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What makes a good Business story?
One that could make you wealthy?
Here are a few stories that might help.

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Profitshare 2011

  3. 3. Welcome to Forever Celebrating our 33rd birthday earlier this year, what better way we are the world’s largest growers, manufacturers and to mark that celebration than to give away over distributors of aloe vera based products. Our products are €6 million in Europe and over $18 million globally? It’s no designed to keep healthy people healthy and to create a business wonder that more and more people around the world are opportunity for everyone, everywhere. calling Forever ‘The Greatest Opportunity in the World’. In these times of economic hardship, where tens of millions of people Through 33 years of economic ups and downs, Forever has are struggling to survive financially during their retirement, and achieved an enviable record of year-on-year growth, and faces where millions of young people face years of unemployment, the future in a particularly strong financial position. Forever is providing hope in over 145 countries, and is a company which spans the globe, touching millions of lives, both At Forever, we know that to achieve a balanced life requires with the opportunity and the products. financial as well as physical health. Many people around the world long to be in a position of financial security, decreased stress and Forever was founded in 1978 by Rex Maughan, an improved health. We pride ourselves in offering the vehicle to help entrepreneur who wanted to create a Company that allowed you realise your goals, dreams and aspirations, using high quality everyone the opportunity to build a new future for themselves. products and a generous Marketing Plan that will give you the As he says, “The greatest illness in the world today is an empty tools to achieve all three. The Forever ‘Family’ is filled with millions wallet. If you want to decrease the amount of suffering, then of people just like you, who have taken this opportunity of a give a person a chance to earn an honest living; this is a lifetime and are building a new secure future for their families and powerful remedy.” themselves. In this book you will meet many of the people from all over Europe who have achieved this, but be assured, this is being At Forever, we have dedicated ourselves to seeking out nature’s mirrored around the globe. Wherever you may be, Forever is there best sources and finest ingredients for health, wellness and to provide you with that same life-changing opportunity. beauty and offering them to the world. Today, with our affiliates,2
  4. 4. Message from Rex“Thank you for taking the time to read this incredible book. Itintroduces you to the Forever Living Products Distributors whohave worked hard in 2010 to earn a share of just one of theincentives that Forever offers. We often refer to our Companyas ‘The Greatest Opportunity in the World.’ This statement isnot meant to be a boastful one, or even a marketing ploy; it isjust simply a statement of fact. For the millions of activeDistributors throughout Europe and the rest of the world,Forever provides a vehicle that allows them to enjoy greaterhealth and wealth.2010 was a tough year for many businesses, and our Europeanbusiness was not immune to the effects of the globalslowdown. However, despite these external factors, we werethrilled to be able to award over €6.2 million to people just likeyou. Keep in mind that these payments are in addition to thegenerous monthly bonuses that the recipients earn. I am awarethat money does not bring happiness, nor is it a clear measureof success, but helping others is, and I’ve learned over theyears that you can help a lot more people with a full wallet thanwith an empty one.I invite you to take a closer look at this amazing opportunity andI look forward to meeting you on stage one day, where we willbe able to give you the cheque you deserve.”Forever yours,Rex Maughan 3
  5. 5. Profit Share The Forever Marketing Plan is designed to provide an income Some companies offer bonuses to their employees, of which ranging from a few hundred Euros a month, to one without many are ‘discretionary’. The result is that some employees limit, where the size of the income is determined by the amount receive bonuses they are happy with, while others do not. In of time, effort and commitment a Distributor puts into their Forever, the whole programme is calculated precisely, so the business. In addition, there are a number of incentives available bonus you receive is accurate to the nearest cent. to Distributors, including international travel, a Car Plan to enable you to pay for a car, and many other awards.4
  6. 6. The Profit Share programme enables Distributors at the baselevel to receive a cheque that is roughly the equivalent of theirmonthly bonus, meaning they are getting paid for a thirteenthmonth, even though they are only working twelve; a greatincentive unmatched in a normal working environment.However, as they move up the scale in the programme, theamounts earned can become life-changing.It has been proven that Distributors can start to access theProfit Share programme in their first full year with the Company,although of course, that is dependent on the time and effortcommitted by a Distributor to building their business.In this book you can see how the Forever Profit Shareprogramme is changing lives all across Europe. Thetestimonials from qualifying Distributors show that anyone,regardless of background, can become successful in Forever,and we are proud to be a Company that offers an opportunityto everyone, without discrimination. 5
  7. 7. 6
  8. 8. LEVEL THREE 7
  9. 9. LEVEL THREE Jayne Leach & John Curtis Position in Marketing Plan Diamond Manager Length of Time in Forever 17 years Cheque Amount €540,777.11 Profit Share Managers in Downline Chris & Alan Goldsbrough, Philomena Guandai, Natalie Heeley, Hazel & Peter Kemble, Sue & Alan Matthewman, Diana & Geoff Page, Philippa & Robert Symes When we joined Forever in August 1993, we, like so many other by developing competent Managers and actively contributing to the people, didn’t really understand the full potential that Forever had growth of the Company. to change lives. What we did see immediately was a way out of our substantial debt, getting into a home of our own, better We qualified for the first time 15 years ago, and the first two Profit education for the children, and a vague notion of securing a Shares at Levels 1 and 2 repaid the debt – now we were free from this financially secure and better future, whatever that might mean. We distracting worry. Level 2 for the next three years took us from rented also saw then, and still do, the Forever career plan as a ‘Manager to high-entry point home ownership and a second home in Provence, Building Business’ with essentially three key positions; Assistant France, but nothing had prepared us for the impact of Level 3. Now Supervisor, where we started; Manager, to maximise personal and we could indulge in other property and financial investments, which team bonus levels and Diamond Manager, yielding the top Gem would in themselves yield lifetime security, as well as making a major Bonus royalty level – and so our journey of discovery began. contribution to our charity work in Africa. Regular and rapidly increasing monthly bonus income quickly built Where we find ourselves in 2011, having received Profit Share in a great way of life for our family, save for that past debt still there excess of €3 million so far, along with an ever-increasing payout to haunt us, and of course the desire to buy our own home. to team Managers in 51 countries, is enjoying peace of mind and satisfaction that comes from doing something we love, being Then, with the introduction of the Profit Share programme, we saw wealthy with lifetime security, frequent worldwide travel, beautiful an added layer to the existing rewards of the career plan, in the homes and helping others achieve the same - the start of a very form of an extremely generous annual performance bonus, paid for long list!8 UK
