Glass security for your home, automobiles and corporates
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Glass security for your home, automobiles and corporates



Security laminates for homes and offices to protect glass from bomb blasts, rioters, vandals, burglars, and thieves and provide effective insulation for heating and air conditioning. Flying glass can ...

Security laminates for homes and offices to protect glass from bomb blasts, rioters, vandals, burglars, and thieves and provide effective insulation for heating and air conditioning. Flying glass can cause serious injury, even death. Our laminates can save lives.



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Glass security for your home, automobiles and corporates Glass security for your home, automobiles and corporates Presentation Transcript

  • Protecting People and Property Worldwide TM
  • Company Background
    • Founded in 1991, ACE (Advanced Coatings Engineering) is represented in more than 40 countries worldwide
    • Our goal is to ensure the safety of people and property worldwide
    • ACE manufactures a micro-thin transparent window laminate which revolutionizes regular glass windows so that it can resist the force of small firearms, bombs, high impact projectiles and extreme weather conditions
    • ACE products are now available through the General Services Administration (GSA) Federal Supply Schedule for use by all U.S. Government Agencies
  • Commitment to Our Clients
    • As a dedicated, award-winning company, we employ our knowledge and expertise in window laminate technology in collaboration with our clients to ensure that they receive the best security solution to address their needs
    • ACE advantages:
      • Products – superior quality security laminates on account of our proprietary manufacturing and adhesive processes
      • Service – rigorous training program and industry-leading installation standards
  • Product Line
    • ACE has developed a full line of safety and security laminates to address various threat situations:
      • 100 Series (Safety) – converts regular glass into safety glass to reduce the risk of injury from accidental breakage
      • 200 Series (Security) – protects vulnerable glass from accidental and intentional impact (i.e., forced entry)
      • 300 Series (Bullet and Bomb Resistance) – superior protection against forced entry, severe weather, small firearms and bomb blasts
      • 400 Series (Ultimate Bullet and Bomb Resistance) – maximum protection against forced entry and high level terrorist threats
  • Why Choose Security Laminates?
    • The single-most cost-effective approach to preventing personal injury, loss of life and property damage from forced entry (burglary), projectile entry and explosive blasts
    • Can be applied as a retrofit or to new construction
    • Security laminates:
      • Have been around for approximately 20 years
      • Had there beginnings in the window tint industry
      • Through R&D it was discovered that a multi-layered polyester laminate could offer high levels of protection
  • Laminate Application
    • The type of security laminate application is determined by the level of protection desired
    • Laminate must consist of multiple layers of polyester film
    • Laminate must use non-drying, non-hardening pressure sensitive adhesives
    • Laminate, with adhesive, must have minimum thickness of 127 microns
    • Laminate break strength varies between 110-450 lbs/inch depending on the desired level of protection
  • Benefits of Security Laminates
    • High-impact protection
    • Bomb-blast protection
    • Bullet resistant on ½-inch annealed glass
    • UV protection by rejecting up to 98% of solar UV rays
    • Heat resistant
    • Extremely hard to ignite and are self-extinguishing
  • Are you a potential victim?
  • Bomb Blast
    • Our SL-14 laminate has been blast tested with up to 2500 lbs of explosives
    • Proven to be the highest level of fragmentation retention in the industry
    • Resists temperatures of up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit
    • ACE/Security Laminates will resist heat from a fire and stay intact, even during forceful explosions
  • Bomb Blast no protection
    • When a bomb goes off, it is the glass that kills or injures.
    • Window fragments become projectiles and daggers.
    Video footage from CERL – Medicine Hat, Alberta at ACE Blast Mitigation Testing. Picture yourself in this building…
  • Bomb Blast with protection
    • 4-sided anchoring
    • 800 lbs of explosives at 145 ft
    Now picture yourself in this building… Where would you feel safer?
    • ¼-inch glass with 14mm of laminate and 2 catch bars
    • 800 lbs of explosives at 180 ft
    Bomb Blast with protection Again, where would you feel safer?
  • Quantico Marine Corps Base
    • ACE/Security Laminates has participated in elite security demonstrations at Quantico Marine Corps Base in Virginia, U.S.A. in 1997, 2001 and 2003
    • On all occasions, police, military and government officials were extremely impressed with the performance of our products at these demonstrations
  • Firearms
    • ACE/Security Laminates, when applied to ½-inch glass, can provide resistance to small caliber firearms such as a .38, 9mm, or a .357 magnum
    • Test results clearly indicate that the combination of ½-inch glass and our SL-14 product provide a significant level of bullet resistance
    • SL-14 exceeds UL Bullet resistance standards for ½-inch glass with small fire arms
  • Public Protests
    • Our laminates can significantly reduce personal injuries that typically take place during protestor demonstrations (e.g., Molotov cocktails, flying glass shards, etc.)
  • Automotive Applications
    • Once applied to your car window, our security laminate:
      • Eliminates a thief’s primary weapons: speed and ease of access
      • Reduces flying glass shards in collisions
      • Blocks up to 98% of solar UV rays
      • Reduces road and wind noise by up to 4 decibels
    • Although an alarm by itself will not deter a thief from breaking the glass of your car door, our security laminates will .
  • Energy Savings
    • Windows and fixed glass allow the relatively easy transmission of heat and light into the interior of a building or a shopping mall; for instance, according to the California Energy Commission, heat entering through existing windows accounts for 30% of a building’s cooling requirements
    • Glass will continue to be a significant part of a building’s envelope
    • According to architects, in most buildings these days, glass accounts for anywhere between one-sixth (17%) to three-fifths (60%) of the total building area
  • Energy Savings (Cont’d)
    • In 2003, a study was conducted at Stanford University’s Encina Hall, in which spectrally selective window film was applied to approximately 6,300 square feet of glass; spectrally selective film blocks solar heat while transmitting high levels of natural light
    • ACE products have the same characteristics, in addition to providing much needed security features; furthermore, since our products are essentially transparent (unlike tinted glass), they allow building premises to be lit with natural light while minimizing the effects of solar heat/UV rays
    • The study conclusively showed that energy requirements to remove heat with the film installed were 49% lower (i.e., $34 per day) than what were required prior to the film’s installation (i.e., $67 per day)
  • Energy Savings (Illustrative Example)
    • If a building has 100,000 square feet of covered area, let us say that glass conservatively accounts for 30,000 square feet (30%)
    • At Rs 37 per square foot per month (ACE India calculations based on BSES indicative figures), the annual energy/electricity bill for the building (i.e., air-conditioning in the summer and heating in the winter) would be Rs 4.44 crores
    • Applying SL-9 laminate to 30,000 square feet of glass would represent a one-time cost of Rs 90 lakhs
    • Annual recurring savings at 20%-, 30%- and 40%-levels would amount to Rs 89 lakhs, Rs 133 lakhs and Rs 178 lakhs per annum, respectively, representing payback periods of 1 year, 8 months and 6 months on the installation of the laminate
  • Product Specifications
  • Our Clients
    • We have completed a diverse range of projects, including for government agencies, airports, police forces, embassies and corporate organizations around the globe
    Boston Logan Airport
  • Contact us
    • ACE Security Laminates India
    • Tel.: +91-11-4167-4350
    • Website: