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Presentation2 copy Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Asha Children’s Open Quiz February 24, 2013 QM : Bharat Jayakumar
  • 2. Thanks! Prizes sponsored by:  DY by DX “Fun gifts from India” (
  • 3. Thanks! Several quzzers & quiz forums which gave me the ideas for many of the questions, and several questions as well
  • 4. Bay Area Quiz Club We meet once a month, generally at Stanford Active since Nov, 2009 Quizzing & loads of fun!
  • 5. Bay Area Quiz Club Join Us! Go to Search for “sfbayquizclub” Send us a request with a quiz question of your choice & you’ll get invites to monthly quizzes
  • 6. The Rules: Rule #1 : The Quizmaster is always right (for today) Rule #2 : If you have any doubts, please refer Rule #1
  • 7. Guidelines: Always take a guess – any guess is better than saying: “I don’t have an answer” Most questions have clues to the answer in them. So, work out the answer Majority of the answers are stuff you already know. The clues in the question are there to guide you to it Have Fun!
  • 8. Who wants to be a Millionaire? Multiple Choice First guess : +30 Second guess : +20 Third guess : +10 No negative points
  • 9. Blank Slide
  • 10. WWTBM: Question 1 Alaska is the Northernmost & Westernmost U.S. State by Longitude. Which is the Easternmost U.S. State by Longitude  Maine  Florida  Alaska  Hawaii
  • 11. Answer: Alaska
  • 12. WWTBM: Question 2 Which country always marches first in the parade of nations during the opening ceremonies of the Summer Olympics?  Afghanistan  Zimbabwe  The Host Nation  Greece
  • 13. Answer: Greece
  • 14. WWTBM: Question 3 Which car company’s name literally translates to “People’s Car”, in its native language?  Audi  Volkswagen  Volvo  Hyundai
  • 15. Answer Volkswagen
  • 16. WWTBM: Question 4 Who was elected U.S. President a record 4 consecutive times?  George Washington  Thomas Jefferson  Abraham Lincoln  Franklin Delano Roosevelt
  • 17. Answer F. D. Roosevelt
  • 18. WWTBM: Question 5 The Larry O’Brien trophy is awarded to the champion in which sports league?  NBA  NFL  MLB  NHL
  • 19. Blank Slide NBA
  • 20. WWTBM: Question 6 The New York Yankees have won the most World Series (27). Which team comes next, with 11 world series?  San Francisco Giants  St. Louis Cardinals  Oakland A’s  Los Angeles Dodgers
  • 21. Answer St. Louis Cardinals
  • 22. WWTBM: Question 7 Which Shakespearean work is often referred to as “The Scottish Play”, because, according to theatrical superstition, saying its name is thought to bring disaster?  Macbeth  Romeo & Juliet  Julius Caesar  The Merchant of Venice
  • 23. Blank Slide Macbeth
  • 24. WWTBM: Question 8 Which export product of the British East India Company played a major role in a protest in December 1773 prior to the American Revolutionary War ?  Salt  Whiskey  Spices  Tea
  • 25. Answer Tea
  • 26. WWTBM: Question 9 The name of which South American country literally means “little Venice” in Italian ?  Brazil  Colombia  Venezuela  Paraguay
  • 27. Answer Venezuela
  • 28. WWTBM: Question 10 What annual occasion celebrates the Mexican victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla in 1862 ?  Mexican Independence Day  Cinco de Mayo  Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead)  Dia de la Revolucion (Day of the Revolution)
  • 29. Answer Cinco de Mayo
  • 30. Audience Question In Computer Programming, coding in the style “if(5==x)”, instead of the usual “if(x==5)”, is called the ____ Condition, named after a well known sci-fi character whose characteristic speech style is similar to what is done above.
  • 31. And the answer is:
  • 32. Audience question answer: Yoda condition “Think, you must!”
