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Firefly video deck   india
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Firefly video deck india


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • the NAI--an association of advertising networks, data exchanges, and marketing analytics services providers
  • Transcript

    • 1. August 2010
    • 2. Tribal Fusion Overview Online ad network founded in 2001 Independent site representation Premium inventory on over 2,000 network enthusiast sites 30 billion ad Reaches 470 million users/month impressions Ad targeting and delivery worldwide per month solutions Member of National Advertising Initiative - NAI
    • 3. Broad Worldwide Reach China: 3.5 mm Syria: 0.5 mm Russian Federation: 1.9mm UK: 30 mm Germany: 7.1 mm Kuwait: 0.8mm India: 27 mm Canada: 16 mm UAE: 2.6mm Italy: 4.4 mm France: 6.18mm Japan: 2.7mm Iran: 0.28 mmUS: 160mm Spain: 11 mm Taiwan: 1.8mm Jordon: 1.1 mm Hong Kong: 1.5 mm Egypt: 6.1 mm Morocco: 1.8mm Thailand: 4.7 mm Qatar: 0.7mm Mexico: 6.4mm Philippines: 8.5mm Lebanon: 1.1 mm Saudi Arabia: 7.5mm Singapore: 1.43 mm Malaysia: 5.3mm Oman: 0.5 mm Sri Lanka: 0.4 mm Brazil: 7.2mm Indonesia: 5.5mm Bahrain: 0.4mm Vietnam: 2.2 mm South Africa: 2.18mm Australia: 6.8mm New Zealand: 2.4 mm Significant worldwide reach through local websites and non-resident traffic Source: comScore Media Metrix, June’11 and Tribal Fusion Ad Server, Jul 11
    • 4. Combine the Emotion and Impact of TV…
    • 5. With the Targeting and Scale of Online Display Advertising
    • 6. Firefly Video: Combining the Best of TV and Online Firefly Video™ Television Online Display AdsEmotion & ImpactScaleTargetingInteractivityAudience Data
    • 7. Full Screen Engagement with Firefly Video Leverage reach of most popular ad sizes and 100% user-opt-in for complete user engagement 1. Teaser banner appears w/ sound off, inviting user to mouse over 2. On mouseover, 3 second countdown begins. User has option to click to start instantly 3. Video launches and takes over entire page, providing 100% user focus and attention
    • 8. Leverage Standard IAB Units for Unprecedented Scale 728 x 90 300 x 250 1 6 0 x 6 0 0
    • 9. Leverage Existing TV Creative into a World of Online Options 1. Video Strips – consumers can watch additional ads or learn about related 2 products 2. Social Sharing – allows consumers to share your creative with rest of the 3 4 world, making your campaign viral 3. Data pool– get feedback from your prospects and leads etc. for your business 4. Custom Graphics and Dynamic Data – personalized products, 1 prices, agents, stores/branch locations, and more, customized based on your goals and delivered right to your prospects
    • 10. HP - Firefly Video Example Map based Behavioral targeting based Related content based Form based Click on text or image to see live Firefly Video
    • 11. HP - Firefly Video Example City based dynamic Offer based Referral search based Click on text or image to see live Firefly Video
    • 12. Firefly Video Complements Your TV and Pre-Roll Spend Turn Key Creative Repurpose your TV creative; no production costs Scale Reach within a worldwide audience of 220 million people Targeting Pinpoint your most desirable audiences Brand Safety Confidence that your brand is seen in the right environment Engagement Model Rich interactive opt-in experiences with 100% focused consumer attention Cost-per-engagement Pay only when a user engages with your video ad by clicking or mousing over Reporting and Fine tune your ad strategy with real time-info. audience insights Ease of use Select your audience, set your budget, send your creative Complete, end-to-end Proprietary technology built from the ground up, operating on one, technology uncomplicated platform, serving hundreds of advertisers across 14 countries
    • 13. Unprecedented Scale – India Traffic – General • Reach 58.1 % of online Indian audience Traffic – Monthly • 23 MM monthly unique users (India Only) • 2,556 MM monthly page views Traffic – Daily • 3 MM average daily visitors Demographics – General • 69.8% Male • 30.2% Female Demographics – Age • 57.2% of users between A25-54 • 96.2% of users are A18+ Data based on comScore Media Metrix July 2010
    • 14. Target Your Audience at Scale Audience Targeting Network Targeting 3rd Party/In-Market
    • 15. Complete Brand Safety at Scale Our proprietary and breakthrough contextual technology ensures: • No ad tag hijacking • No nested i-frames • No click fraud • Ads run on approved domains only • No unsafe topics (alcohol, sex, violence, etc) • Proper content blocking if required • Adherence to our publisher code of conduct • Ads run on premium inventory only! Safe - ad is served Unsafe - no ad is served
    • 16. Cost-Per-Engagement Model ×  Pay only when a user engages with your brand by clicking or mousing over your video ad
    • 17. Comprehensive, In-Depth Reporting Reporting Metrics Include: • Engagement • Click-through • Video Completion • Video Interaction • Social Sharing
    • 18. What Others are Saying about Firefly Video... “We are astonished to see the dynamic rich media, online video ad units from Firefly Video™. The special effect incorporated by designers is just amazing and perfectly depicts the 3D effect showcased in the movie Resident Evil Afterlife. We are looking forward to create an impactful consumer experience in the digital space that is both engaging and buzz worthy” - Carmen Phua, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Malaysia “The campaign’s results exceeded our expectations and with Firefly Video’s cost- per-engagement model, we were able to reach our most valuable prospects with no media waste.” -Chris Falkiner, -Manager Digital Solutions, Starcom
    • 19. Useful Links• Firefly Video website • Firefly Video – Automotive Press Release• Firefly Video Launch Press Release • Firefly Video: Marketing–
    • 20. Thank you Bharath Kumar B Sr. Business