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Something about mary
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Something about mary


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Published in: Business, Lifestyle
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  • 1. There’ something about Marymaking Money...
  • 2. NOT this Mary!
  • 3. This Mary... •Could be a Mum of 2 •Could be young... •Could be not so young... •Could be someone you know... •Maybe you went to school with her... •Maybe she did beauty courses... •Maybe she was just like you...
  • 4. and Mary... Adored Beauty
  • 5. She loved products of all types... Creams... Scrubs... Masks... Serums... Make-up You name it she loved them all!
  • 6. But! Most of all... She loved how soft and supple they left her skin... and she would always tell her friends about them...
  • 7. One day Mary had an idea... She remembers thinking to herself... “ how can I make money from my Beauty PASSION”
  • 8. now, as the days passed... Mary kept thinking... “How can I use my knowledge to bring money into the home?”
  • 9. So - Mary searched ... Her Local Colleges... The Beauty Parlours... For Courses or a JOB. All without success...
  • 10. Things were starting to look bad for Mary... She thought “I’m never going to find a way to do what I love and get paid for doing it” you could almost see a tear trickle down her left cheek...
  • 11. Then one day – a day just like this one... Mary read an ad – just like this one. Well - maybe not like this one... But you know what I mean
  • 12. Mary found her FOREVER Godmother! A way to use her Passion for Beauty and get paid for doing it too.
  • 13. Mary had discovered ... An International Health & Beauty Company called...
  • 15. and... Mary’s eyes lit up when... she gazed upon the wonderful array of Beauty products she was going to get her hands on...
  • 16. Products she would get to use herself...
  • 17. Mary suddenly realised she would have... hours of fun telling all her friends about them.
  • 18. You could almost see the excitement grow... as Mary realised here’s a Company I could work with...
  • 19. Here’s a Company that will... Help me grow as a Business and have a Business I can call my own...
  • 20. Here’s a Company that will... Help me grow as a Business and have a Business I can call my own...
  • 21. Here’s a Business where... I can work when I chose to work... work when I can work... and get Help when I need it...
  • 22. Here’s a Company that will... Train me in the Products and Teach me their simple Business Plan.
  • 23. And best of all... I can start Today with a quick phone call to 07895 209 770.
  • 24. Guess what... She did! and boy doe’s she have a smile on her face now!
  • 25. Hold on... the story doesnt end there...
  • 26. Mary had a friend... Called!
  • 27. Marcus! And Marcus had the same PASSOINS as Mary...
  • 28. So... Mary told Marcus all about it...
  • 29. and Marcus!Just loved the Idea...
  • 30. And here’s what happened next!
  • 31. Mary helped Marcus get started...
  • 32. Mary and Marcus worked together...
  • 33. To build each others Business..
  • 34. Mary gets paid... When she works!
  • 35. and Marcus gets paid...When he works!
  • 36. and after a short time...
  • 37. Mary then helps Flo do the same...
  • 38. and Marcus helps Jane do the same...
  • 39. Now... how surprised was Marcus when theCompany sent him a BONUS check...For a percentage of each of the times Jane worked!
  • 40. and how surprised was Mary ... when she got a BONUS check from the Company for a percentage of each time Marcus and Jane and Flo worked!!! You can almost see a smile on her face – if you look hard enough...
  • 41. NOW - Here’s My Question to You!
  • 42. What is going to be easier for you?
  • 43. traffic to work… fighting the every day…
  • 44. officeputting up with the politics…
  • 45. Working for 8 hours a day... Working 5 Days a week... Being told when you can eat...Being told when you can have a break...
  • 46. your bossjumping every-time says so …
  • 47. earning the same amount of money until you retire …
  • 48. Knowing that your Boss could take away your career at anytime... Then What?
  • 49. Just ... think about this for a moment...
  • 50. You learnt how to drive a car
  • 51. and you learnt how to be a parent
  • 52. You even Learntwhatever it is you do now!
  • 53. We all have to start somewhere...
  • 54. SO… you could learn a simple“System-Business Plan”
  • 55. Where You and I and the Company… work together!
  • 56. So you get to Dowhat you love doing anda safeguard for you and your families Future at the same time.
  • 57. So… “what would youlike to know next?”
  • 58. Remember to check back... Change is happening all the time...Continued at www.10minutechange .com
  • 59. Thank You for your time If you want to change it!Email Dist No. 353000034460