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Profitshare 2011
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Profitshare 2011



What makes a good Business story?

What makes a good Business story?
One that could make you wealthy?
Here are a few stories that might help.



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Profitshare 2011 Profitshare 2011 Document Transcript

  • Welcome to Forever Celebrating our 33rd birthday earlier this year, what better way we are the world’s largest growers, manufacturers and to mark that celebration than to give away over distributors of aloe vera based products. Our products are €6 million in Europe and over $18 million globally? It’s no designed to keep healthy people healthy and to create a business wonder that more and more people around the world are opportunity for everyone, everywhere. calling Forever ‘The Greatest Opportunity in the World’. In these times of economic hardship, where tens of millions of people Through 33 years of economic ups and downs, Forever has are struggling to survive financially during their retirement, and achieved an enviable record of year-on-year growth, and faces where millions of young people face years of unemployment, the future in a particularly strong financial position. Forever is providing hope in over 145 countries, and is a company which spans the globe, touching millions of lives, both At Forever, we know that to achieve a balanced life requires with the opportunity and the products. financial as well as physical health. Many people around the world long to be in a position of financial security, decreased stress and Forever was founded in 1978 by Rex Maughan, an improved health. We pride ourselves in offering the vehicle to help entrepreneur who wanted to create a Company that allowed you realise your goals, dreams and aspirations, using high quality everyone the opportunity to build a new future for themselves. products and a generous Marketing Plan that will give you the As he says, “The greatest illness in the world today is an empty tools to achieve all three. The Forever ‘Family’ is filled with millions wallet. If you want to decrease the amount of suffering, then of people just like you, who have taken this opportunity of a give a person a chance to earn an honest living; this is a lifetime and are building a new secure future for their families and powerful remedy.” themselves. In this book you will meet many of the people from all over Europe who have achieved this, but be assured, this is being At Forever, we have dedicated ourselves to seeking out nature’s mirrored around the globe. Wherever you may be, Forever is there best sources and finest ingredients for health, wellness and to provide you with that same life-changing opportunity. beauty and offering them to the world. Today, with our affiliates,2
  • Message from Rex“Thank you for taking the time to read this incredible book. Itintroduces you to the Forever Living Products Distributors whohave worked hard in 2010 to earn a share of just one of theincentives that Forever offers. We often refer to our Companyas ‘The Greatest Opportunity in the World.’ This statement isnot meant to be a boastful one, or even a marketing ploy; it isjust simply a statement of fact. For the millions of activeDistributors throughout Europe and the rest of the world,Forever provides a vehicle that allows them to enjoy greaterhealth and wealth.2010 was a tough year for many businesses, and our Europeanbusiness was not immune to the effects of the globalslowdown. However, despite these external factors, we werethrilled to be able to award over €6.2 million to people just likeyou. Keep in mind that these payments are in addition to thegenerous monthly bonuses that the recipients earn. I am awarethat money does not bring happiness, nor is it a clear measureof success, but helping others is, and I’ve learned over theyears that you can help a lot more people with a full wallet thanwith an empty one.I invite you to take a closer look at this amazing opportunity andI look forward to meeting you on stage one day, where we willbe able to give you the cheque you deserve.”Forever yours,Rex Maughan 3
  • Profit Share The Forever Marketing Plan is designed to provide an income Some companies offer bonuses to their employees, of which ranging from a few hundred Euros a month, to one without many are ‘discretionary’. The result is that some employees limit, where the size of the income is determined by the amount receive bonuses they are happy with, while others do not. In of time, effort and commitment a Distributor puts into their Forever, the whole programme is calculated precisely, so the business. In addition, there are a number of incentives available bonus you receive is accurate to the nearest cent. to Distributors, including international travel, a Car Plan to enable you to pay for a car, and many other awards.4
  • The Profit Share programme enables Distributors at the baselevel to receive a cheque that is roughly the equivalent of theirmonthly bonus, meaning they are getting paid for a thirteenthmonth, even though they are only working twelve; a greatincentive unmatched in a normal working environment.However, as they move up the scale in the programme, theamounts earned can become life-changing.It has been proven that Distributors can start to access theProfit Share programme in their first full year with the Company,although of course, that is dependent on the time and effortcommitted by a Distributor to building their business.In this book you can see how the Forever Profit Shareprogramme is changing lives all across Europe. Thetestimonials from qualifying Distributors show that anyone,regardless of background, can become successful in Forever,and we are proud to be a Company that offers an opportunityto everyone, without discrimination. 5
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  • LEVEL THREE Jayne Leach & John Curtis Position in Marketing Plan Diamond Manager Length of Time in Forever 17 years Cheque Amount €540,777.11 Profit Share Managers in Downline Chris & Alan Goldsbrough, Philomena Guandai, Natalie Heeley, Hazel & Peter Kemble, Sue & Alan Matthewman, Diana & Geoff Page, Philippa & Robert Symes When we joined Forever in August 1993, we, like so many other by developing competent Managers and actively contributing to the people, didn’t really understand the full potential that Forever had growth of the Company. to change lives. What we did see immediately was a way out of our substantial debt, getting into a home of our own, better We qualified for the first time 15 years ago, and the first two Profit education for the children, and a vague notion of securing a Shares at Levels 1 and 2 repaid the debt – now we were free from this financially secure and better future, whatever that might mean. We distracting worry. Level 2 for the next three years took us from rented also saw then, and still do, the Forever career plan as a ‘Manager to high-entry point home ownership and a second home in Provence, Building Business’ with essentially three key positions; Assistant France, but nothing had prepared us for the impact of Level 3. Now Supervisor, where we started; Manager, to maximise personal and we could indulge in other property and financial investments, which team bonus levels and Diamond Manager, yielding the top Gem would in themselves yield lifetime security, as well as making a major Bonus royalty level – and so our journey of discovery began. contribution to our charity work in Africa. Regular and rapidly increasing monthly bonus income quickly built Where we find ourselves in 2011, having received Profit Share in a great way of life for our family, save for that past debt still there excess of €3 million so far, along with an ever-increasing payout to haunt us, and of course the desire to buy our own home. to team Managers in 51 countries, is enjoying peace of mind and satisfaction that comes from doing something we love, being Then, with the introduction of the Profit Share programme, we saw wealthy with lifetime security, frequent worldwide travel, beautiful an added layer to the existing rewards of the career plan, in the homes and helping others achieve the same - the start of a very form of an extremely generous annual performance bonus, paid for long list!8 UK
  • Profit Share is open to absolutely any Manager in Forever preparedto invest the time and effort to meet the straightforward rules.Success only comes as a result of focussed hard work, becomingcompetent and helping enough other people to achieve theirambitions.Qualification starts with deciding and believing you can - learningand working to achieve your own Level 1 qualification - anddeveloping Managers to achieve the same or more. Levels 2 and 3are then a logical progression.Underpinning our way of life is a humble attitude of gratitude toRex and Forever for making our journey possible. Life-changing,simple, generous and fair – that’s Profit Share, and the really greatthing is, Forever can have a life-changing cheque with your nameon it – don’t you owe it to yourself and those you love, to go andcollect it? UK 9
  • LEVEL THREE Rolf Kipp Position in Marketing Plan Double Diamond Manager Length of Time in Forever 16 years Cheque Amount €424,190.43 Profit Share Managers in Downline Angelika & Hans-Uwe Alber, Erich Kastl, Horst & Margrita Kelm, Christoph Albrecht, Christina & Robert Chalaupka, Andreas & Karin Fröhlich Das Profit Sharing habe ich in erster Linie durch das Sponsern I have reached Profit Share, primarily, by sponsoring many new vieler neuer Distributoren erreicht. Zur Gewinnung dieser neuen Distributors. To win these new business partners, I have Geschäftspartner habe ich kontinuierlich Anzeigen geschaltet. continuously changed the way I advertise. In addition, I have Darüber hinaus habe ich weitere Aktivitäten unternommen, um undertaken other activities to generate new contacts. Thus I neue Kontakte zu generieren. So führte ich gezielte Aktionen mit carried out specific actions with new products and talked to a den neuen Produkten durch und sprach dabei zum Teil ganz neue number of entirely new target groups. Moreover, large individual Zielgruppen an. Außerdem verhalfen mir große Einzelbestellungen orders from new team members helped me to the desired result. neuer Teampartner zum gewünschten Erfolg. Dies hat mir wieder This has shown me once again that with suitable continuous einmal gezeigt, dass mit entsprechender kontinuierlicher Aktivität activity everything is possible with Forever. There is no limit! bei Forever weiterhin alles möglich ist. Es gibt kein Limit! Wichtig ist Important: there can only be growth from new Distributors! zu wissen: Wachstum gibt es nur durch neue Distributoren! The success of the Forever business lies in its Marketing Plan. Der Erfolg des Forever-Business liegt im Marketingplan von This means: make new contacts daily, sell the products daily with Forever begründet. Das bedeutet: Mache täglich neue Kontakte, enthusiasm, win new partners for your business daily and obtain verkaufe täglich mit Begeisterung die Produkte, gewinne täglich recommendations for new Customers and potential Distributors. neue Partner und Partnerinnen für Dein Geschäft und hole Dir Important: never give up, and renew your business every three täglich Empfehlungen für neue Kunden und potenzielle months! Vertriebspartner. Wichtig dabei: Gib niemals auf. Und beginne Dein Geschäft alle drei Monate neu!10 FÜRSTENTUM MONACO
  • LEVEL THREE Anja & Kim Madsen Position in Marketing Plan Diamond Manager Length of Time in Forever 13 years Cheque Amount €371,127.78 Profit Share Managers in Downline Marita & Kari Vainiomäki, Stig Arne Hanssen, Bodil Serritslev Jørgensen, Astrid Sangild, Rosario & Ronny Kvist, Anette Hausmann Min kone, Anja, tager sig af hjemmefronten, mens jeg – Kim – nedenunder, der skinner. At man flyver ned og samler det op – det rejser ud for at skabe netværk, både lokalt og globalt. Takket være kunne jo være guld eller en ny PS-qualifier, der skal pudses og Forever har vi nået toppen af de materialistiske tinder. Men nu har plejes. At man arbejder med PS-aspiranterne og deres team, vi udset os et endnu højere mål, nemlig at give noget af alt det, vi overvåger, kontrollerer, opmuntrer osv. har fået, tilbage. Som ledere af Diamond Fund i Skandinavien Det koster at nå toppen! Det er som med sports¬stjerner, ministre, støtter vi eksempel – vis ambitiøse velgørenhedsprojekter for børn i rockstjerner osv. – hvis der er en kamp, et vigtigt møde eller en de baltiske lande og i Uganda, Afrika. koncert, skal man være klar, også selv om ens barn har Vi anser Profit Sharing for at være vores største præstation. Det er fødselsdag, eller ens bedste ven har jubilæum. Det kræver ofre. en metode til at vise de øvrige managers vejen, så de også kan Det kræver, at man giver lidt ekstra af sig selv!! opnå Profit Sharing. Profit Sharing handler ikke kun om penge: Det Jeg er også far, og som far respekterer jeg, at man er nødt til at er den største ære, man kan opnå. deltage i familiefødselsdage, børnenes fødselsdage, vennernes At opnå Level 3 inden for Profit Sharing er en præstation, som kun fødselsdage osv. Det er vigtigt, og hvis du ikke ønsker at nå ganske få i verden opnår – det er, præcis som med 7500 CC toppen, at blive Diamond-kvalificeret, Level 3-qualifyer eller Eagle ”Eagle Summit” eller ”Diamond Qualifications” det ypperste og Summit-medlem, så lad være med at yde det offer!! Det er helt i drømmen for millioner af Forever-forhandlere verden over. orden. Ikke alle når toppen, og du behøver ikke være én af dem!! Hvad skal der til for at opnå dette? Og hvad gjorde vi? Men husk, hvis du først når derop, så vil du senere få mere tid til familie, venner osv, end nogen anden, fordi du har friheden og Her følger en række Level 3-regler: pengene! Jeg har ydet mange ofre, men nu fejrer vi min datter Hårdt arbejde og en konsekvent og strategisk tilgang. At man Julies fødselsdag i Disneyland Paris i næste måned – Oliver, Anja flyver over sin organisation som en ørn for at se, om der er noget og jeg – og i skrivende stund holder vi ferie i det solrige paradis:12 DENMARK
  • Uganda i Afrika. Det er den slags ting, Level 3-qualifyers og you will have to polish it, work with the prospect and all her/histopledere kan tillade sig, så jeg vil helt klart anbefale den vej. Start team, check and control, encourage and so on.eventuelt med Level 1, og gå senere videre til Level 2 og 3, eller gå You will have to pay a price to get to the top, like sports stars,direkte til Level 3, som vi gjorde for ni år siden. ministers, rock stars etc. If there is a match or concert or importantVi ses på toppen! meeting, you must be there; even if your child has a birthday or your best friends have an anniversary, this is the sacrifice you willMy wife, Anja, deals with the social side of things on the home have to make – you will have to go the extra mile!front, while I – Kim – am out building the network locally andglobally. Thanks to Forever, we have reached the top of a As a father, I understand that you have to participate in all yourmaterialistic mountain. But now we’ve set our sights on a higher family’s relations’ anniversaries, your children’s birthdays, yourmountain, with the grand passion of giving back. As Diamond best friends’ birthdays etc. This is indeed very important, and ifFund Managers in Scandinavia, we support, for example, you don’t want to get to the top, to be a Diamond, Level 3ambitious charity projects for children in the Baltic States and in qualifier, or an Eagle Summit member, then don’t make theUganda, Africa. We consider Profit Share our greatest possible sacrifice! It’s OK. Not everyone will get to the top, and you don’tachievement. It’s a means of showing the way for our other have to be one of them!Managers to also achieve Profit Share. Profit Share isn’t just about But remember if you do get there, later on you will have even moremoney: it’s the greatest honour you can achieve. Attaining Level 3 time for your family and friends than anyone else, because you willin Profit Share is an achievement that very few people manage. It have the freedom and the money to do so! I have made sacrifices,is like the 7500 CC Eagle Summit or Diamond qualifications – this but we are celebrating my daughter Julie’s birthday in Disneylandis the very top, and it is the dream of millions of Forever in Paris next month, with Oliver, Anja and me, and as I write this,Distributors all over the world. we are on our winter holiday in the sunny paradise of Uganda inSo what does it take to get there, and what did we do? Here are Africa. This is what Level 3 and top leaders can do, so let mesome Level 3 rules: recommend you go all the way. You can start on Level 1 and then later move to Level 2 or 3, or you can go direct to Level 3, like weHard, constant and strategic work, flying over your organisation did nine years ago.like an eagle, to see if something down there is twinkling. Fly downand pick it up. It might be gold and a new Profit Share qualifier, so See you at the top. DENMARK 13