  10. 10. Profit Share is open to absolutely any Manager in Forever preparedto invest the time and effort to meet the straightforward rules.Success only comes as a result of focussed hard work, becomingcompetent and helping enough other people to achieve theirambitions.Qualification starts with deciding and believing you can - learningand working to achieve your own Level 1 qualification - anddeveloping Managers to achieve the same or more. Levels 2 and 3are then a logical progression.Underpinning our way of life is a humble attitude of gratitude toRex and Forever for making our journey possible. Life-changing,simple, generous and fair – that’s Profit Share, and the really greatthing is, Forever can have a life-changing cheque with your nameon it – don’t you owe it to yourself and those you love, to go andcollect it? UK 9
  11. 11. LEVEL THREE Rolf Kipp Position in Marketing Plan Double Diamond Manager Length of Time in Forever 16 years Cheque Amount €424,190.43 Profit Share Managers in Downline Angelika & Hans-Uwe Alber, Erich Kastl, Horst & Margrita Kelm, Christoph Albrecht, Christina & Robert Chalaupka, Andreas & Karin Fröhlich Das Profit Sharing habe ich in erster Linie durch das Sponsern I have reached Profit Share, primarily, by sponsoring many new vieler neuer Distributoren erreicht. Zur Gewinnung dieser neuen Distributors. To win these new business partners, I have Geschäftspartner habe ich kontinuierlich Anzeigen geschaltet. continuously changed the way I advertise. In addition, I have Darüber hinaus habe ich weitere Aktivitäten unternommen, um undertaken other activities to generate new contacts. Thus I neue Kontakte zu generieren. So führte ich gezielte Aktionen mit carried out specific actions with new products and talked to a den neuen Produkten durch und sprach dabei zum Teil ganz neue number of entirely new target groups. Moreover, large individual Zielgruppen an. Außerdem verhalfen mir große Einzelbestellungen orders from new team members helped me to the desired result. neuer Teampartner zum gewünschten Erfolg. Dies hat mir wieder This has shown me once again that with suitable continuous einmal gezeigt, dass mit entsprechender kontinuierlicher Aktivität activity everything is possible with Forever. There is no limit! bei Forever weiterhin alles möglich ist. Es gibt kein Limit! Wichtig ist Important: there can only be growth from new Distributors! zu wissen: Wachstum gibt es nur durch neue Distributoren! The success of the Forever business lies in its Marketing Plan. Der Erfolg des Forever-Business liegt im Marketingplan von This means: make new contacts daily, sell the products daily with Forever begründet. Das bedeutet: Mache täglich neue Kontakte, enthusiasm, win new partners for your business daily and obtain verkaufe täglich mit Begeisterung die Produkte, gewinne täglich recommendations for new Customers and potential Distributors. neue Partner und Partnerinnen für Dein Geschäft und hole Dir Important: never give up, and renew your business every three täglich Empfehlungen für neue Kunden und potenzielle months! Vertriebspartner. Wichtig dabei: Gib niemals auf. Und beginne Dein Geschäft alle drei Monate neu!10 FÜRSTENTUM MONACO
  13. 13. LEVEL THREE Anja & Kim Madsen Position in Marketing Plan Diamond Manager Length of Time in Forever 13 years Cheque Amount €371,127.78 Profit Share Managers in Downline Marita & Kari Vainiomäki, Stig Arne Hanssen, Bodil Serritslev Jørgensen, Astrid Sangild, Rosario & Ronny Kvist, Anette Hausmann Min kone, Anja, tager sig af hjemmefronten, mens jeg – Kim – nedenunder, der skinner. At man flyver ned og samler det op – det rejser ud for at skabe netværk, både lokalt og globalt. Takket være kunne jo være guld eller en ny PS-qualifier, der skal pudses og Forever har vi nået toppen af de materialistiske tinder. Men nu har plejes. At man arbejder med PS-aspiranterne og deres team, vi udset os et endnu højere mål, nemlig at give noget af alt det, vi overvåger, kontrollerer, opmuntrer osv. har fået, tilbage. Som ledere af Diamond Fund i Skandinavien Det koster at nå toppen! Det er som med sports¬stjerner, ministre, støtter vi eksempel – vis ambitiøse velgørenhedsprojekter for børn i rockstjerner osv. – hvis der er en kamp, et vigtigt møde eller en de baltiske lande og i Uganda, Afrika. koncert, skal man være klar, også selv om ens barn har Vi anser Profit Sharing for at være vores største præstation. Det er fødselsdag, eller ens bedste ven har jubilæum. Det kræver ofre. en metode til at vise de øvrige managers vejen, så de også kan Det kræver, at man giver lidt ekstra af sig selv!! opnå Profit Sharing. Profit Sharing handler ikke kun om penge: Det Jeg er også far, og som far respekterer jeg, at man er nødt til at er den største ære, man kan opnå. deltage i familiefødselsdage, børnenes fødselsdage, vennernes At opnå Level 3 inden for Profit Sharing er en præstation, som kun fødselsdage osv. Det er vigtigt, og hvis du ikke ønsker at nå ganske få i verden opnår – det er, præcis som med 7500 CC toppen, at blive Diamond-kvalificeret, Level 3-qualifyer eller Eagle ”Eagle Summit” eller ”Diamond Qualifications” det ypperste og Summit-medlem, så lad være med at yde det offer!! Det er helt i drømmen for millioner af Forever-forhandlere verden over. orden. Ikke alle når toppen, og du behøver ikke være én af dem!! Hvad skal der til for at opnå dette? Og hvad gjorde vi? Men husk, hvis du først når derop, så vil du senere få mere tid til familie, venner osv, end nogen anden, fordi du har friheden og Her følger en række Level 3-regler: pengene! Jeg har ydet mange ofre, men nu fejrer vi min datter Hårdt arbejde og en konsekvent og strategisk tilgang. At man Julies fødselsdag i Disneyland Paris i næste måned – Oliver, Anja flyver over sin organisation som en ørn for at se, om der er noget og jeg – og i skrivende stund holder vi ferie i det solrige paradis:12 DENMARK
  14. 14. Uganda i Afrika. Det er den slags ting, Level 3-qualifyers og you will have to polish it, work with the prospect and all her/histopledere kan tillade sig, så jeg vil helt klart anbefale den vej. Start team, check and control, encourage and so on.eventuelt med Level 1, og gå senere videre til Level 2 og 3, eller gå You will have to pay a price to get to the top, like sports stars,direkte til Level 3, som vi gjorde for ni år siden. ministers, rock stars etc. If there is a match or concert or importantVi ses på toppen! meeting, you must be there; even if your child has a birthday or your best friends have an anniversary, this is the sacrifice you willMy wife, Anja, deals with the social side of things on the home have to make – you will have to go the extra mile!front, while I – Kim – am out building the network locally andglobally. Thanks to Forever, we have reached the top of a As a father, I understand that you have to participate in all yourmaterialistic mountain. But now we’ve set our sights on a higher family’s relations’ anniversaries, your children’s birthdays, yourmountain, with the grand passion of giving back. As Diamond best friends’ birthdays etc. This is indeed very important, and ifFund Managers in Scandinavia, we support, for example, you don’t want to get to the top, to be a Diamond, Level 3ambitious charity projects for children in the Baltic States and in qualifier, or an Eagle Summit member, then don’t make theUganda, Africa. We consider Profit Share our greatest possible sacrifice! It’s OK. Not everyone will get to the top, and you don’tachievement. It’s a means of showing the way for our other have to be one of them!Managers to also achieve Profit Share. Profit Share isn’t just about But remember if you do get there, later on you will have even moremoney: it’s the greatest honour you can achieve. Attaining Level 3 time for your family and friends than anyone else, because you willin Profit Share is an achievement that very few people manage. It have the freedom and the money to do so! I have made sacrifices,is like the 7500 CC Eagle Summit or Diamond qualifications – this but we are celebrating my daughter Julie’s birthday in Disneylandis the very top, and it is the dream of millions of Forever in Paris next month, with Oliver, Anja and me, and as I write this,Distributors all over the world. we are on our winter holiday in the sunny paradise of Uganda inSo what does it take to get there, and what did we do? Here are Africa. This is what Level 3 and top leaders can do, so let mesome Level 3 rules: recommend you go all the way. You can start on Level 1 and then later move to Level 2 or 3, or you can go direct to Level 3, like weHard, constant and strategic work, flying over your organisation did nine years an eagle, to see if something down there is twinkling. Fly downand pick it up. It might be gold and a new Profit Share qualifier, so See you at the top. DENMARK 13
