Nazari yellow rust


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Kumarse Nazari, ICARDA
Yellow Rust in CWANA in 2010-2011
The Situation and Measures Taken

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Nazari yellow rust

  1. 1. Yellow Rust in CWANA in 2010-2011 “The Situation and Measures Taken” K. Nazari, D. Hodson, M. Hovmoller k.nazari@cgiar.orgINTERNATIONAL CENTER FOR AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH IN THE DRY AREAS (ICARDA), ALEPPO, SYRIA 2011 BGRI TECHNICAL WORKSHOP, MN, JUNE 13-16, 2011
  2. 2. Highly Diverse & Challenging Region Yellow Rust in CWANA in 2010-2011 “The situation and Measures Taken” CWANA Kumarse Nazari k.nazari@cgiar.orgINTERNATIONAL CENTER FOR AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH IN THE DRY AREAS (ICARDA), ALEPPO, SYRIA Population: >1 Billion people 2011 BGRI Technical Workshop, JUNE 13-16, 2011
  3. 3. More than 50 m ha of wheat production in CWANA25% of the total global wheat areas fall in CWANA
  4. 4. Epidemiological Factors Conducive environmental conditions Genetic similarity of Mega-cultivar (Yr9 and Yr27) and susceptibility of genotypes and susceptible varieties (Turkey=Gerek, Iran= Sardari, Morocco= Akhtar,..) Means of transportation factors ▪ west-east wind movement and human Overlapping/ continues cropping system Widespread of alternate host and wheat wild relatives
  5. 5. Wide spread of new Yr race: Yr27 virulence race in southern partCool and humid weather in warm areaYellow rust epidemic, Darab, Dezful and Ilam, Kurdistan,Kermanshah 2007-2010
  6. 6. Early infection foci Yellow rust epidemic Akhtar cv-Morocco 2009 (Ezzahiri et al., 4th RYRC-Turkey)
  7. 7. Yellow rust high infection Uzbekistan, 2009
  8. 8. Early infection foci Syria 2010, Cham8
  9. 9. Tamuz 2, 2010, E. Maaroof Manage your mailbox V: Retrieve, back up, or share messages
  10. 10. Manage your mailbox V: Retrieve, back up, or share messages
  11. 11. Action taken1. Surveillance, Race analysis, Trap Nursery Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Morocco, Kenya, Turkey, Georgia, Algeria, Pakistan, Yemen, Lebanon,2. Awareness and preparedness Syria, Afghanistan, Morocco, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Egypt, Iran3. Farmer field school, training and capacity building Syria, Iran, Yemen, Turkey, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Egypt, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan4. Impact Assessment Iran, Syria, AzerbaijanRegional conference and traveling workshop 4th Regional Yellow Rust Meeting, Ankara, Turkey International Yellow Rust Symposium
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  13. 13. Race analyses of Puccinia striiformis from wheat 2010, ICARDAisolatenumber 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,Cle,10,15,17,SD,Su,ND,CV,A,21,25,27,Tre, Tat 1 -,2,-,-,-,6,7,8,9,-,-,-,17,SD,-,-,CV,A,21,25,27,-,Tat 2 -,(2),-,-,-,6,7,8,9,-,-,-,17,SD,-,ND,CV,A,21,25,27,-,Tat 4 -,2,-,-,-,6,7,-,9,-,-,-,17,-,-,-,-,A,21,25,27,-,Tat 5 -,2,3,-,-,6,7,8,9,-,-,-,17,SD,-,-,CV,A,21,25,27,-,Tat 7 -,2,-,-,-,6,7,8,9,-,-,-,17,SD,-,ND,CV,A,21,25,27,-,Tat 8 -,2,-,-,-,6,7,-,9,Cle,-,-,17,-,-,CV,A,21,25,27,-,Tat 9 -,2,-,-,-,6,7,8,9,Cle,-,-,17,-,-,-,(CV),A,21,25,27,-,Tat 14 -,(2),-,-,-,-,7,8,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,ND,-,A,21,-,27,-,Tat 15 -,2,-,-,-,6,7,8,9,-,-,-,17,SD,-,-,-,A,21,25,27,-,Tat 16 -,2,-,-,-,6,7,-,9,-,-,-,17,SD,-,-,-,A,21,25,27,-,Tat 18 -,(2),-,-,-,6,7,8,9,-,-,-,17,-,-,ND,-,A,21,25,27,-,Tat 19 -,2,-,-,-,6,7,8,9,-,-,-,17,-,-,-,-,A,21,25,27,-,Tat 24 -,2,-,-,-,6,7,8,9,-,-,-,17,-,-,ND,CV,A,21,25,27,-,Tat 25 -,2,-,-,-,6,7,8,9,-,-,-,17,-,-,ND,CV,A,21,25,27,-,Tat
  14. 14. 2009 2010Testet/ cultivar Yr-GENE Tel Hadya HASSAKEH MALKIEH ALEPPO DIRE AL ZORYR1/6*Avocet S Yr1 R R R R RYR6/6*Avocet S Yr6 S S S S SYR7/6*Avocet S Yr7 S S S S SYR8/6*Avocet S Yr8 R S S S SYR9/6*Avocet S Yr9 S S S S SYR27/6*Avocet S Yr27 R S S S SCiano 79 Yr27 R S S S SATTILA-50Y Yr27+? R S S S SOPATA 85 Yr27+Yr18 R S S S SCham 1 DW R R R R RCham 4 BW R S S S SCham 6 BW R S S S SCham 8 BW R S S S SMorocco BW S S S S S
  15. 15. Race analyses of P. striiformis from wheat 2010, GRRC, Aarhus Uni. Global Rust Reference Center, Aarhus University
  16. 16. International Wheat Yellow Rust Trap Nursery – International Yellow rust Trap Nursery – Yellow rust differential cultivars – Yellow rust Avocet Near Isogenic Lines (NILs) – Known cultivars for APR genes – Commercial cultivars in CWANA – 76 location in 28 countries – Virulence for Yr2, Yr6, Yr7, YrA and Yr31 is fixed in all locations. – Yr5 and Yr15 are effective in all locations – Virulence for Yr9 and Yr25 was very common – Virulence on Yr1, Yr8, Yr10. Yr17, Yr18, Yr24, and Yr27 was varied – Frequency and distribution of virulence forYr27 is increasing very rapidly
  17. 17. Susceptible genotype Resistant genotype
  18. 18. Resistance Screening Nurseries at Yellow Rust Hot Spots• Adult-plant Assessment • Seedling evaluation – ICARDA Head Quarter – ICARDA – Lebanon – Turkey – Uzbekistan – Iran – Iran – Pakistan – Morocco – Ethiopia – Pakistan – Turkey
  19. 19. Variety Release and SeedMultiplication of multiple Rust Resistance Osman Abdalla, Ravi Singh and
  20. 20. ICARDATesting sites of wheat rust trap Nurseries
  21. 21. International Collaboration is the key to success Thank You