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Quality and tn taker flow   defined
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Quality and tn taker flow defined



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  • 1. Quality and TN Taker flow
  • 2. What is a TN Taker flow ? Why should I follow it ?
  • 3. Elements of EP Experience Preparation by Hosting Entity Cultural Expectation Preparation Logistical Project setting Preparation Preparation (online) Working Cultural TTT for interns Buddy system conditions and Integration timeline Maintaining Team leader other EP Safety Procedure Project Quality Preparation ExperienceLegend:While in sending entityWhile in hosting entityFor EP with TMP/TLPNewly Developed
  • 4. Communication elements in delivery between hosting and sending entity Alignment of Supply Alignment of and demand Behavior setting preparation (and its timeline) Platform for Feed back and Customer Qualitycommunicating (ex: evaluation of the Mangement facebook group) Co-delivery
  • 5. Research Marketing MatchingEvaluation Impact Delivery RECEPTION
  • 6. Market reaserch Brainstorm leads Research• Think of companies / • Identify what kind oforganizations in your city that research/information Select leadscan benefit from a trainee(s) will be needed to• Think of organizations whose learn about possiblemission is similar to AIESEC client (TN). • Segment leads into • Identify where/how to most feasible get information opportunities. Focus • Compile/organize on these first. information• Draw conclusions Researchand identifyopportunities forAIESEC to contributeto TN’s success Present findings
  • 7. Assign Account Marketing manager • Update TN on status of Account • Draft proposal for • Accommodate TN’s needs the client. • Use AIESEC promotional • Client signs IJQ (s) materials • Clarify roles and Positioning responsibilities Develop partnership • Complete the exchange forms. • Ensure job description is • Set up first meeting. of high quality and is Remember “matchable.“ 80-20 rule. Let client speak 80% of meeting. • Learn about client. Use Raise traineeship • When fully ready, SetDiscovery meeting Integrated Sales up follow-up meeting. Approach • Present final proposal • Present IJQ After successive meetings: Include new information in revised proposals
  • 8. • Inform EP of Matching Match  selection! • Use myaiesec.net to formally match TN with• Review forms for EPconsistency, dataentry Enter IJQ Details in• Ensure they comply myaiesec.net • TN interviewswith exchange TN interviews candidates on phoneprinciples • Assist TN w/ help and setting up interviews Matching Update TN • Update status of account • Email resumes of candidates
  • 9. Delivery Comunication Expectations • Ensure all areas of the • EP and TN traineeship are shared communicate between the EP and @ orientation • LC communicates yourLC. with EP about…• Trainee introduction toAIESEC Logistical Cultural preparation• Outline of activities that preparationtrainee can expect to getinvolved in (as well ascommunication from the • Communication about • Cultural preparation bytrainee about what they are flights, visas, SS, drug test, both TN LC and EP LCinterested in). housing, and other logistical • Answer questions from• Expectations for trainee and matters to be carried out EP andLC during preparation and early ask questions to EP part of reception.
  • 10. • Every 4 weeks after Impact Reception, use questionnaire to asses trainee involvement in Impact activities• Advertise impactful • Trainee & LC developcultural events on solutionscampus or in city Cultural Measurment to boost involvementto trainees presentation • Discuss w/ TN about• Organize trips to traineeevents and encourage performanceparticipation• Trainee gives • Meet w/ trainee topresentation on make sure expectationshome culture and Cultural events Trainee feedback for EP LC are beingleads discussion with metthe LC • If not, think of ways to make trainee happy!
  • 11. Evaluation Post traineeship • Trainee informs LC on areas of success and evaluation improvement TN evaluation Solutions TN follow up• LC devises solutions to • LC devises solutions to • Promote “improved”improve trainee program improve trainee program for AIESEC trainee program forfor future future maintenance/expansion of contract with TN