimulation activities with music, massage, rhythm, equipment, balance, dancing, word-picture visualization.
  10. 10. Fee Structure
  Admission Fee [One Time] : Rs.6,000  Development Charges [Annual]: Rs.6,000MONTHLY FEE  Tuition Fee: Rs.3,500[Includes Breakfast and Lunch] (discounted; regular fee Rs. 4,000)DAY BOARDING  MONTHLY FEE: Rs.5,000[Includes lunch and evening snack provided by the school ]TRANSPORT FEE: As per distance
  11. 11. Contact InformationVisit us : F-72 A, SECTOR 22,NOIDAWrite to us : US : 8800990781,8800990782WEBSITE :