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Bp october 2013

  1. 1. E The Paradise Unexplored d Situated at the foothills of the great Himalayan Range, the place has been a attraction for since time immemorial. She is i mysteriousnatural beauty, travellerswildlife, immaculate tea gardens,blessed with unspoiled teeming stupendous biodiversity, rich culture and warm, beautiful people. Assam has enormous potential t and prospect to attract tourists at a large number. Undeniably, tourism has the economy of o potential to boost up the of time, trendthe State alone. changed and now a days, With the passage in tourism has tourists do not confine their travelling experience merely to the traditional visits r of Historical and Natural destinations. Some of the modern types of tourism i which tourists these days opt for are- Health Tourism, Sports Tourism, Adventure Tourism, Business Tourism(MICE), Rural Tourism, Farm Tourism, Tourism related Tourism, a to Fairs and Festivals and most recently Monsoon Tourism, Gastronomygo a long Polar Tourism, Space Tourism etc. No doubt, Assam Tourism has to reach but she has l way tobe one this leveladded featureevery potential (if not all). Here, Tea Tourism could another to the State tourism. Tourism is a State subject; it is the duty and responsibility of the government to transform the Potential into Productivity, which could have an enduring impact on the positive socio-cultural-economical change of the State. Ironically, we have been witnessing a quite contrary picture. It is really our misfortune that we are still unable to foresee the outcome if the State could properly be projected as tourists’ destination; we are blessed but we are not sensed. Most importantly, the commoners would have been greatly benefited had things properly been done. Home-stay is one example through which they can generate income; this concept is successfully implemented in Orcchaa, Madhya Pradesh. Today tourism is the largest service industry in India with a contribution of more than 6.23% to the national GDP and providing about 9% of the total employment. India witness more than 6 million annual foreign tourist arrivals and about 600 million domestic tourist visits. It is expected to generate US$275.5 billion by 2018 from this sector. Some States are there in India, economy of which is mostly dependant upon Tourism. Himachal Pradesh is one such State; Kerala is gradually becoming one of the most sought destinations by tourists, Gujrat is being succesfully promoted getting associated Megastar Amitabh Bachan as its brand ambassador. On the contrary, inspite of the fact that this part (Norteast) of the country has much more potential and resources to attract tourists, no proper inititiative is taken yet. All the hurdles negating the execution of plan into action can effectively be overcome if the government shows a noble intention and take proper action; and yes, we the People have to show our bonafide interest upholding our rich and adoring social and cultural heritage irrespective of cast, creed, religion, sex, community etc. Then only we shall be able to create an Investment friendly and Tourists affable environment. On 27th September, the World Tourism Day was observed worlwide but few people were aware of this. What there is in Assam for tourists is nowhere in the world. We are going to celebrate the Durga Puja in this Month; preparations are all ready. Likewise, plenty of other Fairs and Festivals of unique nature are celebrated in Assam round the year, which could be one another attraction for tourists. Editor: Bikramaditya Dutta Kakoti Contents... Kickstarting the growth trajectory –1 The Land Acquisition Act, 2013 –3 9, 000 rural youths in Assam to be trained and employed –5 Exim bank organized round table on “Promoting horticultural sector in the NE” –6 NRL 144 cr., OIL 3589.34 cr. & Assam Govt. earn 2368.23 cr. –9 BD’s shortest ever insulin syringe needle launched in India –18 Datanet India launches Geospatial Election Analysis –18 Executive Editor: Madhurjya D. Konwar Bureau Chief- Kalyan Gogoi ! Chief Co-ordinator ( Delhi ): Arup Jyoti Gogoi ! Co-ordinator (Kolkata): Rudra Pratap Choudhury ! Special co-ordinators : Jasho Rabi (Shillong), Lithung Tungsha (Kohima), Madhurjya Saikia (Duliajan), Tanmoy Saikia(Mizoram), L.M.Sarkar(Agartala) ! Finance and Planing : Dipayan Borah ! Advisor : Pranjal Dutta (Legal) ! Design & Grapics : Nitul Kr. Dutta Address : Guwahati Office– Bhangagarh, Anil Nagar, by lane no2, House no-1, Pin-781003, Guwahati (Assam) ! Delhi Office– A-12, 2nd floor, Kalkaji, New Delhi- 110019 e-mail : businesspositive123@gmail.com Mobile : 9954223870, 9508708837
  2. 2. ENABLING ENTREPRENEURSHIP KICKSTARTING THE GROWTH TRAJECTORY T he economy of Assam has shown an improved performance over the last 10 years, thanks largely to the exemplary growth seen in Agriculture, coupled with the growth in Industry. The growth in these sectors resulted in a consequent growth of the services sector. The resurgence of the Industrial sector was driven largely by the policy initiatives of the Central and state government, and improvement in Law and order perception. The agricultural growth it has been seen historically has its limitations in growth and additional employment generation. Service sector, Industries and Entrepreneurship activity can only drive beneficial job creation in the state. An enabling environment has to be created to make entrepreneurship successful, and that should encourage more and more 1 BUSINESS POSITIVE Mr R S JOSHI Chairman, FINER people from the state in becoming job creators rather than Job seekers. Over the last couple of years following a global recessionary trend, a slowdown has been witnessed in the Indian Economy, which was partly as a result of global factors and also largely as a result of Policy delays and inaction, effecting investor confidence and Entrepreneurial success. The trend has been witnessed in Assam too, even though the state has one of the most attractive Central and state policies in vogue, which should, normally, drive a substantial part of fresh investment into the state. Industrial Policy October-2013 A perusal of the data and on going through the reasons thereof we can illustrate the issues as under The North East industrial investment promotion policy 2007, and Industrial Policy of Assam 2008 have been effective in attracting investments and promoting entrepreneurship in the state. The efficacy thereof however has ebbed, because of issues, disused later. Currently only the North east, in addition to Jammu and Kashmir have such a attractive Industrial policy support from the Central government in the country, which should have naturally opened the floodgates for flow of Investment in the region. The NEIIPP 07 will expire in March 2017, and the Assam Industrial policy of Assam shall expire in September 2013. While we are given to understand that the state has religiously set out to announced a fresh policy, the need for extension of NEIIP 07, is
  3. 3. already being felt. It was the efforts of our Chief Minister and Members of parliament of the region, that the NEIP 1997 was extended in 2007. We request the CM and the MP’s to initiate efforts so that the extention of the same is done beyond 2017 also. ISSUES IMPEDING ENTREPRENUERSHIP AND INDUSTRIALISATION FINER feels that The economy of the state continues to depend much on agriculture. FINER feels that farmer’s interest must be given TOP PRIORITY and their well being must be ensured. Land which is used for Agriculture should not be diverted to other purposes, until and unless major public interest is involved. Enterprises, Industries concern particularly MSME also need to be given due consideration. The single largest issue impeding investments is, non availability of Land for Industries and entrepreneurship. (a) The classification of Land and updating of Land records had been done decades earlier, and not much work thereon has been done in the last many years. A large chunk of Land that has been classified as Agriculture has historically been land on which cultivation has never been possible. (b) There is a restriction imposed of transfer of private patta Lands classified as Agriculture, even though it is otherwise unsuitable for any agricultural activity, impacting the fundamental right of people in the state to own / Sell / Purchase and transfer personal property. This restrictions have been imposed not based on any legislation to the effect but based on Bureaucratic orders. (c) Land not suitable for Agricultural Activities, barren land, denudated and degraded lands, have to be converted to Land for any Non Agricultural entrepreneurship activity. This is essential not only as per the land laws, but also under the Securitisation and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Security Interest Act, 2002 (SARFEISI), without which banks are unable to lend any money for any entrepreneurial activity. The banks have of late been implementing the provisions very rigidly, and in absence of conversion of land from Agricultural (under which lands not suitable for Agriculture also have been classified), to Non agricultural (be it for setting up of Educational institutions, Hospitals, or rest houses, warehouses for Agricultural produce, Agro based Industries, small scale or tiny Industrial activities, medium scale Industries, commercial establishment or even development of residential townships etc. (d) Governmental Industrial estates in areas where Industries / entrepreneurial activity can come up have no space, and