  • 33. Next Round : Start Me Up! Choose a Question +10 points if you get it right No negative points – so take a guess! Questions pass to other teams
  • 34. Start me up!Question 1 Question 2 Question 3 Question 4 Question 5Question 6 Question 7 Question 8 Question 9 Question 10 Question 11 Question 12 Question 13 Question 14 Question 15 Question 16  Next Round
  • 35. Blank Slide Back
  • 36. Start Me Up: Question 1 In soccer competitions like the World Cup, the group with the toughest set of teams is often nicknamed the “Group of Death”. But, in the Euro 2012 Championships, Group C, consisting of Croatia, Italy, Spain & the Republic of Ireland, was given what 3 word nickname [given the economic conditions at the time], a play on words of the often used nickname?
  • 37. And the answer is:
  • 38. Answer: “Group of Debt” (Italy, Ireland & Spain were all struck by the Euro debt crisis) Back
  • 39. Blank slide Back
  • 40. Start Me Up: Question 2 Literature: Where would you find these words? “Ash nazg durbatulûk, ash nazg gimbatul, Ash nazg thrakatulûk, agh burzum-ishi krimpatul”
  • 41. And the answer is:
  • 42. Answer: The inscription on the One Ring in the Lord of the Rings “One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness Bind them” Back
  • 43. Blank slide Back
  • 44. Start Me Up: Question 3 Tweets on twitter are limited to 140 characters - why this number?
  • 45. And the answer is:
  • 46. Answer: 140 characters was the limit for texting on cell phones Back
  • 47. Blank slide Back
  • 48. Start Me Up: Question 4 2NaN3 → 2Na + 3 N2 (gas) (Sodium Azide → Sodium + Nitrogen gas) [very very fast!] This reaction saves lives everyday - Why?
  • 49. And the answer is:
  • 50. Answer: This is the reaction which happens when car air bags inflate Back
  • 51. Blank slide Back
  • 52. Start Me Up: Question 5 ____ was first created by a team of researchers at the University of Florida College of Medicine in 1965 at the request of football coach, Ray Graves & named for their football team. It gained popularity after the 1967 Orange Bowl where the University of Florida beat the heavily favored Georgia Tech. When coach Bobby Dodd of Georgia Tech was asked why his team lost, he said, “We didn’t have ____. That made the difference.” What is ____ ?
  • 53. And the answer is:
  • 54. Answer: Gatorade (The football team is the Florida Gators) Back
  • 55. Blank slide Back
  • 56. Start Me Up: Question 6 In 1963, Otto Miranda was arrested based on circumstantial evidence & after being interrogated by police officers - he confessed to the crime. The U.S. Supreme Court ultimately overturned his conviction on the grounds that the confession was inadmissible. This landmark ruling led to what change in police procedure - popularized by several TV cop shows over the years?
  • 57. And the answer is:
  • 58. Answer: People had to be read their rights while being arrested “You have the right to remain silent… etc.” Back
  • 59. Blank slide Back
  • 60. Start Me Up: Question 7 When she taught French in Portugal, her students nicknamed her: “The Rolling Stone”, as a parody on the correct pronunciation of her last name (which is still often mispronounced). Fortunately for all of us, she decided to quit teaching & follow her passion. Who is she?
  • 61. And the answer is:
  • 62. Answer: JK Rowling (pronounced “Rolling”, and not “Row-ling”) Back
  • 63. Blank slide Back
  • 64. Start Me Up: Question 8 Percy Spencer was an engineer who worked for Raytheon during World War II, helping them build radar technology for the war effort. One day, while standing in front of a magnetron (the power tube that drives a radar set), he felt the chocolate bar in his pocket start to melt. What common household object did Percy Spencer go on to invent?
  • 65. And the answer is:
  • 66. Answer: The Microwave Oven Back
  • 67. Blank slide Back
  • 68. Start Me Up: Question 9 Fill in the blank/What did this idea eventually become? “I got the idea for ____ after my company was acquired. I had a big late fee for “Apollo 13.” It was six weeks late and I owed the video store $40. I had misplaced the cassette. It was all my fault. I didn’t want to tell my wife about it. And I said to myself, “I’m going to compromise the integrity of my marriage over a late fee?”
