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Rgvn at a glance for chairperson

  1. 1. RGVN Initiatives
  2. 2. RGVN’s Journey RGVN s Journey….. Established in 1990 to support small NGOs & grassroot institutions towards livelihood enhancement of poor. NGO Support Programme was the pp g flagship programme of RGVN – through pp this supported around 1500 NGOs. In 1995 initiated the Credit & Savings Programme – a MF retail programme. programme.
  3. 3. Contd…. Contd…. Around 2005, NGO MF was initiated – which was basically MF wholesaling. Since 2005 discussions were on to hive of CSP. In 2010, CSP obtained legal , g status of an NBFC named RGVN (NE) Micro Finance Ltd. Subsequently NGO MF was also tapered down. down
  4. 4. Contd….. Contd….. Since 2006, RGVN began focussing on grant based livelihood projects and also began tapping CSR funds. Has been successful till now in making g fruitful collaborations with donors.
  5. 5. Ongoing Programmes Agriculture based projects – SRI, p , g gy Lead crops, cross border agri technology transfer in Assam; Vermi compost in ; Odisha. Bihar; Bazaar on wheels in Odisha. Livelihood project with JRDTT – Ginger in Meghalaya; Tea & Mushroom in Assam; fishery in Tripura; Rickshaw & NTFP in Chhattisgarh
  6. 6. Contd…. Contd…. CSR initiatives – with HCCBPL at Byrnihat, Meghalaya; IFCI around y g y ; Byrnihat, Guwahati; Guwahati; CRISIL – financial literacy in Assam; Jindal Steel in Odisha. ; Odisha. Institution Building with HIVOS in Orissa Restoring livelihoods of flood affected people in coastal Odisha with JRDTT
  7. 7. Contd… Contd… Disaster Risk Mitigation with OXFAM in Assam Livelihood Rehabilitation Project ( gg y) (Piggery) in Sikkim with Tata Steel. Baseline Surveys & Evaluations for IOC Guwahati & Digboi. Digboi. Tie up with ILFS for skills for employment in service sector
  9. 9. SRI Initiatives
  10. 10. Project involves involves…. Promotion & awareness through meetings and training programmes Developing Master Trainers Follow up Around 15000 farmers covered.
  11. 11. Training Programme on SRI
  12. 12. Field Day Programme on SRI organised b RGVN and i d by d supported by NABARD on 22/6/11
  14. 14. Project Brief Aims to improve food security & nutrition of 20000 (5000 in India & 15000 in Bangladesh) marginal farmer households Funded by European Union and y p implemented by Concern Universal, HIS, RGVN & DAM. Project specifically to cover – agriculture (crops, vegetables horticulture) (crops vegetables, horticulture), livestock & fishery
  15. 15. Contd…. Contd…. Project includes – training of beneficiaries & LSPs; asset transfers; & market development. Project involves liasoning with the Govt. j g line departments to involve them in the p process especially related to training. p y g Project Area – 6 districts in Assam.
  16. 16. Progress so far Area offices in six districts set up with basic infrastructure as per project. Project staff recruited & oriented by CU & HSI officials from Bangladesh g periodically. Beneficiaries identification & selection done. Baseline survey of beneficiaries is ongoing. ongoing
  17. 17. Contd…. Contd…. Core Occupational Groups of beneficiaries formed Govt. line dept.s being briefed on the p j project. LSP selection & categorization done. LSP training begins from 1 Nov 2012 2012. Preparation for asset transfer ongoing.
  19. 19. RGVNRGVN-JRDTT Project P j t (in NER & Chhattisgarh)
  20. 20. Project includes Project period: 2011-2013 2011Sanctioned Amount: Rs 1.8 crore Household coverage: 1400 Mushroom &Tea in Assam; Fishery in Tripura; NTFP & Rickshaw in Chhattisgarh; Ginger in Meghalaya
  21. 21. Contd… Contd… Capacity Building (technical & also basic accounting) of beneficiaries Dissemination of information through leaflets Input support Helping beneficiaries to organize into groups
  22. 22. Workshop on Livelihood Generation through Tea Plantation
  23. 23. Ginger Distribution for cultivation at Ri-Bhoi district, Meghalaya Ri-
  24. 24. Selection of Beneficiaries at Dhamtari under the Non Timber Forest
  25. 25. Selection of Rickshaw Pullers (beneficiaries) at Bhilai
  26. 26. Orientation Programme on Community based Fishery Project at Tripura
  27. 27. Selection of Beneficiaries for Mushroom Cultivation at Baksa District
  28. 28. Livelihood Rehabilitation Project in Sikkim Funded by Tata Steel Aims to provide livelihood opportunities p pp to 100 poor HHs through scientific pig g rearing. Covers earthquake affected areas in Mangam, Mangam, North Sikkim. Sikkim Project includes- distribution of piglets, includestechnical training vaccination & training, insurance.
