2013 IEEE ece embedded mtech


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2013 IEEE ece embedded mtech

  1. 1.     Academic Projects for ECE embedded (2013-2014)       We will develop your ideas and your papers also, For any Further information call-9603150547 e-mail visionsolutions.9@gmail.com                
  2. 2.   TITLE CODE YEAR ME01 Dynamic Ultrasonic Hybrid Localization System for Indoor Mobile Robots 2013 ME02  A Zigbee Sms Alert System With Trust Mechanism In Wireless Sensor Networks An Optimal Power Scheduling Method for Demand Response in Home Energy Management System Location-Aware and Safer Cards: Enhancing RFID Security and Privacy via Location Sensing A Wireless Sensor Network for Greenhouse Climate Control 2013 2013 ME07  Management of Mechanical Vibration and Temperature in Small Wind Turbines Using Zigbee Wireless Network Low Power Wireless Sensor Network for Building Monitoring ME08  Building a Smart Home System with WSN and Service Robot 2013 ME09  Towards a New Modality‐Independent Interface for a Robotic Wheelchair 2013 ME010  Optimal Demand Response Capacity of Automatic Lighting Control 2013 ME011  Intelligent Household LED Lighting System Considering Energy Efficiency and User Satisfaction Towards the Implementation of IOT(Internet of things) for Environmental Condition Monitoring in Homes A Protocol Stack Design And Implementation Of Wireless Sensor Network For Emerging Application Uncertainty-Aware Household Appliance Scheduling Considering Dynamic Electricity Pricing in Smart Home Traffic Signal Control System Based on Wireless Technology 2013 2013 ME017  Location-Aware and Safer Cards: Enhancing RFID Security and Privacy via Location Sensing ARM Hardware Platform for Vehicular Monitoring and Tracking ME018  Bluetooth Electrocardiogram 2013 ME019  An Interactive RFID-based Bracelet for Airport Luggage Tracking System Prototype of an Underground Multi-Storied Automated Car Parking System A Framework for Daily Activity Monitoring and Fall Detection Based on Surface Electromyography and Accelerometer Signals GSM Based Automatic Energy Meter Reading System with Instant Billing 2013 ME03  ME04  ME05  ME06  ME012  ME013  ME014  ME015  ME016  ME020  ME021  ME022  2013 2013 2013 2013 2013 2013 2013 2013 2013 2013 2013 2013
  3. 3.   2013 ME025  A New Type of Automatic Alarming Device to Rescue Accident Injured in Time A Zigbee Based Wearable Physiological Parameters Monitoring System. Prototype of a fingerprint based licensing system For driving ME026  Energy management in an automated Solar powered irrigation system 2013 ME027  Automated Retail Store Based on RFID 2013 ME028  Wireless Sensor Network For Multi-Storey Building: Design and Implementation Intelligent Parking System for Car Parking Guidance and Damage Notification Automated Control System for Air Pollution Detection inVehicles 2013 Automatic Measurement and Reporting System of Water Quality Based on GSM LOBOT: Low-Cost, Self-Contained Localization of Small-Sized Ground Robotic Vehicles Low Power Wireless Sensor Network for Building Monitoring 2013 Online Monitoring of Geological CO2 Storage and Leakage Based on Wireless Sensor Networks. Implementation of Automatic Gas Monitoring in a Domestic Energy Management System Implementing a Pedestrian Tracker Using Inertial Sensors 2013 ECA-based Control Interface on Android for Home Automation System Embedded Based Complete Vehicle Protection 2013 Hardware Demonstration of a Home Energy Management System for Demand Response Applications Human health monitoring mobile phone application by using the wireless nano sensor based embedded system Smart Host Microcontroller for Optimal Battery Charging in a SolarPowered Robotic Vehicle Wireless and Pyroelectric Sensory Fusion System for Indoor Human/Robot Localization and Monitoring A Fully Digitally controlled system design for Wireless remote controlled LED Lighting Systems A Positive Study on Effective Gas Safety Management using Wireless sensor network Bio-inspired Fault Tolerant Wireless Communication System 2013 ME023  ME024  ME029  ME030  ME031  ME032  ME033  ME034  ME035  ME036  ME037  ME038  ME039  ME040  ME041  ME042  ME043  ME044  ME045  2013 2013 2013 2013 2013 2013 2013 2013 2013 2013 2013 2013 2012 2012 2012