  15. 15. LEVEL THREE Katrin Bajri Position in Marketing Plan Double Diamond Manager Length of Time in Forever 12 years Cheque Amount €137,851.69 Profit Share Managers in Downline Sandra Picha-Kruder, Christa Gasplmayr, Rosita Nasseri-Darrell, Ralf Huhnstock, Peter & Angelika Möller Als studierte Betriebswirtin und gelernte Industriekauffrau wagte ich beschleunigen können. den Schritt in die Selbständigkeit und startete am 4. Juli 1999 bei Forever. Dieses Unternehmen bot mir alle Chancen, die ich für eine Was ich geschafft habe, können Sie auch! Und das Beste daran ist, erfolgreiche Karriere benötigte. Heute habe ich eine Spitzenposition der Einsatz eines jeden Einzelnen wird bei Forever auch inne und gehöre zu den erfolgreichsten Frauen Europas. Vor allem entsprechend belohnt. Wer mit Disziplin, Engagement und aber kann ich mir meinen Lebenstraum, frei zu sein und die Welt Zielstrebigkeit sein Forever-Business betreibt, der erhält ein kennen zu lernen, erfüllen. Darüber hinaus genieße ich noch viele angemessenes Äquivalent – in barer Münze. Deshalb begrüße ich weitere finanzielle und persönliche Freiheiten. das Profit Sharing von Forever uneingeschränkt, denn hier wird, wer sein Bestes gibt, auch angemessen dafür belohnt. So geht es beim Gerade für engagierte moderne Frauen bietet Forever eine Profit Sharing nicht nur um Erfolgszahlen, sondern auch um besondere Chance – ohne Risiko. Deshalb gebe ich meine Engagement höherer Levels für Nachrücker, um Förderung der Erfahrungen auch gerne weiter. Es reizt mich, anderen Menschen Geschäftspartner und um Sponsoring. Dabei handelt es sich um eine eine echte Alternative für ihren Berufs- und Lebensweg aufzuzeigen Investition in die Zukunft. und sie dann bei ihrer Forever-Karriere zu unterstützen. Ich möchte all denjenigen, denen es nicht so gut geht, mit Forever eine Chance In enger Zusammenarbeit mit der eigenen Downline versuche ich, bieten. Dabei lege ich großen Wert auf eine fundierte, systematische mich jedes Jahr aufs Neue in Level III zu qualifizieren. Dabei gehören Ausbildung, in der alles duplizierbare Know-how in der Praxis weiter für mich Entwicklung des Teamspirits und gegenseitige vermittelt wird. Dadurch bekommen Einsteiger eine große Sicherheit, Unterstützung im Team sowie Nutzung von Synergieeffekten der eine gute Orientierungshilfe und praktische Ratschläge, wie sie den einzelnen Manager hinsichtlich eines gemeinsamen Ziels Verlauf ihrer Karriere bestimmen und – falls gewünscht – auch unabdingbar zum Erfolgsrezept.14 FÜRSTENTUM MONACO
  16. 16. As a graduate in business management and an industrial clerk, I You can achieve what I have too! Those who operate their Foreverstarted with Forever on 4 July, 1999. This enterprise offered me all business with discipline and determination receive the rewards – inthe opportunities that I needed for a successful career. Today, I cash. I therefore welcome the Profit Share incentive with Foreverhave a top position and I am among the most successful women without reservation because it appropriately rewards those whoin Europe. Above all, this means that I can fulfil my life dream of give their best. Profit Share is not only about positive figures, butbeing free and getting to know the world. Most of all, I enjoy many also higher levels of commitment, about the support of businessother financial and personal freedoms. partners and about sponsoring. This is about an investment for the future.Forever offers modern committed women a special opportunity –without risk. And this is why I am passing on my experiences. It In close co-operation with my own Downline, I try every year oncefascinates me to give other people a genuine alternative to their again to qualify at Level 3. In my opinion, the development of teamprivate or professional path in life, and then to support them in spirit and mutual support within the team, as well as thetheir Forever career. I would like to offer all people who are not synergistic effects of the individual Managers is an absolute mustdoing so well in life an opportunity with Forever. in creating the formula of success to achieve a common goal.To this end, I attach great importance to a well-grounded,systematic course of trainings which can be duplicated forbeginners. These trainings offer a high degree of security, goodguidelines and practical tips as to how to determine their futureand – if desired – to accelerate it. FÜRSTENTUM MONACO 15
  17. 17. 16
  18. 18. LEVEL TWO 17
  19. 19. LEVEL TWO Miklós Berkics Position in Marketing Plan Diamond Manager Length of Time in Forever 14 years Cheque Amount €427,344.27 Profit Share Managers in Downline Márta Zsiga , Sándor Tóth & Edina Vanya, Aranka Vágási & András Kovács Hogy miért a Forever? Mert mi ebben a lehetőségben tudunk Why Forever? Because I received help from the very beginning and I segíteni Önnek! Hogy Én miért a Forevert választottam? Mert akkor still get it from the Company and from my Sponsor József Szabó már 19 éve a piacon volt, és előtte néhányszor ráfáztam a „most today. József always told me that I have to look for Distributors who indul és Te lehetsz az első” MLM cégekkel. A döntésnél fontos volt, are better than me. I found the best ones after searching for 11 hogy közel 200 top minőségű terméket kínáltak. Sok termékből years. These are Kati & Attila Gidófalvi who became Diamond nagyobb forgalom valószínű. Lényeges volt az árfekvésük, mert Managers within two and a half years. mégiscsak közép-kelet európai fizetésekből tervezünk. Fontos volt I tell everybody never to forget the day when you joined Forever and még a cég vezetője, Rex Maughan, aki azt mondta, hogy az egész to remember the day when you first dared to have big dreams about világon az Forever-nél vannak a legjobban megfizetve a the Marketing Plan. We must always remember, with a grateful heart, hálózatépítők. Ahol nagy a forgalom, ott sokat tudnak keresni a our Sponsor who introduced us to the world of Forever. Never forget munkatársak. A Forever a világ harmadik legnagyobb forgalmú MLM the basics every day to achieve results. We all should use the cége. Bárki a jövőben ugyanazt a munkát ugyanannyi idő alatt mint Forever products and share the secrets of the Marketing Plan with én beleteszi saját Forever vállalkozásába, ugyanazokat az more and more people. eredményeket érheti el, mint jómagam. Nem egy vevőkódnak tekint a cég, hanem embernek. Meg is maradtam annak! Mindezek mellett Anybody in the future who works as I do in my Forever business, can a legnagyszerűbb, hogy Rex Maughan azt mondja, hogy a Forever a reach the same results as I have. The Company does not consider világ legnagyobb lehetősége…és ez nem csak egy ígéret, erre you as a Distributor ID, it treats everyone as a human being. Besides bizonyítékunk is van! Segítünk, hogy elérje a célját! Go Diamond! all this, the greatest thing is as Rex Maughan says, that Forever is the greatest opportunity in the world...and this is not just a promise, we are the proof! We can help you to get there! Go Diamond!18 HUNGARY
