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  1. 1. EMBEDDED LISTVision Solutions4/13 Brodipet, Guntur | Benz Circle ,Vijayawada | Ameerpet, HyderabadE-Mail:visionsolutions.9@gmail.comcall-9603150547Academic Projects forE.E.E & E.C.E EMBEDDEDWe will develop your ideas and your papers also,For any Further information call-9603150547e-mail
  2. 2. S. No. TITLE YEAR1 Design of remote data acquisition system based on GSM IEEE-20132 Mobile Robots and Wheelchairs Control Navigation Design IEEE-20133 Design of Concealed Alarm System Based on GSM IEEE-20134 An Embedded Interface for GSM based Car Security System IEEE-20135 Library Shelf management system using RFID Technology IEEE-20136 Remote energy monitoring, profiling and control through GSMnetworkIEEE-20137 Robot End-effectors Sensing with Position Sensitive Detector IEEE-20138 Handheld Operator Control Unit for Robot IEEE-20139 Depth Camera Based Indoor Mobile Robot Localization andNavigationIEEE-201310 Autonomous Navigation robot for landmine detection Applications IEEE-201311 Tracking Controller of Mobile Robot IEEE-201313 Development of Vision-Based Sensor of Smart Robot for IndustrialApplicationsIEEE-201314 Design and Conceptual Development of a Sunbathe Laundry Robot IEEE-201315 Realization of Intelligence Monitoring System Based on RemoteSensor TechnologyIEEE-201316 Wireless Critical Process Control in oil and gas refinery plants IEEE-201317 WECO: A wireless platform for monitoring recycling point spots(level sensors)IEEE-201318 Realization of Intelligence Monitoring System Based on RemoteSensor TechnologyIEEE-201319 In-Building Lighting Management System with WirelesscommunicationsIEEE-201320 Design of Intelligent Home Appliance Control System Based onARM and ZigBeeIEEE-201321 Bio-inspired Fault Tolerant Wireless Communication System IEEE-2013Vision Solutions4/13 Brodipet, Guntur | Benz Circle ,Vijayawada | Ameerpet, HyderabadE-Mail:visionsolutions.9@gmail.comcall-9603150547
  3. 3. 22 A Positive Study on Effective Gas Safety Management usingWireless sensor networkIEEE-201323 A Fully Digitally controlled system design for Wireless remotecontrolled LED Lighting SystemsIEEE-201324 Monitoring and Alarming System Based on ZIGBEE Technology IEEE-201325 Digital Control For Home Lighting Systems With ZIGBEECommunicationsIEEE-201326 A ZIGBEE-Based Telecardiology System for Remote HealthcareService DeliveryIEEE-201327 Hybrid Wireless Communication System Using ZIGBEETechnology In The Coalmine TunnelsIEEE-201328 Design of A Wireless Medical Monitoring System IEEE-201329 Development of Road Light Gateway with Sensor Network IEEE-201330 Design and Implementation of Pyro electric Infrared Sensor BasedSecurity System Using MicrocontrollerIEEE-201331 An Intelligent Lighting System For Exhibition Applications IEEE-201332 A scheme For the Application Of Smart Message Language in AWireless Meter Reading SystemsIEEE-201333 Design Of Lands Lied Warning System IEEE-201334 The Real-Time Temperature Measuring System For The Joint LessRailIEEE-201335 An Embedded Laboratory Security Monitoring System IEEE-201336 Pilgrims Tracking Using Wireless Sensor Network IEEE-201337 Anti-Theft Tracking System for Automobiles IEEE-201338 Monitoring Patients’ Signs Wirelessly IEEE-201339 Intelligence Monitoring System Based on Controller And IEEE-2013Vision Solutions4/13 Brodipet, Guntur | Benz Circle ,Vijayawada | Ameerpet, HyderabadE-Mail:visionsolutions.9@gmail.comcall-9603150547