  • LEVEL THREE Katrin Bajri Position in Marketing Plan Double Diamond Manager Length of Time in Forever 12 years Cheque Amount €137,851.69 Profit Share Managers in Downline Sandra Picha-Kruder, Christa Gasplmayr, Rosita Nasseri-Darrell, Ralf Huhnstock, Peter & Angelika Möller Als studierte Betriebswirtin und gelernte Industriekauffrau wagte ich beschleunigen können. den Schritt in die Selbständigkeit und startete am 4. Juli 1999 bei Forever. Dieses Unternehmen bot mir alle Chancen, die ich für eine Was ich geschafft habe, können Sie auch! Und das Beste daran ist, erfolgreiche Karriere benötigte. Heute habe ich eine Spitzenposition der Einsatz eines jeden Einzelnen wird bei Forever auch inne und gehöre zu den erfolgreichsten Frauen Europas. Vor allem entsprechend belohnt. Wer mit Disziplin, Engagement und aber kann ich mir meinen Lebenstraum, frei zu sein und die Welt Zielstrebigkeit sein Forever-Business betreibt, der erhält ein kennen zu lernen, erfüllen. Darüber hinaus genieße ich noch viele angemessenes Äquivalent – in barer Münze. Deshalb begrüße ich weitere finanzielle und persönliche Freiheiten. das Profit Sharing von Forever uneingeschränkt, denn hier wird, wer sein Bestes gibt, auch angemessen dafür belohnt. So geht es beim Gerade für engagierte moderne Frauen bietet Forever eine Profit Sharing nicht nur um Erfolgszahlen, sondern auch um besondere Chance – ohne Risiko. Deshalb gebe ich meine Engagement höherer Levels für Nachrücker, um Förderung der Erfahrungen auch gerne weiter. Es reizt mich, anderen Menschen Geschäftspartner und um Sponsoring. Dabei handelt es sich um eine eine echte Alternative für ihren Berufs- und Lebensweg aufzuzeigen Investition in die Zukunft. und sie dann bei ihrer Forever-Karriere zu unterstützen. Ich möchte all denjenigen, denen es nicht so gut geht, mit Forever eine Chance In enger Zusammenarbeit mit der eigenen Downline versuche ich, bieten. Dabei lege ich großen Wert auf eine fundierte, systematische mich jedes Jahr aufs Neue in Level III zu qualifizieren. Dabei gehören Ausbildung, in der alles duplizierbare Know-how in der Praxis weiter für mich Entwicklung des Teamspirits und gegenseitige vermittelt wird. Dadurch bekommen Einsteiger eine große Sicherheit, Unterstützung im Team sowie Nutzung von Synergieeffekten der eine gute Orientierungshilfe und praktische Ratschläge, wie sie den einzelnen Manager hinsichtlich eines gemeinsamen Ziels Verlauf ihrer Karriere bestimmen und – falls gewünscht – auch unabdingbar zum Erfolgsrezept.14 FÜRSTENTUM MONACO
  • As a graduate in business management and an industrial clerk, I You can achieve what I have too! Those who operate their Foreverstarted with Forever on 4 July, 1999. This enterprise offered me all business with discipline and determination receive the rewards – inthe opportunities that I needed for a successful career. Today, I cash. I therefore welcome the Profit Share incentive with Foreverhave a top position and I am among the most successful women without reservation because it appropriately rewards those whoin Europe. Above all, this means that I can fulfil my life dream of give their best. Profit Share is not only about positive figures, butbeing free and getting to know the world. Most of all, I enjoy many also higher levels of commitment, about the support of businessother financial and personal freedoms. partners and about sponsoring. This is about an investment for the future.Forever offers modern committed women a special opportunity –without risk. And this is why I am passing on my experiences. It In close co-operation with my own Downline, I try every year oncefascinates me to give other people a genuine alternative to their again to qualify at Level 3. In my opinion, the development of teamprivate or professional path in life, and then to support them in spirit and mutual support within the team, as well as thetheir Forever career. I would like to offer all people who are not synergistic effects of the individual Managers is an absolute mustdoing so well in life an opportunity with Forever. in creating the formula of success to achieve a common goal.To this end, I attach great importance to a well-grounded,systematic course of trainings which can be duplicated forbeginners. These trainings offer a high degree of security, goodguidelines and practical tips as to how to determine their futureand – if desired – to accelerate it. FÜRSTENTUM MONACO 15
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  • LEVEL TWO 17
  • LEVEL TWO Miklós Berkics Position in Marketing Plan Diamond Manager Length of Time in Forever 14 years Cheque Amount €427,344.27 Profit Share Managers in Downline Márta Zsiga , Sándor Tóth & Edina Vanya, Aranka Vágási & András Kovács Hogy miért a Forever? Mert mi ebben a lehetőségben tudunk Why Forever? Because I received help from the very beginning and I segíteni Önnek! Hogy Én miért a Forevert választottam? Mert akkor still get it from the Company and from my Sponsor József Szabó már 19 éve a piacon volt, és előtte néhányszor ráfáztam a „most today. József always told me that I have to look for Distributors who indul és Te lehetsz az első” MLM cégekkel. A döntésnél fontos volt, are better than me. I found the best ones after searching for 11 hogy közel 200 top minőségű terméket kínáltak. Sok termékből years. These are Kati & Attila Gidófalvi who became Diamond nagyobb forgalom valószínű. Lényeges volt az árfekvésük, mert Managers within two and a half years. mégiscsak közép-kelet európai fizetésekből tervezünk. Fontos volt I tell everybody never to forget the day when you joined Forever and még a cég vezetője, Rex Maughan, aki azt mondta, hogy az egész to remember the day when you first dared to have big dreams about világon az Forever-nél vannak a legjobban megfizetve a the Marketing Plan. We must always remember, with a grateful heart, hálózatépítők. Ahol nagy a forgalom, ott sokat tudnak keresni a our Sponsor who introduced us to the world of Forever. Never forget munkatársak. A Forever a világ harmadik legnagyobb forgalmú MLM the basics every day to achieve results. We all should use the cége. Bárki a jövőben ugyanazt a munkát ugyanannyi idő alatt mint Forever products and share the secrets of the Marketing Plan with én beleteszi saját Forever vállalkozásába, ugyanazokat az more and more people. eredményeket érheti el, mint jómagam. Nem egy vevőkódnak tekint a cég, hanem embernek. Meg is maradtam annak! Mindezek mellett Anybody in the future who works as I do in my Forever business, can a legnagyszerűbb, hogy Rex Maughan azt mondja, hogy a Forever a reach the same results as I have. The Company does not consider világ legnagyobb lehetősége…és ez nem csak egy ígéret, erre you as a Distributor ID, it treats everyone as a human being. Besides bizonyítékunk is van! Segítünk, hogy elérje a célját! Go Diamond! all this, the greatest thing is as Rex Maughan says, that Forever is the greatest opportunity in the world...and this is not just a promise, we are the proof! We can help you to get there! Go Diamond!18 HUNGARY
  • Veronica & Aurel Meșter Position in Marketing Plan Diamond Sapphire Manager Length of Time in Forever 14 years Cheque Amount €228,518.69 Profit Share Managers in Downline Daniel & Maria Parascan, Lucica & Gheorghe Tabacaru, Camelia Iunia & Daniel DincutaProfit Sharing este o dovadă a generozităţii Forever, a faptului că Profit Share is proof of Forever’s generosity, of the fact that thisaceastă companie este unică în lume şi nu poate exista un loc mai Company is unique in the whole world and there cannot be abun în care să munceşti şi să trăieşti alături de familia şi prietenii better place to work and live with your family and friends. It is thetăi. Este un rezultat obţinut împreună cu echipa noastră! Pentru noi result of working together with our team. For us, personally, it is anpersonal este un dar copleşitor ce ne umple inima de recunoştinţă overwhelming gift that fills our hearts with gratitude for God, whofaţă de Dumnezeu, care face toate lucrurile posibile. Profit Sharing makes it all possible. Profit Share helps us keep our freedom andne ajută să ne păstrăm libertatea câştigată şi să fim un exemplu to be an example for our team, proof that you can have a five-starpentru cei din ţara noastră, o dovadă că şi în România poţi avea o life in Romania by partnering with a world leader like Forever. Weviaţă de 5 stele alături de un lider mondial ca Forever. Mulţumim thank the management team and all our partners in Romania andconducerii Forever şi tuturor partenerilor noştri din România şi abroad, who run their Forever businesses with passion,străinătate care fac această activitate cu dedicare, seriozitate şi seriousness and love for people. We are proud of you and we willdragoste de oameni. Suntem mândri de voi şi rămânem alături de stay with you Forever!voi Forever! ROMANIA 19
  • LEVEL TWO Anna Marie & José Alves De Sousa Position in Marketing Plan Sapphire Manager Length of Time in Forever 17 years Cheque Amount €201,254.78 Profit Share Managers in Downline Alain Bibal, Georgette & Jean Marie Julien Lurel, Nicole Bernard Perrault & Joseph Bernard C’est notre 7ème année de récompense PSM que nous recevons. This is the seventh year we have received Profit Share. We are Nous sommes très fiers de notre équipe et de leur engagement. very proud of our team and their commitment. What we have Ce que nous avons compris et qui est très important dans notre learnt and what is very important in our Forever business is that it’s activité forever: c’est le travail d’équipe d’une part et le travail a combination of both personal and teamwork. The synergy of the personnel d’autre part. La synergie des deux fait que le two means that the Distributor will continue to evolve and achieve distributeur continuera à évoluer et atteindra ses objectifs. Chaque set objectives. Each challenge will be a springboard, a personal challenge sera un tremplin pour lui, une satisfaction personnelle, satisfaction or success. Nothing in life is free, rewards come from voire une réussite. Rien n’est gratuit dans la vie, les récompenses effort, as in sport. The difference with Forever is that there is no viennent après les efforts effectués comme dans le sport. La age limit. Anyone can be rewarded, so why not you? différence avec forever c’est que l’on n’a pas d’âge limite. Tout le monde peut être récompensé, alors pourquoi pas vous?20 FRANCE
  • Magnus Adlercreutz Position in Marketing Plan Senior Manager Length of Time in Forever 10 years Cheque Amount €200,624.48 Profit Share Managers in Downline Anja & Kim Madsen, Jeanette Magnusson, Pia HedenfalkProfitshare är ett fantastiskt motivationsprogram som verkligen har Profit Share is a great motivation programme that has truly inspiredinspirerat många med mig. Det har hjälpt mig att fokusera men many people, including me. It has helped me to focus and alsosamtidigt tänka på hela Forever Scandinavia. Vi är alla en del av ett think about the whole of Forever Scandinavia. We are all part of ateam men med profishare så blir också vi en del av ‘Team Forever team but with Profit Share we also become part of ‘Team ForeverScandinavia’ vilket inspirerat mig till att jobba crossline. När någon Scandinavia’, which has inspired me to work Crossline. Whenbehöver hjälp så kan man som profitshare member se och känna someone needs help, I can, as a Profit Share qualifier, see andglädje i att hjälpa andra oavsett vilket team man tillhör eftersom sense joy in helping others, whichever team they belong to,varje liten produkt som blir såld eller att någon blir rekryterad because each little product sold, or each new recruit, contributesbidrar till framgången hos Forever Scandinavia vilket vi får del av to the success of Forever Scandinavia, which we all benefit from,stor som liten. in some way. SWEDEN 21
  • LEVEL TWO Georgette & Jean Marie Julien Lurel Position in Marketing Plan Diamond Manager Length of Time in Forever 15 years Cheque Amount €174,018.66 Profit Share Managers in Downline Eric & Natacha Phirmis, Francine & Didier Rabolion, Michel Prost, Pascal & Natalie L’Etang Le PSM reste pour nous un challenge incontournable dans le Profit Share is an inescapable challenge in the Forever Marketing schéma marketing Forever. Il nous permet d’avoir une stratégie de Plan. It allows us to have a strategy of developing and développement et de consolidation sur l’année en cours et à venir. consolidating the current year and the future. We have always Nous nous sommes toujours qualifiés au PSM depuis que la qualified for Profit Share since France was part of it. By winning France l’a obtenue. En gagnant ce challenge, c’est toute notre this challenge, our whole organisation benefits. If we want to win organisation qui en bénéficie. Car, si l’on veut le gagner on ne doit we must not rest on our laurels. pas dormir sur ces lauriers. We qualify as a team. Alone it’s impossible. We need the help of On se qualifie en équipe. Seul c’est impossible. Il faut l’aide de la the lineage and the support of the Company. lignée et le support de la société. Of course it brings us very big cheques, but also new Downlines, Certes, il nous rapporte de très gros chèques, mais également de new leaders and new structures. It also allows us to be active and nouvelles lignées, de nouveaux leaders. Il nous permet aussi to organise our Downline of Managers by helping them and d’activer et de structurer nos lignées de managers en les aidants, guiding them using our experience and support. en les guidant par notre expérience et notre supervision. This level of development is the only way to sustain your business A un certain niveau de développement, c’est la seule façon de network and build leaders. pérenniser votre entreprise de réseau et de bâtir des leaders. All Managers and leaders must build their businesses and gain Tous les managers Leaders doivent construire leur business et leur with Profit Share. So make your play...it’s a MUST! gain sur le PSM. Alors faîtes vos jeux…c’est le MUST !22 FRANCE
  • Horst & Margrita Kelm Position in Marketing Plan Sapphire Manager Length of Time in Forever 10 years Cheque Amount €143,753.05 Profit Share Managers in Downline Gertrud Pohlmann, Vincent & Jana Beijk, Christel & Dietmar ReichleDas „wie“ entstand bei uns erst, nachdem wir uns entschlossen The question of ‘how to go about things’ arose after we decidedhatten, die Qualifikation für das Profit-Sharing-Programm zu to qualify for Profit Share, and pick up our cheque on stage. Theerreichen und uns auch einen Scheck auf der Bühne abzuholen. determining factor was our visit to the Profit Share event inAusschlaggebend hierfür war der Besuch der Profit-Sharing- Frankfurt in 2001. We had been working for just a few weeks withVeranstaltung 2001 in Frankfurt. Wir arbeiteten damals gerade Forever. When we saw what was possible and realised that weeinige Wochen bei Forever. Als wir auf dieser Veranstaltung sahen, could also succeed, we decided to try for this goal. The ‘how’ waswas alles möglich ist und dass auch wir es schaffen könnten, then simply a matter of implementing our goals consistently. Sincefassten wir diesen Entschluss. Das „wie“ war dann eine einfache then, we have qualified every year for Profit Share.Fleißaufgabe der konsequenten Umsetzung unserer Ziele. Seitherqualifizieren wir uns jedes Jahr aufs Neue für das Profit Sharing. FÜRSTENTUM LIECHTENSTEIN 23
  • LEVEL TWO Anar Sagiyeva & Talgat Baimuldanov Position in Marketing Plan Soaring Manager Length of Time in Forever 6 years Cheque Amount €136,065.51 Profit Share Managers in Downline Altin Kanieva & Nurlybek Safin, Munira Nusupova & Yerniyaz Nusupov, Balzhan Shaidayeva & Baglan Shaidayev Әрбір адамның тағдыры өз қолында. Иә, 2004 жылы Every man’s destiny is in his own hands. In 2004, my sister Aigul желтоқсан айындағы Стамбулдан телефон соққан әпкем Benakay called me and said, “Anar, I have been introduced to a Айгүл Бенакайдың жігерлі де, шабытты дауысы әлі company which gives you good health and money.” We thank our құлағымда. «Анар, өздеріңе әрі денсаулық, әрі табыс Sponsor Aigul Benakay for giving us such an opportunity. беретін керемет бір компаниямен таныстым,»-деп Profit Share is one of the best opportunities. We have reached бастап еді. Өміріміздің өзгеруіне үлкен үлес қосқан Level 2 of this programme, along with three people from our team. спонсорымыз Айгүл Бенакайға тобымыздың атынан A clever and confident person never gives up, he fights until the шексіз алғысымызды білдіргім келеді. Солардың end. Weak people do not try to fight against difficulties, they ішіндегі сізді әлемге танытып, ерекше құрметтейтіні- always yield to small difficulties. So always be brave, be confident, «Profit Sharе». Қазақстан бойынша бірінші рет «Profit and use all the opportunities which Forever provides! Sharing»-ң екінші деңгейін ұтып отырмыз. Өзіміз ғана емес, тобымыздан 3 тармақтан 3 адам осы табыс көзіне қол жеткізіп отыр. Барлықтарыңыз ақылдылардың, қайратты адамдардың қатарында болып, өз тағдырларыңызды өзгеге билетпей, Форевердің тамаша мүмкіншіліктеріне жете беріңіздер!24 KAZAKHSTAN
  • Erich Kastl Position in Marketing Plan Diamond Manager Length of Time in Forever 16 years Cheque Amount €134,318.20 Profit Share Managers in Downline Silvia Mühlberger, Michael & Brigitte Menter, Dr. Susanne Schwemmlein & Dr. Guido di MascioDas Profit-Sharing ist angelegt für 12 Monate vom 1. Januar bis The Profit Share incentive is set up for 12 months from 1 January31. Dezember eines Jahres. Wir definieren das Ziel von Beginn an to 31 December of each year. We precisely define our goal rightganz genau. Nur diese klare Vorstellung, was wir erreichen wollen, from the start. Only such a clear idea of what we want leads to ourführt uns zum Erfolg. Wir überreden Menschen nicht, Forever- success. We do not convince people to take Forever products,Produkte zu nehmen, sondern begeistern sie jeden Tag – und das but spark their interest every day – and the result proves us right.erreichte Ziel gibt uns Recht. Erfolg im Ganzen erfordert Präzision Great success requires precision in detail.im Detail. We regard Forever as the greatest opportunity of our lives.Wir sehen Forever als größte Chance unseres Lebens. Deshalb Therefore, we shall continue to learn how to fine-tune and perfectwerden wir weiterhin lernen, an unserem Business feilen, es our business and get people interested in Forever. We do notperfektionieren und die Menschen von und mit Forever begeistern. always have to be the best, but we shall always give our best.Erich Kastl ist im Mai 2011 leider verstorben. Seine Familie und Erich sadly passed away May 2011. He will be missed by hisForever werden ihn sehr vermissen. Forever family. GERMANY 25