  20. 20. Veronica & Aurel Meșter Position in Marketing Plan Diamond Sapphire Manager Length of Time in Forever 14 years Cheque Amount €228,518.69 Profit Share Managers in Downline Daniel & Maria Parascan, Lucica & Gheorghe Tabacaru, Camelia Iunia & Daniel DincutaProfit Sharing este o dovadă a generozităţii Forever, a faptului că Profit Share is proof of Forever’s generosity, of the fact that thisaceastă companie este unică în lume şi nu poate exista un loc mai Company is unique in the whole world and there cannot be abun în care să munceşti şi să trăieşti alături de familia şi prietenii better place to work and live with your family and friends. It is thetăi. Este un rezultat obţinut împreună cu echipa noastră! Pentru noi result of working together with our team. For us, personally, it is anpersonal este un dar copleşitor ce ne umple inima de recunoştinţă overwhelming gift that fills our hearts with gratitude for God, whofaţă de Dumnezeu, care face toate lucrurile posibile. Profit Sharing makes it all possible. Profit Share helps us keep our freedom andne ajută să ne păstrăm libertatea câştigată şi să fim un exemplu to be an example for our team, proof that you can have a five-starpentru cei din ţara noastră, o dovadă că şi în România poţi avea o life in Romania by partnering with a world leader like Forever. Weviaţă de 5 stele alături de un lider mondial ca Forever. Mulţumim thank the management team and all our partners in Romania andconducerii Forever şi tuturor partenerilor noştri din România şi abroad, who run their Forever businesses with passion,străinătate care fac această activitate cu dedicare, seriozitate şi seriousness and love for people. We are proud of you and we willdragoste de oameni. Suntem mândri de voi şi rămânem alături de stay with you Forever!voi Forever! ROMANIA 19
  21. 21. LEVEL TWO Anna Marie & José Alves De Sousa Position in Marketing Plan Sapphire Manager Length of Time in Forever 17 years Cheque Amount €201,254.78 Profit Share Managers in Downline Alain Bibal, Georgette & Jean Marie Julien Lurel, Nicole Bernard Perrault & Joseph Bernard C’est notre 7ème année de récompense PSM que nous recevons. This is the seventh year we have received Profit Share. We are Nous sommes très fiers de notre équipe et de leur engagement. very proud of our team and their commitment. What we have Ce que nous avons compris et qui est très important dans notre learnt and what is very important in our Forever business is that it’s activité forever: c’est le travail d’équipe d’une part et le travail a combination of both personal and teamwork. The synergy of the personnel d’autre part. La synergie des deux fait que le two means that the Distributor will continue to evolve and achieve distributeur continuera à évoluer et atteindra ses objectifs. Chaque set objectives. Each challenge will be a springboard, a personal challenge sera un tremplin pour lui, une satisfaction personnelle, satisfaction or success. Nothing in life is free, rewards come from voire une réussite. Rien n’est gratuit dans la vie, les récompenses effort, as in sport. The difference with Forever is that there is no viennent après les efforts effectués comme dans le sport. La age limit. Anyone can be rewarded, so why not you? différence avec forever c’est que l’on n’a pas d’âge limite. Tout le monde peut être récompensé, alors pourquoi pas vous?20 FRANCE
  22. 22. Magnus Adlercreutz Position in Marketing Plan Senior Manager Length of Time in Forever 10 years Cheque Amount €200,624.48 Profit Share Managers in Downline Anja & Kim Madsen, Jeanette Magnusson, Pia HedenfalkProfitshare är ett fantastiskt motivationsprogram som verkligen har Profit Share is a great motivation programme that has truly inspiredinspirerat många med mig. Det har hjälpt mig att fokusera men many people, including me. It has helped me to focus and alsosamtidigt tänka på hela Forever Scandinavia. Vi är alla en del av ett think about the whole of Forever Scandinavia. We are all part of ateam men med profishare så blir också vi en del av ‘Team Forever team but with Profit Share we also become part of ‘Team ForeverScandinavia’ vilket inspirerat mig till att jobba crossline. När någon Scandinavia’, which has inspired me to work Crossline. Whenbehöver hjälp så kan man som profitshare member se och känna someone needs help, I can, as a Profit Share qualifier, see andglädje i att hjälpa andra oavsett vilket team man tillhör eftersom sense joy in helping others, whichever team they belong to,varje liten produkt som blir såld eller att någon blir rekryterad because each little product sold, or each new recruit, contributesbidrar till framgången hos Forever Scandinavia vilket vi får del av to the success of Forever Scandinavia, which we all benefit from,stor som liten. in some way. SWEDEN 21
  23. 23. LEVEL TWO Georgette & Jean Marie Julien Lurel Position in Marketing Plan Diamond Manager Length of Time in Forever 15 years Cheque Amount €174,018.66 Profit Share Managers in Downline Eric & Natacha Phirmis, Francine & Didier Rabolion, Michel Prost, Pascal & Natalie L’Etang Le PSM reste pour nous un challenge incontournable dans le Profit Share is an inescapable challenge in the Forever Marketing schéma marketing Forever. Il nous permet d’avoir une stratégie de Plan. It allows us to have a strategy of developing and développement et de consolidation sur l’année en cours et à venir. consolidating the current year and the future. We have always Nous nous sommes toujours qualifiés au PSM depuis que la qualified for Profit Share since France was part of it. By winning France l’a obtenue. En gagnant ce challenge, c’est toute notre this challenge, our whole organisation benefits. If we want to win organisation qui en bénéficie. Car, si l’on veut le gagner on ne doit we must not rest on our laurels. pas dormir sur ces lauriers. We qualify as a team. Alone it’s impossible. We need the help of On se qualifie en équipe. Seul c’est impossible. Il faut l’aide de la the lineage and the support of the Company. lignée et le support de la société. Of course it brings us very big cheques, but also new Downlines, Certes, il nous rapporte de très gros chèques, mais également de new leaders and new structures. It also allows us to be active and nouvelles lignées, de nouveaux leaders. Il nous permet aussi to organise our Downline of Managers by helping them and d’activer et de structurer nos lignées de managers en les aidants, guiding them using our experience and support. en les guidant par notre expérience et notre supervision. This level of development is the only way to sustain your business A un certain niveau de développement, c’est la seule façon de network and build leaders. pérenniser votre entreprise de réseau et de bâtir des leaders. All Managers and leaders must build their businesses and gain Tous les managers Leaders doivent construire leur business et leur with Profit Share. So make your’s a MUST! gain sur le PSM. Alors faîtes vos jeux…c’est le MUST !22 FRANCE