  4. 4.   Design of Intelligent Home Appliance Control System Based on ARM and ZigBee In-Building Lighting Management System with Wireless communications Realization of Intelligence Monitoring System Based on Remote Sensor Technology WECO: A wireless platform for monitoring recycling point spots (level sensors) Wireless Critical Process Control in oil and gas refinery plants 2012 Realization of Intelligence Monitoring System Based on Remote Sensor Technology Design and Conceptual Development of a Sunbathe Laundry Robot 2012 2012 ME054  Development of Vision-Based Sensor of Smart Robot for Industrial Applications Tracking Controller of Mobile Robot ME055  Autonomous Navigation robot for landmine detection Applications 2012 ME056  2012 ME057  Depth Based Indoor Mobile Robot Localization and Navigation Handheld Operator Control Unit for Robot ME058  Robot End-effectors Sensing with Position Sensitive Detector 2012 ME059  2012 ME060  Remote energy monitoring, profiling and control through GSM network Library shelf management system using RFID technology ME061  An Embedded Interface for GSM based Car Security System 2012 ME062  Design of Concealed Alarm System Based on GSM 2012 ME063  Mobile Robots and Wheelchairs Control Navigation Design 2012 ME064  Design of remote data acquisition system based on GSM 2012 ME065  Monitoring and Alarming System Based on ZIGBEE Technology 2011 ME066  Digital Control For Home Lighting Systems With ZIGBEE 2011 ME046  ME047  ME048  ME049  ME050  ME051  ME052  ME053  2012 2012 2012 2012 2012 2012 2012 2012 Communications ME067  A ZIGBEE-Based Telecardiology System for Remote Healthcare Service Delivery 2011
  5. 5.   ME068  Hybrid Wireless Communication System Using ZIGBEE Technology 2011 In The Coalmine Tunnels ME069  Design of A Wireless Medical Monitoring System 2011 ME070  Development of Road Light Gateway with Sensor Network 2011 ME071  Design and Implementation of Pyro electric Infrared Sensor Based 2011 Security System Using Microcontroller ME072  An Intelligent Lighting System For Exhibition Applications 2011 ME073  A scheme For the Application Of Smart Message Language in A 2011 Wireless Meter Reading Systems ME074  Design Of Lands Lied Warning System 2011 ME075  The Real-Time Temperature Measuring System For The Joint Less 2011 Rail ME076  An Embedded Laboratory Security Monitoring System 2011 ME077  Pilgrims Tracking Using Wireless Sensor Network 2011 ME078  Anti-Theft Tracking System for Automobiles 2011 ME079  Monitoring Patients’ Signs Wirelessly 2011 ME080  Intelligence Monitoring System Based on Controller And Information 2011 Fusion ME081  Integrating Embedded computing Systems into High School And 2011 Early Undergraduate Education ME082  The Intelligent Embedded Control Warning System For Car to avoid 2011 accidents ME083  Discussion Of Accessibility In Industrial Automation systems 2011 ME084  Embedded Systems Design For Industrial Applications Automation 2011 and Security ME085  More Efficient Home Energy Management System Based On ZIGBEE Communication And Infrared Remote Controls 2011
  6. 6.   ME086  ZIGBEE-based Mine Safety Monitoring System 2011 ME087  The design of a new type smart solar automatic control system 2011 ME088  Design of Auto-guard System Based on RFID and Network 2011 ME089  Design And Deployment Of A Remote River Level Sensor Network 2011 ME090  Wireless Sensor Network Based Remote Irrigation Control System 2011 and Automation Using DTMF Code ME091  Autonomous Speed Regulation System for Vehicles for military 2011 applications ME092  The Use Of MEMS Accelerometers For Measurement Of Driver Seat 2011 Comfort ME093  Low-cost Structural Health Monitoring Scheme Using Wireless 2011 devices ME094  A Wearable Device For Recording Of Bio Potentials[heart rate] And 2011 Body Movements[using MEMS] ME095  Application of Radio Frequency Controlled Intelligent Military Robot 2011 in Defense ME096  Digital Control For Home Lighting Systems With ZIGBEE 2011 Communication ME097  A Hybrid Wired/Wireless Networking Infrastructure for Greenhouse 2011 Management ME098  Traffic Accident Automatic Detection And Remote Alarm Device 2011 ME099  The Temperature Humidity Monitoring System Of Soil Based On 2011 Wireless Sensor Networks ME0100  Voice Recognition Based Home Automation System 2011 ME0101  Multifeatured Visualization And Navigation In Tele- Operation Of 2011 Mobile Robots ME0102  The Design And Implementation Of A Teacher-Student Interaction System Based On ZIGBEE 2011