have long waiting list. This has jacked up the prices of private converted lands, as supply has been artificially restricted. These private converted land prices have become so high that any Industry or Entrepreneurial activity automatically becomes either unviable or unable to locate. Creation of governmental infrastructure for Industrial estates is welcome but it takes times. Till that the government should enable setting up of private entrepreneurship on self acquired, private patta land. In this land that is not amiable for agriculture and has remained uncultivated for a period of time needs to be allowed for sale and class conversion. (e) The State has an opportunity which is present till March 2017, when the NEIIPP 07 shall expire, as there are all chances that the NEIIPP 07 policy may not be renewed at all. Our fears emanate from the fact that the “Freight subsidy scheme 2013” has been notified for a period of 5 years with a sunset clause, wherein it has been mentioned that the scheme which is on from 1971 in different forms shall necessarily end on the expiry of 5 years. Further, similar policies akin to the NEIIP 07 have not been extended for Bhuj, Uttaranchal and Himachal Pradesh after expiry of their term. We thus need to take the advantage of NEIIPP 07 for the states entrepreneurs and for enabling gainful activity. Political efforts should also be initiated so as to create an conducive atmosphere for the further extension of the period of NEIIPP 07. (f) While on the subject of Importance of Land for economic activity, our attention is also drawn to the writings of Nobel Laureate Dr. Amartya Sen, who had said that “prohibiting the use of even very fertile agricultural land for industries is ultimately self- defeating. Industry is based near cities, rivers, coast lines, expressways and other places for logistical necessities, quality of life for workers, cost of operations and various reasons. he suggested that that even though the land may be very fertile, industrial production generates many times more than the value of the product produced by agriculture. (Continued on page 13) BUSINESS POSITIVE October-2013 2
  4. 4. The Land Acquisition Act - 2013 Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Bill, 2013 or the land acquisition bill has become a law after President Pranab Mukharjee gives his assent to it on 28th September, 2013. The Bill was passed on 29 August 2013 in the Lok Sabha and on 4 September 2013 in Rajya Sabha. The Bill has provisions to provide fair compensation to those whose land is taken away, brings transparency to the process of acquisition of land to set up factories or buildings, infrastructural projects and assures rehabilitation of those affected. This legislation has been eagerly sought by both industry and those whose livelihood is dependent on land. Out of the 235 members who voted on the bill, 216 backed it while 19 voted against it. The Bill will replace the Land Acquisition Act, 1894, a nearly 120-year-old law enacted during British rule. The bill establishes regulations for land acquisition as a part of India’s massive industrialisation drive driven by 3 BUSINESS POSITIVE public-private partnership. The bill was introduced in Lok Sabha in India on 7 September 2011.The bill will be central legislation in India for the rehabilitation and resettlement of families affected by land acquisitions. The Bill has 115 clauses. Purpose and scope The Bill aims to establish the law on land acquisition, as well as the rehabilitation and resettlement of those directly affected by the land acquisition in India. The scope of LARR 2011 includes all land acquisition whether it is done by the Central Government of India, or any State Government of India, except the state of Jammu & Kashmir. The Bill is applicable when: " Government acquires land for its own use, hold and control, including land for Public sector undertakings. " Government acquires land with the ultimate purpose to transfer it for the use of private companies for stated public purpose. The purpose of LARR 2011 includes public-private-partnership projects, but excludes land acquired for October-2013 state or national highway projects. " Government acquires land for immediate and declared use by private companies for public purpose. Background The Government of India claims there is heightened public concern on land acquisition issues in India. Of particular concern is that despite many amendments, over the years, to India’s Land Acquisition Act of 1894, there is an absence of a cohesive national law that addresses : " fair compensation when private land is acquired for public use, and " fair rehabilitation of land owners and those directly affected from loss of livelihoods. The Government of India believes that a combined law is necessary, one that legally requires rehabilitation and resettlement necessarily and simultaneously follow government acquisition of land for public purposes. Definition of ‘land owner’ The Act defines the following as land owner: " person whose name is recorded in the register of the concerned authority " person who was assigned land by the government under any of its social development initiatives
  5. 5. " person who hold rights under India’s The Scheduled Tribes and Other Traditional Forest Dwellers (Recognition of Forest Rights) Act, 2006 " person who has been granted such right by an order of the Court Limits on acquisition LARR Bill 2011 forbids land acquisition when such acquisition would: " cumulatively exceed 5% of multi-crop irrigated area in any district in any state of India, or " cumulatively exceed 10% of singlecrop net sown area in any district in any state of India, if the net sown area in that district was less than 50% of the total area of the district Even below these threshold, LARR 2011 requires that wherever multi crop irrigated land is acquired an equivalent area of culturable wasteland shall be developed by the state for agricultural purposes. These limits shall not apply to linear projects. LARR 2011 illustrates linear projects with examples such as railways, highways, major district roads, power lines, and irrigation canals. Highlights of the Act Following are the highlights of the Land Acquisition Bill: " Payment of compensations that is up to 4 times the market value in rural areas and 2 times the market value in urban areas. " To address historical injustice the Bill applies retrospectively to cases where no land acquisition award has been made. " No law can be acquired in Scheduled Areas without the consent of the Gram Sabhas. " No one shall be dispossessed until and unless all payments are made and alternative sites for the resettlement and rehabilitation have been prepared. " Compensation to those who are dependent on the land being acquired for their livelihood. " In cases where PPP projects are involved or acquisition is taking place for private companies, the Bill requires the consent of no less than 70 per cent and 80 per cent respectively (in both cases) of those whose land is sought to be acquired. " To safeguard food security and to prevent arbitrary acquisition, the Bill directs States to impose limits on the area under agricultural cultivation that can be acquired. outline the resettlement and rehabilitation entitlements to land owners and livelihood losers, which shall be in addition to the minimum compensation per Schedule I. The market value of the proposed land to be acquired, shall be set as the higher of: " the minimum land value, if any, specified in the Indian Stamp Act, 1899 for the registration of sale deeds in the area, where the land is situated; or Compensation Clause 26 of LARR 2011 defines the method by which market value of the land shall be computed under the proposed law. Schedule I outlines the proposed minimum compensation based on a multiple of market value. Schedule II through VI " the average of the sale price for similar type of land being acquired, ascertained from the highest fifty per cent of the sale deeds registered during the preceding three years in the nearest village or nearest vicinity of the land being acquired LARR 2011 bill proposes that the minimum compensation be a multiple of the total of above ascertained market value plus a solatium. Specifically, the current version of the Bill proposes the total minimum compensation be: " At least four times the market value for land acquired in rural areas; " At least two times the market value for land acquired in urban areas. – Business Positive Bureau BUSINESS POSITIVE October-2013 4
