B3 G Consulting Group About Brand DNA


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It is about Brand DNA

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B3 G Consulting Group About Brand DNA

  1. 1. A B r a n d C o n s u l t I n g G r o u p We help you build Trust
  2. 2. about………….This will be all about BRAND dna
  3. 3. What is a dna? dna
  4. 4. Lets get the BiologicalDEFINITION first.
  5. 5. Deoxyribonucleic Acid (dna)(/diˌɒksiˌraɪbɵ.njuːˌkleɪ.ɨkˈæsɪd/ ( listen)), or DNA, isa nucleic acid that containsthe genetic instructions usedin the development andfunctioning of all knownliving organisms (with theexception of RNA viruses).The main role of DNAmolecules is the long-term storage of information.DNA is often compared to aset of blueprints, like a recipeor a code, since it contains theinstructions needed to Constructother components of cells, suchas proteins and RNA molecules.
  6. 6. Hence, dna• Lets Learn … is theBlueprintof any Human body………….
  7. 7. Isn’t it………….
  8. 8. SO....
  9. 9. What is then, a Brand dna? dna
  10. 10. It isn’t a mission statementor a secret sauce.
  11. 11. It isn’t a logo. logoIt isn’t an ad either.
  12. 12. Then what is it??
  13. 13. A brand’s DNA isn’t something you’ll find attached to a building or locked away in a password-protected file.A brand’s DNA lives inside the people who are at the core of what makes that brand breathe and grow, from its CEO to its executives to its staffers to its customers.
  14. 14. How can you create your Brand dna?
  15. 15. You need to ask 5 important Questionsto yourself to get a direction in forming theBrand dna. 1. Is it relevant (do customers care)? 2. Does it make you stand out? 3. Does it turn customers on? 4. Is it credible? 5. Is it durable? If the answer is yes to all five of these questions, then the dna blueprint is ready to take shape.
  16. 16. Hence the Brand dna helix will have intertwined in them1. Your Brand Purpose2. Your Brands Points ofDifference3. Brand Personality4. Brand Promise
  17. 17. Your Brand PurposeI often refer to the Big Ideal as Brand Purpose!When there is purpose, their is motivation and focus - the organization knowswhat its mission is, making it easier to make decisions.This makes sense because when you have a higher purpose, you become moremotivated to make the world a better place, rather than, only, focusing on thebottom line.This allows the organization to focus on its users. And by doing so, you areconsistently meeting their needs which creates satisfaction, trust and loyalty;therefore, stimulating higher profits because people are willing to spend more onyour products and remain repeat purchases!Like the presentation says: "Big Ideals Make Business Sense"!
  18. 18. Here are few examples……..
  19. 19. Your Brands Points of DifferenceIf properly designed, brands should promise relevant differentiated benefits totheir target customers. Carefully choosing the most powerful benefits will not onlyresult in brand preference, but brand insistence. That is, the brand will be perceived to be the only viable solution for thecustomer’s need. Put another way, the customer will not pursue substitutes if thebrand is not available.The optimal benefits for a brand to claim are those that are: (1) very important to the target customer (2) supported by organizational strengths (3) not being addressed by the competitionIdeally, the brand tries to ‘own’ only one or two key benefits, as that is all acustomer will remember. The benefits should be understandable, believable, uniqueand compelling.I often hear people say ‘our product is a commodity’ or ‘price is all that matters in our category’or ‘all of the viable positions in our market have been taken.’ Don’t let anyone convince youthat your brand can not be differentiated. After all, chicken, bananas, vodka and even waterhave been differentiated.