  24. 24. Horst & Margrita Kelm Position in Marketing Plan Sapphire Manager Length of Time in Forever 10 years Cheque Amount €143,753.05 Profit Share Managers in Downline Gertrud Pohlmann, Vincent & Jana Beijk, Christel & Dietmar ReichleDas „wie“ entstand bei uns erst, nachdem wir uns entschlossen The question of ‘how to go about things’ arose after we decidedhatten, die Qualifikation für das Profit-Sharing-Programm zu to qualify for Profit Share, and pick up our cheque on stage. Theerreichen und uns auch einen Scheck auf der Bühne abzuholen. determining factor was our visit to the Profit Share event inAusschlaggebend hierfür war der Besuch der Profit-Sharing- Frankfurt in 2001. We had been working for just a few weeks withVeranstaltung 2001 in Frankfurt. Wir arbeiteten damals gerade Forever. When we saw what was possible and realised that weeinige Wochen bei Forever. Als wir auf dieser Veranstaltung sahen, could also succeed, we decided to try for this goal. The ‘how’ waswas alles möglich ist und dass auch wir es schaffen könnten, then simply a matter of implementing our goals consistently. Sincefassten wir diesen Entschluss. Das „wie“ war dann eine einfache then, we have qualified every year for Profit Share.Fleißaufgabe der konsequenten Umsetzung unserer Ziele. Seitherqualifizieren wir uns jedes Jahr aufs Neue für das Profit Sharing. FÜRSTENTUM LIECHTENSTEIN 23
  25. 25. LEVEL TWO Anar Sagiyeva & Talgat Baimuldanov Position in Marketing Plan Soaring Manager Length of Time in Forever 6 years Cheque Amount €136,065.51 Profit Share Managers in Downline Altin Kanieva & Nurlybek Safin, Munira Nusupova & Yerniyaz Nusupov, Balzhan Shaidayeva & Baglan Shaidayev Әрбір адамның тағдыры өз қолында. Иә, 2004 жылы Every man’s destiny is in his own hands. In 2004, my sister Aigul желтоқсан айындағы Стамбулдан телефон соққан әпкем Benakay called me and said, “Anar, I have been introduced to a Айгүл Бенакайдың жігерлі де, шабытты дауысы әлі company which gives you good health and money.” We thank our құлағымда. «Анар, өздеріңе әрі денсаулық, әрі табыс Sponsor Aigul Benakay for giving us such an opportunity. беретін керемет бір компаниямен таныстым,»-деп Profit Share is one of the best opportunities. We have reached бастап еді. Өміріміздің өзгеруіне үлкен үлес қосқан Level 2 of this programme, along with three people from our team. спонсорымыз Айгүл Бенакайға тобымыздың атынан A clever and confident person never gives up, he fights until the шексіз алғысымызды білдіргім келеді. Солардың end. Weak people do not try to fight against difficulties, they ішіндегі сізді әлемге танытып, ерекше құрметтейтіні- always yield to small difficulties. So always be brave, be confident, «Profit Sharе». Қазақстан бойынша бірінші рет «Profit and use all the opportunities which Forever provides! Sharing»-ң екінші деңгейін ұтып отырмыз. Өзіміз ғана емес, тобымыздан 3 тармақтан 3 адам осы табыс көзіне қол жеткізіп отыр. Барлықтарыңыз ақылдылардың, қайратты адамдардың қатарында болып, өз тағдырларыңызды өзгеге билетпей, Форевердің тамаша мүмкіншіліктеріне жете беріңіздер!24 KAZAKHSTAN
  26. 26. Erich Kastl Position in Marketing Plan Diamond Manager Length of Time in Forever 16 years Cheque Amount €134,318.20 Profit Share Managers in Downline Silvia Mühlberger, Michael & Brigitte Menter, Dr. Susanne Schwemmlein & Dr. Guido di MascioDas Profit-Sharing ist angelegt für 12 Monate vom 1. Januar bis The Profit Share incentive is set up for 12 months from 1 January31. Dezember eines Jahres. Wir definieren das Ziel von Beginn an to 31 December of each year. We precisely define our goal rightganz genau. Nur diese klare Vorstellung, was wir erreichen wollen, from the start. Only such a clear idea of what we want leads to ourführt uns zum Erfolg. Wir überreden Menschen nicht, Forever- success. We do not convince people to take Forever products,Produkte zu nehmen, sondern begeistern sie jeden Tag – und das but spark their interest every day – and the result proves us right.erreichte Ziel gibt uns Recht. Erfolg im Ganzen erfordert Präzision Great success requires precision in Detail. We regard Forever as the greatest opportunity of our lives.Wir sehen Forever als größte Chance unseres Lebens. Deshalb Therefore, we shall continue to learn how to fine-tune and perfectwerden wir weiterhin lernen, an unserem Business feilen, es our business and get people interested in Forever. We do notperfektionieren und die Menschen von und mit Forever begeistern. always have to be the best, but we shall always give our best.Erich Kastl ist im Mai 2011 leider verstorben. Seine Familie und Erich sadly passed away May 2011. He will be missed by hisForever werden ihn sehr vermissen. Forever family. GERMANY 25
  27. 27. LEVEL TWO Lorraine Cornford Position in Marketing Plan Soaring Manager Length of Time in Forever 12 years Cheque Amount €133,407.11 Profit Share Managers in Downline Giovanni Asole, Adelino Bolzonello & Anna Mastrolonardo, Viviana Greco & Roberto Setti Il Profit Share è il più emozionante e gratificante tra tutti gli incentivi Profit Share is the most exciting and rewarding of all our messi a disposizione dalla nostra azienda. Mi sono qualificata tante Company’s incentives. I have qualified so many times now that I volte, e ora ho perso il conto; tuttavia ogni volta che salgo sul have lost count; but every time I go up on stage to receive my palco per ricevere l’assegno non riesco ancora a crederci. Ma cheque I still can’t believe it. With forward planning, good attraverso una buona ‘Pianificazione’, un Buon lavoro di squadra’, teamwork and commitment and conviction to reach the goal, any ‘Impegno e la certezza di poter raggiungere l’obiettivo’ tutti i Distributor reading this can, and probably will, be the next one on distributori che leggono questa testimonianza possono, e stage collecting his/her fantastic Profit Share cheque! Decide what probabilmente saranno i prossimi, salire sul palco per ricevere il you want, plan, stick with it, stay focussed, work with your team fantastico assegno del Profit Share! Stabilisci cosa desideri, and make it happen! Pianifica, non perdere di vista l’obiettivo e rimani concentrato, lavora con il tuo Team e fai in modo che succeda! A huge thank you as always to Forever for their amazing generosity which changes lives. And a huge thank you, best Un enorme grazie come sempre alla Forever per la sua incredibile wishes and much love to all my team for the great results achieved generosità che ti permette di cambiare la vita. Ed un enorme last year, and above all, to my qualified Profit Share Managers, grazie, auguri e tanto amore al mio Team per i fantastici risultati ‘YOU ARE THE BEST!’ raggiunti nel corso dell’anno e soprattutto ai Manager del mio gruppo che si sono qualificati per il Profit Share ‘SIETE I MIGLIORI!’26 ITALY
  28. 28. Adelino Bolzonello & Anna Mastrolonardo Position in Marketing Plan Sapphire Manager Length of Time in Forever 12 years Cheque Amount €131,068.19 Profit Share Managers in Downline Giovanni Adamo & Daniela Trevisan, Sonia De Simone & Salvatore Solarino, Francesco GuarnacciaAnche quest’anno abbiamo raggiunto l’obiettivo del Profit Share! This year, we’ve achieved our objective of Profit Share! It gives usRaggiungere questa qualifica è per noi una grande soddisfazione, great satisfaction to achieve it. Not everyone knows that teamworknon tutti sanno che il lavoro di gruppo è indispensabile per il Profit is essential for Profit Share but our commitment has certainly beenshare, certamente l’impegno nostro è stato notevole nel fare significant with training, planning and organisation.formazione, pianificazione e organizzazione. You can achieve these goals through perseverance and resolution,Queste mete si raggiungono con la perseveranza e la tenacia, working every day to achieve your dreams. Making dreams comelavorando giorno dopo giorno per realizzare ciò che sogniamo. true means helping the team all the time, working with andRealizzare dei sogni significa dare metodi di lavoro e sostegno ai supporting them, and by listening to those who are workingpropri collaboratori continuamente, ascoltando solo coloro che towards improving their physical and financial wellbeing. For thislavorano per migliorare il proprio stato di benessere fisico ed we thank all of you, our family, our Managers and our Distributorseconomico, per questo ringraziamo tutti, la nostra Famiglia, i nostri and we hope that everyone can experience the joy we feel. AboveManager e tutti i nostri Incaricati di Vendita e auguriamo che tutti all thanks to our Downline.possano provare la grande gioia che proviamo noi, ma soprattuttograzie a tutta la nostra Downline. ITALY 27
