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Recruitment Company

  1. 1. www.bharatheadhunters.comWhy we’reDifferent …a head hunting companyBharatHead hunters
  2. 2. Who we areWe are a specialized headhunting company used to source candidates forjuniors, seniors or other highly specialized positions in your organizationcovering the full spectrum of permanent IT and Non IT recruitment acrossall business sectors, nationwide. Our continued growth is driven by ourcore values of commitment, flexibility and quality.We at Bharat Head hunters, have the team and the network that will makeyour search a rewarding one. What’s more – we work in an environmentbased on trust – an important quality in an industry that functions as acommunity and thrives in its diversity.In this fast-paced, high-tech world that we live in, one thing is still constant-your best asset will always be your people. That is why employing the rightperson for the job can spell the difference between the failure and successof your business. This makes the search for talents a critical step in thegrowth of your enterprise, one that requires the expertise of professionalswho possess the know-how and the resource to get you exactly what youneed.By constantly moving forward, Bharat Head hunters is dedicated tomaintaining its enviable position in the recruitment marketplace.Established : 2007Location : Bangalore
  3. 3. WhyHeadhuntersWhat are Headhunters ?Headhunters are recruiters who search for passive candidates to fill the positions. Passive candidates are the one’s whodo not look for a change nor they publish their profile online. These Successful candidates are in high demand are wellsettled and hide their identity. It is the Headhunters who research the companies and target these candidates throughvarious Headhunting techniques and fill the positions. Remember, All Headhunters are Recruiters but all Recruiters arenot Headhunters.How do Headhunters find Candidates ?Before Headhunting, Headhunters thoroughly go through the client business , their requirements , people they arelooking for and start their journey looking for candidates who work in similar domain and choose best talents for theroles. Without dependency on job portals, they mainly target talents through references ,networks, attend seminars,visit industrial exhibitions etc. Headhunters mainly from technical background or with specialized area with vastknowledge on business economy are strong enough to research the market place and search for the right candidates foryour roles. Unlike Recruiters, Headhunters even have a personal meetings with candidates explain them the clientbusiness in brief and convince them to become open minded for a change.
  4. 4. Search Methodology●Headhunted DatabaseInternal Database●Passive Candidates●References from Placed CandidatesExternal Database●Websites, Social Media & Blogs●Identified Candidates from Targeted Companies●References from Identified CandidatesNetworking●Candidates – Seminars, Events, Discussion Boards● Establishing relationship with the Candidates● Frequent Talk and Meetings with the CandidatesOver the years, we have been able to build our owndatabase through references, networks, and as a result ourdependency on job portals are minimum.Bharat Head Hunters will use a targeted searchmethodology to execute specific positions. We will drawupon our extensive network of candidates and referencesin the industry to search out high-performing individualswho are well suited for the positions.The executive search professionals of Bharat Head Huntersare dedicated to provide service beyond the traditionalsearch and evaluation processes. Since the best executivesare often not looking externally for opportunities, we adopta sensitive but disciplined and systematic researchprocedure to identify these hard-to-find and hard-to-reachcandidates. Inspired to provide our clients with superior“value added” results, we have established a “real-timeweekly feedback” system for continuous improvement inthe quality and user-friendliness of our services.
  5. 5. Our TeamWe have assembled a talented and professional recruitment team that can readily answer the needs of bothemployers and prospective employees. Our career development team and recruitment managers haveample multinational experience and knowledge in the hospitality industry. They understand the uniqueness ofeach individual career search and they work together to give you the results you need.Recruitment:● Assign a person dedicated to your company’s recruitment needs.● Evaluate employment requirements and expectations.● Maintain communications with both, the candidates and the company.● Provide travel and relocation information.Research and Assessment:● Review the talent pool.● Make profile assessments.● Initiate market research.● Conduct interviews.● Carry out reference checkCareer Development:● Manage resume.● Continually update employee’s professional profile.● Maintain communication flow with the candidate.● Provide career assistance.
  6. 6. Headhunting Methodology:Firstly, we would request to meet with you to understand the business, requirements and what type of personyou are looking for. After all the information gained, we then move to the next step i.e. Research. Our highlyexperienced industry experts are capable of researching profiles through various headhunting techniques andconduct several telephonic to source the candidates. After discussion with the selected candidates, their profilesare sent to client for further rounds of interview. If the candidate is selected by the client, we regularly followthem till they resign and keep in touch even after they join your company.Recruitment Work Flow:ClientUnderstanding RequirementsMapping Target CompaniesProfile HuntingPre-screening of CandidatesScheduling of Shortlisted CandidatesManage Client InterviewsUnderstanding Client BusinessManage Resignation ProcessConfirmation of JoiningRegular Follow Up After Joining
  7. 7. To whom we serveWe have focused expertise working on IT and Non-IT requirements. Our team includes Senior Executives,Functional Experts and Technology Leaders, each recruiting for one specialist area.Across the full Non-IT spectrum : Bharat Head hunters supports clients seeking specialist Non IT resources in areassuch as Manufacturing and Process, Infrastructure and Engineering, Automobiles and Aviations, Logistics andSupply Chain, Real Estate and Construction, Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals, Iron and Steel, Oil and Gas, Powerand Energy.Across the full IT spectrum : Bharat Head hunters supports clients seeking specialist IT resources in areas such asChip Technology, Embedded Systems, Telecommunications, Enterprise Solutions, Information Management,Application Development & Management and E- Commerce.
  8. 8. Clients – Non ITTo name a few…
  9. 9. Clients- ITTo name a few…
  10. 10. TestimonialsWe would like to mention few testimonials from our clients for your reference; we hope this will help you inevaluating us better.“Bharat has been an extremely responsive search partner. Their extensive network helped us to attract the besttalent in the semiconductor industry; they are one of our lead search partners.”Chethan KadambaSr. HR Manager – NXP Semiconductor“ I have found Bharat as a pleasing personality. As the CEO at Bharat Headhunters, he has done very well to matchexecutive level openings with the right person.Dr. Pankaj GuptaClient Executive, Dell Services“Bharat is a detail-oriented resourcing manager who knows exactly what he is doing; we got what we wanted fromhim. I recommend him strongly.”BobIknowledge“I have known the promoter and few of the recruiters for about 5 years now. Some of the highlights about this teamare- they understand the IT industry very well, they do an excellent job of profiling against the required skills; identifythe right people with a good turn around time. In essence, they are Headhunters in the true sense and not mererecruiters.”Arief AhmedSr. HR Manager - Yahoo
  11. 11. Headquarters:Bharat Head Hunters Private LimitedBangalore – 560 078Karnataka StateIndiaContact Person: Jayashankar. SDesignation: Business ManagerEmail: jayashankar@bharatheadhunters.comMobile : +91 9740084446