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Road to revolution
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Road to revolution


Chapter 2

Chapter 2

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  • Proclamation of 1763
  • Stamps
  • Stamp Act Funeral
  • Victims of Massacre
  • Tea Party Ship
  • Tea
  • Liberty Tree
  • Liberty Tree
  • Beacon St, Boston
  • 1st Continental Congress
  • Boston, Lexington, Concord
  • Paul Revere Old North Church in Background
  • Paul Revere’s House
  • Lexington Green
  • Lexington Green
  • Lexington Green
  • Old North Bridge
  • Old North Bridge
  • March back to Boston


  • 1. #1 Proclamation
    of 1763
    British win land from France, but colonists can’t cross line
  • 2. #2 Quartering Act
    Colonists must let British troops stay in their homes
  • 3. #3 Stamp Act
    Colonists must purchase stamps for paper products like contracts & marriage licenses
  • 4. #4 Stamp Act Funeral
    Stamp Act repealed after protests
  • 5. Image is courtesy of the National Archives and is in Public Domain
    Copyright 2009 - JMS Educational Specialists – All rights reserved.
  • 6. Boston Massacre
  • 7. #5 Boston Massacre
    British troops fire on colonists in Boston
  • 8.
  • 9. "A number of persons, to the amount of thirty or forty, mostly boys and youngsters, who assembled ... near the sentry at the Custom-house door, damned him, and bid him fire and be damned; and some snow ball were throwed ... I saw a party of soldiers come from the main guard, and draw themselves up ... the people still continued in the street, crying, 'Fire, fire, and be damned,' and hove some more snow
    balls, whereupon I heard a musket go off, and in the space of two or three seconds, I heard the word 'fire' given ... and instantly the soldiers fired one after another."
  • 10. Boston Massacre
  • 11. #6 Boston Tea Party
    Colonists are only able to buy tea from one company, Bostonians dump tea
  • 12. The Beaver
    Boston Tea Party Ship
  • 13. Brick Tea
  • 14. Sons of Liberty flag
  • 15.
  • 16. #7 Intolerable Acts
    Britain punished Boston by closing Harbor until tea is paid for & ended town meetings
  • 17. Skinny Street in Boston
  • 18. # 8 Tarred and Feathered
    Colonists harass and injure tax collectors
  • 19. # 9 1st Continental Congress
    Twelve colonies send reps to protest Intolerable Acts, end trade with Britain
  • 20. Boston, Lexington, Concord
  • 21. Paul Revere Statue & Old North Church
  • 22. Paul Revere’s House
  • 23.
  • 24. # 10 Lexington
    British troops marching to Concord stop in Boston, fire, kill about eight minutemen
  • 25. Lexington Green
  • 26. Lexington Green
  • 27. #11 Concord
    Old North Bridge
    British arrive and are attacked by minutemen (Shot Heard ’Round the World)
  • 28. Old North Bridge, Concord
  • 29. Marching Back to Boston
  • 30. Battle of Bunker Hill
  • 31. 1776-Second Continental Congress
    1st National Government
  • 32. George Washington
    • appointed Commander in Chief of
    Colonial Army
  • 33. adopts The Declaration of Independencewritten mainly by Thomas Jefferson
  • 34. Committee of Five
    With help from Benjamin Franklin, Robert Livingston, John Adams and Roger Sherman
  • 35. Declaration of Independence
    Has three parts
    Natural Rights:
    purpose of government is to protect inalienable rights
    rights that all people have
    List of wrongs:
    by the British that led to the Colonies to break away
    announces that colonies are a free and independent nation, The United States of America
  • 36. Celebrating the signing
  • 37. Thomas Paine writes “Common Sense”lists reasons to rebel
  • 38. Colonial
    Advantages Disadvantages
  • British Advantages Disadvantages
    • Powerful Military
    • 47. Mercenaries hired to fight for the British
    • 48. Loyal Colonists
    • Distance between England and the Colonies
    • 49. Did not know the land
    • 50. Poor leadership
    • 51. Some in British Government sympathized with Colonies
  • 1776-Battle of Trentonfirst colonial victorycrosses Delaware River at night (cheated)
  • 52. 1777-Battle of Saratogaturning point of WarFrench Join Colonies
  • 53. 1777-Valley Forgewinter encampment
  • 54. 1781-Battle of Yorktownlast battle – Lord Cornwallis surrenders
  • 55. 1783-Treaty of Paris
    Granted independence
    Ended the War
    Set boundaries of new nation
  • 56. Received land between Appalachian Mountains and Mississippi River
    Known as The Northwest Territory
    Fishing Rights in The Grand Banks