  29. 29. LEVEL TWO Jeanette Magnusson Position in Marketing Plan Sapphire Manager Length of Time in Forever 13 years Cheque Amount €121,662.90 Profit Share Managers in Downline Christina Hörberg, Ingalill Wigmostad, Malin Bäckström 1998 drabbades jag av en överkänslighet i mitt frisöryrke och jag In 1998 I developed hypersensitivity within my job as a hairdresser började söka efter ett arbeta som jag kunde kombinera med min and I started looking for a job I could combine with my frisör verksamhet. Genom en kund kom jag i kontakt med Forever hairdressing. Then in 1998, a customer introduced me to Forever. 1998. It was the biggest opportunity I had ever faced, and I seized it. Det var den största möjligheten jag någonsin stått inför och jag tog Having the chance to work with a world-leading Company in a den. Att få möjligheten att arbeta med ett världsledande företag på market that is infinite is a big thing! en marknad som är oändlig, är stort! Forever has surpassed all my dreams and the great thing about Forever har överträffat alla mina drömmar och det underbara i vårt our work is being able to help all those who want to experience the arbete är att få hjälpa alla som vill få uppleva samma sak! same thing! 2011 kommer att bli ett otroligt spännande år för Forever 2011 will be an incredibly exciting year for Forever Scandinavia! Skandinavia!28 SWEDEN
  30. 30. Joëlle Bonnefoy-Poli & & André Poli Position in Marketing Plan Diamond Manager Length of Time in Forever 17 years Cheque Amount €116,720.14 Profit Share Managers in Downline Helena & Wing Ly, Nana Kouldiati Ouoba, Wilfryd & Karima BraconneauDiamond Manager en 2008 et Profit Share Manager depuis 2006. We achieved Diamond Manager in 2008 and have been ProfitNous avons vécu 17 années avec Forever et traversé beaucoup Share qualified since 2006. We have been with Forever for 17d’échecs avant de goûter au succès. Si vous vous engagez avec years and we have been through many failures before tastingsincérité et constance dans votre business, si vous êtes en accord success. If you are sincere and consistent in your business, if youavec les valeurs et les principes du MLM; si vous aimez les gens, agree with the values and principles of MLM, if you like people, aun grand succès vous attend tôt ou tard. Car votre business se great success awaits you sooner or later. Your business becomestransforme en passion, avec une conviction et une détermination a passion with conviction and determination that nothing andque rien ni personne ne peut éteindre, et vous ne vous inquiétez nobody can turn off, and you worry no more about your fears, yourplus de vos peurs, de vos doutes, de vos difficultés, ni de vos doubts, your difficulties or your failures. You realise you’re on theéchecs. Vous réalisez que vous êtes sur le seul chemin qui vaut la only path which is worthwhile, the one that opens up every aspectpeine, celui qui épanouit tous les aspects de votre vie en of your life by conveying good health and financial independencevéhiculant le Bien-être physique et l’Indépendance financière pour for hundreds or even thousands of people around you. You realisedes centaines voire de milliers de personnes autour de vous. Vous that your true success is not the qualification at the end of theréalisez que votre vraie réussite n’est pas au bout du chemin vers road, but it is the path itself; each obstacle can reveal your hiddenune qualification, mais qu’elle est le chemin lui-même, dont talents and sharpen all the qualities needed to reach the summitschaque obstacle permet de révéler vos talents cachés et d’aiguiser of serenity in your life.toutes les qualités nécessaires pour atteindre sereinement lessommets de votre vie. FRANCE 29
  31. 31. LEVEL TWO Christina & Robert Chalaupka Position in Marketing Plan Diamond Manager Length of Time in Forever 13 years Cheque Amount €115,115.22 Profit Share Managers in Downline Helga & Ewald Rauschgott, Hansjörg & Renata Wohn, Tanja Martinz Wenn man nach dem Karriereplan lebt, ist man automatisch im If you work in accordance with the Marketing Plan, you will Profit Sharing! Hilf Deiner Downline, ihre Ziele zu erreichen automatically achieve Profit Share! Help your Downline to achieve (mindestens 700 CC/Jahr). Gib jedes Jahr neuen Distributoren die their goals (at least 700 CC per year). Give new Distributors the Möglichkeit, mit Forever ihren gewünschten Erfolg zu erreichen chance to achieve their desired success (at least 150 CC per (mindestens 150 CC/Jahr). Investiere Deine Kraft in einen – oder year). Invest your energy in one, or several, Managers in your mehrere – Manager in Deiner Downline, damit sie ein Downline, so they achieve a steady income (one Manager with at kontinuierliches Einkommen erreichen (1 Manager mit mindestens least 600 CC per year or more, to achieve Profit Share). It is crucial 600 CC/Jahr oder mehrere, die auch das Profit Sharing erreichen). to create a synergy of all three. We took these guidelines to heart Entscheidend ist, dass man eine Synergie aller drei Punkte right at the beginning of our Forever business; from day one, we herstellt. Da wir von Beginn unseres Forever-Business diese worked towards Profit Share. Richtlinien beherzigt haben, waren wir vom 1. Profit Sharing an dabei.30 FÜRSTENTUM LIECHTENSTEIN
  32. 32. Meryem & Selim Öztekin Position in Marketing Plan Soaring Manager Length of Time in Forever 2 ½ years Cheque Amount €108,219.17 Profit Share Managers in Downline Erdoğan & Sevim Burgazli, Nuri Erdinç Erol, Mustafa & Ayşe Nur ÖzdemirEşimle ve ben iktisat fakültesi mezunuyuz. 3 çocuğumuz var. otomobile sahibiz. 2. yılımızda Kar Paylaşımını 2. seviyeden kazandık.Forever ile tanıştığımızda 3 yıldır farklı bir network firmasında 2010 yılı gelirimiz 300.000 $’ın üzerine çıktı. Başaracağımıza inanarakçalışıyorduk. Daha önceki yaptığımız ticaretimizde iflas başladığımız işimizde, iyi bir takım çalışması ve güçlü bir eğitimetmemizden dolayı çok ciddi borçlarımız vardı. Bırakın borç sistemiyle sağlık, iyi kazanç, kariyer, teşvik ve tatiller elde ettiğimizödemeyi evimizi bile geçindirmede zorlanıyorduk. Çocuklarımıza güzelliklerden sadece bazıları. Bizim için elde ettiğimiz en güzelbaşka ailelerin çocuklarının küçülmüş kıyafetlerini giydiriyorduk. kazanım ise Forever’de birlikte çalıştığımız çok değerli dostlarımızınKira, elektrik, su, telefon faturaları hep gecikmeli ödeniyordu. oluşmasıdır. Forever ile geleceğe çok daha güvenle bakabiliyoruz.Forever fırsatını duyunca açıkçası reddetme lüksümüz kalmamıştı.Ama piyasada maalesef çok fazla network kirliliği vardı. My wife and I both graduated from the School of Economics, and weAraştırmalarımız sonucunda Forever’nin ürün yelpazesinin çok have three kids. When we came across Forever, we had beengeniş olduğunu ve ürünlerin mükemmel sonuçlar verdiğini, bankrupt from a previous business; we couldn’t afford to live day toözellikle kazanç planınında ne kadar kolay ve rahatça day. There were times when we had no money to buy bread and milkkopyalanabilir olduğunu, hem kendimizin hem de bizimle birlikte for our kids. There were days that we couldn’t afford any pocketbu işi yapan herkesinde iyi kazançlar elde edebileceğini gördük. money for our kids’ for school. They had to start wearing other kids’Üstelik bizden 4 ay önce başlayan sponsorumuz çok güzel clothes, which were too small or ill-fitting. When our Sponsorbaşarılar elde etmişti. 20 Ağustos 2008 başladık. Malagada 11 presented the Forever opportunity to us, it was an offer we couldn’tekip arkadaşımızla İspanya ’ya giderek Avrupa Rallisi’ne katıldık. refuse. The result was great. We can now pay for anything we need2010’da Londra’da ekip arkadaşlarımızla 35 kişiydik. Yine to, without any problems. We have the greatest confidence in our2010’da Super Rallye kalifiye olarak Amerika’ya 10 günlük tatil future with Forever.kazandık. 3. seviyeden Araba Planı ile aldığımız çok güzel bir TURKEY 31