  6. 6. B ASIX Academy for Building Lifelong Employability Limited (B-ABLE), one of the most respected names in the skill building sector and the Employment Generation Mission Assam (EGM), an autonomous body which provides self- employment to the unemployed and additional work for the under-employed, signed a decisive Memorandum of Agreement (MoU) recently in Guwahati, Assam. Under this partnership, B-ABLE will identify and train 9,000 students belonging to rural areas within a period of three years and provide opportunities of employment in the retail and business processing outsourcing (BPO) sectors. With Assam attracting new investment and business interests, skill 9,000 rural youths in Assam to be trained and employed in the retail and BPO sectors development undoubtedly becomes important so that the local population is able to realize their aspirations in terms of sustainable livelihood. Sushil Ramola, Managing Director and CEO of B-ABLE, and a social entrepreneur at heart, says, “B-ABLE today is playing a vital role in skill training to bottom of pyramid population, thereby providing a real time connect between the job providers and job seekers. We aim to impart skills that lead to lifelong and gainful employment and a profitable entrepreneurial venture, in various industries and service sectors across India.” B-ABLE plans to open eight centers which would be fully residential in nature with state-of-the-art infrastructure in Sonitpur, Kamrup, Nagaon, and KarbiAnglong districts. As of now, two centers have already started being operational in Nagaon and the city of Tezpur, and 200 students have already been enrolled into the program. B-ABLE is currently on look out for infrastructure and other facilities to open the centres in Kamrup and KarbiAnglong. Under the project, B-ABLE will provide free boarding and lodging facilities to the students under this program. 5 BUSINESS POSITIVE October-2013 The duration of the course is three months and the minimum eligibility criterion has been kept as 10th standard pass and above to be able to enroll for the training program. In addition to the courses of retail marketing and BPO, the students will also be exposed to basic spoken English, computer, and soft skills to enhance their professional competence and match market requirements. The batch has been kept within 30-35 students, so that proper attention and care can be given to the learning and coping requirements of each of the students. After the successful completion of the training, the students will be provided placement assistance in retail outlets and BPOs within and outside Assam. B-ABLE has the vision that every youth should be able to earn Rs. 60,000 per annum. In 2012, B-ABLE successfully piloted a similar program wherein 100 unemployed youths of the North Eastern Region including Assam were trained on retail and sales marketing. The initiative was run under Youth Employment Scheme of Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan, an autonomous organization under the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Government of India, placed more than 80% students with average salary of 60,000 per annum. MirnalKurmi from Sonitpur district was sitting unemployed in his remote village. He belongs to a poor farming family with an annual income of less than 20,000, because of which he and his brother could not study beyond high school. He heard about B-ABLE from a close friend and registered for the program. After three months of training, he was placed with SSN logistics. Currently, he is working as a junior supervisor and earning INR 11,800 per month. “I have two assistants working under me. I am very happy that I have been able to save INR 25,000 which I want to spend judiciously for my family members back home,” shares a beaming Mrinal.B-ABLE has touched many lives and has helped youths like Mrinal aspire for employment and a chance to be financially independent. – Business Positive Bureau
  7. 7. Maruti Suzuki joins hand with AGVB M Exim bank organized round table on E xim Bank, in collaboration with National Horticulture Board, organised a Round Table Meet at NEDFi House Conference Hall on September 2, 2013, on “Promoting Horticultural sector in the “North Eastern Region”. India is the second largest producer of both fruits and vegetables globally, after China, accounting for 14% and 12%, respectively, of global production. However, despite the large production base, India’s share in global exports of horticulture products (fruits, vegetables, and processed fruits & vegetables) is low. India’s export of horticulture is US$ 2.7 billion (1.3% of global exports) as compared to China’s exports of US$ 18 billion (9% of global exports). With the strong production that India has, we need to strategise towards doubling India’s exports to around US$ 5 billion in the next 2/ 3 years. This would call for measures to enhance the external orientation of the sector, reduce production losses and improve price realization for Indian farmers. According to the Chairman and Managing Director (CMD), Exim Bank, Mr TCA Ranganathan, with the potential of the North East Region in horticulture products, the objective of the Round Table is to facilitate detailed discussions between reputed large Indian corporates active in the agri and horticultural sector and the stakeholders in the North East region. This, in turn, would facilitate drawing up a roadmap for sustainable production while also identifying avenues to create markets and linkages for farmers and entrepreneurs from the region. Eminent experts and speakers who participated in the Round Table include: Prof. Ashoke K.Dutta, member of Governing Board, North Eastern Council, and former Director, IIM Shillong, and Mr L B Sinate, member of the National Horticulture Board. Resource persons from reputed Indian companies including Jain Irrigation, Godrej Agrovet, ITC- Agro Business Division and Emami Group, participated in the Round Table and shared their expertise and suggestions with the stakeholders. The Roundtable involved detailed discussion on issues and topics including: cluster cultivation; linkages between production, processing, value addition and markets; infrastructure requirements, among others, which would contribute to the overall development of the horticultural sector in the region. Exim Bank, through its comprehensive range of finance and advisory services, endeavours to enhance productive capacity and entrepreneurial development in the North East Region, while also facilitating and financing export activities in the region. The Round Table on Horticultural sector is part of the Bank’s overall endeavours in the Region. “PROMOTING HORTICULTURAL SECTOR IN THE NE” aruti Suzuki, the leading automobile manufacturer company of India has entered into a preferred financier tie up agreement for car loan with Assam Gramin Vikash Bank, the largest rural bank of North East. A memorandum of Understanding has been signed on 18th September, 2013 between both the organizations, here, in Guwahati. Mr Anyndya Dutta, Regional Manager of Maruti Suzuki and Mr S. Sankar Singh, Chairman of AGVB have signed the agreement on behalf of both the organizations. Other dignitaries present on the occasion were, Mrs Sharmistha Chatterjee, GM, AGVB, Mr Satya Narayan Sahu,GM,UBI, Regional Managers and branch Managers of AGVB, Maruti Dealer owners of Assam. With this tie up, the AGVB which has the highest numbers of branch presence in Assam and is known for rural development & commercial funding has entered into passenger car finance in Assam. This will help the Maruti customers in Assam in getting car loan in attractive rate with low down payment from the rural bank at almost all the nook and corner of Assam. Currently, Maruti is having 26 sales outlets and 131 service workshops in Assam. Although Maruti is tied up with many nationalized public sector banks and private sector banks, 40% of its sales is coming only from rural market. – Business Positive Bureau BUSINESS POSITIVE October-2013 6
  8. 8. In the past, the transition from homemaker to sophisticated businesswoman was not that easy. But gone are those days, women across the globe are now coming forth to the business arena with ideas and thereby not only starts business but carries it on successfully. Meenakshi Mahanta, an Assamese Lady Entrepreneur paved her way into a great success story braving away all the obstacles and blockages, which are so common in industrial sphere. In 2004, Mrs. Mahanta, along with a few energetic Partners ventured into manufacturing business. The new venture was christened as “North East Powerline Industries” which has been manufacturing Kirloskar Green Acoustic Generator within the range of 5 KVA to 625 KVA since the day of its inception. The manufacturing business was started at 8th mile, GS Road, Baridua, Ri-bhoi Dist., Meghalaya. The Kirloskar Oil Engine Ltd., Pune had granted the license and status of original Equipment manufacturer on compliance with the norms of the Central Pollution Control Board, Ministry of Environment of Forest, Govt .of India. It gained the deft command of Meenakshi Mahanta will certainly be able to achieve the target and in fact, even more in the future. The firm, “Powerlin Group of Industries” manufacturing and selling Kirloskar Green Diesel Generator within the range of 5 KVA to 625 KVA is an ecofriendly generator with constant guidance from Kirloskar Oil Engine Limited, Pune and Central Pollution Control Board. Being assisted by an excellent technical team and having a good network of dealers and business groups, it has been able to satisfy the customers; Post Sales Customer Care Service through nine Kirloskar, Illuminating power predicament Northeast –the person behind this 7 BUSINESS POSITIVE positive response from the Customers gradually and earned goodwill within a very short span of time. Alongside, the company received support from govt. public undertakings and semi govt. organizations. In the initial year i.e. 200405, the industry manufactured and sold 228 nos. of Kirloskar Green Diesel Generator (KGDG) sets. The overwhelming response paved the way to establish one another new manufacturing unit at Naltali, Nagaon district at the inventiveness of Mrs. Mahanta and started manufacturing product in 2009-10. In the meantime, the firm had been renamed as “Powerline Group of Industries” with its sales office at Khanapara. During 2012-13, it sold a record nos. of 927 generator sets and the Company now sets a high target to achieve during the current fiscal. With the kind of support it gained and popularity of the brand achieved, the industry under October-2013 nos. of service Dealers in the NorthEast India has made the service far better. It is worth mentioning that the industry has opened employment opportunities to more than 200 local people directly and about 300 people indirectly. Apart from this, the company undertakes many Corporate Social Responsibilty Programmes such as medical check up, consumer store that provides uniform, shoes and other necessary items, taking initiative in organizing Puja and other occasional and yearly events in a grand style etc. – Business Positive Bureau