  • LEVEL TWO Lorraine Cornford Position in Marketing Plan Soaring Manager Length of Time in Forever 12 years Cheque Amount €133,407.11 Profit Share Managers in Downline Giovanni Asole, Adelino Bolzonello & Anna Mastrolonardo, Viviana Greco & Roberto Setti Il Profit Share è il più emozionante e gratificante tra tutti gli incentivi Profit Share is the most exciting and rewarding of all our messi a disposizione dalla nostra azienda. Mi sono qualificata tante Company’s incentives. I have qualified so many times now that I volte, e ora ho perso il conto; tuttavia ogni volta che salgo sul have lost count; but every time I go up on stage to receive my palco per ricevere l’assegno non riesco ancora a crederci. Ma cheque I still can’t believe it. With forward planning, good attraverso una buona ‘Pianificazione’, un Buon lavoro di squadra’, teamwork and commitment and conviction to reach the goal, any ‘Impegno e la certezza di poter raggiungere l’obiettivo’ tutti i Distributor reading this can, and probably will, be the next one on distributori che leggono questa testimonianza possono, e stage collecting his/her fantastic Profit Share cheque! Decide what probabilmente saranno i prossimi, salire sul palco per ricevere il you want, plan, stick with it, stay focussed, work with your team fantastico assegno del Profit Share! Stabilisci cosa desideri, and make it happen! Pianifica, non perdere di vista l’obiettivo e rimani concentrato, lavora con il tuo Team e fai in modo che succeda! A huge thank you as always to Forever for their amazing generosity which changes lives. And a huge thank you, best Un enorme grazie come sempre alla Forever per la sua incredibile wishes and much love to all my team for the great results achieved generosità che ti permette di cambiare la vita. Ed un enorme last year, and above all, to my qualified Profit Share Managers, grazie, auguri e tanto amore al mio Team per i fantastici risultati ‘YOU ARE THE BEST!’ raggiunti nel corso dell’anno e soprattutto ai Manager del mio gruppo che si sono qualificati per il Profit Share ‘SIETE I MIGLIORI!’26 ITALY
  • Adelino Bolzonello & Anna Mastrolonardo Position in Marketing Plan Sapphire Manager Length of Time in Forever 12 years Cheque Amount €131,068.19 Profit Share Managers in Downline Giovanni Adamo & Daniela Trevisan, Sonia De Simone & Salvatore Solarino, Francesco GuarnacciaAnche quest’anno abbiamo raggiunto l’obiettivo del Profit Share! This year, we’ve achieved our objective of Profit Share! It gives usRaggiungere questa qualifica è per noi una grande soddisfazione, great satisfaction to achieve it. Not everyone knows that teamworknon tutti sanno che il lavoro di gruppo è indispensabile per il Profit is essential for Profit Share but our commitment has certainly beenshare, certamente l’impegno nostro è stato notevole nel fare significant with training, planning and organisation.formazione, pianificazione e organizzazione. You can achieve these goals through perseverance and resolution,Queste mete si raggiungono con la perseveranza e la tenacia, working every day to achieve your dreams. Making dreams comelavorando giorno dopo giorno per realizzare ciò che sogniamo. true means helping the team all the time, working with andRealizzare dei sogni significa dare metodi di lavoro e sostegno ai supporting them, and by listening to those who are workingpropri collaboratori continuamente, ascoltando solo coloro che towards improving their physical and financial wellbeing. For thislavorano per migliorare il proprio stato di benessere fisico ed we thank all of you, our family, our Managers and our Distributorseconomico, per questo ringraziamo tutti, la nostra Famiglia, i nostri and we hope that everyone can experience the joy we feel. AboveManager e tutti i nostri Incaricati di Vendita e auguriamo che tutti all thanks to our Downline.possano provare la grande gioia che proviamo noi, ma soprattuttograzie a tutta la nostra Downline. ITALY 27
  • LEVEL TWO Jeanette Magnusson Position in Marketing Plan Sapphire Manager Length of Time in Forever 13 years Cheque Amount €121,662.90 Profit Share Managers in Downline Christina Hörberg, Ingalill Wigmostad, Malin Bäckström 1998 drabbades jag av en överkänslighet i mitt frisöryrke och jag In 1998 I developed hypersensitivity within my job as a hairdresser började söka efter ett arbeta som jag kunde kombinera med min and I started looking for a job I could combine with my frisör verksamhet. Genom en kund kom jag i kontakt med Forever hairdressing. Then in 1998, a customer introduced me to Forever. 1998. It was the biggest opportunity I had ever faced, and I seized it. Det var den största möjligheten jag någonsin stått inför och jag tog Having the chance to work with a world-leading Company in a den. Att få möjligheten att arbeta med ett världsledande företag på market that is infinite is a big thing! en marknad som är oändlig, är stort! Forever has surpassed all my dreams and the great thing about Forever har överträffat alla mina drömmar och det underbara i vårt our work is being able to help all those who want to experience the arbete är att få hjälpa alla som vill få uppleva samma sak! same thing! 2011 kommer att bli ett otroligt spännande år för Forever 2011 will be an incredibly exciting year for Forever Scandinavia! Skandinavia!28 SWEDEN
  • Joëlle Bonnefoy-Poli & & André Poli Position in Marketing Plan Diamond Manager Length of Time in Forever 17 years Cheque Amount €116,720.14 Profit Share Managers in Downline Helena & Wing Ly, Nana Kouldiati Ouoba, Wilfryd & Karima BraconneauDiamond Manager en 2008 et Profit Share Manager depuis 2006. We achieved Diamond Manager in 2008 and have been ProfitNous avons vécu 17 années avec Forever et traversé beaucoup Share qualified since 2006. We have been with Forever for 17d’échecs avant de goûter au succès. Si vous vous engagez avec years and we have been through many failures before tastingsincérité et constance dans votre business, si vous êtes en accord success. If you are sincere and consistent in your business, if youavec les valeurs et les principes du MLM; si vous aimez les gens, agree with the values and principles of MLM, if you like people, aun grand succès vous attend tôt ou tard. Car votre business se great success awaits you sooner or later. Your business becomestransforme en passion, avec une conviction et une détermination a passion with conviction and determination that nothing andque rien ni personne ne peut éteindre, et vous ne vous inquiétez nobody can turn off, and you worry no more about your fears, yourplus de vos peurs, de vos doutes, de vos difficultés, ni de vos doubts, your difficulties or your failures. You realise you’re on theéchecs. Vous réalisez que vous êtes sur le seul chemin qui vaut la only path which is worthwhile, the one that opens up every aspectpeine, celui qui épanouit tous les aspects de votre vie en of your life by conveying good health and financial independencevéhiculant le Bien-être physique et l’Indépendance financière pour for hundreds or even thousands of people around you. You realisedes centaines voire de milliers de personnes autour de vous. Vous that your true success is not the qualification at the end of theréalisez que votre vraie réussite n’est pas au bout du chemin vers road, but it is the path itself; each obstacle can reveal your hiddenune qualification, mais qu’elle est le chemin lui-même, dont talents and sharpen all the qualities needed to reach the summitschaque obstacle permet de révéler vos talents cachés et d’aiguiser of serenity in your life.toutes les qualités nécessaires pour atteindre sereinement lessommets de votre vie. FRANCE 29
  • LEVEL TWO Christina & Robert Chalaupka Position in Marketing Plan Diamond Manager Length of Time in Forever 13 years Cheque Amount €115,115.22 Profit Share Managers in Downline Helga & Ewald Rauschgott, Hansjörg & Renata Wohn, Tanja Martinz Wenn man nach dem Karriereplan lebt, ist man automatisch im If you work in accordance with the Marketing Plan, you will Profit Sharing! Hilf Deiner Downline, ihre Ziele zu erreichen automatically achieve Profit Share! Help your Downline to achieve (mindestens 700 CC/Jahr). Gib jedes Jahr neuen Distributoren die their goals (at least 700 CC per year). Give new Distributors the Möglichkeit, mit Forever ihren gewünschten Erfolg zu erreichen chance to achieve their desired success (at least 150 CC per (mindestens 150 CC/Jahr). Investiere Deine Kraft in einen – oder year). Invest your energy in one, or several, Managers in your mehrere – Manager in Deiner Downline, damit sie ein Downline, so they achieve a steady income (one Manager with at kontinuierliches Einkommen erreichen (1 Manager mit mindestens least 600 CC per year or more, to achieve Profit Share). It is crucial 600 CC/Jahr oder mehrere, die auch das Profit Sharing erreichen). to create a synergy of all three. We took these guidelines to heart Entscheidend ist, dass man eine Synergie aller drei Punkte right at the beginning of our Forever business; from day one, we herstellt. Da wir von Beginn unseres Forever-Business diese worked towards Profit Share. Richtlinien beherzigt haben, waren wir vom 1. Profit Sharing an dabei.30 FÜRSTENTUM LIECHTENSTEIN
  • Meryem & Selim Öztekin Position in Marketing Plan Soaring Manager Length of Time in Forever 2 ½ years Cheque Amount €108,219.17 Profit Share Managers in Downline Erdoğan & Sevim Burgazli, Nuri Erdinç Erol, Mustafa & Ayşe Nur ÖzdemirEşimle ve ben iktisat fakültesi mezunuyuz. 3 çocuğumuz var. otomobile sahibiz. 2. yılımızda Kar Paylaşımını 2. seviyeden kazandık.Forever ile tanıştığımızda 3 yıldır farklı bir network firmasında 2010 yılı gelirimiz 300.000 $’ın üzerine çıktı. Başaracağımıza inanarakçalışıyorduk. Daha önceki yaptığımız ticaretimizde iflas başladığımız işimizde, iyi bir takım çalışması ve güçlü bir eğitimetmemizden dolayı çok ciddi borçlarımız vardı. Bırakın borç sistemiyle sağlık, iyi kazanç, kariyer, teşvik ve tatiller elde ettiğimizödemeyi evimizi bile geçindirmede zorlanıyorduk. Çocuklarımıza güzelliklerden sadece bazıları. Bizim için elde ettiğimiz en güzelbaşka ailelerin çocuklarının küçülmüş kıyafetlerini giydiriyorduk. kazanım ise Forever’de birlikte çalıştığımız çok değerli dostlarımızınKira, elektrik, su, telefon faturaları hep gecikmeli ödeniyordu. oluşmasıdır. Forever ile geleceğe çok daha güvenle bakabiliyoruz.Forever fırsatını duyunca açıkçası reddetme lüksümüz kalmamıştı.Ama piyasada maalesef çok fazla network kirliliği vardı. My wife and I both graduated from the School of Economics, and weAraştırmalarımız sonucunda Forever’nin ürün yelpazesinin çok have three kids. When we came across Forever, we had beengeniş olduğunu ve ürünlerin mükemmel sonuçlar verdiğini, bankrupt from a previous business; we couldn’t afford to live day toözellikle kazanç planınında ne kadar kolay ve rahatça day. There were times when we had no money to buy bread and milkkopyalanabilir olduğunu, hem kendimizin hem de bizimle birlikte for our kids. There were days that we couldn’t afford any pocketbu işi yapan herkesinde iyi kazançlar elde edebileceğini gördük. money for our kids’ for school. They had to start wearing other kids’Üstelik bizden 4 ay önce başlayan sponsorumuz çok güzel clothes, which were too small or ill-fitting. When our Sponsorbaşarılar elde etmişti. 20 Ağustos 2008 başladık. Malagada 11 presented the Forever opportunity to us, it was an offer we couldn’tekip arkadaşımızla İspanya ’ya giderek Avrupa Rallisi’ne katıldık. refuse. The result was great. We can now pay for anything we need2010’da Londra’da ekip arkadaşlarımızla 35 kişiydik. Yine to, without any problems. We have the greatest confidence in our2010’da Super Rallye kalifiye olarak Amerika’ya 10 günlük tatil future with Forever.kazandık. 3. seviyeden Araba Planı ile aldığımız çok güzel bir TURKEY 31
  • LEVEL TWO Eric & Natacha Phirmis Position in Marketing Plan Soaring Manager Length of Time in Forever 14 years Cheque Amount €88,014.18 Profit Share Managers in Downline Manoj & Keran Mudhoo, Patricia & Stepane Lalanne, Sabine & Max Payet Ayant débuté avec Forever en Septembre 1997, nous sommes Having started with Forever in 1997, we became Managers the devenus Managers dans la même année, actuellement nous following year. We are now Soaring Managers and this is our fifth sommes Managers Essor et cest notre 5ème chèque Profit Share Profit Share cheque and the second one at Level 2. It is always a et le second au niveau 2. C’est toujours un grand honneur de se great honour to qualify for this marvellous reward. Each year this qualifier pour cette superbe gratification. Chaque année, cet objective is essential for us. We only have to write down all our objectif est essentiel. Il nous suffit de mettre sur papier nos needs to understand that this achievement must be attained at all besoins pour comprendre que ce gain est indispensable. C’est costs. It’s free! So why don’t you imitate us and get involved? The gratuit, alors pourquoi vous ne faites pas comme nous en vous joy and emotion that we see in Rex’s eyes for us and seeing the engageant car l’emotion, et la joie, que cela procure est tout aussi same joy in the eyes of our Downline represents the effect of indispensable. La joie que l’on voit dans les yeux de Rex pour continuous motivation. nous et la joie de voir les gagnants dans nos descendances sont Visualise, decide, act, and overcome all obstacles. Never give up des effets de motivations incontournables. and you will see the result at the end. Visualisez, decidez, agissez, passez les obstacles, n’abandonnez Let’s meet together next year. We are with you. jamais et le resultat sera au rendez vous. Rendez-vous l’an prochain, nous sommes avec vous.32 MAURITIUS
  • LEVEL TWO 33
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  • LEVEL ONE 35
  • LEVEL ONE Vágási Aranka & Kovács András Peter Bollen Position in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing Plan Diamond Sapphire Manager Manager Length of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever 13 years 11 years Cheque Amount Cheque Amount €80,140.87 €48,941.54 Profit Share Managers in Downline Stevan & Veronika Lomjanski Elkötelezettség, szorgalom, erős célok, sok jó Barát, nagy csapat, Vroeger droomden we ervan en nu is het werkelijkheid geworden. közös ötletek, optimális munkatempó, Kudarctűrés, szüntelen Nog maar weer eens een bewijs dat visualisatie echt werkt en als Kreativitás. Az élet értelmének megvalósítása, jó munkaköri légkör je ervoor gaat wordt je beloond. Forever is het mooiste en het megteremtése. Hobby és küldetés. A pihenés-utazás arányos beste wat we ooit zijn tegengekomen. Het fijne aan Forever is dat eltöltése. Családi marketing, többgenerációs munka, közös célok. Profit Share voor iedereen mogelijk is en we hopen dan ook dat er Köszönettel: Aranka. volgend jaar meer gekwalificeerden zijn in de Benelux. Ook zijn er mensen genoeg in deze wereld die met Forever een nieuw leven Rex Maughan olyan hangszert adott az Forever-vel a kezünkbe, kunnen opbouwen en het is aan ons om ze deze mogelijkheid te amelynek segítségével mindenki megtalálhatja a helyét a nagy laten zien. Deze cheque kunnen we goed gebruiken voor verdere zenekarban, és a saját hangszínével gazdagíthatja az verbouwingen aan ons huis en een extra auto voor de zaak. Dank összharmóniát. A szeretet rugói hangolják a húrokat. U Rex en alle anderen. Tisztelettel: András. We used to dream of it and now it has become reality. Once again It takes commitment, diligence, focussed goals, lots of good proof that visualisation truly works and that, if you really go for it, friends, a great team, shared ideas, an optimal pace of work, you will be rewarded. Forever is the finest and the best that we withstanding failure, endless creativity, creating the best have ever come across. The good thing about Forever is that Profit atmosphere and making it a mission. Then spend wisely, spend Share is within reach of everyone and therefore we hope that there time with family, with everyone working together towards the same will be more qualifiers from Benelux next year. There are also goals. Thank you, Aranka. enough people in this world that can, with Forever, build a new life and it is up to us to show them this possibility. We can use this Rex Maughan gives us our own instruments within the Forever cheque really well to further renovate our home and to get an extra orchestra and thus, we all have our place, able to play in tune with car for our business. Thank you Rex and all others. each other, in harmony, but free to compose individually. The strings are tuned with the energy of the love we feel. Best regards, András.36 HUNGARY BELGIUM
