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Servicemkting 111117031553-phpapp02

  1. 1. Presented By:Kaushal singh Niraj singh
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION Max Bupa Health Insurance Company Ltd. (Max Bupa) is a joint venture between Max India Limited and the UK based healthcare services expert, Bupa.Establishment;- 2000CEO;- AMIT KAPOORMD;- Mr. ANALJIT SINGH
  3. 3. Max Bupa Health Insurance Max Bupa Health Insurance Company Ltd. Has its Registered Office at: Max House, 1 Dr. Jha Marg, Okhla, New Delhi - 110020
  4. 4. NATURE OF STUDY The Research is of Descriptive type Descriptive Research : When the study is done to describe and explore the problem and prospective solutions.
  5. 5. OBJECTIVESTo become the most respected & trusted heath insurance company in India. To build their brand over the web and deliver on brand promise so as to convertthe market from a push to pull driven market. To create a distinct identity that is stronger on consumer relevance & can deliverstrong customer preference at point of purchase & consumer satisfaction at pointof claim.To create distinction not based on product innovation but instead by buildingrelevance for the Max Bupa brand & the service experience around it based onconsumer insight.
  6. 6. CHALLENGES:- Rising costs Access to service in rural areas Overuse of procedures and technology
  7. 7. PRODUCT AND SERVICES Caring for life through Health Insurance Improving life through Clinical Research
  8. 8. FamilyFirstUp to 13 personsInsured through:Same amountOrAccording to age
  9. 9. Family Floater
  10. 10. InternationalMedicalEmergencyPolicy World wide med. claim facility
  11. 11. PROMOTION Press Release Electronic Media( TVC) Novelty Items Internet Brochure
  12. 12. Research Method:1.SOURCES OF DATA:A sample size of 50 people has been considered for the collection ofthe primary data. The sample size included members within different salary slabs of10,000 to more than 50,000.It included people who has insurance or would like to getone.Secondary data collected from quarterly public disclosures from government websites.2.PROCESS OF INTERPRETATION OF DATA:The respondents included mostly of thosepeople who are already using a health insurance product and most correspondents fallswithin pay package of 20,000 to 50,000
  13. 13. MARKET ANALYSIS:-The Market share Factor-Market share of Max Bupa-0.3865%Market share of National Insurance-14%Market Share of United India-14.78%Market share of ICICI Lombard-11%Market share of Bajaj Allianz-3%Market share of Hdfc-3.37%
  14. 14. RECOMMENDATIONS:-The psu companies has an incredible market share,mainly because ofreasons like1.Well known product2.Easily affordable premium rates3.High penetration capacityScope of improvement for Max bupa-1.A large untapped market(mainly in urban areas or inmetro cities)2.A well diversified product category.3.No hassles of Third Party handling.
  15. 15. BibliographyLinks OF Public Disclosure:- Industry Ahead-A study by Ernst and YoungQuarterly Supplementary feeds published by IRDAIndian Insurance Industry-Challenges and future prospects-A report by Datta Sai