  9. 9. Wooddies, Furnishing Homes T he first thing that goes to an empty room is furniture. However, for the city dwellers who live in small spaces, first there has to be made emphasis on planning, functional design and effective use of space. Millions of furniture styles available in the market put homemakers in a baffling state in making a right choice that will suit her home perfectly. At the time when everybody is conscious about using furniture which is ecologically friendly, durable and of superior quality, city’s new addition of furniture showroom, “Woodies” could be a trustworthy destination for city dwellers since it offers furniture 90 percent of which is made of quality materials, such as wood, metal, glass or its combination. To add more feature, they provide imported decorative items, centre tables, etc. too, though it is only 10 percent of their total collections. In their own factory, they also make customized designs according to customers’ demand. Within a short period, Woodies has been able to set new benchmarks in the industry by offering contemporary designs for corporate offices, commercial complexes, hotels, farmhouses, residential complexes and guesthouses. Sofa sets of all kinds, dining sets, centre tables, side tables, wardrobes, multi utility cabinets, bookshelves, and even workstations for offices are available there. Furnishing items like wallpapers, mattresses are also can be found in the same shed. It provides furniture that suits every pocket. With its huge collection starting from budget to highly luxurious furniture, “Woodies” is committed to fulfil the requirements of every customer. It also offers furniture on Equated Monthly Instalment (EMI) basis, which makes their products easily accessible for a wide range of customers giving them relief at the time of financial pressure, mostly at the time of marriages, when people are often, get overburdened. “Woodies” believes in offering quality not only in products, but maintains quality in management, service and all linked chain that contribute to their success. It ensures customers with consistent production of high quality furniture and guarantees a reliable, efficient service always. One can rely on this showroom as it provides perfect finish, customised furniture that reflects rich heritage, traditional and contemporary designs, and plenty of alternates to choose. The Employees Provident Fund Organization is constantly making efforts to bring better service, transparency and enforce provisions of the Employees Provident Fund & Miscellaneous Provisions Act 1952 and the schemes framed there under. Taking one step further towards online settlement of the claims, the Organization has also started online registration of digital signature of the authorized signatories for online submission of transfer claims for transferring the Provident Fund Accumulation of the employees when they change jobs. Details instructions are provided in at Online Transfer Portal (OTP) through EPFO website www.epfindia.gov.in. A helpdesk number 18001-18005 (toll free) has also been provided to respond to the queries of the employeesemployers. Employees can now register themselves in the “MEMBERS PORTAL” and view or download member passbook which shows the contributions deposited by the employers. They can also view the status of the claims through the ‘KNOW YOUR CLAIM’ status provided in the website. But what the heartening fact is that most of the establishments of North-East are not willing to provide this constitutional right of the employees i.e. Provident Fund. According to S K Sangma, Regional P.F. Commissioner, North-East Region from April 2013 to July 2013 show cause notices were served to 239 establishments for non deposit of Contribution. Another 100 establishment too served with show cause notice for non production of Records. For non deposit of contribution and non production of records employers can be punished with imprisonment extending up to one year. Within the same period EFPO, Guwahati has issued 50 notices under Section 7A for assessment of dues. Major establishment against whom the notices were issued are 1.Assam State Transport Corporation, 2. Rhino InfoTech Pvt ltd, Guwahati, 3. Desting HR Solutions, 4. Seven Security Force, Imphal, 5.Ozone Ayurvedic, Guwahati, 6. Horizon Security Service, Guwahati, 7.Imphal Municipal Council, Imphal,8. Dimapur Municipal Council, Dimapur 9. Loktak Development Authority, Manipur, 10. BGS, SGSSoma JV, L akhimpur etc. – Business Positive Bureau The sorry Tale of Provident Fund in NE BUSINESS POSITIVE October-2013 8
  10. 10. Smile soars in oil... NRL 144 cr., OIL 3589.34 cr. & Numaligarh Refinery FY13 net profit at Rs 144 cr. N umaligarh Refinery Ltd (NRL)has registered a net profit of Rs 144 crore with a total sales turnover of Rs 8,753 crore for financial year 2012-13. Addressing the Annual General Meeting held on 6th septeber ,here , in Guwahati NRL chairman and managing director of Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL), RK Singh said the refinery’s net worth has risen to Rs 2,757 crore as on 31 March 2013. The total dividend to be paid by NRL for last financial year to its shareholders— BPCL, Oil India Ltd and Assam government—was 10 percent, amounting to Rs 73.56 crore. Assam government shall receive Rs 9.08 crore as dividend for its equity of 12.35 percent in NRL. The company has contributed Rs 748 crore to the Central exchequer, while its contribution to the state exchequer was Rs 280 crore. On the physical front, even within prevailing constraints of lower crude availability, crude oil processing was maximised to the extent 9 BUSINESS POSITIVE possible and by the end of the year, 2,478 TMT (thousand metric tonnes) crude throughput was achieved, he said. NRL went on to record 91.11 percent distillate yield, which was the highest amongst PSU oil refineries in the country, while specific energy consumption—a mark of energy efficiency in operations—was limited to the level of 59.7 MBN. On the safety front, the refinery has completed over 11 years of operations without any loss time accident and for its safety management systems, NRL has been awarded the Shrestha Suraksha Puraskar 2012 by the National Safety Council, Singh added. On marketing front, Singh said, out of 2,410 TMT of petroleum products marketed by the company, 22 per cent were sold within North Eastern region while balance 78 per cent was sold outside, with the October-2013 bulk, aggregating to 85 per cent, being sold to BPCL. In order to sustain profitable operations on a long term basis, the company is actively pursuing its refinery expansion plans to increase its capacity from 3.0 MMTPA to 9.0 MMTPA. Simultaneously, sourcing and transportation of imported crude oil through a pipeline from Dhamra Port in Odisha is being arduously pursued, he said. The capacity expansion of the refinery is expected to address the challenges that NRL faces such as sub-economic size of the refinery and inadequate availability of crude oil in the North East, Singh said. The estimated investment in the refinery expansion and the associated crude oil pipeline project would be about Rs 14,000 crore. Expenditure on plan projects during the year was Rs 161 crore with the Wax Project, involving a cost of Rs 577 crore under
  11. 11. Assam Govt. earn 2368.23 crore implementation and scheduled for completion during the current financial year. In order to supply petrochemical grade Naphtha to Assam Gas Cracker Project, a Naphtha Splitter project at a cost of Rs 87 crore under the non-plan head has been completed. NRL has invested a sum of Rs 127 crore towards 10 percent equity in Brahmaputra Cracker and Polymer Limited, which is implementing the prestigious Assam Gas Cracker project. The meeting was attended by NRL managing director Dipak Chakravarty and other members of the Board. OIL earns 3589.34 crore Oil India Limited, country’s second largest national oil and Gas Company in terms of total proved plus probable OIL AGM held in Duliajan. Photo : Surajit Gogoi oil and natural gas reserves, held its 54th Annual General Body meeting at its Field Headquarters, Duliajan. In his address to the shareholders, Chairman and Managing Director, Shri S K Srivastava said that fiscal 2012-13 was a year of significant achievements for the Company as its annual gas production achieved highest ever total production at 2639.21 MMSCM. Production of Crude oil and Condensate(including JV Share) was 3.701 MMT. Main reason of shortfall in crude oil production during FY13 was direct, indirect and consequential losses arising out of a number of unforeseen problems many of which were beyond the control of the Company. The turnover of the Company was the highest so far and stood at Rs 9947.57 crore as against Rs 9863.23 in the last fiscal, while the Profit after Tax touched a new peak of Rs 3589.34 crore - an increase of 4.13% percent over the previous year. As a result, the Company declared dividend at 300%, Shri Srivastava said. Improved financial performance has helped OIL to increase its net worth to Rs 19212 crore as against 17721 crore during the previous fiscal. The CMD also pointed out that this achievement was in spite of having provided subsidy discounts to the tune of Rs 7892.17 crore as compared to 7351.77 crore during corresponding period of 2011-12 to Oil Marketing Companies to compensate for their under recoveries in line with Government policy. The subsidy has affected the PAT of the Company for the year under review by Rs 4481.74 crore. Speaking on OIL’s successful effort in maintaining an increasing trend in crude oil and gas production over the last few years, he identified the following measures as the reasons to OIL’s success: Prioritization of development / infill drilling; debottlenecking of production infrastructure and flow lines; work over of wells / well stimulation and servicing; Improved Oil Recovery (IOR)/Enhanced OIL Recovery (EOR) BUSINESS POSITIVE October-2013 10