  • Stevan & Veronika Lomjanski Gizella & Marius BotisPosition in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing PlanDiamond Manager Diamond Sapphire ManagerLength of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever14 years 14 yearsCheque Amount Cheque Amount€46,812.15 €45,426.58Profit Share Managersin DownlineDragana & Miloš Janović 14 godina radimo posvećeno, prilagodljivi promenama, sa Am început afacerea Forever în 1998 şi muncim şi acum aceeaşi istrajnošću, strpljenjem i ogromnom energijom za pomoć drugima. bucurie şi pasiune. Profit Sharing este o provocare pentru noi în Lojalni smo kompaniji koja daje poslovnu šansu milionima ljudi fiecare an, pentru că ne determină să depunem efort personal širom sveta da poštenim radom može da živi životom dostojnim constant, să ne sprijinim colaboratorii, să fim alături de ei şi să-i čoveka. ajutăm să se dezvolte şi să urce pe scara Planului de Marketing. Celor care încă joacă şi aşteaptă în fiecare săptămână să câştige Hvala ti Rex što si stvorio toliko dobru i stabilnu kompaniju uz koju lozul cel mare la loterie le spunem că, prin muncă perseverentă ćemo do kraja života biti poslovni ljudi i ostvarivati svoje alături de Forever, vor câştiga cu siguranţă lozul cel mare. ciljeve.Učešće u PS programu znači da nismo pasivni i čekamo koliki mesečni bonus će nam doneti naša saradnička mreža, nego We started our Forever business in 1998 and we continue to work šireći informacije o Forever-u pružamo šansu i aktivno pomažemo with the same joy and passion. Profit Share is a challenge for us starim i novim distributerima u ostvarivanju njihovih ciljeva. every year, as it stimulates us to constantly make personal effort, to support our partners, to stay close to them and to help them Hvala Forever. develop and climb the Marketing Plan ladder. Those who are still For 14 years we have been dedicated to work, adaptable to playing the lottery every week, waiting for the big prize, we tell changes, persistent, had great patience and huge energy to help them that through perseverance with Forever, they will certainly others. We are loyal to the Company which gives business win the big lottery prize. opportunities to millions of people worldwide, helping them to live a decent life by working honestly. Thank you Rex for creating such an excellent and stable Company. We will remain successful business people to the end and fulfil our goals. Participation in Profit Share means that we are not passive, not just waiting for our monthly bonus from the team. Rather, we share information and work, and actively help our established and new Distributors to reach their goals. Thank you Forever. SERBIA ROMANIA 37
  • LEVEL ONE Camelia Iunia & Daniel Dincuta Marita & Kari Vainiomäki Position in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing Plan Sapphire Manager Soaring Manager Length of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever 11 years 11 years Cheque Amount Cheque Amount €36,214.22 €34,583.78 Profit Share Managers in Downline Raija & Hannu Salmilehto, Seppo & Eija Tanhua Calificarea la programul Profit Share este o provocare continuă, On tärkeää, että managerina toimimme niin, että voimme olla hyvänä care ne ajută să ne dezvoltăm permanent echipa, să descoperim esimerkkinä koko organisaatiollemme. Profit Share kannustaa meitä noi campioni şi să rămânem un exemplu pentru ei. Suntem tekemään jatkuvasti oikeita perusasioita: myymään tuotteita, copleşiţi de generozitatea lui Rex şi suntem convinşi că de-abia sponsoroimaan uusia jälleenmyyjiä ja auttamaan heitä saavuttamaan aşteaptă să ofere un asemenea cadou oricui pune pasiune în heidän omat tavoitteensa. Onnistuminen työssä antaa itselle iloa ja afacerea Forever. intoa tehdä asioita vielä paremmin. Pätevöityminen motivoi ja kannustaa paitsi itseä, myös muita jälleenmyyjiä. Profit Share Qualifying for Profit Share is a permanent challenge for us, which pätevöitymisellä myös lisäämme yrityksemme ja oman työmme helps us to constantly develop our team, discover new champions uskottavuutta ja luotettavuutta prospektien ja ulkoisten sidosryhmien and to remain as an example to them. We are overwhelmed by mielissä.Totta kai ylimääräisellä bonuksellakin on merkitystä. Sillä Rex’s generosity and we know for sure that he will continue to voimme saada itsellemme ja läheisillemme lisää hyvinvointia, joka offer such rewards to anyone who brings passion into his Forever viestittää ulkopuolisille Foreverin ainutlaatuisesta mahdollisuudesta ja business. hyvästä palkkiojärjestelmästä. It is important for us, as Managers, to set a good example to the entire organisation. Profit Share encourages us to consistently do the basic things right: to sell the products, to sponsor new Distributors and to help them achieve their own objectives. Pleasure comes from being successful in one’s work, and this creates the enthusiasm to try to do things even better. When you qualify for the reward, it motivates and encourages not only yourself but also other Distributors. By qualifying for Profit Share we can also enhance the credibility and reliability of our Company as well as appearing to be a good prospect to outsiders. Bonuses, of course, are also important, because that way we can achieve more prosperity for ourselves and our loved ones, sending out a message to others about the unique opportunity offered by Forever and the fantastic rewards that come with it.38 ROMANIA FINLAND
  • Sándor Tóth & Edina Vanya Tamás Budai & Éva Budai SchwarczPosition in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing PlanSoaring Manager Soaring ManagerLength of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever14 years 9 yearsCheque Amount Cheque Amount€33,969.96 €31,861.76Profit Share Managers Profit Share Managerin Downline in DownlineTibor Lapicz & Orsolya Lapiczné Lenkó Ágnes Klaj A Profit Sharing számunkra egy olyan kihívás, melynek teljesítéséhez Ez igazi vezetés és példamutatás szintje, amely megtanít igazi csapatjátékra, tervezett, rendszeres munkára, kitartó rendszeresen, tervszerûen dolgozni. Hálásak vagyunk lelkesedésre, motiváltságra van szükség. Célunk, hogy mindez a mindenkinek,aki hozzájárult ehhez a kihíváshoz. A legnagyobb csapatunkban is működjön, és segítsük munkatársainkat céljaik Forever-s csapat építésén dolgozunk és várunk mindenkit a PS- elérésében. A kiváló termékekkel, marketing tervvel és az ösztönző ben ,aki része akar lenni ennek az álomnak. programokkal mindenki tud változtatni életminőségén, This is the true level of leadership and guidance. It teaches us to egzisztenciáján. Nagyszerű érzés ötödik éve ebbe a "szűk" körbe work methodically on a regular basis. We are grateful to everyone tartozni és élvezni a Forever bőkezűségét. Álmaink nagyok, és ezek who contributed to this challenge. We’re working on building the megvalósításához megtaláltuk a legkiválóbb eszközt. Büszkék biggest Forever team and we hope everybody who wants to be vagyunk munkatársainkra, akik velünk együtt teljesítették a PS part of this dream achieves Profit Share. programot: Tibor és Orsi, köszönjük munkátokat! "Senki nem gyújt gyertyát azért, hogy aztán az ajtó mögé zárja: a fény célja, hogy még több fényt gyűjtsön maga köré, hogy felnyissa a szemeket, hogy megmutassa a körülötte rejtőző csodákat.” Paulo Coelho Profit Share is such a challenge for us, which requires real teamwork, systematic, planned activity, constant enthusiasm and motivation. Our goal is to make it all work within our team and to support our associates to achieve their goals. Everyone can change their quality of life and existence with excellent products, the Marketing Plan and incentive programmes. It has been a pleasure to belong to this select community, enjoying the generosity of Forever. Our dreams are big and we have found the best way to achieve them. We are proud of our associates who have also achieved Profit Share: Tibor & Orsi, we appreciate your work! “No one lights a lamp in order to hide it behind the door: the purpose of light is to create more light, to open people’s eyes, to reveal the marvels around.” Paulo Coelho HUNGARY HUNGARY 39
  • LEVEL ONE Maria Luisa Di Pinto Tünde Hajcsik & András Láng Position in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing Plan Soaring Manager Senior Manager Length of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever 11 years 10 years Cheque Amount Cheque Amount €30,952.16 €30,880.79 Profit Share Managers in Downline Profit Share Managers Gloria Giuliani & Luigi Zanna Raffaele, in Downline Othmar Aspmair & Antonia Kossler Tamás Budai & Éva Budai-Schwarcz, Ágnes Klaj Costruire un Forever Business è come coltivare dei fiori...prima si Mottónk: Csináld azt ma, amit mások nem csinálnak, azért, hogy mettono i semi, poi bisogna innaffiare ma senza esagerare, poi később azt csinálhasd, amit mások nem engedhetnek meg quando iniziano i germogli, curarli, togliere le erbacce e assicurarsi maguknak. che tutto procede nel verso giusto, se manca concime fornirglielo, Rex Maughan legzseniálisabb ösztönzőjének köszönhetően se hanno bisogno di luce spostarli in modo che ottengano quello 6.alkalommal élhettünk a Profit Sharing biztosította lehetőséggel. che vogliono, non tutti i semi daranno fiori, ma non perché non lo Jó érzés, hogy példánk már két nagyszerû vezetőnk számára volt vogliamo noi...noi possiamo solo prendere a cuore la loro crescita követendő. Köszönet nekik és csapatunk minden tagjának, akik finché non diventano belli rigogliosi. Possono iniziare a spargere i munkájukkal hozzájárultak közös sikereinkhez. loro semi per duplicarsi...tutto questo va fatto con cura, attenzione ma sopratutto Amore! E più adoperiamo questo atteggiamento più Our motto: Do today what others are not, so later you can do what tutti i nostri sogni e desideri si avverano... Dopo 11 anni in Forever others cannot afford. non fare nient’altro al mondo...mi appaga in tutti i sensi. Thanks to Rex Maughan’s most ingenious incentive we have Growing a Forever Business is like cultivating flowers...you sow the grasped the opportunity of Profit Share six times already. It feels seeds, then you water them, but not too much, then as the great that two of our brilliant Managers have followed our example. sprouts start to come up, you make sure that they have enough We would like to say thanks to them, and to every member of our plant food, light or whatever it is they need to grow...not all of the team, whose work contributed to our shared success. seeds will sprout, but that is not because we don’t give them the attention...our job is to take care of their growth until they become strong plants and can start to spread their own seeds to duplicate themselves...all of this is done with care and attention to their needs but above all with love! The more we do this, the quicker all of our dreams and desires become reality! After 11 years in Forever, I can’t think of anything I would rather do. It satisfies all my desires.40 ITALY HUNGARY
  • Dietmar & Christel Reichle Mahfor Abutaliyev & Galiya DospayevaPosition in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing PlanDiamond Manager Sapphire ManagerLength of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever10 years 3 yearsCheque Amount Cheque Amount€28,692.07 €27,379.79 Profit Share Managers in Downline Ruslan Syrlybaev & Samal Egizbaeva, Karlgash Umbetova & Gabiden Saginbaev Als ich bei Forever begonnen habe, saß ich als Greenhorn in den Мы семейная пара из г. Атырау. С июня 2008г. находимся hinteren Reihen beim Profit Sharing in Frankfurt. Als ich gesehen в бизнесе Форевер. Наши спонсоры самые быстрые habe, was man hier als Sonderbonus erreichen kann, stand für бриллианты в истории ФЛП Аттила и Каталин Гидофалви mich fest: Im kommenden Jahr stehst Du auch auf der Bühne und из Венгрии. Второй год подряд являемся членами holst Dir einen Profit-Sharing-Scheck ab. президентского клуба, второй год подряд выполняем условия Мирового Ралли и второй год подряд Das jährliche Profit Sharing ist für uns eine selbstauferlegte выполняем программу «Деления прибыли». Так же мы Pflichtveranstaltung. Wir beginnen mit der Arbeit am 1. Januar гордимся своими партнерами, которые в этом году тоже jeden neuen Jahres. Wir haben uns meist Mitte des Jahres schon выполнили программу «Деления прибыли»- Сырлыбаев qualifiziert – ein beruhigendes Gefühl! Es steht völlig außer Frage, Руслан и Егизбаева Самал, Сагинбаев Габиден и ob wir das schaffen oder nicht. Bisher hat uns Forever insgesamt Умбетова Карлгаш, и Урынбасарова Айнагуль. Мы mit fast €500,000 im Profit Sharing dafür belohnt. уверены, что в 2011 году нас будет еще больше. When I started with Forever, I was a greenhorn at the Profit Share Сапфировые менеджеры event in Frankfurt. When I realised the sort of special bonus you could achieve, it was clear to me I would be standing on the stage Абуталиев Махфор и Доспаева Галия. to receive my Profit Share cheque in the coming year. We are from Atyrau, Kazakhstan. We have been with Forever since The annual Profit Share event is a self-imposed obligation. We June 2008. Our Sponsors are the fastest Diamonds in the history start working on January 1 of each new year and have usually of Forever, Attila & Katalin Gidofalvi from Hungary. In our second qualified by mid-year. There is absolutely no question whether or year, we became members of the Presidents’ Club, World Rally not we will be successful. To date, Forever has rewarded us with a and Profit Share qualifiers. We are proud of the team who this year total of €500,000 in Profit Share. have also achieved Profit Share - Ruslan Syrlybaev & Samal Egizbaeva, Karlygash Umbetova & Gabiden Saginbaev, and Ainagul Urynbassarova. We are confident that in 2011 there will be even more. GERMANY KAZAKHSTAN 41
  • LEVEL ONE Serge Poleur & Renild Capiot Remco & Nel Diederik Position in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing Plan Manager Soaring Manager Length of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever 9 years 12 years Cheque Amount Cheque Amount €26,935.68 €24,585.41 Leur exemple et leur réussite ont fait d’eux un modèle pour Profit Share is een fantastische beloning, wat een sterke drive beaucoup, ils font partie intégrante de la réussite en Belgique. geeft om het te behalen. Het is een soort bewijs dat je werk goed gedaan hebt. Het is super om dat te vieren op het mooiste feest Après leur témoignage au Rallye Européen de Londres devant plus van Europa en je te realiseren dat dit als voorbeeld en ter inspiratie de 10000 personnes, ils ont décidé de mettre leurs LIMITES dient voor alle mensen ter wereld. Met de boodschap dat alles beaucoup plus haut et les résultats ont suivi pour eux car, sur mogelijk is met Forever. Het is waar! Je kan echt je dromen lannée 2010 ils sont n°1 Open Volume, n°4 Total Volume, ils se vormgeven en realiseren, wanneer je er eerlijk voor wilt werken. qualifient pour le Car Plan 2, le Super Rally, & le Profit Share. Voor gewone mensen, voor iedereen die durft te geloven dat het Ils ont un slogan qui déborde dEnergie...go go go! ook voor hem/haar is weggelegd. The success of Serge & Renild has made them a model for many, Dus dat geldt ook voor JOU! as they are an integral part of the success in Belguim. Profit Share is a fantastic reward which gives you a strong drive to After having shared their testimony during the European Rally in reach it. It is evidence that you have done a good job. It is superb London with more than 10,000 people, they decided to put their to celebrate this at the greatest party in Europe and to realise that LIMITS much higher and the results have followed because, during this serves as an example and inspires people all around the 2010, they became No.1 Open Volume, No.4 Total Volume, they world. With the message that everything is possible with Forever. It qualified for Car Plan Level 2, the Super Rally, and Profit Share. is true! You can really shape your dreams and achieve them, when you are willing to work honestly for it. For ordinary people, for They have a slogan full of energy…go go go! everybody who dares to believe that this is also possible for them. That also means YOU!42 BELGIUM NETHERLANDS
  • Adam May Jan & Anette MørchPosition in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing PlanDiamond Sapphire Manager Soaring ManagerLength of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever17 years 15 yearsCheque Amount Cheque Amount€24,450.08 €24,431.04Profit Share Managers Profit Share Managersin Downline in DownlineAshley & Louise Riley Jane & Svend Aage Eskildsen, Anu Pellas When I joined Forever nearly 18 years ago, I didn’t even know there Vi har arbejdet med Forever i nu over 15 år – og hvilken rejse har was a Profit Share programme, not that it would have made any det ikke været. Vi har oplevet så mange spændende og positive difference to my joining or not, as I was already convinced about the ting i forbindelse med vort distributørskab at der kan skrive tykke products. I have earned over £500,000 from Profit Share alone, but it bøger om det, men bedst af alt er den frihed som det at være is not the money that has made the difference, it’s the difference the Forever forhandlere har givet – og stadig giver os. Vi er money has made to my life. begunstiget med et liv – og en forretning hvor vi kan hjælpe alle mennesker; med et få et større og bedre velbefindende både Profit Share gives me that little bit extra to enhance my life and the fysisk og økonomisk. lives of my three wonderful children, including helping to pay their school fees. I am proud that all three of them have been attending top We’ve been working with Forever for more than 15 years now – public schools. Forever has not only given me the financial means, but and what a journey it’s been. We’ve been involved in so many has instilled in me a confidence I had lost when my financial services positive and exciting things as a Distributor that we could write business went belly up twenty-odd years ago. Losing everything puts books about it. But the best thing of all is the freedom that being a you in a very cold and lonely place. Forever has been my lifeline, and I Forever Distributor has brought us – and still brings us. We are feel blessed to have come across it. privileged to have a life and a business where we can help Profit Share with Forever is unique in the world of Network Marketing everyone have greater wellbeing, both physically and financially. and shows the generosity of the Company. Any Distributor is eligible to qualify, not just the top few. If you have not yet qualified for Profit Share, why don’t you set your sights on qualifying too? I would like to thank my wonderful team for all that they do; this business is not about the individual, it’s about helping others, and I am proud that throughout Europe they have earned over €1.5 million in Profit Share. Finally I would like to thank Rex for providing everyone with the opportunity to qualify for Profit Share. As a privately owned Company, he could choose to hang on to the money, but part of his philosophy is that he wants to help make other people rich too. UK DENMARK 43
