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  • 1. Informix Applications Uncovered on iOS Bharat Gera Session Z99 IBM April 23 2012
  • 2. Agenda• Introduction to iOS• Advantages / Marketplace for iOS• Data Management on iOS• Architecting Informix Apps on iOS• Other Database Vendors on iOS 6/1/2012 Bharat Gera - Session Z99 2
  • 3. Introduction to iOS• iOS (formerly iPhone OS) is Apple Inc.s mobile operating system• Originally developed for the iPhone, it has since been extended to support other Apple Inc. devices such as the iPod Touch, iPad, and Apple TV• Apple does not license iOS for installation on non-Apple hardware. 6/1/2012 Bharat Gera- Session Z99 3
  • 4. Contd…• iOS is derived from Mac OS X, and is therefore a Unix-like operating system.• The user interface of iOS is based on the concept of direct manipulation, using multi-touch gestures.• The current version of the operating system (iOS 5.0.1) uses roughly ~770M of the devices storage.• In iOS, there are four abstraction layers: the Core OS layer, the Core Services layer, the Media layer, and the Cocoa Touch layer 6/1/2012 Bharat Gera - Session Z99 4
  • 5. Advantages / Marketplace for iOS• Apple’s Software Development Kit (SDK): Apple’s desktop and mobile platform share a common programming language(Objective-C) and development environment. Seamless transition for Mac Programmers! Xcode is the development environment for the iOS SDK. The SDK allows developers to make applications for the iPhone and iPod touch, as well as test them in an "iPhone simulator". – iPhone applications are written in Objective-C – Objective-C is a Superset of C Programming Language adding object oriented support like C++ – iOS does not support Java, .NET and Adobe Flash iOS SDK included in Xcode 6/1/2012 4.2 Bharat Gera- Session Z99 5
  • 6. Contd…• Apple’s Minimal iOS Devices Sold: Apple has only sold a handful of different iOS devices across the platforms’s history – four generations of iPhones, three generations of iPod Touches, and one iPad. Leads to easier software stack validation.• Apple’s iTunes App Store: Apple has a single application store that it manages, curates and promotes in order to distribute iOS apps. The store maintains the same account information as for iTunes music/videos. – Developers can write and simulate iOS apps using the SDK, then submit them to the App Store. – Apple reserves the right to review applications for sale, providing 70% of the sale revenue to the developer. All download cost, bandwidth and server management are handled by Apple for free other than a fee to become an official developer. App Store running on 6/1/2012 iPad version of iOS 6 Bharat Gera- Session Z99
  • 7. Contd…• Customer Base / User Download: iOS’s customer base is larger than Androids (as of this writing). iOS users download twice as many apps as owners of other smartphones. - the App store led other mobileapplication channels in size, revenueand international reach. - the average iPhone ownerdownloaded 37 third-partyapplications, significantly more thanwere downloaded by owners of anysmartphone type 6/1/2012 Bharat Gera- Session Z99 7
  • 8. iOS Support for Data Management• iOS has a comprehensive collection of tools and frameworks for storing, accessing, and sharing data.• Core Data is a full-featured data modeling framework for object-oriented iOS applications.• iOS includes the popular SQLite library, a lightweight yet powerful relational database engine that is easily embedded into an application. Unlike the object- oriented Core Data framework, SQLite uses a procedural, SQL-focused API to manipulate the data tables directly. 6/1/2012 Bharat Gera- Session Z99 8
  • 9. Architecting Informix Apps on iOS WebServices Model• Requirements: – Web Server with PHP and Informix PDO (PHP Data Object) – IBM OpenAdminTool(OAT) for Informix bundles Apache/PHP Stack! – XCode – Dashcode. Dashcode is included as part of Apples iOS SDK. This allows for the creation of Web apps for the iOS version of Safari – Informix Database Server with the stores_demo database – Your Post Lunch time! 6/1/2012 Bharat Gera- Session Z99 9
  • 10. Simplistic Steps Create a PHP Web Service that pulls data from Informix Store Create the Application that consumes the data using Dashcode Sit Back and Marvel at how Cool you are! 6/1/2012 Bharat Gera- Session Z99 10
  • 11. Step 1• We need to create a web service in PHP. The service will get all the customer records from the database• If you have OAT installed in /Applications/OpenAdmin, - WEBROOT will refer to the/Applications/OpenAdmin/Apache_XXX/htdocs - Now lets create our service within that directory - Create and edit a file called service.php with the code(snapshot)• This will provide us a URL that will generate the customer records in a XML format 6/1/2012 Bharat Gera- Session Z99 11
  • 12. PHP Code Sample (Informix PDO) 6/1/2012 Bharat Gera - Session Z99 12
  • 13. Step 2• In this step we will create our UI and ‘hook up’ our newly created service to provide the data• Select the template type ‘Browser’ and create the new Dashcode project 6/1/2012 Bharat Gera- Session Z99 13
  • 14. Dashcode Web App Design Schematic Specify Data Source 6/1/2012 Bharat Gera- Session Z99 14
  • 15. Dashcode Web App Design Schematic• Modify the User Interface to be more applicable 6/1/2012 Bharat Gera- Session Z99 15
  • 16. Step 3• Now all we have todo is Run our web application (Run option or press the shortcut COMMAND R)• The iPhone simulator should start and launch Safari and load your application 6/1/2012 Bharat Gera- Session Z99 16
  • 17. Client SDK Integration Model – Futuristic!• Requirements / Steps: – Xcode 4.2 Development Studio environment for developing native iOS Application – iOS SDK 4x or higher – Informix Client SDK on iOS (Note – Informix CSDK is NOT supported on iOS yet!). – Informix Database Server – iOS Developer Program Registration ( ~$99 / year ) to generate certificates for hardware deployment 6/1/2012 Bharat Gera – Session Z99 17
  • 18. Sample Xcode Project 6/1/2012 Bharat Gera - Session Z99 18
  • 19. iPhone Simulator – Client SDK POC 6/1/2012 Bharat Gera - Session Z99 19
  • 20. Database (Client) Vendors on iOS• DataGlass iOS Software from Impathic supports complete and flexible access to Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase, MySQL, PostgreSQL, IBM DB2, and Microsoft Access databases• Cellica Database for iPhone is based on ODBC Client connectivity to Windows Desktop. Supported Databases: Microsoft Access, Access 2007, Microsoft Excel, Excel 2007, Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, FoxPro, dBase and R:BASE 6/1/2012 Bharat Gera - - Session Z99 20
  • 21. Questions?!?6/1/2012 Bharat Gera - Session Z99 21