  4. 4. Information Fusion40 Integrating Embedded computing Systems into High School AndEarly Undergraduate EducationIEEE-201341 The Intelligent Embedded Control Warning System For Car toavoid accidentsIEEE-201342 Discussion Of Accessibility In Industrial Automation systems IEEE-201343 Embedded Systems Design For Industrial Applications Automationand SecurityIEEE-201344 More Efficient Home Energy Management System Based OnZIGBEE Communication And Infrared Remote ControlsIEEE-201345 ZIGBEE-based Mine Safety Monitoring System IEEE-201346 The design of a new type smart solar automatic control system IEEE-201347 Design of Auto-guard System Based on RFID and Network IEEE-201348 Design And Deployment Of A Remote River Level SensorNetworkIEEE-201349 Wireless Sensor Network Based Remote Irrigation Control Systemand Automation Using DTMF CodeIEEE-201350 Autonomous Speed Regulation System for Vehicles for militaryapplicationsIEEE-201351 The Use Of MEMS Accelerometers For Measurement Of DriverSeat ComfortIEEE-201352 Low-cost Structural Health Monitoring Scheme Using WirelessdevicesIEEE-201353 A Wearable Device For Recording Of Bio Potentials[heart rate]And Body Movements[using MEMS]IEEE-201354 Application of Radio Frequency Controlled Intelligent MilitaryRobot in DefenseIEEE-2013Vision Solutions4/13 Brodipet, Guntur | Benz Circle ,Vijayawada | Ameerpet, HyderabadE-Mail:visionsolutions.9@gmail.comcall-9603150547
  5. 5. 55 Digital Control For Home Lighting Systems With ZIGBEECommunicationIEEE-201356 A Hybrid Wired/Wireless Networking Infrastructure forGreenhouse ManagementIEEE-201357 Traffic Accident Automatic Detection And Remote Alarm Device IEEE-201358 The Temperature Humidity Monitoring System Of Soil Based OnWireless Sensor NetworksIEEE-201359 Voice Recognition Based Home Automation System IEEE-201360 Multi featured Visualization And Navigation In Tele- Operation OfMobile RobotsIEEE-201361 The Design And Implementation Of A Teacher-Student InteractionSystem Based On ZIGBEEIEEE-201362 An RFID-Based Reminder System for Smart Home IEEE-201361 A Microcontroller Based Multi Function Solar TrackingSystemIEEE-201362 Design and Development of Microcontroller Based ElectronicQueue Control SystemsIEEE-201363 Design and Implementation of ZIGBEE based wireless sensornetwork for remote monitorIEEE-201364 A Remote Home Security System Based on Wireless senorNetwork And GSM technologyIEEE-201365 Applications Of Wireless Sensor Networks In The oil, Gas AndResources IndustriesIEEE-201366 Design of Intelligent Mobile Vehicle Checking System IEEE-201367 A Mobile GSM-Sensors Array for Air Pollution Monitoring IEEE-201368 Microcontroller Based Voice Recognition System Realization IEEE-201369 The System of Wireless Smart House Based on ZIGBEE IEEE-2013Vision Solutions4/13 Brodipet, Guntur | Benz Circle ,Vijayawada | Ameerpet, HyderabadE-Mail:visionsolutions.9@gmail.comcall-9603150547
  6. 6. 70 A Forest Fire Monitoring System Based On ZIGBEE WirelessSensor NetworksIEEE-201371 GPS-GSM Integration for Enhancing Public TransportationManagement ServicesIEEE-201372 An Embedded System and RFID Solution For Transport RelatedIssuesIEEE-201373 GPS Based Road Monitoring System IEEE-201374 Identifying Objects Using RF Transmitters and Receivers, andRetrieving Data Using GSMIEEE-201375 Home automation and security system IEEE-201376 Tracking System for Mobile Vehicles in Large Area IEEE-201377 Dynamic Acoustic for DUMB using Embedded Interface (DADEI) IEEE-201378 ZIGBEE Based Vehicle Access control System IEEE-201379 Wireless Measurement And Control System For EnvironmentalParameters in GreenhouseIEEE-201380 Remote Monitoring Intelligent System Based on Fingerprint DoorLockIEEE-201381 Remote control of Smart Household Based on DTMF IEEE-201382 Real-Time Atomization Of Agricultural Environment for SocialModernization of Indian Agricultural SystemIEEE-201383 Microcontroller-Based Two-Axis Solar Tracking System IEEE-201384 The Application Research Of Wireless Sensor Network Based OnZIGBEEIEEE-201385 Designing Switching System for AC Powered Appliances UsingMicrocontrollerIEEE-2013Vision Solutions4/13 Brodipet, Guntur | Benz Circle ,Vijayawada | Ameerpet, HyderabadE-Mail:visionsolutions.9@gmail.comcall-9603150547