  • LEVEL ONE István Halmi & Rita Halminé Mikola Marion & Eddie Fitzgerald Position in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing Plan Sapphire Manager Diamond Sapphire Manager Length of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever 12 years 17 years Cheque Amount Cheque Amount €23,586.04 €23,513.49 Profit Share Managers in Downline Lisa Walsh & Ian McClean, Mary Stewart & John Russell A példamutatás nem az egyik, hanem az egyedüli módja a It is a great privilege to achieve our second Profit Share cheque. nevelésnek - mondja Hemingway. Ez a network marketingben We have been working with Forever for over 17 years and it has hatványozottan igaz. Többször csináltuk meg a Profit 2-es szintjét, really transformed our life. Forever has granted us the financial és tudjuk, hogy NEKÜNK KELL megcsinálni újra meg újra ahhoz, freedom that we could only have dreamt of. It has allowed us to hogy mások is kövessék a példát. Idén az egyes szintre educate our children, buy investment property, secure a retirement minősültünk. A Profit az nem pénz - egy életérzés! Az, hogy fund and travel the world. elismerik a munkánkat, és megbecsülnek bennünket. A PROFIT = Forever is a generous and extraordinary Company. Achieving this BÜSZKESÉG. Büszkék lehetünk magunkra - és büszkék ránk fantastic incentive grows our business and inspires our team to do mások is. Ezt egy munkahelyen soha sem tapasztaltuk... the same. We would like to thank Rex and Gregg for building such Van előttünk jó példa - Rex, Gregg, Aidan, Dr Milesz Sándor és a magnificent Company. Our goal now is to continue to build our Lenkey Péter, Berkics Miki, a Gidófalvi házaspár...- van kit követni, team and work towards achieving our team’s 2012 Profit Share jó ide tartozni! cheque. “Leading by example is not one, but the only way to educate” says Go n-eiri an t-adh leat! (Good luck to everyone.) Hemingway. This is emphatically true in Network Marketing. We have achieved Level 2 Profit Share many times, and we know that WE HAVE TO DO IT over and over again, to have others follow our example. We obtained Level 1 this year. Profit Share is not about money, it is a lifestyle. It means our work is appreciated and we are respected. PROFIT IS PRIDE. We are proud of ourselves and others are proud of us. We haven’t experienced this anywhere else. We have many role models – Rex, Gregg, Aidan, Dr Sándor Milesz, Peter Lenkey, Miki Berkics and Attila & Katalin Gidofalvi, there are many people to follow, it is nice to belong here!44 HUNGARY IRELAND
  • Raija & Hannu Salmilehto Walter DegrosPosition in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing PlanSenior Manager ManagerLength of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever7 years 9 yearsCheque Amount Cheque Amount€23,207.66 €22,798.29Profit Share Managersin DownlineSari Sanssi & Rainer Wirtanen, Maria & Markku Suhonen On uskomattoman hieno tunne että tavallinen ihminen voi Toen ik Forever leerde kennen stond ik op een kruispunt in mijn saavuttaa tavoitteitaan ja kun ensimmäisen kerran saimme Rexiltä leven, zware tegenslagen hadden me bankroet gemaakt…een shekin, niin tuntui, että " tämä ei voi olla totta", me teimme sen, uitdaging: de draad weer opnemen en voor de 2de maal een minkä kuvittelimme olevan täysin mahdotonta. Se on lahja Rexiltä, carriëre uitbouwen…dit nu in een totaal andere, voor mij nieuwe ja siksi arvostamme sitä valtavasti. Profit Share on myös mahtava sector! kannustin tehdä uusia jälleenmyyjiä ja auttaa heitä etenemään Ondertussen, met het voor de 2de maal behalen van deze palkkiojärjestelmässä. Se on sitä perustyötä mitä ei koskaan saa hoogste incentive, is de overtuiging van wat binnen Forever bereikt unohtaa. Halumme ja toiveemme onkin että myös jatkossa kan worden des te groter geworden! voimme olla kannustamassa ja näkemässä kun yhä enemmän omasta ryhmästämme olevia jälleenmyyjiä seisoo rinnallamme En we staan wederom voor een kruispunt…nu veel positiever dan ottamassa vastaan omia shekkejään kiitoksena hyvästä työstään. ooit…graag bij de volgende uitreiking zien hoe een aantal mensen uit onze downline hun profitshare-cheque in ontvangst nemen…ik It is an incredibly nice feeling when ordinary people manage to ben klaar om ze daarbij te helpen zoals zij als een blok achter mij achieve their goals. When we received our cheque from Rex for hebben gestaan bij deze kwalificatie! See you on stage guys! the first time, it felt like, ‘This cannot be true!’ We had done something that we thought was quite impossible. It is a gift from When I first came across Forever I was at a crossroads in my life; Rex, and that is why we appreciate it enormously. Profit Share is heavy setbacks had forced me to go bankrupt…so I faced a also a powerful incentive to create new Distributors and help them challenge: picking up the threads and building a career for the to make progress in the reward system. It is the grassroots work second time…in this entirely new, for me, business sector! that we should never forget to do. Our desire and wish is to be there in the future too, to give encouragement and to see how Having achieved this highest incentive for the second time, my more and more Distributors from our own team will stand there conviction to achieve within Forever has increased even more! And alongside us, receiving their own cheques for work well done. once again we’re at a crossroads…this time a far more positive one than ever. I hope to see at the next event a number of people from our Downline receiving their Profit Share cheques…I am ready to help them achieve this, as they have stood solidly behind me during this qualification. See you on stage guys! FINLAND BELGUIM 45
  • LEVEL ONE Philippa & Robert Symes Stig Arne Hanssen Position in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing Plan Soaring Manager Soaring Manager Length of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever 11 years 12 years Cheque Amount Cheque Amount €22,244.35 €22,218.54 Profit Share Managers Profit Share Managers in Downline in Downline Julie & John Buck, Kathy & Humphrey Gervais Arshad Amith, Randi-Helen Magdahl & Peter Lindeman The Company Marketing Plan is extraordinary in its uniqueness in Min bakgrunn er fra radio og tv bransjen hvor jeg også jobbet som allowing individuals to achieve things that they would never perhaps butikksjef. Det var mye jobb og lite fritid. Siden 2002 har jeg jobbet dream as possible. full tid med Forever og har fått lov å reise verden rundt på forskjellige Forever Rally. Jeg er imponert over det Forever har fått Profit Share is a team effort, it enables us to work harder towards our til på så kort tid og den etikk og moral Forever har på alle områder. goals and pull together during the year to make things happen. Most Jeg er utrolig takknemlig for at jeg har fått muligheten til å leve av of all, it is about building our business consistently, and working with new people to help them achieve their goals so that they too can reap Forever og dele mulighetene med andre mennesker. Tusen takk til the rewards Forever so generously offers all of us. Rex og alle som har vært med å skape alt dette. We are so proud to have achieved Profit Share again this year, and a My background is in radio and TV, where I worked as a store massive thank you to our team for being part of this special manager. There was a lot of work and little play. Since 2002, I’ve recognition. What is amazing is that we know that anyone can worked with Forever full-time and have been able to travel the achieve Profit Share by staying focussed and working together with world to various Forever Rallies. I’m impressed at what Forever their teams, by helping others on their own journey so that together, has achieved in such a short time, and with the ethics and morals we all achieve more. Forever has in all areas. I’m incredibly grateful to have the chance to make a living from Forever and to share the opportunities with We are also proud to be a part of such a remarkable Company that other people. Many thanks to Rex and everyone who’s been allows us all to grow in so many different ways and to embrace involved in this process. everything that is on offer no matter what our backgrounds. We encourage everyone to aim for Profit Share from the very minute that you start your journey with Forever. The past 11 years have been quite simply a phenomenal journey. Above all, we have met some incredible people, and today have an abundance of friends that we would never have met otherwise. Our future is secure and we realise that everything is within reach for those that stay on track and believe in their dreams. Our goal is to help as many people as we can to achieve Profit Share in the years ahead. Thank you Rex. Thank you Forever.46 UK NORWAY
  • Hans-Werner Rehberg Michèle & Jacques GeromePosition in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing PlanSapphire Manager Senior ManagerLength of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever9 years 11 yearsCheque Amount Cheque Amount€21,993.82 €21,968.00 Profit Share Managers in Downline Nicole Sille, Catherine Belliard & Lucien Thomas Für die Qualifikation am Profit Sharing war eine konsequente Nous avons démarré notre activité en juillet 2000. En 2001 nous Unterstützung der Downline nötig – einer Downline, die ebenfalls sommes devenus Managers, managers seniors en 2005. Depuis mit Freude an ihren Zielen arbeitet. Upline und Downline müssen 2007, nous nous qualifions, avec détermination, au PSM pour la sich aufeinander verlassen können und ich habe das Glück, dass 5ème fois consécutive. C’est le résultat gratifiant des ich nicht hinter meinen gesponserten Partnern „hinterherlaufen“ performances de notre réseau dans son ensemble et du travail muss, sondern dass diese von sich aus die Nähe zu unserem effectué chaque année avec les nouveaux venus, une formidable Team suchen und meine Empfehlungen auch umsetzen. équipe que je remercie de tout cœur et dont nous souhaitons retrouver de nombreux représentants sur le podium PSM. Jeder sucht Sicherheit und finanzielle Freiheit und genau diese Chance können wir bieten. Viele brauchen Vorbilder, an denen sie Un grand merci à Rex pour sa générosité, grâce à lui nous vivons sich orientieren können, und davon gibt es bei Forever wirklich une merveilleuse aventure. genügend. We started with Forever in July 2000. In 2001 we became The qualification for Profit Share always requires consistent Managers and in 2005 Senior Managers. Since 2007 we have support from Downlines, who in turn, gladly work to achieve their qualified for the fifth time, with determination, for Profit Share. It is goals. Uplines and Downlines have to be able to rely on one a gratifying result of the performance of our network and the work another and I am very lucky I do not have to ‘chase’ my sponsored realised every year with newcomers, a great team to whom we partners, because they search from within our team and also owe a big thank you. We hope that this team will join us very soon implement my recommendations. on the stage. Everybody is looking for security and financial freedom and this is Thank you to Rex for his generosity. Thanks to him we live a great exactly what we can offer. Many need role models from whom adventure. they can learn, and Forever genuinely has plenty of those. GERMANY FRANCE 47
  • LEVEL ONE Daulet Smagulov & Roza Omarova Pauline & Paddy Keegan Position in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing Plan Soaring Manager Sapphire Manager Length of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever 3 years 18 years Cheque Amount Cheque Amount €21,832.95 €21,528.59 Profit Share Managers Profit Share Managers in Downline in Downline Serikzhan Tlyuberdinov & Lyazzat Tlyuberdinova, Marion & Eddie Fitzgerald Ukutai Abilkasimova Мы семейная пара Даулет Смагулов, Роза Омарова. In our 18 years with Forever we have qualified for the International Хотели бы выразить огромную признательность Super Rally each year. We have also qualified for the European компании ФЛП Казахстан, за предоставленную Rally, Silver Rally, World Rally and Car Plan, but the best ever was возможность. За короткое время мы вот уже второй раз qualifying for Profit Share. To us, it’s the most exciting incentive in принимаем участие в программе «Деление Прибыли». В the Forever business, so we encourage every Distributor to set этом году с нашей команды еще четыре семейных пар their goal for Profit Share and in turn they will achieve all the other выполнили квалификацию «Деление Прибыли». И мы от incentives as well. души поздравляем их с новым достижением! Что бы никогда не останавливались на достигнутом! Что бы в 2011 году успех всегда сопутствовало Вам! Огромное спасибо нашим спонсорам. Бухаршиным Майре и Ермеку и нашим Бриллиантам Аттиле и Каталин Гидофалви. Большое спасибо всей нашей сплоченной команде. Успеха Вам! We would like to express our huge gratitude to Forever Kazakhstan, for this opportunity. In the short space of time we have been with Forever we have already taken part in Profit Share twice. This year four couples from our team have achieved Profit Share. With all our hearts we congratulate them on their achievement! Also we want to tell them to never stop aiming high. We wish you success in 2011! Many thanks to our Sponsors, Ermek & Maira Buharshins and our brilliant Attila & Katalin Gidofalvi. Many thanks to all our friendly team. Success to you!48 KAZAKHSTAN IRELAND
  • Oussama Fathallah Belasri Francine & Didier RabolionPosition in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing PlanSenior Manager Souring ManagerLength of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever5 years 7 yearsCheque Amount Cheque Amount€21,222.02 €21,161.15Profit Share Manager Profit Share Managersin Downline in DownlineYassine Bennani Léna & Dimitry Melfort, Joël & Corinne Erin Se qualifier au profit share était pour moi un défi que j ai pu y Quelle joie d’être à nouveau qualifiés au PSM à Vienne. Nous arriver avec beaucoup d effort et de temps pour former une équipe sommes toujours émerveillés de participer à cette grande et un réseau solide. Je suis très heureux de partager cette distribution de chèques pour les meilleures affaires au sein de réussite, cette fierté et cette expérience spéciale avec toute mon Forever. Avoir sa place ici c’est la récompense d’une année de équipe. Merci a toute les personnes qui ont cru en moi. travail accomplie avec des associés; des ‘amis’. Merçi à tous ceux qui nous encouragent, à concourir ce challenge et de nous Qualifying for Profit Share was a challenge that I reached by permettre de valoriser cette activité devenu pour nous une investing a lot of time and effort forming a team and a strong formidable opportunité de faire des affaires librement, de réaliser network. I am very happy to share this success, that pride and that nos envies, nos objectifs de vie, de croquer la vie à pleine dent, special experience with all my team. Thank you to all those who tout en restant au contacts des autres et surtout en permettant à believed in me. tous de pouvoirs faire aussi bien que nous aujourd’hui. Merçi à Rex Maughan et au staff France et US pour leur implication à nos cotés car ils nous permettent de rester concentrer sur nos affaires respectives sans avoir à se soucier de toute la logistique mis en place pour l’acheminement et la qualité des produits. Bon succès à tous et soyons encore plus nombreux...et que cela continu. What a joy to qualify for Profit Share again, this time in Vienna. We are always amazed to participate in this mass distribution of cheques for the best businesses in Forever. Having a place here is the reward for a year of work done in partnership with ‘friends’. Thanks to all who encourage us to compete in this challenge and allow us to develop this activity that has become for us a great opportunity to do business freely, to achieve our desires, our goals in life, to live life to the fullest, all while remaining in contact with others and especially allowing everyone to do as well as we are today. MOROCCO GUADELOUPE 49