  20. 20. Even if you’re selling the same thing, don’t makethe same claim. There are hundreds of differentways to sell the benefits of your product or service,so find one that’s different than your competitors.That often comes down to one thing: Listening.The better you are at listening to consumers, theeasier it’ll be to differentiate your brand.Absolute Vodka is a perfect example. In 1980 itwas a brand without a future. All the marketresearch pointed to a complete failure. The bottlewas weird looking. It was hard to pour. It wasScandinavian, not Russian. It was way tooexpensive. It was a me-too product in the premiumvodka category.But the owner of Carillon Imports didn’t care. Hebelieved his product was just different enough…That all he needed was the right ad campaign.So he threw out all the old conventions of hisbusiness and committed to a campaign that wascompletely different than anything else in hisindustry. And he didn’t just test the water, he cameout with all his guns blazing.Needless to say, it worked. The “AbsolutePerfection” campaign — which is still runningtoday — gave a tasteless, odorless drink a The moral of the story is this: When youdistinctively hip personality and transformed a choose to follow convention, you choosecommodity product into a cultural icon. invisibility. To gain attention disrupt convention.
  21. 21. Brand PersonalityBased on the premise that brands can have personalities inmuch the same way as humans, Brand Personality describesbrands in terms of human characteristics.Brand personality is seen as a valuable factor in increasingbrand engagement and brand attachment, in much the sameway as people relate and bind to other people. Much of thework in the area of brand personality is based on translatedtheories of human personality and using similar measures ofpersonality attributes and factors.
  22. 22. A Visual Tool for BrandPersonality Development
  23. 23. What Personality Reveals about a Brand?Personality gives a brand dimension anddepth. It can breathe life into inanimateimages.It can be the cornerstone for service delivery …and connecting emotionally with customers.Great brand personalities are multi-dimensional. As with humans, brandpersonality has both depth and multiple facets …
  24. 24. Brand Personality…..few examples•Fierce individuality•Rebellion against things that are unjust•Different Starbucks’ is outgoing, youthful,•Innovative personable, and friendly … a•Fearless in the face of danger refreshing escape, reshness,•Brave warmth, and comfort.•Seeking a better life•Free spirited•Wild•Seeking escape•Adventurous
  25. 25. Brand PromiseA brand’s promise can be stated as follows:• Only [brand] delivers [unique differentiating benefit] to [target customer].• The brand promise should be reinforced with proof points to substantiate its claim, that is, to make it believable.
  26. 26. 3 Ways to Make (and Keep) Your PromiseTo motivate customers, a brand promise must achieve thefollowing 3 goals:• It must convey a compelling benefit• It must be authentic & credible• The promise must be kept, every time
  27. 27. FedEx - Your package will get there overnight. Guaranteed. Apple - You can own the coolest, easiest-to-use cutting-edge computers and electronics Gatorade - communicate the product new natural formula, free from food colorings and artificial sweeteners to restore the liquids and mineral salts lost by the athletes.
  28. 28. So finally……… finally………
  29. 29. Understanding Brand dna is vital….Successful brands have one thing in common - well defined, and likeablepersonalities that connect with customers and create real competitiveadvantage.At the heart of every successful brand is clearly defined Brand DNA™Just like human genetic coding, Brand DNA controls identity, behavior,longevity and personality. It’s a basic code for survival and thefoundation on which successful organizations and brands are built.Brand DNA ™ is a process that enables companies to ensure that theirbrand is aligned with business objectives and is clearly and consistentlycommunicated across all applications.
  30. 30. Understanding Brand dna is vital….Brand DNA™ provides the critical link between brand strategy and realbusiness actions.Brand DNA establishes the blueprint for the customer serviceand employee brand experience. You will develop your brandstrategy, promise, and values that will ultimately give yourorganization a competitive advantage and a distinctivereputation in the market.It is the foundation from which all other elements of theprocess will be shaped and organized. It helps everyone tounderstand the brand, at least as well as consumers.
  31. 31. A B r a n d B3G C o n s u l t I n g G r o u p We help you build Trust (Bhalchandra’ (Bhalchandra’s Brand Brew) B3Group Bhalchandra K. Pai Chief Brew Master e- mail: bkpai805@gmail.com INDIA 19 – 3 - 2011