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Social Media Recruitment

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Social recruiting

  1. 1. Social Media Recruiting is the online process of finding, attracting and recruiting suitablecandidates for your roles through social media platforms.Social Media is one among the best powerful tool for communicating with the job seekers andpassive candidates, while companies can brand their identity online. It is easier for employers tosearch candidates, get connected with them by posting their profile and current openings online.Social Media Recruiting:The Social Recruitment
  2. 2. In today’s digital age, students and employees are spending more time on social media sites and blogs suchas Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Blogger and Wordpress. These sites are a great way to attract users bysharing contents, pictures and videos and build network .Recruiters look for different ways to attract best talents for their roles. They look for digital hiring method tomake their recruiting more flexible and targeted. In recent years, many job seekers and passive candidatesare using social media sites to establish relationship with employers so that they can easily apply for currentopenings through online.Even Companies do lot of research to hunt these candidates working in similar industries. They go onlinesearching for candidates by using social networking sites and blogs. By building network with these passivecandidates, is the easiest way to maintain a list of database and attract right candidates for their roles andthus reducing cost to hire.Digital Recruitment:
  3. 3. Start with a planWhich social site you want to use?Understand how the site worksWhat is your objective?Who are your candidates and communities?What do they talk about?How to reach them?
  4. 4. Company ProfileCompany Name { ex – ABC, XYZ }Industry Type { ex – Website Design }Location { ex – Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad etc}Services Offered { ex- Software Testing, Website Development etc}Current Openings { ex- Test Engineers, System Designers etc }Address { Email Id, Phone Numbers, Website & Social Media Links }Get identified yourself by furnishing all the details.on social media sitesBuild
  5. 5. 1• Choose Top Social Media Sites2• Create Company Profile3• Build Network, Create Groups, and have Discussions4• Recent News Updates – Events, New Products launch, Job Openings5• Sharing – Images, Videos, Slides, Documents etc6• Advertisement7• Social media links on websites & vice -versa
  6. 6. ImagesVideosContentsNews & EventsJob postingsQuestions & Quizzes
  7. 7. Website LinksContentsImagesVideosAdvertisementsTarget CompaniesResearch CandidatesBuild Your NetworkEngage with UsersMaintain DatabaseJob Postings ConnectPost jobs on social media sitesthrough contents,links,imagesand attract candidates.Search for candidates & sendinvitation or make friends andmaintain a list of database.
  8. 8. Best Social Media Sites for Recruitment
  9. 9. A most popular social networking platform for business networking and recruitment. It is a greatgateway for employers to communicate with other users by building company profile. Peopleconnect with each other of similar skills and follow companies of their interest. Unlike Facebookand twitter, LinkedIn provides employees to create profile in the form of resumes to identifythemselves on network. Users can upload their resumes or design their own profile to find jobs,people and business opportunities. Employers list jobs and search for potential candidateswhereas employees search jobs and apply for the same. It also builds your strong onlinereputation on search engines.LinkedIn
  10. 10. Free social networking platform that allows to share images, contents , videos and keep intouch with the friends and followers. Users can create a profile page and get connectedwith friends, whereas companies can create page to get followers through Facebook Adsand other marketing methods.Companies are using Facebook to promote jobs and hire new talent. Employers use FBwall to post images, videos, links highlighting their brand and products to attract clientsand employees. As followers, users receive updates from the page, including new jobopenings that can be shared with their friends to reach other candidates.Facebook
  11. 11. Is an social networking and microblogging that enables its users to send and read text-basedmessages of up to 140 characters, known as “tweets”. Users can upload images, share links,post content & reply, retweet, read and send messages directly. It is a great way to interactwith the people and attract followers.Recruiters research on companies and their followers to attract new talents by tweets orretweet their post. Retweet is a best way to communicate with the candidates and getfollowers.
  12. 12. Find MeLike MeListen to MeAgree withMeHire Me
  13. 13. SocialMediaLinkedInFacebookBlogsTwitterJobapplicantsJob ads CompaniesProfilesCandidatesProfiles
  14. 14. People interaction on social MediaEmployers searchfor candidatesCandidates searchfor employersEmployers look forCandidate historyCandidates learnabout company informationEmployers post jobsCandidates applyfor the jobs
  15. 15. Social Media is FunFind ConnectReference NetworkFriends ChatGroups ParticipatePost ShareSearch LearnRate CommentBrand Visibility
  16. 16. LinkBuildingSocialMediaJobBoardsWebsiteEmail
  17. 17. Advantages of Social Media Recruitment:
  18. 18. Branding: Whether it is companies or candidates profiles, branding plays an important role topromote their identity online. Social sites are digital platform for sharing information onlineto build networks for promoting their products and even for recruiting. Images, Videos,contents, quizzes, contest etc are shared among potential users to identify themselves onsocial media platforms to increase awareness of the company and attract employees.
  19. 19. Job Visibility: Posting jobs online is the easiest way to attract pool of active and passiveemployees. Job posted on social media sites and blogs get indexed on other sites as well as onsearch engines that are visible for potential users.This method is best to build network between employees and employers, and is considered to bethe best way of hiring.Goo elg
  20. 20. Time Management: Social media is meant for connecting and engaging through sharingcontents. Job posted online can be shared with candidates through social media sites that canreach thousands of users within short period of time. Employees and their followers can sharethe link with another person’s profile thereby getting list of profiles that helps in recruitingcandidates in given time.
  21. 21. Reduces Cost to Hire: The Social recruiting cost is typically lower as compared to job portals.Companies can reach targeted candidates and their followers through social sites like Facebook,Twitter which are free of cost. Unlike job portals, employers can build networks with targetedcandidates of matching skills with similar industries and develop database through socialnetworking sites.
  22. 22. ExternalIncreases BrandAwarenessAbility to ShowcaseCompany ExpertiseBuild NetworkMore ReferencesLess Dependency onJob PortalsInternalQuality ProfilesLower Recruiting CostFlexibilityQuality WorkHigh ProductivityBenefits of Social Media Recruitment
  23. 23. Social NetworkingSites and BlogsLocal BusinessNetworking SitesPersonal Websitesand BlogsOnline Forums andDiscussion BoardsCompany WebsiteTypes of Websites for communication
  24. 24. Search Engines are the place where people spend their time searching for the informationonline.Most of the job seekers and passive candidates search for companies information and jobopportunities related to their category and skills. Company information and job posted byEmployers using strong keywords get indexed on search engines through job boards or othersocial networking sites that credits better ranking and high visibility on search engines. Themore details about work culture and employee benefits, the more job applicants from passivecandidates.Type your keywords
  25. 25. Job ApplicantsSearch EnginesJob BoardsCompany WebsiteSocial NetworksFinal Result
  26. 26. A headhunting company