  12. 12. and new discoveries brought on production early. Speaking about OIL’s highest ever production and sale of natural gas of 2639.21 MMSCM and 2080.23 MMSCM respectively during the year, Shri Srivastava informed that the Company is working towards building up its gas production potential from current 7.2 MMSCMD to a level of 10 MMSCMD in the North East by drilling of non-associated gas wells and workover of shut-in gas wells and adoption of the new well completion technology. The Gas produced from the Company’s Jaisalmer field is supplied to RRVUNL through GAIL (India) Limited’s pipeline for generation of electricity. The existing gas supply agreement to the customer is 0.7 MMSCUMD and actions are in hand to revise the same for additional supply. Shale/non-conventional oil /gas has emerged as an area of interest. Shale Gas Policy is being formulated by the Government of India and as and when the bidding rounds are announced OIL will actively participate in the same. The Company shall also continue to pursue Shale oil / Gas opportunities overseas. OIL also has one CBM block in the North East with M/s Dart Energy Ltd, who will act as the operator. Work is in progress in the block as per work programme. LNG is another area where the Company is actively trying 11 BUSINESS POSITIVE to enter into. Giving a review of the overseas activities of the Oil India Limited, Shri Srivastava said that the Company now has overseas presence in eight countries, with acreage of 33657 Sq kms expansion plans for developing discovered fields there. Sri Srivastava informed that OIL along with Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) have jointly acquired 20% and 10% respectively in Carrizo Oil & Gas Inc’s (“Carrizo”) liquid rich shale assets in the Denver – Julesburg ( D-J) Basin in Colorado, USA. The acquisition became effective from 1st October, 2012. OIL has formed 100% wholly owned subsidiaries in Texas, USA in the name of Oil India (USA) Inc. OIL acquired approx 12,300 net acres of the asset and subsequently added additional area of 1953.067 acres during current year. In Areas 95/96 in Libya (comprising of 5 Blocks), where Sonatrach is the operator, and the Company has 25% Participating October-2013 Interest (PI) Well No 1 was spudded in December 2012 and discovery was made with the well producing 3050 bopd of light oil(44.5 API). In the third well also we have encountered over 400 ft of gas pay in tight sand. 3D seismic is also being carried out in the 3rd phase of the MWP and over 1000 Sq Km data acquired. In Gabon, in Shakthi Block, where OIL is the operator, a discovery has been made in the third well that we drilled. This well encountered two prospective zones. On testing the 2nd sand, the well produced oil and gas. This is the first discovery of OIL in an overseas venture as an operator and we have reasons to celebrate. In Yemen, physical activities in the block area had been badly affected due to political crisis in Yemen. With improvement in the ground situation, Work programme has been resumed by the operator. 2D Seismic acquisition of 350 line km and 3D of 245 Km2 and its processing has also been completed in Block 83. The operator M/s Medco Energy has initiated preparation for Seismic acquisition in Block 82. In Nigeria the JV the block license has been converted to mining lease OML 142. After conversion to OML, OPL area has been reduced to 1,295 Sq km. (Cont. on page 17)
  13. 13. th Guwahati ranked 11 in online shopping M yntra.com, India’s leading online fashion portal, conducted a study recently that highlighted the growing prominence of online shopping among the youth in Guwahati. This study ranked Guwahati 11th among the top 15 cities in India for online shopping. The other cities were Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Ahmedabad,Jaipur,Goa etc. Ashutosh Lawania, co-founder, Myntra, said, “Youngsters today are extremely fashion conscious and tech savvy. In Guwahati we have seen the same sentiment. Online shopping gives them a platform to access the best international and Indian brands at affordable prices with the convenience of shopping from anywhere. Guwahati and Assam have always been known to be loyal markets and we are seeing them quickly emerge as a strong retail market for Myntra.com” The growing popularity of online shopping has been catching up in other cities of Assam as well. There has been a steady increase in the number of online shoppers from Dibrugarh, Jorhat, Sivasagar and Tinsukia in the past few months. The study also reveals that Myntra.com receives around 350-400 orders per day from Assam. Ashotush further added, “In Assam a man prefers to shop for smart casuals and footwear while women prefers to shop for western and ethnic wear online. Brands like Puma, Nike, Duke, Shree and Myntra.com’s in house brands Roadster,Dressberry and Anouk are preferred by shoppers here.” The study further stated that over 68%of shoppers on Myntra.com are men while women account for 32%.The average age of these shoppers is 25 years, which is similar to national average age of shoppers on Myntra.com. Catering to the growing demand from this region, Myntra also opened its delivery centre in Guwahati and offers services to over 50 different locations using third party couriers .Other states covered in this regions are Meghalaya, Mizoram, Tripura and Arunachal Pradesh. Myntra has been constantly striving towards enhancing its customer experience while shopping online. According to the recent ComScore report , Myntra ranked first for having the highest percentage reach of 17.1% in India for the last month.The portal offers a wide range of prominent brands from across the globes that are exclusively available for Myntra customers. The portal also offers innovative features such as product exchange facility where its logistics team delivers the new item and takes back the returned product in a single, hassle free process. – Business Positive Bureau BUSINESS POSITIVE October-2013 12
  14. 14. Cont. from 2 KICKSTARTING THE GROWTH He goes on to add that the history of industrialization and global distribution of industry hubs, show that the location of great industry, be it Manchester, London, Munich, Paris, Pittsburgh, Shanghai or Lancashire, these were all on heavily fertile land. In Assam, there is a vast potential to even develop Land which is not otherwise suitable for Agriculture for Entrepreneurial activity and enterprise. That is being inhibited, and that needs to be rectified. (g) FINER had collected from its members and contacts a list of Industries and enterprises which are awaiting Land purchase - sale permission / Land conversion to start activity. Some of these units had works started which were impeded because of the inability of Banks to disburse loans. Some had started with own funds, but are unable to expand. Investment potential of more than Rs. 2000 crs involving a potential employment of more than 5500 direct and 16000 indirect has been collected. h) Finer requests the government to enable creation of Industrial hubs in and around major cities of the state. As per the Industrial Intentions filed with the government more than 80% of the IEM’s filed has been in the district of undivided Kamrup. Another hub can be created in upper Assam around the cities of Dibrugarh, Tinsukia based on the oil and gas assets present there. Major investments have come around the city owing to its presence of social infrastructure and connectivity. This should be leveraged and the issues that impede the development of this area, FINER LAUDS THE STATE GOVERNENT FOR ENABLING LAND CONVERSION FOR MEGA INDUSTRIED As per the Department of Revenue and D.M. office Memorandum No. REGN.85/2009/189 dated 5th of August 2013, the state government has in public interest decided that land which has not been cultivated for last 10 years may be transferred for Non - Agricultural purposes after reclassification by the deputy Commissioner. This has been allowed for 13 BUSINESS POSITIVE October-2013 Industries classified as MEGA INDUSTRIES project by the state government. As per the Industrial policy of Assam 2008, A MEGA INDUSTRY is a industry which has capital investment in excess of Rs. 100 Crs, or generates a minimum of 1000 regular employment. While welcoming the state governments move, we would also like to add that the small and the MSME sector has generated the maximum employment in the state and these Industries have the maximum potential in the state. Our chief Minister has also accepted the role of the small and MSME sector in the economy of the state and in creation of employment and