  • 69. And the answer is:
  • 70. Answer: Netflix That was Reed Hastings, the founder of Netflix Back
  • 71. Blank slide Back
  • 72. Start Me Up: Question 10 Contrary to popular belief, the name of this well known product isn’t really German; it is simply two made-up words. This was the idea of Rueben & Rose Mattus, two Polish immigrants in New York – to make people think it was a “foreign” brand. It’s a product we’ve all eaten – what?
  • 73. And the answer is:
  • 74. Answer: Back
  • 75. Blank slide Back
  • 76. Start Me Up: Question 11 ____ is one of the 25 government districts that make up the city of Seoul, South Korea. ____ is one of the richest areas of South Korea. _____ became world famous in 2012 thanks to a pop song. What is ____ ?
  • 77. And the answer is:
  • 78. Answer: Gangnam Back
  • 79. Blank slide Back
  • 80. Start Me Up: Question 12 How do we better know the “Government Employees Insurance Company” ?
  • 81. And the answer is:
  • 82. Answer: GEICO Back
  • 83. Blank slide Back
  • 84. Start Me Up: Question 13 Where would you most commonly find depicted the intersection of N. De Anza Boulevard & Interstate 280?
  • 85. And the answer is:
  • 86. Answer: The symbol on the Apple Maps/Google Maps app on the iPhone Back
  • 87. Blank slide Back
  • 88. Start Me Up: Question 14 Which cartoon character gets his name after a nonsense line in Frank Sinatra’s “Strangers in the Night” ?
  • 89. And the answer is:
  • 90. Answer: Scooby-Doo (The line goes “Scooby Dooby Doo…”) Back
  • 91. Blank slide Back
  • 92. Start Me Up: Question 15 Approximately 50 of these items are made every year in Chicago by R.S. Owens & Company. They are generally used in the world of entertainment on a specific day in February each year. Since 1950, in case the the person owning this item does not want it any longer, they must agree to resell it to the original owner for $1. What item?
  • 93. And the answer is:
  • 94. Answer: The Oscar Statuette Back
  • 95. Blank slide Back
  • 96. Start Me Up: Question 16 The U.S. Navy originally wanted this structure to be painted black with yellow stripes to improve visibility for passing ships. However, it was eventually painted with a color called “International Orange”. Which structure ?
  • 97. And the answer is:
  • 98. Answer: The Golden Gate Bridge Back
  • 99. Blank slide Back
  • 100. Audience Question #2
  • 101. And the answer is:
  • 102. Audience Question Answer
  • 103. Next Round : Audio-Visual Choose a Question +10 points if you get it right No negative points – so take a guess! Questions pass to other teams
  • 104. Audio-VisualQuestion 1 Question 2 Question 3 Question 4 Question 5Question 6 Question 7 Question 8 Question 9 Question 10  Next Round
  • 105. Blank Slide Back
  • 106. Audio-Visual: Question 1 Whose tombstone?
  • 107. And the answer is:
  • 108. Answer: Mel Blanc – the voice of Porky Pig & so many other Looney Tunes Back
  • 109. Blank slide Back
  • 110. Audio-Visual: Question 2 Who is this well known personality?
  • 111. And the answer is:
  • 112. Answer: “Who is Alex Trebek ?” Back
  • 113. Blank slide Back
  • 114. Audio-Visual: Question 3 For 86 years, this industrial secret was kept in a vault at a SunTrust Bank in Atlanta, Georgia. In Dec 2011, it was moved to the place shown below. What ?
  • 115. And the answer is:
  • 116. Answer: The secret formula for Coca-Cola Back
  • 117. Blank slide Back
  • 118. Audio-Visual: Question 4 The man talking about his invention is David Bradley, an IBM engineer. He invented something we all use quite often. What did he invent?
