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  • 1. Earthquakes By Donny Qualters
  • 2. What is an earthquake?  An earthquake is used to describe a sudden slip on a fault, and as a result the ground shaking and radiating seismic energy caused by the slip  Caused by volcanic activity,  Caused by other sudden stress changes in the earth.
  • 3. What causes earthquakes?  Earthquakes are caused when tectonic plates move past each other causing stress.
  • 4. How do earthquakes form?  Earthquakes are formed by the movement of the Earth's plates. When a plate squeezes or stretches too much, huge rocks are formed at the edges, and these rocks can move with a lot of force, which causes an earthquake.
  • 5. Parts of an earthquake  The two major parts of an earthquake are the epicenter and the focus  Focus – The point inside the Earth where an earthquake begins  Epicenter – The point on Earth’s surface above the focus
  • 6. Most destructive Earthquake  The Great San Francisco Earthquake of 1906 was the most destructive earthquake as it caused $524 million in damage and killed 3,000 people.
  • 7. How are earthquakes measured?  Earthquakes are measured by the Richter scale
  • 8. Question  What causes earthquakes? A- The epicenter and the focus B- The mantle C- When tectonic plates move past each other causing stress.
  • 9. Question  What was the most destructive earthquake? A- The Great San Francisco Earthquake B- The Haiti earthquake C- Chile Earthquake
  • 10. Question  How are earthquakes measured? A- Richter scale B- Mercalli scale C- Interval scale
  • 11. The End  Thanks for watching!