Entrepreneurship. State governments initiation in removing the bottlenecks for this sector is required and shall be heartily welcome. RECENT INCREASE IN VAT RATE - A retrograde step After introduction of VAT in Assam, the VAT rate for FIFTH SCHEDULE ITEMS was first increased from 12.5 % to 13.5% w.e.f. 31-10-2009, now further sudden increase of rate from 13.5% to 14.5% w.e.f. 13-09-2013 appears to be unjust in the situation that there is economic slow down and the market is already fighting with price rise. This increase will add to cost and price rise and additional burden of tax will make bigger hole in the pocket of general public. " Tax rates normally should be revised in the state budgets. Mid term revision is not understandable. " Govt. should concentrate and focus on widening of tax net, revenue leakage and better tax administration, which will help increase revenue substantially. " Revision from mid of any month increases lot of accounting and compliance problems. " Moderate Tax regime results in better compliance. " Inspite of slowdown, there is a reasonable growth in VAT collection hence no need for knee jerk reactions. ROLE OF CIVIL SOCIETY FINER emphasises the role of Civil society and wishes to engage with it in promotion of the cause of Entrepreneurship and employment creation, particularly for first generation entrepreneurs, and women’s entrepreneurs. One such issue that impacts the cause of Entrepreneurship and employment creation, particularly for first generation entrepreneurs, and women’s entrepreneurs is the Menace of Bandh. RESTORING PRIDE IN ENTREPRENUERSHIP Entrepreneurship activity must be supported. Entrepreneurial activity must be seen in positive light. If any wrong doing has been done by any enterprise, the perpetrators need to be punished as per Law. It’s important that any wrong doing of any isolated individual is not seem as an generic activity, and efforts of entrepreneurs need to be acknowledged. Banking Issues " Banking Issues remain intertwined with the issue of
  15. 15. Entrepreneurships and gainful activity. Banks in the country have been going through a difficult phase, with rising delinquencies and rise in level of NPA’s. The banks focus had been drawn to the North East, on the back of the success of the Central and state government Industrial policies. We feel however, that, the momentum and ebbed and there has been a Credit squeeze in place. A Major bank in the region has put funding to MSME sectors, which earlier was under the delegated power of local, regional and Zonal offices in the state on hold and has subject it to prior approval of Corporate office, thereby almost fully restricting funding for the last couple of months. While we understand the banks all India policy in light of extraordinary times, we feel that exemption should be made for the North East, where the MSME sector was just about germinating. Any such bank action, if prolonged shall hamper enterprises in the region. " In view of the difficult business environment, more so in the North east, rise in restructured Loans and NPA’s is an inevitability. We appeal for relaxed norms for restructured Assets and NPA’s for the North East. " More and More banks should be encouraged to post their best officers for short periods of one or two years to have a stint in the North East, so that the enterprises in the region get the advantage of trained and understanding staff who have credibility and Importance in their respective organisation. the region should not be made an avenue for Punishment postings. Chief Minister’s Economic Advisory Council : On line of PM’s Economic Advisory Council, State of Assam must have CM’s economic advisory council having representation from stakeholders and FINER. Tourism Policy of Assam : Expires on 30.09.2013.Need to have a more attractive policy in place. Need of the Hour : Stimulus measures, removal of the large impediments in form of land, short term and long term economic reforms, Big ticket PSU, Investment , Developing Infrastructure, monitoring mechanism need to be in place. STATEMENT SHOWING THE NUMBER OF UNITS GONE INTO PRODUCTION, INVESTMENT IN PLANT & MACHINERY AND EMPLOYMENT GENERATION AFTER DECLARATION N.E.I.I.P.P.2007 YEAR 2007-08 2008-09 2009-10 2010-11 2011-12 2012-13 TOTAL Assam ranks fourth in implementation of investment projects. Assam has surpassed Gujrat in implementation of investment projects! Assam has the fourth highest rate among all the states of India with regard to implementation of investment projects. This is revealed by an analysis of investment carried out by the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India(ASSOCHAM). ASSOCHAM said in a press release that Assam has recorded the fourth highest rate of implementation of investments at 72 percent. The press release mentionedWith over 82 percent of investment projects under implementation, Haryana has recorded the highest rate of implementation of investments among industrialized states throughout India. Jammu and Kashmir(81.4 percent), Punjab ( 79 percent ), Assam ( 72 percent ) and Chhattisgarh (69 percent ) are among the top five states that are currently witnessing a high rate of implementing investment projects. It said that investments worth over 69.5 lakh crore or about 57 percent of the total investment of over 122 lakh crore attracted from various private and public sources are under implementation stage as on March 2013. The study said that inadequate addressal of projects induced displacement, failure of NUMBER OF UNITS GONE INTO INVESTMENT IN PLANT & MACHINERY EMPLOYMENT GENERATION EMPLOYMENT GENERATION PRODUCTION (RS. IN LAKH) (DIRECT) (IN-DIRECT) implementation of resettlement MICRO SMALL MEDIUM TOTAL MICRO SMALL MEDIUM TOTAL MICRO SMALL MEDIUM TOTAL MICRO SMALL MEDIU TOTAL and rehabilitation policies, 1611 202 18 1831 4772.66 24300.6 12573.01 41646.27 1106 2653 7740 11499 442 2206 5517 8165 environmental clearances, 1506 188 17 1711 3061.25 15586.7 8064.48 26712.43 1312 3146 9180 13638 524 2616 6543 9683 1477 184 17 1678 3426.73 17447.63 9027.32 29901.68 1230 2950 8607 12787 692 3455 8570 12717 bureaucratic delays, lack of clear 1168 146 13 1327 2929.51 14915.99 7717.46 25562.96 930 2229 6505 9664 491 2453 6135 9079 cut policies among other factors, 1130 141 13 1284 3181.14 16197.17 8380.33 27758.64 1334 3199 9335 13868 533 2660 6653 9846 have contributed to lower 1058 132 12 1202 2630.25 13392.25 6929.08 22951.58 838 2008 5860 8706 334 1670 4177 6181 7950 993 90 9033 20001.54 101840.3 52691.68 174533.56 6750 16185 47227 70162 3016 15060 37595 55671 implementation rates of investment policies in India. (Presented this in an interactive session with media held in Guwahati) BUSINESS POSITIVE October-2013 14
  16. 16. Pact to expedite farm mechanisation drive T he State Agriculture Department and the Assam Gramin Vikash Bank (AGVB) have signed an MoU for expediting the ambitious farm mechanisation drive in the State recently. The MoU is expected to go a long way in bringing the farmers from poor economic backgrounds under the ambit of the farm mechanisation drive. The MoU was signed in the Agriculture Minister’s conference hall in presence of Agriculture Minister Nilamani Sen Deka, Agriculture Director Dr Kabindra Barkakati and AGVB Chairman Sivshankar Singh, among others. The signatories were Amlan Baruah, Secretary, Agriculture, Assam, and Sivshankar Singh. Minister Deka said that the collaborative endeavour would benefit poor farmers who had not been in a position to avail subsidised tractors or power-tillers, by bearing the non-subsidised component of the cost. The Agriculture Department and AGVB have agreed to work jointly for implementing the various schemes relating to farm mechanisation. The poor farmers will now get loan from the AGVB to bear the cost of the non-subsidised portion. – Business Positive Bureau USA based Swipe Telecom, the fastest growing Tablet PC brand in India has entered into the Eastern region. Tollywood superstar Parno Mitra has launched it recently. Swipe Telecom is headquartered in Palo Alto, California. Within a short span of over a year, Swipe Telecom has become the number 1 brand in many States of Western and Northern India. The entry of Swipe Telecom in the region was marked by Parno Mitra’s cameo at the launch of MTV Slate by Swipe, India’s first Quad Core 3G calling 7.85 inch Tablet PC. Priced at Rs 14,999 the MTV Slate by Swipe is the latest innovation from Swipe Telecom and it is meant for the connoisseurs looking out for high-performance computing-on-the-go. Speaking on the occasion, Shripal Gandhi, Founder & CEO, Swipe Telecom, said: “It gives me immense pleasure to come here and launch the operations at the hands of none other than ParnoMitra. Consumers have deeply appreciated Swipe innovations till date starting from India’s first 3D to first calling Tablet to Swipe MTV Now say goodbye to long power-cuts A rise India Ltd. which is one of the leading electronics and technology manufacturers in the country, understands the need of uninterrupted power in the impending power outrage of the summer season, and has introduced its ‘Milestone’ range of Home UPS Solutions to address the need of the Home UPS consumers in the country. Available in ratings capacity of 250VA-12V, 475VA-12V, 700VA-12V, 900VA-12V & 1500VA24V; the Milestone Range of Home UPS is a value-for-money device providing rugged, reliable, customer friendly & feature full solution to the consumers. Pertinent to the needs of the upcoming summer season with impending power outrage, the Milestone range delivers complete battery charging solution while helping in saving energy while charging which is an industry first feature, unmatched by any other competitive UPS in the market. series of innovations. I would say: East India, here we come”. Commenting on the launch, the “Ranjana Ami ArAshbona” and “Bedroom” star Parno Mitra said: “I am privileged to be a part of this wonderful journey filled with innovations. Tablets are increasingly becoming all-pervasive in our day-to-day life and I personally can’t live without one.” Swipe Telecom enters into the Eastern region 15 BUSINESS POSITIVE October-2013