  7. 7.   ME0103  An RFID-Based Reminder System for Smart Home 2011 ME0104  A Microcontroller Based Multi Function Solar Tracking System 2011 ME0105  Design and Development of Microcontroller Based Electronic Queue 2011 Control Systems ME0106  Design and Implementation of ZIGBEE based wireless sensor 2011 network for remote monitor ME0107  A Remote Home Security System Based on Wireless senor Network 2010 ME0108  Applications Of Wireless Sensor Networks In The oil, Gas And 2010 Resources Industries ME0109  Design of Intelligent Mobile Vehicle Checking System 2010 ME0110  A Mobile GSM-Sensors Array for Air Pollution Monitoring 2010 ME0111  Microcontroller Based Voice Recognition System Realization 2010 ME0112  The System of Wireless Smart House Based on ZIGBEE 2010 ME0113  A Forest Fire Monitoring System Based On ZIGBEE Wireless 2010 Sensor Networks ME0114  GPS-GSM Integration for Enhancing Public Transportation 2010 An Embedded System and RFID Solution For Transport Related 2010 Management Services ME0115  Issues ME0116  GPS Based Road Monitoring System 2010 ME0117  Identifying Objects Using RF Transmitters and Receivers, and 2010 Retrieving Data Using GSM ME0118  Home automation and security system 2010 ME0119  Tracking System for Mobile Vehicles in Large Area 2010 ME0120  Dynamic Acoustic for DUMB using Embedded Interface (DADEI) 2010 ME0121  ZIGBEE Based Vehicle Access control System 2010 ME0122  Wireless Measurement And Control System For Environmental 2010
  8. 8.   Parameters in Greenhouse ME0123  Remote Monitoring Intelligent System Based on Fingerprint Door 2010 Lock ME0124  Remote control of Smart Household Based on DTMF 2010 ME0125  Real-Time Atomization Of Agricultural Environment for Social 2010 Modernization of Indian Agricultural System ME0126  Microcontroller-Based Two-Axis Solar Tracking System 2010 ME0127  The Application Research Of Wireless Sensor Network Based On 2010 ZIGBEE ME0128  Designing Switching System for AC Powered Appliances Using 2010 Microcontroller ME0129  Research on Long-Range and Metering Reading for Energy Meter 2010 Based on GSM ME0130  Combined Scheduling of GPS Signals in A Wearable GSM-Based 2010 Guidance System ME0131  Development of Remote waste gas Monitor system 2010 ME0132  An Intelligent Road Traffic Control System 2010 ME0133  Monitoring Patients Via A Secure And Mobile Health Care System 2010 ME0134  Design And Application Of Mobile Embedded Systems For Home 2010 Care Applications ME0135  ZIGBEE-Wireless Mesh Networks for Building Automation and 2010 Control ME0136  Research And Design On Intelligent Temperature Control System 2010 ME0137  Wireless Temperature Monitoring System Based On The Zigbee 2010 Technology ME0138  Development of Intelligent Power Wheelchair Assisting for 2010 People on Daily Life using Motion Recognition ME0139  A Remote Guidance System For The Blind 2010
  9. 9.   ME0140  Abnormal heart rate detection device warning via mobile phone 2010 network ME0141  A Smart ZIGBEE Based Wireless Sensor Meter System 2009 ME0142  Embedded System Based on Controller to Improve the Control of a 2009 Motorized Wheelchair ME0143  Multi-parameter Monitoring System for Coal Mine based on Wireless Sensor Network Technology ME0144  ME0145  FINGER PRINT BASED BANK LOCKER SYSTEM ME0146  Fingerprint based access control system ME0147  FINGER PRINT BASED VOTING SYSTEM ME0148    Fingerprint based access control system Finger Print Based Driving License Management System 2009