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A way to earn money in your spare time

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The extra show

  1. 1. Whats the catch!
  2. 2. Ok you got me – there is one!
  3. 3. “You simply have to do it!”
  4. 4. “Do what Mary did...”
  5. 5. “thats it”
  6. 6. “that’s the catch”
  7. 7. “see foryourself”
  8. 8. Meet Mary(Could be some one you know)
  9. 9. Mary needed a way to earn £70 to pay one of her bills that was due in 3 weeks time ...
  10. 10. The bank wouldn’t lend her it, she was already overdrawn. She had no more friends to borrow it from, and her job didn’t have any overtime that month.
  11. 11. So... She replied to an ad that read: Earn some Extra Money...
  12. 12. NOW - Mary knew that most people aredoing their best to look after their health…maybe want to lose weight … get a bit fitteror they want something to help them look and feel 10 years younger…
  13. 13. And here was an international healthcompany that supplied amazing products that you won’t hear about in any shops.Products that keeps people satisfied and helps them… look and feel 10 years younger…
  14. 14. Now, rememberthat £70 Mary was looking for….
  15. 15. Here is what Mary did to get it...
  16. 16. Step 1.Arranged an evening to hold a “1 hour special sharing Health & Beauty Product Presentation!”in her Home or Club ...
  17. 17. Aaahhhh it’s PARTY PLAN!!!!Run for the hills...
  18. 18. Woooothere big fella... Relax amoment...
  19. 19. Did you know that ...Party Planners can earn moremoney for 6 to 10hours a week than most people doworking a 40 hour week!!! Straight up!!!
  20. 20. Just ... think about this for a moment...
  21. 21. What’s going to be easier for youFinding somewhere to stand for 8 hours for minimum wage?…
  22. 22. Beg your boss for more over-time…
  23. 23. Sell your crown jewels…
  24. 24. Or ... Simply invite some ofthe people you care about... to have a look andsomething that will improve their Health big time...
  25. 25. Panic over!!
  26. 26. Step 2.Mary then Invited 12 - 16 of her friends and family and Neighbors as guests to a presentation...
  27. 27. Now – you may or may not know the best way to invite guests and thats ok...And you could certainly learn and of course...I can give you tips and pointers to help youmaximise the number of guests that attend! ... So Relax
  28. 28. Ok -quick recap ...Mary organised her evening ... Mary invited her guests ...
  29. 29. here’s what happens next...
  30. 30. Mary’s night arrived and...
  31. 31. 8 – 14 of the invitedGuests arrived on the evening and...
  32. 32. MARY’s invited Guestswhere introduced to amazingHealth and Beauty products that arehelping many people look and feel 10 years younger...
  33. 33. The Guests had fun and theylearnt how to improve their healthusing affordable Natural Products...
  34. 34. AND... 8 – 14 of Mary’sinvited guests purchased just £25 worth of product each...(remember some will purchase more and others will purchase less)
  35. 35. So... Mary got 25% cash from the total purchases...
  36. 36. Which meant Mary got! ... Between £37.50 and £87.50 spending money all for herself! for just 1 or 2 hours work! (How good’s that)
  37. 37. And best of all – she helped her friends and family FEEL & LOOK GREATAnd thats something Mary is very proud of... Helping others...
  38. 38. Thank You for your time!“What do you want to know next?” If you are serious - so am I Email and book your evenings now... Or get your checklist before you start... Dist No. 353000034460