Secret of success


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Secret of success

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Secret of success

  1. 1. Secret of success -Bhagawan Prasad
  2. 2. Today’s Speaker Bhagawan Prasad is an Electrical Engineer by profession, a Teacher by vocation, a Creative anchor by inclination He has written Blog on Electrical Maintenance Engineering, Renewable Energy, SAP PM & MM application:
  3. 3. What is success?Fulfilment of Ambition Desire Goal Target Dream Plan
  4. 4. Where success? School Home Office Business War Worship Competition Interview
  5. 5. When success ? By day By week By month By year By 5th year
  6. 6. Who need ? Students House wives Businessman Athletes Film actor Film actress Serviceman
  7. 7. What is required for success? Dream
  8. 8. Think in advanceTake Initiative
  9. 9. Positive attitude Increases enjoyment Always inspires Helps needy nearby Reduces stress Solves problems Develops teamwork
  10. 10. Development of positive attitude Work now Be an optimist Develop learning Stay away from negative influence Always start with positive thinking
  11. 11. Obstacles to success Not focused Lack of vision Lack of mission Lack of commitment Lack of persistence Lack of priorities Lack of passion Family responsibility Get mentor
  12. 12. Why do we lag behind? Instant result Follow up of shortcut Lack of firm decision Lack of plan Fear of failing Lack of discipline Lack of self respect Inadequate effort Directionless effort
  13. 13. Motivation Accept challenge Give recognition Make environment interesting Be a listener Provide opportunity for growth Show interest in others job Help, but also provide opportunity to come up
  14. 14. I can do Be a role model Accept criticism Develop a caring attitude There is always scope of improvement Be responsible for self, family, society, country, environment Differentiate activities Have patience
  15. 15. Eliminate for success Selfishness Rude behaviour Lack of courtesy Arrogance Not meeting target Lack of integrity and honesty Self centredness
  16. 16. Guiding factors The kind of friend circle we have The kind of music we listen to The kind of programs we watch The kinds of book we read Resistance to change
  17. 17. Set your goal Lack of ambition Fear of failure Fear of rejection Pessimistic attitude Be smarts:specific, M:measurable, A:achieavable, R:realistic, T: time bound
  18. 18. Rose is always with thorn Lotus grow in mud People worship rising sun There is morning after dark Rome was not build in a day Sorrow and happiness are opposite faces of same coin