  7. 7. 86 Research on Long-Range and Metering Reading for Energy MeterBased on GSMIEEE-201387 Combined Scheduling of GPS Signals in A Wearable GSM-BasedGuidance SystemIEEE-201388 Development of Remote waste gas Monitor system IEEE-201389 An Intelligent Road Traffic Control System IEEE-201390 Monitoring Patients Via A Secure And Mobile Health Care System IEEE-201391 Design And Application Of Mobile Embedded Systems For HomeCare ApplicationsIEEE-201392 ZIGBEE-Wireless Mesh Networks for Building Automation andControlIEEE-201393 Research And Design On Intelligent Temperature Control System IEEE-201394 Wireless Temperature Monitoring System Based On The ZigbeeTechnologyIEEE-201395 Development of Intelligent Power Wheelchair Assisting forPeople on Daily Life using Motion RecognitionIEEE-201396 A Remote Guidance System For The Blind IEEE-201397 Abnormal heart rate detection device warning via mobile phonenetworkIEEE-201398 A Smart ZIGBEE Based Wireless Sensor Meter System IEEE-201399 Embedded System Based on Controller to Improve the Control of aMotorized WheelchairIEEE-2013100 Multi-parameter Monitoring System for Coal Mine based onWireless Sensor Network TechnologyIEEE-2013101 Development of ZIGBEE Mobile Router for Supporting Network IEEE-2013Vision Solutions4/13 Brodipet, Guntur | Benz Circle ,Vijayawada | Ameerpet, HyderabadE-Mail:visionsolutions.9@gmail.comcall-9603150547
  8. 8. Mobility in Healthcare System102 An automated remote messaging system using GSMCommunicationsIEEE-2013103 ZIGBEE controls the House hold Appliances IEEE-2013104 Research of Traffic Signal Light Intelligent Control System Basedon MicrocontrollerIEEE-2013105 Agricultural Monitoring Based on Wireless Sensor NetworkTechnologyIEEE-2013106 Research and Development of the Remote I/O Data AcquisitionSystem Based on Embedded PlatformIEEE-2013107 A collision predict based local path planning of Robots IEEE-2013108 E-Voting System Security optimization IEEE-2013109 Forest Fire Detection System Based on Wireless Sensor Network IEEE-2013110 The Development of Road Lighting Intelligent Control SystemBased onWireless Network ControlIEEE-2013111 Design of Home Automation System based on ZIGBEE WirelessSensor NetworkIEEE-2013112 A Remote Compact Sensor For The Real-Time Monitoring OfHuman Heartbeat RateIEEE-2013113 A ZIGBEE-Based Home Automation System IEEE-2013114 Remote-Controllable and Energy-Saving Room Architecture basedon ZIGBEE CommunicationIEEE-2013115 Development of Energy Management and Warning System forResident: An Energy Saving SolutionIEEE-2013116 Distributed Guarding and Alarming System Based on Telephone IEEE-2013Vision Solutions4/13 Brodipet, Guntur | Benz Circle ,Vijayawada | Ameerpet, HyderabadE-Mail:visionsolutions.9@gmail.comcall-9603150547
  9. 9. Automatically Dialing117 Design and Implementation of Wireless Sensor Network Node inEnvironment MonitoringIEEE-2013118 Connectionless Indoor Inventory Tracking with RFID Module IEEE-2013119 Application of ZIGBEE for Pollution Monitoring Caused byAutomobile Exhaust GasesIEEE-2013120 Design and Development of Activation and Monitoring of HomeAutomation System via SMS through MicrocontrollerIEEE-2013121 INFOPODS: ZIGBEE-Based Remote Information MonitoringDevices for Smart-HomesIEEE-2013122 An Environmental Monitoring System Based on ZIGBEE ForEmergency ApplicationsIEEE-2013123 A ZIGBEE Based Wireless Sensor Network for SewerageMonitoringIEEE-2013124 Research on Automobile Driving State Real-time MonitoringSystem Based on ControllerIEEE-2013125 Experiential Learning in an Undergraduate Bio measurementCourse: Heart-Rate MeterIEEE-2013126 Applications of Short-Range Wireless Technologies to IndustrialAutomation: A ZIGBEE ApproachIEEE-2013127 Obstacle Sensing and Anti-Falling Sensor Robot Using EmbeddedSystemIEEE-2013128 Deploying ZIGBEE Sensor Network for Vibration Measurement IEEE-2013129 A Wireless Design Of Low-Cost Irrigation System Using ZIGBEETechnologyIEEE-2013130 The Realization of RFID Multi-parameter Data Collecting System IEEE-2013Vision Solutions4/13 Brodipet, Guntur | Benz Circle ,Vijayawada | Ameerpet, HyderabadE-Mail:visionsolutions.9@gmail.comcall-9603150547
  10. 10. in Multi-network EnvironmentVision Solutions4/13 Brodipet, Guntur | Benz Circle ,Vijayawada | Ameerpet, HyderabadE-Mail:visionsolutions.9@gmail.comcall-9603150547