  • LEVEL ONE Gloria Giuliani & Luigi Raffaele Zanna Chris & Alan Goldsbrough Position in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing Plan Sapphire Manager Sapphire Manager Length of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever 11 years 13 years Cheque Amount Cheque Amount €20,805.30 €20,637.93 Profit Share Manager Profit Share Managers in Downline in Downline Jlenia Raisa Claire & Paul Barradell Qualificarsi al Profit Share...avviene per la settima volta, è un Profit Share is a key incentive on the Marketing Plan and one of traguardo importante nel nostro business, questo è a our major goals each year. It is amazing to receive a big cheque dimostrazione di una consacrata produttiva attività. Auguriamo a but more importantly it is a major inspiration to the team – if we tutti di vivere questa esperienza per poter essere gratificati dal can do it, so can they! We feel blessed to have the opportunity to nostro presidente Rex Maughan, non solo moralmente, ma anche qualify for Profit Share every year and very proud of the qualifiers in in modo tangibile grazie al lavoro svolto durante lanno con il our team who together have collected over £300k in Profit Share nostro gruppo. Tutto questo succede grazie ad una oculata over the last nine years, and the biggest cheque was not even pianificazione e programmazione del proprio lavoro.Cogliamo ours – how brilliant is that? loccasione per ringraziare i nostri collaboratori e dire loro che così facendo qualsiasi obiettivo, con Forever, può essere raggiunto. Crediamo molto in questo lavoro perché in questo modo possiamo aiutare le persone che incontriamo, proponendo questa straordinaria opportunità di lavoro e crescita sociale. Con affetto e gratitudine. To qualify for Profit Share for the seventh time is a milestone in our business, and demonstrates that our activities have paid off. We hope everyone gets a chance to experience it in order to be rewarded by our leader Rex Maughan, not just morally but because it’s also the tangible result of the team’s work during the year. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our team and to say that by working this way with Forever, it is possible to reach any goal. We really believe in this job, so we can help people we meet, offering the amazing Business Opportunity as well as social enjoyment. With love and gratefulness.50 ITALY UK
  • François Poulain & Thérèse Guine Bretiere Aygül & Sedat BenakayPosition in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing PlanSenior Manager Soaring ManagerLength of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever10 years 6 ½ yearsCheque Amount Cheque Amount€20,496.20 €20,304.23Profit Share Managers Profit Share Managersin Downline in DownlineAnne & Martial Dziurda, Christelle Martin Anar Sagiyeva & Talgat Baımuldanov C’est notre deuxième qualification pour le Profit Share. Nous Мен, Айгуль Бенакай, соаринг менеджер, ФЛП-де 5- l’avons construite dès le début de l’année 2010 le 4 janvier pour жылымды бітірдім. Осынау кең қазақ даласына 2005 être plus précis. Nous sommes resté concentré sur notre objectif жылы Фореверді алғаш алып келген кезімізде екі et surtout sur ceux de la personne avec qui nous avons obtenu бауырым Анар мен Мұқан, үшеуміздің де жүрегіміз cette récompense. Une seule Distributrice nous a suffit pour лүпілдеп, алып келген жаңалық –жақсылығымызды développer rapidement un groupe qui nous a permis de réaliser les барлық жерлестерімізге жеткізгенше асық болып едік. 150 points caisse de nouveau. Cette année nous jouons la Қазақстан ФЛП жетістіктері әлемді таң қалдырып отыр. qualification avec plusieurs Distributeurs car nos objectifs sont plus Profit Share, яғни, бізше айтқанда 13-ші жалақы. Бұл grands “Manager Essor et Plan Merite N°3” la réussite passe par ғаламат табысты Қазақстанда ең алғашқы болып сіңілім les actions et le suivi des objectifs de chacun. Aide les autres a Анар Сағиева екеуміз ұтсақ, биыл Қазақстан бойынша obtenir ce qu’ils veulent et tu obtiendras ce que tu veux. жиыны – 17 кісі кіріп отыр екен. Мен барлық жетістікке жеткен достарымды шын жүректен құттықтаймын, Merci Rex Maughan de nous montrer la voix de la générosité. жетістіктері жалғаса берсін, маңайымызда да бақытты It’s our second Profit Share qualification. We planned for it from кісілердің саны көбейе берсін! Рекс мырзаның бізге the beginning of 2010, on January 4 to be precise. We stayed беретін басқа табыс көздері аз боп тұрғандай, тағы да focussed on our goal and especially the goals of the people with өз пайдасының 3% біздерге таратуына өз басым сөзбен whom we have received this award. A single Distributor was алғысымды жеткізе алмаймын. Тек аман жүрсін, Жүрегі enough for us to quickly develop a group that allowed us to Үлкен Жақсы Адам! achieve 150 Case Credits with our new Distributors. This year we My sister Anar and I were first introduced to Forever by my brother are planning the qualification with several Distributors as our goals Mukan. We were very excited, and looked forward to telling the are bigger: Soaring Managers and Car Plan Level 3. Success people of Kazakhstan this good news. depends on the actions and following-up everyone’s goals. Help others get what they want and you’ll get what you want. Forever gives people good health and the opportunity to improve their financial position. The most valuable opportunity from Forever Thank you, Rex Maughan for showing us the spirit of generosity. is Profit Share. My sister Anar Sagiyeva and I achieved this for the first time this year with many others. I congratulate all my team on this great achievement and wish for more and more in the future! FRANCE KAZAKHSTAN 51
  • LEVEL ONE Yermek Buharshin & Maira Omarova Elisaveta & Alexandru Pocaznoi Position in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing Plan Soaring Manager Sapphire Manager Length of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever 3 years 12 years Cheque Amount Cheque Amount €20,086.13 €19,739.21 Profit Share Managers in Downline Daulet Smagulov & Roza Omarova Есть цель – программа «Деление Прибыли», целый год Cu fiecare calificare la Profit Share, am descoperit noi valori umane мы работали над этой программой, результат – stârnite de această minunată provocare. Să fii stimulat şi răsplătit вознаграждение. Приятно сотрудничать с компанией, suplimentar, atât de generos pentru a ajuta şi alţi oameni să которая ценит труд своих дистрибьюторов. Хороший evolueze spre libertatea lor, o considerăm cea mai mare invenţie în пример для подражания – наши спонсоры Аттила и domeniul umanitar, social şi economic. Mulţumim Rex, mulţumim Каталин Гидофальви. Мы сердечно поздравляем их с Forever şi pentru această superbă modalitate de dezvoltare достижением уровня Бриллиантового Менеджера. И мы personală. гордимся своей командой: помимо нас, пять семейных With every Profit Share qualification we discover new human пар выполнили эту же программу. Удачи Всем! values brought to light by this wonderful challenge. To be The goal is Profit Share. We worked on achieving this programme stimulated and additionally rewarded, so generously as to help over the whole year, and the result is the reward. We are pleased others to gain their freedom, is what we consider the biggest to collaborate with a Company that recognises the work of its invention in humanitarian, social and economic fields. Thank you Distributors. A good example for us to follow are our Sponsors Rex, and thank you Forever for this great method of personal Attila & Katalin Gidofalvi. We congratulate them with all our hearts development. on reaching the level of Diamond Manager. We are proud of our team; there are five couples who also achieved the same incentive. Good luck to all!52 KAZAKHSTAN ROMANIA
  • Reidun & Audun Myskja Nana Kouldiati OuobaPosition in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing PlanSenior Manager Diamond Sapphire ManagerLength of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever12 years 10 yearsCheque Amount Cheque Amount€19,570.97 €19,234.01Profit Share Managersin DownlineBerit & Tore Hem Da vi ble med i Forever for snart tolv år siden, ante vi lite om det Inscrite chez Forever en 2001 j ai réellement démarré l’affaire en eventyret som ventet oss: En unik samling av helseprodukter som Février 2003. En mars 2003 cinq semaines plus tard je suis vi blir mer og mer glad i, var bare starten: Vi har fått oppleve reiser passée Manager; deux ans plus tard je suis passée Manager som har gitt minner for livet. En ekstra inntekt gir frihet, ikke minst Saphir et aujourd’hui je suis Manager Saphir Diamant; j’adresse for våre barn. Vi har fått treffe spennende mennesker fra hele ma profonde gratitude à ma marraine Denise Lafond qui n a kloden. Rex Maughan har gitt oss en mulighet som gir vekst på ménagé aucun effort pour ma compréhension du concept. Des la mange områder samtidig. Denne muligheten er unik, og vi ønsker première année de qualification au Profit Share de la France; j’ai å dele den med andre. Takk til alle som har gjort denne reisen toujours fait partie des qualifiés France; ce challenge qui est mulig – vi gleder oss til fortsettelsen – Forever! devenu une routine est pour moi une obligation, un devoir, de montrer l’exemple à mes Downlines et je le fais avec passion. When we joined Forever twelve years ago, we couldn’t imagine the adventure that awaited us, a unique collection of health products I registered with Forever in 2001 but actually started the business that we came to like more and more was just the start. We have in February 2003. In March 2003, five weeks later, I made experienced trips that have given us memories that will last a Manager, two years later I achieved Sapphire Manager and now lifetime. Extra income has given us freedom, not least for our I’m Diamond Sapphire Manager. I extend my deep gratitude to my children. We have had the opportunity to meet exciting people Sponsor Denise Lafond who spared no effort in helping me to from all around the world. Rex Maughan has given us the understand the concept. From the first qualifying year of Profit opportunity to create growth in many areas at the same time. This Share for France, I have been part of it, and this challenge has opportunity is unique, and we want to share it with others. Thanks become routine for me, an obligation, a duty to lead by example to to everyone who has made this journey possible – we’re looking my Downlines and I do it with passion. forward to it continuing – Forever! NORWAY FRANCE 53
  • LEVEL ONE Mark Watson & Tammy Hobson Daniel & Maria Parascan Position in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing Plan Soaring Manager Senior Manager Length of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever 16 years 12 years Cheque Amount Cheque Amount €19,087.66 €18,890.27 Profit Share Managers in Downline Rosytha & Phil Cony Mark used to work in a factory and Tammy made sandwiches for a Programul stimulativ Profit Share este cea mai generoasă ofertă și supermarket. Neither of our jobs was particularly challenging or recompensă pe care compania Forever o pune la dispoziţia tuturor fulfilling, they were purely a means to an end. I am sure many people distribuitorilor loiali, devotați, perseveren i și care te ajută să-ți can relate to this scenario. dezvolți afacerea corect an de an. Este al cincilea an consecutiv în care am primit un cec Profit Share, deși a fost un an cu multe When we joined Forever, we experienced the doubts that many new provocări. Dar atunci când ai un scop pentru tine, pentru echipa ta people joining have. Will it work for us? Will anyone we know be și pentru țara ta, calificarea la acest program reprezintă respectul interested? And many more questions. We had no experience in this și recunoașterea pe care noi le acordăm companiei, Directorilor sort of industry, However, we did have raw enthusiasm and a desire Generali și liderilor care ne conduc: Rex Maughan, Gregg to make a better life for ourselves and the children. Maughan, Aidan O’Hare, pe care vrem să-i asigurăm că suntem We were told, “Work hard for three years and you will never have to Forever 100%. Scopul nostru este să ajutăm cât mai mulți work again!” We actually worked hard for four years and then took Manageri din echipa noastră să simtă emoția din spatele scenei, some time off. We still continued to receive our monthly income, and așteptând să fie strigați pentru a primi un cec Profit Share și this was possible because of an amazing team pursuing their own împreună să putem crea în jurul nostru Măreția! goals and aspirations. Profit Share is the most generous opportunity and reward that Forever gives to all its loyal, dedicated and consistent Distributors Forever has provided us with an opportunity to change our lives and which helps you operate your business as it should be every beyond all recognition, and provides several international holidays year. This is our fifth Profit Share cheque, even though 2010 was a annually, all expenses paid! It also pays for our car and allows us to difficult year. But when you have a goal for yourself, your team and share in the Company profits! Was it hard work? Yes! Was it worth your country, qualifying for this incentive represents the respect it? Absolutely! and recognition we give the Company, the Country Managers and Thank you to Rex and everyone at Forever for this life-changing those who lead us: Rex Maughan, Gregg Maughan, and Aidan opportunity. O’Hare. We want to assure them that we are 100% Forever. Our goal is to help many more Managers from our team to feel the emotions behind the scenes, waiting to be called on stage to receive a Profit Share cheque. This is how we can create greatness around us!54 UK ROMANIA
  • Paul Scarlett & Tricia Payne Berit & Tore HemPosition in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing PlanSapphire Manager Soaring ManagerLength of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever16 years 10 yearsCheque Amount Cheque Amount€18,562.68 €18,502.27Profit Share Managers Profit Share Managerin Downline in DownlineMark Watson & Tammy Hobson Torun Nordskaug Forever has again delivered. After 16 years with this Company we Jeg forelsket meg i Forevers produkter i år 2000 og forsto veldig are still amazed at the growth and growth potential globally. Each snart at dette selskapet også hadde en unik Marketingplan. Jeg year we just go out and do the basics – talk to people – sell the har kvalifisert meg til Profitshare hvert år siden Skandinavia opportunity – create new Customers. It is then very simple to kvalifiserte seg som ”land” i 2002. Profitshare er en veldig god qualify to receive Profit Share... Anyone can do this if you put the ledestjerne i mitt arbeid med Forever,- den tar min business i riktig effort in. retning, i forhold til fokus både på managere, buildergruppen i tillegg til nye forhandlere. En meget generøs og genial We believe, as team leaders in Forever, you should lead by Marketingplan! example and inspire your team to achieve. Qualifying for Profit Share shows our team we are leading from the front and, I fell in love with Forever’s products in 2000 and very soon realised hopefully, inspiring them to also qualify. the Company also had a unique Marketing Plan. I’ve achieved Profit Share every year since Scandinavia qualified as a region in Seeing team members achieving qualifications and incentives 2002. Profit Share is a great guiding light in my work with Forever. gives us great personal pride that others are making Forever work It takes my business in the right direction helping me to focus on for them. This year more team members have qualified. We now Managers, building teams and new Distributors. A very generous have Profit Share qualifiers in other countries in the Forever world and ingenious Marketing Plan! and seeing how Forever is changing the lives of our successful team members gives us a personal feeling of great warmth. The money is the big added bonus, and is open to any Distributor; it helps us support the lifestyle and freedom we have from being part of Forever. If you are reading this and wondering, “Should I try this opportunity; is this real; can I do it?” Stop and answer this question, “ Where will I be in 5 years’ time if I don’t do it?” What have you got to lose? Not much…but you could be in this book in years to come. UK NORWAY 55