  17. 17. LENOVO CELEBRATES DURGA PUJA WITH EXCITING OFFERS IN EASTERN INDIA Win gift vouchers worth upto Rs. 3000/- Lenovo, the leading PC brand in India, has recently launched event back in June 2013 called ‘Horizonext’ where eight new models were simultaneously, either showcased or launched.One among them was a special edition model of the company’s flagship SUV, the Safari Storme that got its first public premiere. Dubbed, Tata Safari Explorer Edition, the special edition model has today been officially launched in the country at a starting price of Rs 10.90 lakh (ex-showroom, Guwahati). The Special Ediiton model was presented by Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor. On the outside, the Special Edition model is seen wearing ‘Explorer Edition’ signature decals, a front nudge guard, Touchscreen Audio System, new chrome garnish for the projector headlamps and tail lamps and new Explorer Edition door visors. Furthermore, the Storme Explorer Edition can also be had with otter outdoor gear options such as cycle carrier, cargo basket and roof-mounted canopy. The front is re-designed for a more sharper face with a prominent mesh grille. The bonnet is flatter and the edges sharper. Interiors are spacious as usual. The large glass area adding to the roominess of the cabin. The 2.2 Dicor engine has been modified for efficiency and is now called Varicor. Power and torque rating remain the same, it feels more refined at idling and cruising revs. The Safari Storme is much lighter now so is quicker picking up the pace. Under braking it feels more capable but the inherently high centre of gravity doesn’t help the stopping cause in panic situations. But the real gem part of this car is its off-road ability. The 4x4 system is a real one in this car and can make little work of most tricky situation. There is a 4H which you can shift on the fly and even a 4L for really horrible off-road situations. New entry into the market an exciting ‘Durga Puja offer’ in the regions of West Bengal, North East and Odisha.On the purchase of select Notebooks, Desktops and All-In-Ones, customers get a ‘scratch and win’ card. This card allows them to win Big Bazar gift voucher upto Rs.3,000/-. On purchase of select Tablets, customer gets an USB OTG cable free. We are running a parallel ‘Back to College’ offer where customers can avail multiple benefits. On thepurchase of select Tablets, customer gets a 1 year warranty worth Rs. 1000/-, absolutely free. What’s more? Buying a Yoga (13") machine entitles customers for an e-voucher from Thedostore.com worth Rs. 10,000/- and a Big Bazaar gift voucher worth Rs. 3,000/- (as per Durga Puja offer).The special scheme, which is valid till 10th October 2013, is available across all retail outlets in West Bengal, North East and Odisha. Durga Puja is the most awaited and auspicious festival in the eastern regions and to add to the joy of the festive season, Lenovo is offering plethora of gifts, so that customers canexperiencethe whoopingrange of products that Lenovo prides in. Mr. Sarat Kr. Jain, CMD of SM Group Award and Recognition Indian automaker, Tata Motors had staged a mega received the Achiever Award, 2013 in the Busines Category from the former honorable Governor of Meghalaya, Mr. Ranjit Shekhar Mooshahary. The Award was conferred to him in an auspicious event held at NEC auditorium, Shillong on 13th April, 2013 on the occasion of the Eastern Panorama. – Business Positive Bureau BUSINESS POSITIVE October-2013 16
  18. 18. Cont. from 11 NRL144 cr., OIL 3589.34 cr. A work program comprising acquisition of 2D and 3D seismic data, drilling of three wells and establishment of production facilities have been planned up to March, 2014. Mobilisation of seismic crew and equipment has been completed. Line survey and shot hole drilling works are in progress. Operator has finalized schedule for Seismic data recoding. In Egypt the PSC signing for blocks is further delayed due to adverse geopolitical situation of the country. Civil unrest in the MENA region has affected operational activities in some of the overseas assets of the Company. In the Project Carabobo – 1, Venezuela consisting of Carabobo 1 North and Carabobo 1 Central blocks, the development activities in the field are under progress. First oil production from the project has started on 27th December 2012 from well CGO-005. Currently, average production from the project stands at 1800 BOPD. In its endeavour to harness Unconventional Energy, OIL commissioned a 13.6MW Wind Turbine plant at Ludhureva in Jaisalmer District in Rajasthan in 2011-12. The Company successfully commissioned additional 54 MW Wind power in Rajasthan during the financial year 2012-13. During the year OIL commissioned a 100 KW solar energy power project at Duliajan, Assam and one at Jaisalmer, Rajasthan also. The Company has plans to take up larger projects in the ensuing financial year in both Wind Power and Solar Power. OIL made a total of nine hydrocarbon discoveries in the Upper Assam basin during the year. Seven discoveries were made in the same basin in the previous financial year. Hydrocarbon reserve accretion during the year 2012-13 was 9.78 MMSKL (O+OEG) of oil and gas as against 9.54 MMSKL in the year 2011-12. The Company has a strong oil and gas reserves base and as of March 31, 2013. The Company’s 3P reserves stands at approximately 1.35 billion barrels of Oil + OEG. The Company also made its first discovery in an NELP Block as operator in Rajasthan. Heavy oil was discovered in Block: RJ ONN 2004/2, Punam-1 well located to the North East of Baghewala structure within the Bikaner Nagaur Basin. These discoveries have opened up new avenues which reflect a significant growth potential. As per government guidelines, OIL earmarks 2% of its net profit for CSR activities, he said. Some ongoing CSR projects include Project Sparsh- mobile dispensary services in OIL operational areas, Project Rupantar for creation and training of SHGs for livelihood generation, Project Dikhya for improvement of computer literacy amongst school children and improvement of adult literacy and Project IMR for reduction in Infant Mortality rate. Plans are also on to take up a Dairy Project Kamdhenu in Dibrugarh district to provide employment opportunities to youth of OIL’s operational districts of Dibrugarh, Tinsukia and Sibasagar. Srivastava also informed that OIL was honoured with the “E&P Company of the Year” by Petrofed in recognition of leadership in performance and production for Oil and Gas in India and the Dalal Street award for Best Managed Navratna PSU, 2013. Assam earns Rs 2,368.23 crore from oil Assam has earned Rs 2,368.23 crore through royalty, Sales Tax and duties from ONGC and OIL in the last fiscal year. In addition to this, Cess paid to the government of India by ONGC and OIL on crude oil production of Assam was 2,241.36 crore.This is revealed by Minister for Petroleum and Natural gas, Dr M Veerappa Moily in Lok Sabha. Replying to a question by MP Joseph Toppo the Union Minister further informed‘In order to supplement exploration and production activities in Assam, the Centre has awarded 19 exploration blocks, one discovered field and one coal bed Methane(CBM) block through international bidding process. So far, cumulative investments to the tune of USD 283 million have been made for exploration and development activities under the Petroleum Sharing Contract (PSC) regime.’ The Minister also informed that the Numaligarh Refinery Limited has planned a refinery expansion from 3 to 8-9 million metric tones per annum, which is envisaged for processing of imported crude oil. Feasibility studies are in progress. Based on preliminary estimates, investment in NRL’s refinery expansion and associated pipeline for transporting imported crude oil is expected to be about Rs. 15,000crore. – Business Positive Bureau, Guwahati-Delhi 17 BUSINESS POSITIVE October-2013 Dive intoSonata’s new Ocean Series 2 Collection In radical style, Sonata, India’s largest selling watch brand, from the stable of TATA, has launched their latest collection of Ocean Series 2 watches.This seriesis a collection of watches that is inspired by water sports and reflects all the facets of the same.In compliance with that notion, Sonata has launched these timepiecesto meet the needs of all adrenalinelovers and adventure seekers across the country. This collection comprisesbigger, chunkier and bolder watches and ispriced from Rs. 1299 onwards. The watches come with higher water resistance up to 10ATMpacked with features likeELback light, stopwatch, dual time, pacer and comprises of 14 digital and 6 analogwatches.These time pieces are available at World of Titan stores, Shoppers Stop and leading multi-brand outlets. Like all other Sonata Super Fibre watches, this watch is made with Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) and Polyurethane (PU) – materials known for their high durability. Each watch carries a one year warranty and the trust of the TATA Group.