  • 119. And the answer is:
  • 120. Answer: Ctrl+Alt+Del (No wonder Bill Gates didn’t look happy) Back
  • 121. Blank slide Back
  • 122. Audio-Visual: Question 5 Identify this sport which currently has around 400 teams worldwide, including 319 from the USA, 30 from Canada, 2 from India & 10 from the UK
  • 123. And the answer is:
  • 124. Answer: Quidditch (“Muggle Quidditch” to be specific) Back
  • 125. Blank slide Back
  • 126. Audio-Visual: Question 6 Something we have all seen many times is being filmed here. What?
  • 127. And the answer is:
  • 128. Answer: This Back
  • 129. Blank slide Back
  • 130. Audio-Visual: Question 7 This is a stamp that was issued by St. Kitts & Nevis. It depicts Columbus discovering America. What is the error in this stamp ?
  • 131. And the answer is:
  • 132. Answer: The telescope was invented around 100 years after Columbus died Back
  • 133. Blank slide Back
  • 134. Audio-Visual: Question 8 Born Sean Corey Carter in Brooklyn, New York, this musician took his well known stage name for several reasons, one being a homage to the trains at the station (circled) below. By what stage name do we know him?
  • 135. And the answer is:
  • 136. Answer: Jay-Z (after the “J” and “Z” trains that stopped at Marcy Avenue) Back
  • 137. Blank slide Back
  • 138. Audio-Visual: Question 9 A Formula 1 race starts when the following sequence occurs:  (a) 5 red lights come on one after the other  (b) all 5 go off at the same time. What is the duration of this entire sequence, and why ?
  • 139. And the answer is:
  • 140. Answer: There is no fixed duration – it is random Reason: To avoid teams from using on-board computers to anticipate the race start Back
  • 141. Blank slide Back
  • 142. Audio-Visual: Question 10 This was the original logo of which company?
  • 143. And the answer is:
  • 144. Answer: Apple Back
  • 145. Blank slide Back
  • 146. Last Round : Choose Your Category Choose a question from your category +10 for regular categories +20 for the“Mixed Bag” category (only for the team that picks) No negative points, so take a guess Only one “Mixed Bag” question per team
  • 147. Choose your CategoryScience & History & Entertainment Literature Mixed BagTechnology GeographyQuestion 1 Question 1 Question 1 Question 1 Question 1Question 2 Question 2 Question 2 Question 2 Question 2Question 3 Question 3 Question 3 Question 3 Question 3Question 4 Question 4 Question 4 Question 4 Question 4Question 5 Question 5 Question 5 Question 5 Question 5
  • 148. Blank Slide Back
  • 149. Science: Question 1 The cancer causing gene “POK erythroid myeloid ontogenic gene” was originally given a short name after a cartoon series. After being threatened with a lawsuit by the company that owned the rights to the cartoon series, they changed the name of the gene to the boring “Zbtb7”. What was the original short name of this gene?
  • 150. And the answer is:
  • 151. Answer Pokemon gene Back
  • 152. Blank slide Back
  • 153. Science: Question 2 Identify the real life scientist standing next to Superman. He says he often gets hate mail from children, because he backed efforts to stop Pluto from being considered a planet.
  • 154. And the answer is:
  • 155. Answer Neil Degrasse Tyson, the astronomer Back
  • 156. Blank slide Back
  • 157. Science: Question 3 Google’s search engine uses the PageRank algorithm for its searches. After which computer scientist is the algorithm named ?
  • 158. And the answer is:
  • 159. Answer: Larry Page, the co-founder of Google (hence “Page”Rank) Back
  • 160. Blank slide Back
  • 161. Science: Question 4 This element of the periodic table gets its name because its carbonate was made by dissolving wood ash from plants and evaporating the solution in large iron pots. Which element?