  33. 33. LEVEL TWO Eric & Natacha Phirmis Position in Marketing Plan Soaring Manager Length of Time in Forever 14 years Cheque Amount €88,014.18 Profit Share Managers in Downline Manoj & Keran Mudhoo, Patricia & Stepane Lalanne, Sabine & Max Payet Ayant débuté avec Forever en Septembre 1997, nous sommes Having started with Forever in 1997, we became Managers the devenus Managers dans la même année, actuellement nous following year. We are now Soaring Managers and this is our fifth sommes Managers Essor et cest notre 5ème chèque Profit Share Profit Share cheque and the second one at Level 2. It is always a et le second au niveau 2. C’est toujours un grand honneur de se great honour to qualify for this marvellous reward. Each year this qualifier pour cette superbe gratification. Chaque année, cet objective is essential for us. We only have to write down all our objectif est essentiel. Il nous suffit de mettre sur papier nos needs to understand that this achievement must be attained at all besoins pour comprendre que ce gain est indispensable. C’est costs. It’s free! So why don’t you imitate us and get involved? The gratuit, alors pourquoi vous ne faites pas comme nous en vous joy and emotion that we see in Rex’s eyes for us and seeing the engageant car l’emotion, et la joie, que cela procure est tout aussi same joy in the eyes of our Downline represents the effect of indispensable. La joie que l’on voit dans les yeux de Rex pour continuous motivation. nous et la joie de voir les gagnants dans nos descendances sont Visualise, decide, act, and overcome all obstacles. Never give up des effets de motivations incontournables. and you will see the result at the end. Visualisez, decidez, agissez, passez les obstacles, n’abandonnez Let’s meet together next year. We are with you. jamais et le resultat sera au rendez vous. Rendez-vous l’an prochain, nous sommes avec vous.32 MAURITIUS
  34. 34. LEVEL TWO 33
  35. 35. 34
  36. 36. LEVEL ONE 35
  37. 37. LEVEL ONE Vágási Aranka & Kovács András Peter Bollen Position in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing Plan Diamond Sapphire Manager Manager Length of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever 13 years 11 years Cheque Amount Cheque Amount €80,140.87 €48,941.54 Profit Share Managers in Downline Stevan & Veronika Lomjanski Elkötelezettség, szorgalom, erős célok, sok jó Barát, nagy csapat, Vroeger droomden we ervan en nu is het werkelijkheid geworden. közös ötletek, optimális munkatempó, Kudarctűrés, szüntelen Nog maar weer eens een bewijs dat visualisatie echt werkt en als Kreativitás. Az élet értelmének megvalósítása, jó munkaköri légkör je ervoor gaat wordt je beloond. Forever is het mooiste en het megteremtése. Hobby és küldetés. A pihenés-utazás arányos beste wat we ooit zijn tegengekomen. Het fijne aan Forever is dat eltöltése. Családi marketing, többgenerációs munka, közös célok. Profit Share voor iedereen mogelijk is en we hopen dan ook dat er Köszönettel: Aranka. volgend jaar meer gekwalificeerden zijn in de Benelux. Ook zijn er mensen genoeg in deze wereld die met Forever een nieuw leven Rex Maughan olyan hangszert adott az Forever-vel a kezünkbe, kunnen opbouwen en het is aan ons om ze deze mogelijkheid te amelynek segítségével mindenki megtalálhatja a helyét a nagy laten zien. Deze cheque kunnen we goed gebruiken voor verdere zenekarban, és a saját hangszínével gazdagíthatja az verbouwingen aan ons huis en een extra auto voor de zaak. Dank összharmóniát. A szeretet rugói hangolják a húrokat. U Rex en alle anderen. Tisztelettel: András. We used to dream of it and now it has become reality. Once again It takes commitment, diligence, focussed goals, lots of good proof that visualisation truly works and that, if you really go for it, friends, a great team, shared ideas, an optimal pace of work, you will be rewarded. Forever is the finest and the best that we withstanding failure, endless creativity, creating the best have ever come across. The good thing about Forever is that Profit atmosphere and making it a mission. Then spend wisely, spend Share is within reach of everyone and therefore we hope that there time with family, with everyone working together towards the same will be more qualifiers from Benelux next year. There are also goals. Thank you, Aranka. enough people in this world that can, with Forever, build a new life and it is up to us to show them this possibility. We can use this Rex Maughan gives us our own instruments within the Forever cheque really well to further renovate our home and to get an extra orchestra and thus, we all have our place, able to play in tune with car for our business. Thank you Rex and all others. each other, in harmony, but free to compose individually. The strings are tuned with the energy of the love we feel. Best regards, András.36 HUNGARY BELGIUM
  38. 38. Stevan & Veronika Lomjanski Gizella & Marius BotisPosition in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing PlanDiamond Manager Diamond Sapphire ManagerLength of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever14 years 14 yearsCheque Amount Cheque Amount€46,812.15 €45,426.58Profit Share Managersin DownlineDragana & Miloš Janović 14 godina radimo posvećeno, prilagodljivi promenama, sa Am început afacerea Forever în 1998 şi muncim şi acum aceeaşi istrajnošću, strpljenjem i ogromnom energijom za pomoć drugima. bucurie şi pasiune. Profit Sharing este o provocare pentru noi în Lojalni smo kompaniji koja daje poslovnu šansu milionima ljudi fiecare an, pentru că ne determină să depunem efort personal širom sveta da poštenim radom može da živi životom dostojnim constant, să ne sprijinim colaboratorii, să fim alături de ei şi să-i čoveka. ajutăm să se dezvolte şi să urce pe scara Planului de Marketing. Celor care încă joacă şi aşteaptă în fiecare săptămână să câştige Hvala ti Rex što si stvorio toliko dobru i stabilnu kompaniju uz koju lozul cel mare la loterie le spunem că, prin muncă perseverentă ćemo do kraja života biti poslovni ljudi i ostvarivati svoje alături de Forever, vor câştiga cu siguranţă lozul cel mare. ciljeve.Učešće u PS programu znači da nismo pasivni i čekamo koliki mesečni bonus će nam doneti naša saradnička mreža, nego We started our Forever business in 1998 and we continue to work šireći informacije o Forever-u pružamo šansu i aktivno pomažemo with the same joy and passion. Profit Share is a challenge for us starim i novim distributerima u ostvarivanju njihovih ciljeva. every year, as it stimulates us to constantly make personal effort, to support our partners, to stay close to them and to help them Hvala Forever. develop and climb the Marketing Plan ladder. Those who are still For 14 years we have been dedicated to work, adaptable to playing the lottery every week, waiting for the big prize, we tell changes, persistent, had great patience and huge energy to help them that through perseverance with Forever, they will certainly others. We are loyal to the Company which gives business win the big lottery prize. opportunities to millions of people worldwide, helping them to live a decent life by working honestly. Thank you Rex for creating such an excellent and stable Company. We will remain successful business people to the end and fulfil our goals. Participation in Profit Share means that we are not passive, not just waiting for our monthly bonus from the team. Rather, we share information and work, and actively help our established and new Distributors to reach their goals. Thank you Forever. SERBIA ROMANIA 37
