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Stress presentation
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Stress presentation


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Published in: Education
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  • 1. How does stress affect individual and how to manage stress
    Written BY: Hafsa Bakelli
  • 2. Whatis stress??
    “a condition typically characterized by symptoms of mental and physical tension or strain, as depression or hypertension, which can result from a reaction to a situation in which a person feels threatened, pressured” in other words stress is a pressure or a period of time where an individual is having difficulties that are suffering from stress
  • 3. Stress impact
    In some cases Stress can have positive impact towards people.
    At the same time, stress have negatively impact to people by emotions, physically, and spiritually.
    More than 50% of the patients who visit the doctor, are as a result of stress.
    The major problem for illness is stress.
  • 4. Emotion aspect
    Individual can be impacted by stress, through emotions by
    By not expressing their mood or emotions.
    By getting the habit of negative talk and pessimism when they make a mistake.
    When individual have low-self esteem.
    These factors lead to have emotion aspect of stress.
  • 5. Physical aspect
    Factors that lead to physical aspect of stress are the following:
    Once inner emotion conflict is not solved it often causes physical illness.
    stressed over a routinely schedule due to work that is consistent.
    When an individual has to make a tough choice or stressful decision
  • 6. Spiritual aspect
    Spiritual aspect have a linkwith Iman, since individual have spiritual stress eventually the level of Iman decreases.
    The factors that lead to spiritual stress:
    Working for long period of time under stress
    As a result it leads to disconnection from the earth.
    Busy working with the work, without working from your heart.
  • 7. Stress management
  • 8. ??Questions??
    How doesstress affects you spiritually?
    From your experience, how did stress you affects you? And how did you manage stress?
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