  • 162. And the answer is:
  • 163. Answer: Potassium (from “pot ash”) Back
  • 164. Blank slide Back
  • 165. Science: Question 5 Who is this scientist, whose name was in the news last year ?
  • 166. And the answer is:
  • 167. Answer: Peter Higgs (of “Higgs Boson” fame) Back
  • 168. Blank slide Back
  • 169. History & Geography: Question 1 What is the two-word term given to this ?
  • 170. And the answer is:
  • 171. Answer: “Terracotta Army” or “Terracotta Warriors” Back
  • 172. Blank slide Back
  • 173. History & Geography: Question 2 Due to his prominent signature on the Declaration of Independence, whose name has become a euphemism for the word “signature” in the U.S.?
  • 174. And the answer is:
  • 175. Answer: John Hancock Back
  • 176. Blank slide Back
  • 177. History & Geography: Question 3 It was given its name by the Washburn expedition to Wyoming in 1870. It repeats its “performance” approximately in 91 minuteintervals or 68 minute intervals.A single “performance” can last anywhere between 1.5minutes to 5 minutes & uses anywhere between 3700 to8400 gallons of water.What?
  • 178. And the answer is:
  • 179. Answer: The “Old Faithful” geyser at Yellowstone National Park Back
  • 180. Blank slide Back
  • 181. History & Geography: Question 4 This geographical feature was identified by UC Berkeley geology professor Andrew Lawson in 1895 & named after a small lake which lies in San Mateo county, near Millbrae & San Bruno. This feature caused destruction in 1906 & 1989. What is the name of the feature?
  • 182. And the answer is:
  • 183. Answer: The San Andreas fault Back
  • 184. Blank slide Back
  • 185. History & Geography: Question 5 This historical artifact, contains writing in 3 scripts - Egyptian Hieroglyphics, Demotic script & Ancient Greek. It’s name has become an idiom in English meaning “the crucial key to the decoding of an encryption”. It also shares its name with a popular language learning software.What is this?
  • 186. And the answer is:
  • 187. Answer: The Rosetta Stone Back
  • 188. Blank slide Back
  • 189. Entertainment: Question 1 In 2006 in Siberia, Russia, a mineral named “Jaderite” (chemically- sodium lithium boron silicate hydroxide with fluorine) was discovered. This sparked the interest of the fans of a particular superhero, because its formula almost matched that of which famous material from comic books?
  • 190. And the answer is:
  • 191. Answer: Kryptonite Back
  • 192. Blank slide Back
  • 193. Entertainment: Question 2 Clarence Nash, was a Hollywood star from the 1930s to the 1980s. No one probably saw him on screen, but everyone here has heard his voice. When reflecting back on his career, he appropriately said, “Actually, I originally wanted to be a doctor, but instead I became the biggest quack in the world”.Why is Clarence Nash’s voice famous?
  • 194. And the answer is:
  • 195. Answer: He was the voice of Donald Duck Back
  • 196. Blank slide Back
  • 197. Entertainment: Question 3 The lady in the picture [shown rehearsing with her family], wrote a book in 1949 about her family that was turned into a famous, award winning 1965 movie, which you have most likely seen. Name the movie
  • 198. And the answer is:
  • 199. Answer: The Sound of Music(The lady shown is the real Maria von Trapp, with her family) Back
  • 200. Blank slide Back
  • 201. Entertainment: Question 4 This two-word phrase from another language translates to “Rise Up” in English. In order to get a primeval chant sound, the music director of the film, Hans Zimmer, asked people at home to record themselves saying this phrase. In the end, thousands of people from 107 countries contributed their voices - repeating this phrase over & over again.Which 2012 movie was this phrase used in?
  • 202. And the answer is:
  • 203. Answer: The Dark Knight Rises (the “Deshi Basara” chant) Back
  • 204. Blank slide Back
  • 205. Entertainment: Question 5 Google often changes the logo on its homepage to celebrate important events. Whose birthday is Google celebrating with this doodle?
