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Having done the project charter presentation, and after the project charter sign-off by the Sponsor and the Steering Committee, it is time to announce publicly the project existence and align all the ...

Having done the project charter presentation, and after the project charter sign-off by the Sponsor and the Steering Committee, it is time to announce publicly the project existence and align all the team to have one picture of project delivery and success.
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  • Project Kick-Off Presentation Template Author: Bogdan Gorka, PMP
  • What will we discuss today Project Kick-Off Presentation |
  • Project Mission and Objectives
    • Project Mission To cut general effort required for paperwork in the office by introducing a new document management system enabling company-wide access to business documents along with electronic workflow and sign off . The project should be completed by the end of year 2010 with the budget not exceeding $1m in capex
    • Project Objectives
      • New document management system selected
      • Implementation partner selected
      • Selected system adapted to functional requirements
      • System is tested and ready for trainings
      • Users trained and ready for cut over
      • New system fully functional and working by the end of 10.2011
  • Project Detailed Scope Project Management Methodology Fundamentals | Project Objective Deliverables
    • Standardise and update existing document flow procedures
    1. Existing document flow procedures identified 2. Procedure owners identified 3. New procedures designed and written
    • Search and select software vendors for document management systems
    1.Research systems vendors on the market 2. Perform Request For Information Process as per Vendor policy 3. Collect RFI feedback and prepare solution selection guidelines
    • Prepare Requirement statement
    1. Select potential key users for workshops 2. Prepare and organise user requirements elicitation workshops 3. Summarise requirements in the User Requirements Traceability Matrix
    • Other objectives
    Other deliverables
  • Project Functional Scope
    • The scope of the project consists of all works needed to successfully implement the documentation management system used for storage and workflow.
    • The system will be based on Hector architecture.
    • Functionality will enable planning and reporting of:
      • Feature one
      • Feature two
      • Feature three
  • Organizational Scope and Impact Below is the summary of organisational impact analysis which describes the organisational scope of the project Organisation/Department/Processes How will the be affected/No of people impacted
    • Mail Office
    Current practices in documents flow will be identified and changed considerably. No mail handling is currently done electronically and employees are not used to working on computers. After the project both the procedures and tools will change.
    • Accounts Receivable
    Currently only some invoices are being signed-off electronically. For now it is the project intention to include this work-flow fully in the scope. Affected 50 people.
    • Entire business – budget scope
    When the affected department will change into a fully electronic workflow this will mean that the budget of $10m spent annually will be managed differently. That is why this project is more risk sensitive and is business continuity critical. That is why only safe and proven solutions will be chosen.
  • Project Timeline 1.12.2011 Start
    • Business Requirements Collected
    • Project Charter Signed Off
    • Vendor Selected
    • Refined Requirements Confirmed
    • Updated Project Charter Signed Off
    • Budget Signed Off
    20.01.2011 10.03.2011 Preparation Initiation Solution Design
    • Design completed
    • Build and training approach confirmed and signed-off
    Build Training
    • Integration testing ok
    • UAT testing ok
    • Configuration completed
    • Training Completed
    • Cut over plan tested
    • Infrastructure ready
    Post Go-Live 18.06.2011 12.09.2011 29.10.2011
  • Project Delivery Approach
    • The project to go live in December and will be executed with along the following business and system functionality assumptions:
      • Assumption 1: Agile methods will be used during the Design phase
      • Assumption 2: Testing will done in three steps: User Acceptance Testing, Integration Testing, User Access Rights testing
      • Assumption 3: Change management and Communication will be planned separately in the Preparation Phase
  • Project Organisation Structure John Doe IT Director Malcom Wong Marketing Director Jenny Smith Wing Solutions Jerry Wilkinson Sales Director Project Sponsor Project Steering Committee John Whiley Wing Solutions Project Manager Team Member Core Function Team Member Core Function Team Member Core Function Team Member Core Function Team Member Core Function Team Member Core Function Project Team
    • Review project progress during regular Steering Committee meetings
    • Review/approve deliverables
    • Approve project phases during gate meetings
    • Ensure that sufficient resources are dedicated to perform project tasks
    • Resolve issues escalated by the Project Manager
    • Make decisions about change request and escalated issues
    • Actively support the project team on its way to achieve project objectives
    Steering Committee Responsibilities
  • Project Team Key Responsibilities
    • Deliver products according to agreed schedule
    • Execute project tasks according to the defined business and functional requirements with expected quality, within required timeframe and within the allocated budget
    • Other duties
    • Other responsibilities
  • Project Risks
    • Contingency planning - work out what could go wrong and plan what to do if it does
    • Risk strategies
      • Avoid – eliminate the threat by eliminating the cause
      • Accept – if the risk is not very important or the impact is small
      • Mitigate – reduce probability and/or impact if the risk will occur
      • Transfer – make somebody else responsible for risk impact often with vendor, if something goes wrong share the impact (most often only financial impact)
    • Other strategies – exploit and enhance (for positive risks)
  • Issues and risks escalation procedure Issue, Concern, Risk Issue Register Discuss with Team Leader and agree Project Manager Project Sponsor Steering Committee Management Board
  • Project Standards Overview
    • Documentation – we use naming conventions
    • Team work – we all work on the project as a team no matter if you represent a client or a vendor
    • Everyone should be aware of the project role to be fulfilled. If not, ask the Project Manager what is expected from you
    • Your deadlines and products have been agreed with you during the planning process. If something has changed inform your Team Leader.
    • In case of spotting the risk or problem, use the Issue Log to record and escalate your concerns.
  • Project Management Methodology Phase 1 Preparation Phase 2 Planning Phase 3 Design Phase 4 Build & Test Phase 5 Go-Live and Close
    • With project management methodology, we have:
    • Agreed set of deliverables
    • Templates to help document project
    • Tasks sequence and dependencies
  • Phase 1 – Preparation Major tasks and deliverables
    • Task 1
    • Task 2
      • Deliverable 1
      • Deliverable 2
    To prepare organisation for the project, mobilise the team and agree on the preliminary scope statement. Phase Objective Timeline 01/10/2011 – 31/12/20111 Phase 1 Preparation Phase 2 Planning Phase 3 Design Phase 4 Build & Test Phase 5 Go-Live and Close
  • Project Office role Project Repository Financial and Budget Control Methodology expertise Schedule maintenance Issue Log maintenance Change Control Status Reporting Role: supporting Project Manager and the team with project management admin support and control Managed by the EPM Tool PROJECT OFFICE
  • Conclusion / Questions ? Project Kick-Off Presentation