  29. 29. SUSTAINABLE LIVELIHOOD ENHANCEMENT & ENTERPRISE PROMOTION (SLEEP) (A Project supported by HIVOS, a Netherlands b N th l d based organization) d organization) i ti
  30. 30. Project Brief To empower women in agriculture, NTFP & Handicraft by increasing productivity and form producers co./cooperatives. Project to cover 3650 p j poor women in Southern & Central Odisha; and Odisha; g Telengana & North Andhra Pradesh. Project duration is July’12 to June’15.
  31. 31. Contd… Contd… Project to include – formation of cooperatives; CB; value addition; & linkages.
  32. 32. Progress so far Beneficiaries selection completed. Community Property resource Mapping y p y pp g done. Village & Community level meetings done.
  33. 33. JIVIKA Is a rehabilitation project for flood victims in Odisha. Odisha. Project is funded by JRDTT Purpose is to promote rural livelihoods amongst flood victims through goatery, goatery, bamboo work organic farming vermin work, farming, compost & cycle rickshaws. Project to cover 635 poor flood affected households.
  34. 34. Progress so far far… Beneficiaries identification & selection done. 7 trainings for farmers & other g beneficiaries organized. 7 vermin compost pits constructed.
  35. 35. Cooperatives in Odisha Building up of UMASS in 2005 under Odisha Self Help Cooperative Act. Success of this has lead to form more cooperatives – p Fisher folk cooperative at Berhampur – now registered but needs to be strengthened. 2 women led cooperative already registered & functioning in Badamba
  36. 36. Contd… Contd… Women led producers cooperative in Dhenkanal formed, not yet registered. Forward linkage provided by RGVN Mobile marketing facilities introduced g 8 producers cooperatives (4 in Odisha & 4 in Andhra) have been appraised for support by HIVOS as an extended project. project
  37. 37. Contd… Contd… 18 more potential cooperatives identified both in Odisha & Andhra on HIVOS request.
  38. 38. INSTITUTION BUILDING WITH HIVOS Programme period :2006 to June 2012 Worked with building 4 NGOs in western g & coastal Odisha Series of CB and handholding done under this. CB like Developing SBP Portfolio SBP, Management, Expansion plans etc
  39. 39. Contd.. Contd CB (TOT) & Exposure for RGVN staff was also there. Trainings were provided by Micro Save; RGVN provided trainings in the field. p g NGOs now capable of becoming an MFI – 2 have become Section 25 companies companies, other 2 are in process.
  40. 40. Vermi Compost in Bihar Working with 5 partners in North Bihar, around Patna Working with RGVN fund Demonstrations made to 100 farmers Around 300 farmers adopted vermi compost. compost There is demand for more demonstrations d t ti
  41. 41. Liasion with HCCBPL Initial discussion at Patna Preliminary Baseline Survey done in y y Patliputra industrial area. Report submitted.
  42. 42. RGVN – IFCI CSR Project
  43. 43. What we did …. Construction of 210 low cost toilets Distribution of 250 solar lanterns Community Meetings Awareness Camps No. of people benefitted: Around 3000 people. l
  44. 44. RGVNRGVN-HCCBPL CSR Project j
  45. 45. What we did did…. Developed 3 villages Access to sanitation Access to safe drinking water Construction of pathways Medical Kiosk & Health camps Scholarships to students Vocational trainings g Around 5000 people benefitted from this project
  46. 46. Training Programme on Masonry and Low Cost Sanitation at Byrnihat in Jan 2011
  47. 47. Inauguration of the Aarogaya Health Kiosk at Brynihat on 16/3/11
  48. 48. Water storage tank, spring wells and pathways constructed at Byrnihat
  49. 49. World Women’s Day observed with the school going girls and women of Brynihat on 8/3/11
  50. 50. World Environment Day observed with distribution of 250 saplings and a painting competition among school children 5/6/11
  51. 51. Training on Carpentry
  52. 52. Training on various health related issues
  53. 53. Training on Financial Literacy and Health & Hygiene
  54. 54. Training on T i i Financial Literacy
  55. 55. What we do do…. Awareness, Information & little bit of training on how to make budgets etc. Have developed a module which includes PPTs; movies; group exercises & games, and also reading materials materials. Around 3500 people benefitted In 2010I 2010-11 – 50 road shows were conducted i d h d t d in Odisha. Odisha. Around 1200 people benefitted. Proposal submitted to NABARD to do similar road shows in Bihar
  56. 56. 50 programmes sponsored by NABARD
  57. 57. CRISIL sponsored programmes
  58. 58. Relief R li f and R h bilit ti d Rehabilitation Projects
  59. 59. Paddy seed distribution camp for the Garo-Rabha conflict affected Garopeople organised by RGVN in association with Diya Foundation, supported by SDTT on 26/6/11
  60. 60. Earthquake relief provided to the people affected at Sikkim through fund support from SDTT
  61. 61. Flood relief in Odisha, funded by JRDTT
  62. 62. Assam Disaster Risk Reduction Project with O OXFAM
  63. 63. Project includes includes….. Project period – 18 months from January’12 Sanctioned Rs 22.98 lakh The project includes sanitation safe sanitation, water provision, community institution building for resilient livelihood promotion and advocacy.
  64. 64. Thank You! Th k Y !