  • 206. And the answer is:
  • 207. Answer: Michael Jackson Back
  • 208. Blank slide Back
  • 209. Literature: Question 1 “Through the Looking Glass” is the sequel to which famous Children’s Novel ?
  • 210. And the answer is:
  • 211. Answer: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Back
  • 212. Blank slide Back
  • 213. Literature: Question 2 In this work of Literature, the narrator of the stories, Queen Scheherezade of Persia, would stop in the middle of the story, since it was late and would only finish the tale the next morning. She did this so that the King of Persia, would not execute her the next day. She did this repeatedly, several times, stopping in the middle of an interesting story, so she could sleep. How do we know the stories she told?
  • 214. And the answer is:
  • 215. Answer: 1001 Arabian Nights Back
  • 216. Blank slide Back
  • 217. Literature: Question 3 Below is described the specialties of certain regions from a well known recent work of fiction. Which work? (All blanks are the same word - which is a giveaway, hence I’ve blanked it out)_____ 1 - specializes in producing luxury items like jewellery_____ 2 - In charge of masonry & weapon making_____ 3 - specializes in the production of electronics_____ 4 - specializes in fishing_____ 5 - specializes in power_____ 6 - specializes in transportation_____ 7 - specializes in lumber & paper_____ 8 - specializes in textiles_____ 9 - specializes in grain_____ 10 - specializes in livestock_____ 11 - specializes in agriculture_____ 12 - specializes in mining_____ 13 - specializes in nuclear technology
  • 218. And the answer is:
  • 219. Answer: The Hunger Games trilogy These are the districts of Panem Back
  • 220. Blank slide Back
  • 221. Literature: Question 4 Map of a land from a famous work of American Literature. Just give me the name of the place that this is a map
  • 222. And the answer is:
  • 223. Answer: The Land of Oz (you can see the Emerald City in the center) Back
  • 224. Blank slide Back
  • 225. Literature: Question 5 This author’s editor bet him that he could not write a book using 50 words or less. Not one to back down from a challenge, this extremely popular children’s author came up with this book, which uses exactly 50 words. Name the author
  • 226. And the answer is:
  • 227. Answer: Dr. Seuss The book is “Green Eggs and Ham” Back
  • 228. Blank slide Back
  • 229. Mixed Bag: Question 1 In which game would you see the following “extremely fit” characters:  Guy Dangerous, "just your average explorer" (default explorer)  Scarlett Fox, a "cunning" escape artist  Barry Bones, a city cop "with an attitude"  Karma Lee, a Far East explorer  Montana Smith, the "second greatest" explorer ever
  • 230. And the answer is:
  • 231. Answer: Temple Run Back
  • 232. Blank slide Back
  • 233. Mixed Bag: Question 2 On April Fools Day (April 1), 1996, Taco bell ran this ad as a joke in several national newspapers. Now what “historic treasure” did Taco Bell claim to have bought?
  • 234. And the answer is:
  • 235. Answer: The Liberty Bell Back
  • 236. Blank slide Back
  • 237. Mixed Bag: Question 3 This term for the United States of America, traces its origins to a 1738 publication of the debates in the British Parliament. Since publication of debates was illegal at the time, fictitious names were used for different countries. Ireland was called Ierne, Spain was called Iberia, and America was called _____ . The root of the word originates from the explorer who discovered the continent. What name for America is this?
  • 238. And the answer is:
  • 239. Answer: Columbia Back
  • 240. Blank slide Back
  • 241. Mixed Bag: Question 4 Name the musical instrument used in this tune that we’ve heard so often
  • 242. And the answer is:
  • 243. Answer: Marimba Back
  • 244. Blank slide Back
  • 245. Mixed Bag: Question 5 These were the contenders in a recent contest run by Hasbro, to replace a piece in which popular board game?
  • 246. And the answer is:
  • 247. Answer: Monopoly Back
  • 248. Blank slide Back