  • LEVEL ONE Michel Prost Tanja Martinz Position in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing Plan Senior Manager Sapphire Manager Length of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever 10 years 13 years Cheque Amount Cheque Amount €18,379.43 €17,759.41 Dix ans d’activités que de chemin parcouru semé de très bons Ich habe immer sowohl in die Breite, also in die erste Linie, als moments, cependant je garde en mémoire les instants difficiles qui auch in die Tiefe hinein gearbeitet. Wichtig ist, dass man in der m’ont permis d’atteindre le meilleur; Au commencement cette activité Tiefe seine Manager aufbaut, um das Fundament für ein n’était qu’un complément de revenus; après de multiples erfolgreiches Business zu schaffen. Diese Arbeitsweise bringt eine rebondissements, de surprises, et remises en question, elle est enorme Stabilität auf Jahre hinaus und führt letztendlich dazu, devenue ma principale activité. C’était comme si je canotais dass man sich und seine Geschäftspartner für das Profit Sharing paisiblement en eaux calmes qui soudain se transformaient en rapides qualifizieren kann. de plus en plus rapides. Les commissions grandissantes, le plan mérite I have always worked with the same amount of dedication at every en cadeau, les voyages offerts en Europe, aux Etats Unis; jamais je level in this business. It is important to build up one’s Managers at n’aurais imaginé vivre une telle aventure. Et puis le Profit Share devint the lower level in order to create a foundation for a successful accessible en France à un moment où je changeais de région recréant business. This way of working brings stability for years on end and un relationnel, une clientèle, puis une équipe…quatre ans plus tard, les ultimately results in business partners and one’s self being able to résultats me propulsent à la grande reconnaissance et au bonheur; qualify for Profit Share. bien sur le chèque sera un excellent bonus, mais il sera avant tout l’immense satisfaction d’avoir réussi un challenge sur moi-même. What a progression, with some extremely good times. Initially this activity was only a supplementary income, but after many twists and turns, many surprises and challenges, it became my main activity. It was as if I was on water sailing peacefully along when it suddenly turned into rapids, increasingly fast. I’ve achieved Car Plan, and travel in Europe and the USA. I never imagined I would live such an adventure. Profit Share became accessible in France at a time when I was building relationships, then Customers, then a team. Four years later, the results propelled me to even greater recognition and happiness. Of course, the cheque is a great bonus, but foremost is the immense satisfaction of having successfully completed these challenges personally.56 FRANCE FÜRSTENTUM MONACO
  • Antonia Kossler & Othmar Aspmair Hajnalka SenkPosition in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing PlanSapphire Manager Soaring ManagerLength of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever10 years 8 yearsCheque Amount Cheque Amount€17,182.11 €16,847.97Profit Share Managersin DownlineMarisa Smaniotto & Enrico Piffer Il 1 marzo 2003 partecipammo come nuovi distributori al Profit Nagyon fontos vezetőként példát mutatni a csapatnak azzal, hogy Share di Francoforte in Germania, quello stesso giorno folyamatosan teljesítjük a cég által kiírt programokat! Ezek között decidemmo che anche noi avremmo vinto degli assegni. Da subito az egyik legfontosabb a profit sharing, amihez egy erős iniziammo con la programmazione, la pianificazione e con la csapatjátékra van szükség - hiszen csakis együtt tudunk előre convinzione di raggiungere l’obiettivo. Noi abbiamo una haladni fókuszban tartva a céljainkat! Vezetőként a csoport grandissima convinzione dei prodotti Forever e siamo convinti che szorgalmas, kitartó, elkötelezett üzlettársai segítségével lehetünk il Network Marketing diventa sempre di più una grande opportunità eredményesek. az a minimum, hogy a munkánkkal köszönjük meg per mettersi in proprio e per avere una indipendenza. Siamo Rex Maughan-nak a Forever életérzését és minél több emberhez conviti che tanti altri Manager desiderano ottenere il Profit Share. Il minél gyorsabban elvisszük a cég, a termékek és az üzlet hírét nostro consiglio: fai ogni giorno nuovi contatti, condividi i prodotti 2011-ben is! Forever ogni giorno, offri ogni giorno la grande opportunità As a leader, it is very important to set an example for the team by Forever, non arrenderti mai perché c’è sempre una soluzione. qualifying continuously for all the incentives offered by the On March 1, 2003, we attended the Profit Share event in Company. Among these, Profit Share is one of the most important Frankfurt, Germany, as new Distributors; that same day we incentives. To qualify you need a strong team game because decided that we were going to receive a cheque. We started together we can only move forward with our goals in focus. As planning from the beginning with conviction to reach our goal. We leaders we can achieve good results with the help of the team’s really believe in the Forever products and we believe that Network diligent, persistent, committed Distributors. We would like to thank Marketing is increasingly becoming a great way to start a business Rex Maughan for the Forever feeling achieved through our work and to become financially independent. We strongly believe that and we will also take the reputation of the Company, the products many Managers want to receive Profit Share. Our advice, make and the business to more people more quickly in 2011. new contacts every day, share the Forever products every day, offer the great Forever opportunity every day, and never give up because there is always a solution. ITALY HUNGARY 57
  • LEVEL ONE Helga & Ewald Rauschgott Mehmet Ali & Harika Bayam Position in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing Plan Sapphire Manager Soaring Manager Length of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever 12 years 3 years Cheque Amount Cheque Amount €16,725.80 €16,705.94 Profit Share Managers in Downline Meryem & Selim Öztekin Wir haben jeweils im November des Vorjahres mit der Planung Adım Mehmet Ali, 1966 Bolu doğumluyum. Önceki mesleğim begonnen und sind wie folgt vorgegangen: öğretmenlikti. Forever Living firmasıyla bundan 3 yıl önce tanıştım. İlk ayımda Müdür, ikinci ayımda Senior Müdür, üçüncü ayımda • mit welchen NON-Managern werden wir arbeiten • ausreichend Araba Planını kazandım. İlk yılımda ücretsiz 10 gün Amerika Zeit für Neukontakte •Teambesprechung mit Profit-Share- seyahati kazandım. İkinci yılımda Soaring Müdür oldum ve Kar Managern im Dezember • Zielsetzung • monatliche Zielverfolgung Paylaşımına birinci seviyeden girdim. Üçüncü yılımda Araba Planın mit den Profit-Share-Managern und eigenes Ziel verfolgen 3. seviyeden kazandım. 5 arkadaşımın birinci seviyeden Kar • Basisarbeit - täglich Infos halten mit NON-Managern und NEUEN Paylaşımına girmesine vesile oldum. Çalışma arkadaşlarımla – einzeln und in kleinen Gruppen • regelmäßige Trainings für alle hedefimiz Türkiyeyi Avrupa birinciliğine taşımak. Bütün çalışma Teams • immer offene Tür für Fragen und Gespräche • Spaß und arkadaşlarıma, şirket çalışanlarına ve sevgili Rex Maughan’a Freude beim Erarbeiten und Erreichen der Ziele • Freude teilen teşekkür ederim. My name is Mehmet Ali, and I was born in Bolu, Turkey, in 1966. I We always start our planning in November of the previous year was a teacher before I started to work with Forever three years and proceed as follows: ago. I achieved Manager in my first month, Senior Manager in the second month, and in month three, I qualified for the Earned • Which non-Managers will we work with? • Allow sufficient time Incentive Programme. I qualified for the Super Rally and the Post for new contacts • Hold a team meeting with Profit Share Rally Tour in my first year. In year two, I moved up to Senior Managers in December • Set goals • Monthly tracking of goals Manager level, and qualified for Profit Share Level 1. Year three, with Profit Share Managers and pursuit of their personal goals • and I qualified for Earned Incentive Programme Level 3, and Groundwork – passing on of information daily to the non- supported five friends to participate in Profit Share Level 1. Our Managers and the newcomers – individually and in small groups • goal is to work towards Turkey becoming number one in Europe. Attend regular training courses for all teams • Always have an I’d like to thank all my colleagues, Company employees, and dear open door for queries and discussions • Pleasure and enjoyment Rex Maughan. in working for and achieving goals • Share this pleasure58 AUSTRIA TURKEY
  • Vincent & Jana Beijk Charlotte SchmitPosition in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing PlanSapphire Manager ManagerLength of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever10 years 9 yearsCheque Amount Cheque Amount€16,629.22 €16,559.14 Wir haben immer viel Begeisterung für die Forever-Produkte Le Profit Share représente bien plus que de l’argent ou de la gezeigt und die hervorragende Geschäftsmöglichkeit genutzt, die liberté supplémentaire, il me permet d’avoir le style de vie de mon Forever uns bietet. So war es für uns auch im vergangenen Jahr choix ! klar, dass wir uns für das Profit Sharing qualifizieren werden. Nach • Il m’aide à rester concentrée sur mon business au quotidien, qui dem Motto „Gemeinsam geht s leichter“ haben wir mit unserem consiste entre autres en l’utilisation des produits extraordinaires. fantastischen Team eng zusammen gearbeitet. Uns war wichtig, • Il me permet de travailler continuellement à mon développement während des Qualifikationszeitraums Distributoren zu helfen, die personnel. nächste Stufe zu erreichen. Durch regelmäßige Geschäfts-, • J’aime tout simplement le concept du Profit Share de Forever : Produktpräsentationen und Startertrainings hat unser Team immer plus vous aidez les autres à réussir, plus vous serez vous-même die Möglichkeit, neue Kunden und Distributoren in unser Team zu couronné de succès. involvieren. Dadurch entsteht ein stabiles und stetiges Wachstum. • Mais, plus que tout, j’adore le concept ‘No Limits’ de Forever. Il me permet de me développer avec une liberté totale pour être We have always been very keen about the Forever products and LA personne que je souhaite devenir et ce, dans le but de have made use of the excellent Business Opportunity Forever vraiment ‘faire la différence’ dans ce monde. offers us. It became clear in the past year that we would qualify for Alors, n’attendez pas, essayez vous aussi d’obtenir le Profit Share Profit Share. In keeping with the motto ‘together we are strong’, – et vous verrez que vous allez adorer ! we worked very closely with our fantastic team. We found it important during the qualification period to help Distributors reach Profit Share is much more than just money or extra freedom, it the next step. By means of regular product presentations and gives me the lifestyle of my choice! training courses for newcomers, our team is always able to involve • It helps me to stay focussed on my day to day business which new Customers and Distributors. Stable and continual growth is involves using our wonderful products. the result. • It helps me to continuously work on my personal development. • I just love the concept of Profit Share: the more you help other people to be successful the more successful you’ll be yourself. • But most of all I enjoy the ‘No Limits’ concept of Forever. This allows me to grow in total freedom, to become the person I want to become, and to really make a difference to this world. Don’t wait – go for Profit Share now – you will love it too! GERMANY LUXEMBOURG 59
  • LEVEL ONE Giovanni Asole Christina Hörberg Position in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing Plan Senior Manager Soaring Manager Length of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever 11 years 9 years Cheque Amount Cheque Amount €16,332.51 €16,295.08 Profit Share Manager Profit Share Manager in Downline in Downline Paolo Morresi Lotta Kreij Dopo quasi 11 anni di attività provo a tirare le somme. Ebbene, Forever har givit mig ett ovärderligt redskap att skapa min egen come dice Rex, non solo ho lavorato di meno e guadagnato di più, och mitt teams önskade livsstil. Eftersom vi arbetar under total ho avuto più tempo libero per me stesso, per i miei cari e per le cose frihet och helt utan krav, är Profit Share det viktigaste a cui tengo di più, ma non ho più cercato lavoro. Ho svolto un lavoro styrinstrument för vägledning till en utveckling i rätt riktning. piacevole senza stress, lavorando dove, quando e quanto volevo. Ho Samtidigt som vi i teamet bygger våra drömmar, påverkar vi också avuto più certezza del mio futuro, ho solo usato i prodotti e li ho Forevers utveckling och får en generös avkastning på det. Ett consigliati ad altri. Ho viaggiato di più che in tutto il resto della mia optimalt arbetssätt för alla som vill skapa sitt eget liv, i stället för att vita, nelle località turistiche più belle e più note del mondo; ho avuto ingå i någon annans planering. För mig betyder Profit Share att jag ogni anno il Profit Share che è meglio della tredicesima; ho alltid kommer att investera i andra människor. conosciuto nuovi amici perché li faccio stare bene di salute e di portafoglio. Certo, qui cè posto per tutti, anche per le persone più Christina gick bort i mars 2011. Hon kommer att vara saknad av ambiziose che vogliono sempre di più e per questo sono disposte a alla hela sin Forever-familj. tutto, anche a lavorare sodo. Del resto, se non ci fossero le persone Forever has given me an invaluable tool for achieving my own, and ambiziose il mondo si fermerebbe. my team’s, desired lifestyles. Since we work in total freedom with After almost 11 years in the business I’ll try to paint a picture. As Rex no requirements placed upon us, Profit Share is the most says, I can work less and earn more money, have more free time for important instrument for guiding development in the right direction. myself, for my family and for things I care about, and I’m not looking As we in the team build our dreams, we also influence Forever’s for a new job. I have a nice job without stress, working where, when development and receive a generous return for that. An optimal and how long I want to. I’m more confident about my future, simply working method for anyone who wants to create their own life, by using the products and recommending them to others. I have rather than being part of someone else’s plans. For me Profit travelled more than I have ever done to the most popular and famous Share means I’ll always invest in other people. tourist resorts in the world; I receive Profit Share every year, better than a year-end bonus; I have new friends because I help them feel Christina sadly passed away March 2011. She will be missed by better in their health and financially. Of course, there is a place for her Forever family. everyone, especially for ambitious people who want more and who are willing to work hard. On the other hand, if there were no ambitious people, the world would simply stop.60 ITALY SWEDEN
  • Dr. Susanne Schwemmlein & Dr. Guido di Mascio Wilfryd & Karima BraconneauPosition in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing PlanSapphire Manager Senior ManagerLength of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever9 years 7 yearsCheque Amount Cheque Amount€16,286.22 €15,705.58Profit Share Manager Profit Share Managerin Downline in DownlineGabriele Reichard Rami Ouni Seit April 2002 arbeiten wir intensiv mit den Produkten von Forever Nous avons commencé l’activité fin 2005, nous nous sommes und sind von den positiven Eigenschaften begeistert. Diese qualifiés Manager en 2006 et Manager Senior en 2008. Nous Begeisterung geben wir weiter. Monat für Monat teilen wir unser sommes très contents d’être qualifiés au Profit Share, c’est la wachsendes Wissen über die Produkte von Forever mit den Aloe- première fois pour nous et c’est un objectif que nous souhaitions „Experten“ aus unserer Gruppe und mit neuen Interessenten. Das atteindre. Nous avons organisé notre travail de 2010 afin de Endergebnis ist die jährliche Teilnahme am Profit Sharing. Uns ist es réaliser ce challenge. Cela nous a permis de bien structurer notre wichtig, unsere persönliche Weiterentwicklung nicht aus den Augen groupe et d’apporter un bon niveau de formation à nos zu verlieren, die richtige Work-Life-Balance zu finden, die wichtigen Distributeurs. Menschen um uns herum zu genießen und zu pflegen – alles andere kommt von alleine. Unsere Tipps für ein erfolgreiches Forever- Nous sommes heureux de faire partie d’une belle lignée de Business sind: Stetig an sich und seinem schlummernden Potenzial parrainage qui partage comme nous de belles valeurs de vie. arbeiten, immer neugierig und wissbegierig sein, achtsam im Umgang Nous félicitons chaleureusement tous les Distributeurs de notre mit Mitmenschen und nicht müde werden, auf andere Menschen groupe, nous sommes fiers de vous et heureux de vous connaître. offen zuzugehen. Wichtig ist, dass man dabei jedem Menschen eine Nous avons voulu réaliser ce challenge pour vous permettre d’y Chance gibt! croire afin de vous donner l’envie de le visualiser. Quand on veut Since April 2002 we have worked intensively with Forever and are on peut car tout ce que notre esprit croit on peut l’atteindre. Il inspired by the benefits of the products. We convey this enthusiasm. suffit de s’en donner les moyens et passer à l’action jusqu’à arriver Month by month, we share our growing knowledge about Forever à la réussite. products, received from the aloe ‘experts’, with our group and with new prospective Customers. The end result is the annual participation We started the business in late 2005; we qualified as Managers in in Profit Share. To us it is important not to lose sight of personal 2006 and as Senior Managers in 2008. We are very happy to development, to find the right work/life balance, to enjoy the important qualify for Profit Share for the first time and it is a goal we wanted people around us and to maintain this – everything else comes to achieve. We organised our work in 2010 to achieve this naturally. Our tips for a successful Forever business are: work steadily challenge. This allowed us to structure our group and provide a on yourself and your latent potential, always be curious and eager to good level of training to our Distributors. learn, be respectful in dealing with people and never become too tired We are pleased to be part of a fantastic line of sponsorship with to contact new people. Give every person a chance! whom we share beautiful values of life. GERMANY FRANCE 61