  19. 19. BD’s shortest ever insulin syringe needle launched in India help people to overcome their fear and hence would ensure adherence & compliance to their insulin injecting treatment.” Earlier this year, The Forum for Injection Techniques India (FIT India) recommended that there is no medical reason to recommend needles longer than 6 mm for The new shortest ever BD Insulin Syringe 6mm Needle preferred by 80% of patients worldwide To help patients adhere to insulin therapy, Becton, Dickinson and Company (BD), a leading global medical technology company, has launched BD Glide™ 6mm Needle with TBLTM technology, BD’s smallest ever insulin syringe needle in India.1,2 The needle has been designed to improve patient comfort and was preferred by 80% of patients compared to current needle sizes. The needle is 25% shorter than the contemporary needles available in the market. Clinical studies demonstrate that shorter needles like the BD 6mm syringe needles can effectively deliver insulin to subcutaneous tissue (the layer of fat below the skin)—the recommended site for insulin injections—while reducing the risk of injecting into muscle3,4 (which can increase the risk of hypoglycemia). Speaking on the launch, Dr. Manas Baruah, Director and Consultant Endocrinologist, Excel Center said, “Every day, I find my patients hesitant to go for insulin treatment as they needles & are intimidated by daily injections; and patients who experience injection-related pain or embarrassment intentionally skip insulin injections. This new innovation of a shorter needle will Datanet India launches Geospatial Election Analysis appropriate insulin delivery to patients.5 This is due to the fact that longer needles (8mm) have a higher probability (15%) of causing an intramuscular injection compared to shorter needles (6mm reduces probability to 6%) which can increase the risk of hypoglycemia, a potentially life-threatening situation. Datanet India, which is over a decade old ITeS company, has revamped and re-launched its web portal www.electionsinindia.com in a small ceremony. This web portal now offers free access to summary results of all the parliamentary and assembly constituencies in India, since independence. Besides, the major service now added is to provide geospatial analysis of election results with the help of GIS maps. Speaking on the occasion, Director of the portal Dr. R.K. Thukral said, “In January 2013 we have established our in-house GIS Lab and started analyzing election results up to village and polling station level with the help of GIS maps. Geographical Information System or commonly called as GIS has traditionally been used as a tool in several fields and one of these is location-based analysis of election results. The GIS based analysis, on one hand, provides a relevant technology to analysis the outcomes of elections so far as post-election analysis is concerned and, on the other, provides the essential inputs for pre-electioneering processes & strategic planning etc. The utility of GIS technology based election analysis can also help monitoring various administrative management in elections. However, this is very tedious and manpower-centric job but with our past experience of data collection and its analysis, we have successfully prepared certain reports which are unique in nature and perhaps the first of its kind in India.” Dr. Thukral further briefed the media that ElectionsinIndia.com offers easy to understand analysis reports with the features like, proper Mapping of villages and towns under a parliamentary or state legislative assembly, for post delimitation period 2008; Demographic Profile of a particular constituency; Village and town–wise thematic maps showing various demographic attributes. Electoral Profile of a particular constituency with time-series graphical presentations; Village and town–wise thematic maps for various electoral attributes., for example : distribution of winning, runner and parties at 3rd position, estimated religion, schedule caste and schedule tribe dominated locations and party-position therein, distribution of winning and runner parties in locations showing above and below average polling percentage; Village and town-wise, two-point vote difference and swing analysis supported with maps and graphs; Polling station (Booth) level analysis, supported with graphs; Supporting data sheets; Report in print and digital formats. BUSINESS POSITIVE October-2013 18
  20. 20. Celebration Time!! With Durga Puja around the corner it’s time to shop and treat yourself with fashionable and colourful outfits. WOODS (the formal, fashion brand from the makers of Woodland) brings to you a whole new collection of footwear and accessories for this festive season to give you a branded makeover. The latest designer red hot stilettos are a great option to team up with both your contemporary and classy outfit. To enhance your fashion quotient further garb an extraordinary handmade bag from Woods. This Durga Puja shop and celebrate in style with Woods! The Product Price ranges from Rs 2000 onwards and is available at all Woodland stores. About Woods: Woods, the formal wear range from Woodland brings an array of some of the finest designs in semi-formal and formal footwear for men and women. Each of those has been designed in sync with international fashion trends and comes with the Woodland promise of quality and finesse. The bags have been meticulously crafted from genuine leather and every stitch has been carefully put in place to ensure flawlessness. The collection comprises of specialized handcrafted formal shoes like the Vintage Brogues, Oxfords and Derbys. 19 BUSINESS POSITIVE Nokia Lumia 1020 to rock Indian market N okia has launched its new flagship smartphone, the Nokia Lumia 1020, in India. The Lumia 1020 will be available with retailers across the country starting October 11, and Nokia will only be revealing the cameraphone’s price a day before that, on October 10. The new Lumia 1020 comes in three colour variants: Black, White and Yellow. Two accessories of the Lumia 1020 have also been announced for India, for which Nokia has revealed the prices. The Nokia Camera Grip will be available for Rs. Titan launches SKINN Perfumes 7,500, while the Wireless Charging Shell will be available for Rs. 3,200. The Finnish handset maker had unveiled the phone at an event in New York, in July. The Nokia Lumia 1020 comes equipped with a 4.5-inch display which is almost the same size as the one on the Lumia 920 and Lumia 925. The Lumia 1020’s display boasts of a pixel density of 332 PPI. The Nokia Lumia 1020 is powered by a 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor with 2GB of RAM and runs Windows Phone 8. The USP of the phone is its 41-megapixel PureView camera sensor which offers Optical Image Stabilization (OIS). In a significant move, Titan Company Limited widened its footprint in the personal lifestyle segment with the launch of the SKINNTitan range of fine fragrances. The launch of SKINNrange of perfumes follows the recent announcement of the company’s new identity as Titan Company Limited. The selection of six scintillating perfumes bears the hallmark of Titan, with the assurance of the TATA group. The combination of the best fragrance expertise with one of India’s most trusted brands with products manufactured in France,SKINN will redefine the Indian fragrance industry with its product offering. Designed in-house and created by six world renowned Master Perfumers including Harry Fremont , MichelGirard , Fabrice Pellegrin , NadegeLe Garlantezecand the celebrated Alberto Morillas and Olivier Pescheux, these Frenchmade perfumes are the international interpretation of HIM and HER. It portrays a young Woman’s sensuality in SKINNIMERA; herwarm seduction emittedby Violets, Roses and Venezuelan Tonka Bean oils inSKINNNUDE;the womanly charms and complexity defined by the Orange flower and Jasmine drizzled inSKINNCELESTE. Made from Vanilla sourced from Madagascar, SKINNEXTREME celebrates the sporty vitalityof a man whilst SKINNRAW defines raw masculinity lend by the citrusy Bergamot & Mandarin and SKINN STEELE is a Power trip of complex spices Pink Pepper, Pimento and Nutmeg. October-2013