  39. 39. LEVEL ONE Camelia Iunia & Daniel Dincuta Marita & Kari Vainiomäki Position in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing Plan Sapphire Manager Soaring Manager Length of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever 11 years 11 years Cheque Amount Cheque Amount €36,214.22 €34,583.78 Profit Share Managers in Downline Raija & Hannu Salmilehto, Seppo & Eija Tanhua Calificarea la programul Profit Share este o provocare continuă, On tärkeää, että managerina toimimme niin, että voimme olla hyvänä care ne ajută să ne dezvoltăm permanent echipa, să descoperim esimerkkinä koko organisaatiollemme. Profit Share kannustaa meitä noi campioni şi să rămânem un exemplu pentru ei. Suntem tekemään jatkuvasti oikeita perusasioita: myymään tuotteita, copleşiţi de generozitatea lui Rex şi suntem convinşi că de-abia sponsoroimaan uusia jälleenmyyjiä ja auttamaan heitä saavuttamaan aşteaptă să ofere un asemenea cadou oricui pune pasiune în heidän omat tavoitteensa. Onnistuminen työssä antaa itselle iloa ja afacerea Forever. intoa tehdä asioita vielä paremmin. Pätevöityminen motivoi ja kannustaa paitsi itseä, myös muita jälleenmyyjiä. Profit Share Qualifying for Profit Share is a permanent challenge for us, which pätevöitymisellä myös lisäämme yrityksemme ja oman työmme helps us to constantly develop our team, discover new champions uskottavuutta ja luotettavuutta prospektien ja ulkoisten sidosryhmien and to remain as an example to them. We are overwhelmed by mielissä.Totta kai ylimääräisellä bonuksellakin on merkitystä. Sillä Rex’s generosity and we know for sure that he will continue to voimme saada itsellemme ja läheisillemme lisää hyvinvointia, joka offer such rewards to anyone who brings passion into his Forever viestittää ulkopuolisille Foreverin ainutlaatuisesta mahdollisuudesta ja business. hyvästä palkkiojärjestelmästä. It is important for us, as Managers, to set a good example to the entire organisation. Profit Share encourages us to consistently do the basic things right: to sell the products, to sponsor new Distributors and to help them achieve their own objectives. Pleasure comes from being successful in one’s work, and this creates the enthusiasm to try to do things even better. When you qualify for the reward, it motivates and encourages not only yourself but also other Distributors. By qualifying for Profit Share we can also enhance the credibility and reliability of our Company as well as appearing to be a good prospect to outsiders. Bonuses, of course, are also important, because that way we can achieve more prosperity for ourselves and our loved ones, sending out a message to others about the unique opportunity offered by Forever and the fantastic rewards that come with it.38 ROMANIA FINLAND
  40. 40. Sándor Tóth & Edina Vanya Tamás Budai & Éva Budai SchwarczPosition in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing PlanSoaring Manager Soaring ManagerLength of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever14 years 9 yearsCheque Amount Cheque Amount€33,969.96 €31,861.76Profit Share Managers Profit Share Managerin Downline in DownlineTibor Lapicz & Orsolya Lapiczné Lenkó Ágnes Klaj A Profit Sharing számunkra egy olyan kihívás, melynek teljesítéséhez Ez igazi vezetés és példamutatás szintje, amely megtanít igazi csapatjátékra, tervezett, rendszeres munkára, kitartó rendszeresen, tervszerûen dolgozni. Hálásak vagyunk lelkesedésre, motiváltságra van szükség. Célunk, hogy mindez a mindenkinek,aki hozzájárult ehhez a kihíváshoz. A legnagyobb csapatunkban is működjön, és segítsük munkatársainkat céljaik Forever-s csapat építésén dolgozunk és várunk mindenkit a PS- elérésében. A kiváló termékekkel, marketing tervvel és az ösztönző ben ,aki része akar lenni ennek az álomnak. programokkal mindenki tud változtatni életminőségén, This is the true level of leadership and guidance. It teaches us to egzisztenciáján. Nagyszerű érzés ötödik éve ebbe a "szűk" körbe work methodically on a regular basis. We are grateful to everyone tartozni és élvezni a Forever bőkezűségét. Álmaink nagyok, és ezek who contributed to this challenge. We’re working on building the megvalósításához megtaláltuk a legkiválóbb eszközt. Büszkék biggest Forever team and we hope everybody who wants to be vagyunk munkatársainkra, akik velünk együtt teljesítették a PS part of this dream achieves Profit Share. programot: Tibor és Orsi, köszönjük munkátokat! "Senki nem gyújt gyertyát azért, hogy aztán az ajtó mögé zárja: a fény célja, hogy még több fényt gyűjtsön maga köré, hogy felnyissa a szemeket, hogy megmutassa a körülötte rejtőző csodákat.” Paulo Coelho Profit Share is such a challenge for us, which requires real teamwork, systematic, planned activity, constant enthusiasm and motivation. Our goal is to make it all work within our team and to support our associates to achieve their goals. Everyone can change their quality of life and existence with excellent products, the Marketing Plan and incentive programmes. It has been a pleasure to belong to this select community, enjoying the generosity of Forever. Our dreams are big and we have found the best way to achieve them. We are proud of our associates who have also achieved Profit Share: Tibor & Orsi, we appreciate your work! “No one lights a lamp in order to hide it behind the door: the purpose of light is to create more light, to open people’s eyes, to reveal the marvels around.” Paulo Coelho HUNGARY HUNGARY 39
  41. 41. LEVEL ONE Maria Luisa Di Pinto Tünde Hajcsik & András Láng Position in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing Plan Soaring Manager Senior Manager Length of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever 11 years 10 years Cheque Amount Cheque Amount €30,952.16 €30,880.79 Profit Share Managers in Downline Profit Share Managers Gloria Giuliani & Luigi Zanna Raffaele, in Downline Othmar Aspmair & Antonia Kossler Tamás Budai & Éva Budai-Schwarcz, Ágnes Klaj Costruire un Forever Business è come coltivare dei fiori...prima si Mottónk: Csináld azt ma, amit mások nem csinálnak, azért, hogy mettono i semi, poi bisogna innaffiare ma senza esagerare, poi később azt csinálhasd, amit mások nem engedhetnek meg quando iniziano i germogli, curarli, togliere le erbacce e assicurarsi maguknak. che tutto procede nel verso giusto, se manca concime fornirglielo, Rex Maughan legzseniálisabb ösztönzőjének köszönhetően se hanno bisogno di luce spostarli in modo che ottengano quello 6.alkalommal élhettünk a Profit Sharing biztosította lehetőséggel. che vogliono, non tutti i semi daranno fiori, ma non perché non lo Jó érzés, hogy példánk már két nagyszerû vezetőnk számára volt vogliamo noi...noi possiamo solo prendere a cuore la loro crescita követendő. Köszönet nekik és csapatunk minden tagjának, akik finché non diventano belli rigogliosi. Possono iniziare a spargere i munkájukkal hozzájárultak közös sikereinkhez. loro semi per duplicarsi...tutto questo va fatto con cura, attenzione ma sopratutto Amore! E più adoperiamo questo atteggiamento più Our motto: Do today what others are not, so later you can do what tutti i nostri sogni e desideri si avverano... Dopo 11 anni in Forever others cannot afford. non fare nient’altro al mondo...mi appaga in tutti i sensi. Thanks to Rex Maughan’s most ingenious incentive we have Growing a Forever Business is like cultivating sow the grasped the opportunity of Profit Share six times already. It feels seeds, then you water them, but not too much, then as the great that two of our brilliant Managers have followed our example. sprouts start to come up, you make sure that they have enough We would like to say thanks to them, and to every member of our plant food, light or whatever it is they need to grow...not all of the team, whose work contributed to our shared success. seeds will sprout, but that is not because we don’t give them the attention...our job is to take care of their growth until they become strong plants and can start to spread their own seeds to duplicate themselves...all of this is done with care and attention to their needs but above all with love! The more we do this, the quicker all of our dreams and desires become reality! After 11 years in Forever, I can’t think of anything I would rather do. It satisfies all my desires.40 ITALY HUNGARY