  • LEVEL ONE Katalin Dr. Seresné Dr. Pirkhoffer & Endre Dr. Seres Rami & Iptisem Ouni Position in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing Plan Sapphire Manager Soaring Manager Length of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever 13 years 3 years Cheque Amount Cheque Amount €15,281.23 €15,245.56 Profit Share Managers in Downline Saida & Moncef Benhassen, Jamila Zidi & Wahib Nebi Nagy lelkesedéssel és szeretettel kínáljuk mindenkinek a Je suis fier de contribuer au Mieux-Être de milliers de personnes, termékeket és az üzleti lehetőséget, hogy velünk együtt érjék el az d’abord sur le plan de la Santé physique avec des produits de trés álmaikat. A hálózatépítést itt, ebben az üzletben tanultuk és haute qualité, mais aussi sur le plan de la Santé Financière avec minden kihívást teljesítünk, mert példát szeretnénk mutatni a ceux qui désirent vraiment améliorer leurs revenus et leur qualité csapatunknak. Amikor Magyarországon először lehetett profit de vie en s’impliquant dans le Réseau : Forever. programot teljesíteni nem hittük el magunkról, hogy meg tudjuk Depuis quelques temps, jai l’immense privilège de vivre un métier csinálni. A csekkek látványa azonban sokkolt bennünket és passionnant et de réussir en aidant mes Partenaires à réussir ! azonnal elhatároztuk, hogy erről többé nem maradunk le! Ettöl kezdve folyamatosan minden évben teljesítjük, hiszen benne van a Le Monde change autour de vous, faites le choix dévoluer avec megújulás, a megmérettetés és komoly elismeréssel jár. lui. Törekszünk a második szintre, hogy a csapatunkban legyenek követőink. Köszönjük a Forever vezetőinek a lehetőséget, hogy We are very proud to contribute to the wellbeing of millions of egy stabil megbízható jövőképet tudunk mutatni a családunknak people, not only in terms of the physical wellbeing with our high és sok-sok magyar családnak. quality products but also in terms of financial wellbeing for people who really want to improve their incomes and their quality of life We promote the products and the business opportunity to with Forever. everyone with great enthusiasm and love helping them realise their dreams. We have learned about Network Marketing in this For some time now, we have had the huge privilege of having a business, and we achieve every challenge, so we can guide our business which we are passionate about, and succeeding by team. When the opportunity of achieving Profit Share arose, we helping our team to achieve. didn’t think that we could do it. However, when we saw the The world is changing around you – make your choice to evolve cheques, we decided that we didn’t want to miss it. We continue with it. to achieve the programme every year, as it brings with it development, competition and great recognition. We’re aiming at the second level and encouraging our team to follow us. We are grateful to the management of Forever, for the opportunity to show our family and many Hungarian families a stable and reliable view of the future.62 HUNGARY FRANCE
  • Rosytha & Phil Cony Jane & Svend Aage EskildsenPosition in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing PlanSapphire Manager Soaring ManagerLength of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever16 years 13 yearsCheque Amount Cheque Amount€14,587.35 €14,557.05Profit Share Manager Profit Share Managersin Downline in DownlineSue Piranty Vibe & Ole Larsen Wow! What a year 2010 was for us in so many ways and qualifying Arbejdet med Forever giver os en fantastisk mulighed for at få en for Profit Share was the icing on the cake; thank you for your bedre livskvalitet og samtidig opnå nye mål, samt leve det liv, vi har generosity Rex. lyst til. Muligheden for at opnå Profit Share beviser til fulde at der er We fell in love with Network Marketing 25 years ago, the concept No Limit i Forever. En af grundpillerne for at opnå Profit Share er, being, help enough people to be successful and your own success at arbejde basic, anbefale produkterne, vise nye forhandlere will be guaranteed. We learnt our profession elsewhere; we worked mulighederne og hjælpe dem på vej. Profit Share handler ikke hard but they did not have the stability we were looking for. When we alene om os, men er også en stor del af samarbejdet med dygtige were lucky enough to be introduced to Forever, we could see og positive forhandlere, og det giver os masser af energi at hjælpe immediately that unlike the other companies, Forever had everything dem til at opnå deres mål. in place for us and our team to be successful. These things are the Working with Forever gives us a fantastic opportunity to get a right product, the right Company, and a good Marketing Plan, with better quality of life as well as to achieve new goals and live the life bonuses paid on the full retail value of the turnover. we want. The opportunity to achieve Profit Share proves fully that We started in January 1995 with our goals set out. We got great there is ‘No Limits’ at Forever. One of the basic cornerstones to feedback on the products and we started to develop our team. Six achieving Profit Share is working the basics, recommending years ago we purchased a fantastic villa in the Sierra Nieves products, showing Distributors new opportunities and helping Mountains on the edge of the National Park in southern Spain. them on the way. Profit Share is not just about us, but is also a We decided to step up our business in 2010 with new goals, and great deal of collaboration with skilled, positive-thinking one of these was to re-qualify for Profit Share. We focussed early Distributors. It gives us plenty of energy to help them achieve their with consistent activity throughout the year and by early December, goals. we achieved Profit Share and could enjoy Christmas. We are so proud of our fantastic team. We have already started work with some of them to help them qualify for Profit Share in 2011. What an amazing Company this is; we don’t know of any other CEO of a Network Marketing company that says, “Thanks for a great year guys, here’s a share of the profits.” Thank you Rex, from the bottom of our hearts. UK DENMARK 63
  • LEVEL ONE Anne & Martial Dziurda Diana & Geoff Page Position in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing Plan Senior Manager Sapphire Manager Length of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever 7 years 9 years Cheque Amount Cheque Amount €14,555.90 €14,532.01 Profit Share Manager in Downline Christèle Martin Nous avons signé notre agrément en 2004, et sommes devenus After a long corporate background, we were attracted to Forever manager en 2006 puis manager senior en 2008. Vienne sera notre because we could see a flexible opportunity that would still offer a 3è participation au Profit Share, car c’est devenu notre objectif six-figure income. Our boys are now seven and ten years old, we only principal. En effet, notre activité doit être en constant ever work part-time around our children, we are the UK No. 3 développement, par le recrutement et la formation de nouvelles Distributors, Sapphire Managers, World Rally and Silver Rally qualifiers. équipes, sans oublier le soutien et la motivation des équipes déjà We attribute our success to having cultivated a desire to make a établies. Ainsi, cette année, nous avons la joie de voir qualifiée au difference, by sharing the amazing products and helping others with profit Share une de nos Manager, qui nous accompagne au the income opportunity. Forever gives you the best of everything; quotidien dans le partage de cette fantastique opportunité. flexibility, control over your time, financial freedom, and peace of mind. We signed our agreement in 2004, became Managers in 2006 and And on top of that you get an environment in which to achieve your Senior Managers in 2008. Vienna is the third time we have true potential. Which means to achieve the greatness within, you must look within and develop a winner’s mindset; you have to think and be qualified for Profit Share, as it became our primary objective. your best, to give your best, to achieve your best. It’s important to Indeed, our activity must be in constant development through remember that with big goals come great challenges to be overcome recruiting and training new teams, without forgetting to support and that’s when the rewards are the most fulfilling. and motivate our already established teams. So this year, we have the joy of seeing one of our Managers qualify for Profit Share; and You can only achieve success through developing and nourishing who accompanies us every day in sharing this fantastic strong relationships built on integrity, trust, encouragement, support, opportunity. commitment and accountability. We are very, very lucky to have a team of great individuals who share our core values and who are committed to being their best so they can help others achieve their best. We thank you for all your efforts and we wish you all the success you deserve. Forever is unique in that you are surrounded by inspirational leaders and mentors to help you every step of the way. Thank you to Rex and Gregg, Aidan and all of the Forever staff around the world; you provide us with an incredible platform to change lives, one life at a time.64 FRANCE UK
  • Ashley & Louise Riley Dr Carmen Larion & Dr Gabriel LarionPosition in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing PlanSenior Manager Senior ManagerLength of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever16 years 7 yearsCheque Amount Cheque Amount€14,456.94 €14,350.32Profit Share Managersin DownlineChristine & Mike Thompson Having joined Forever 16 years ago in the last recession, we were Ca medici traversăm o perioadă grea în România, dar am ales să looking for a new direction after losing a very successful property nu ne plângem, ci să găsim soluţii. Un medic trebuie să business that had been established for 19 years. Not only had the muncească cel puţin doi ani ca să câştige atât cat am primit noi business gone, so had the home, cars and any security for our family. doar într-un cec Profit Share. Practicăm cu pasiune atât medicina, cât şi Forever, doar că aici am aflat cum să tratăm o boală despre There was no ‘plan b’, so we set to work. This was initially very part- care nu am învăţat în facultate, dar care provoacă foarte multă time around our family with four young children and a baby on the way. suferinţă psihică şi fizică: boala buzunarului gol. Reţeta este: ajută With the peaks and troughs that any business goes through, we have suficient de mulţi oameni să obţină ceea ce vor şi vei obţine tot ce- watched our business grow locally, nationally and internationally. ţi doreşti! Forever has enabled us to choose where to live and where to educate As doctors, we are facing difficult times in Romania, but we our family. We have lived in the UK as well as spending a sabbatical in choose not to complain but instead to find solutions. A doctor Spain for three years. We are proud to say that we have educated all must work at least two years to earn as much as we received in a five children privately and continue to do so through university, with the single Profit Share cheque. With passion, we work both in knowledge that our willable income will still continue to support our medicine and with Forever, only in Forever, we learned how to family. treat a disease we haven’t learned about at college but which Profit Share is the icing on the cake. Not only do we have a regular causes a lot of physical and mental pain: the empty wallet. The secure and steady income, but also the principles of Profit Share prescription is, help enough people get what they want and you continue to inject long-term steady growth into the business. It is also will get what you desire! a fantastic ‘pat on the back’ for consistent work within your business, whilst supporting your team to achieve their goals. We would like to thank all our team within The Infinet Group, especially within the UK, Benelux and Ireland, as each and every one of you have had an input, and we are so proud to have met you within Forever, and to work with you to achieve your life-changing goals. Remember, the only way to be really successful in Forever is to help lots of other people to become successful. UK ROMANIA 65
  • LEVEL ONE Philomena Guandai Géza Varga & Ilona Vargáné Dr. Juronics Position in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing Plan Senior Manager Soaring Manager Length of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever 7 ½ years 14 years Cheque Amount Cheque Amount €13,989.46 €13,772.19 Profit Share Managers in Downline Peter & Grace Osakwe A friend invited me to a Forever Company meeting and I have Arra születtünk, hogy megtaláljuk életünk értelmét és e szerint never looked back. My background is in law. I joined Forever éljünk. Értéket adni a világnak csak egy kiváló eszme születésével mainly because I was in debt. lehet. Ezt mi Rex Maughan szellemiségében találtuk meg. Az Forever üzlete adott esélyt számunkra, hogy a mindennapi What an amazing incentive Forever has for all Distributors. Profit mókuskerékbõl kilépjünk. A kihívások azok, melyek Share is always one of my main goals for the year. By focusing on hozzásegítenek minket újabb és újabb célok eléréséhez.Ilyen a Profit Share your business grows and brings belief to the team. Profit Sharing is. Minden év első napjaiban megtervezzük a With Forever you can achieve everything you have ever dreamt of munkát és azt is eldöntjük, hogy a kapott összegbõl milyen and most importantly you can help others do the same. If you have karitatív tevékenységet végzünk. Így nagyobb erőt kapunk a not achieved Profit Share, make it your main goal for the year and munka elvégzéséhez, mintha csupán magunkért tennénk. watch your business fly. Mottónk:" Bátornak lenni, mindennap tenni önmagunkért és másokért" We are born to find the meaning of life and to live according to this. Giving value to the world is made possible only by the birth of an outstanding idea. We learned this through Rex Maughan’s beliefs. We were given the opportunity by Forever to step out of drudgery. Challenges carry us forward to achieve our goals. Profit Share is one of them. We make our business plan at the beginning of every year and then we decide how much from our earnings will go to charity. We gain more energy out of this, as we’re not working merely for ourselves. Our motto: ‘Be brave, do something for yourself and others every day.’66 UK HUNGARY
  • Lisa Walsh & Ian McClean Hazel & Peter KemblePosition in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing PlanSoaring Manager Sapphire ManagerLength of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever10 years 14 yearsCheque Amount Cheque Amount€13,665.82 €13,610.35Profit Share Managers Profit Share Managerin Downline in DownlineAnne & Patrick Carton Mary Bingham Profit Share is an amazing part of the Forever Marketing Plan! This is the tenth time we have been privileged to collect a Profit Share cheque and we would like to thank each and every person This past year in particular, many, many people have had serious in our success line for their support and contribution throughout challenges due to the economy in Ireland but receiving our Profit 2010. We would also like to thank Rex, not only for creating this Share cheque has meant that we don’t have to worry about the amazing Company and the opportunity for literally thousands of economic crisis. My husband is in property development, so we’ve people to change their lives for the better, but also for creating the lost a huge income, but we’ve made up for it with the Forever Profit Share incentive. It is a brilliant incentive because to qualify Profit Share incentive. Thanks to Rex and thanks to everyone in you have to have built all the elements necessary to have a solid our team that made it possible. We look forward to going into business and sustainable income. Level 2. One of our main goals when we joined Forever was to see something of the world. As a result of collecting our Profit Share cheques, we have seen many other cities across Europe, not to mention attending the International Rally and all the places in the United States. In 2007 it funded an amazing trip to Australia, and has allowed us to indulge our passion for mountaineering with two expeditions into Kyrgyzstan in previously unclimbed mountains. To stand on top of a mountain where nobody had stood before was awesome. In 2010 we achieved one of our long held goals and completed a trek to Everest Base Camp taking in some of the high level passes in the Khumbu region. It was a truly humbling experience to stand at the foot of the Khumbu icefall and to look at the immense task that faces any climber setting out to summit Everest itself. This year, our cheque will be funding a safari in Zambia 2012 to celebrate our Silver Wedding. IRELAND UK 67
  • LEVEL ONE Julie & John Buck Dora Magnusdottir & Magnus Gunnarsson Position in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing Plan Senior Manager Senior Manager Length of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever 7 years 10 years Cheque Amount Cheque Amount €13,542.75 €13,381.65 Profit Share Managers Profit Share Managers in Downline in Downline Cora McKeown & Daniel Hawkins Magnus D Ingolfsson & Hlif Pálsdottir Having started my Forever journey in 2003, I truly feel like I am now Gleði, spenna og árangurstilfinning kemur í hugann þegar við ‘living my dream’… Recently we moved to Qatar with my hugsum um fyrsta Profit Share árið okkar. Upplifunin að hafa náð husband’s business (a goal of ours for many years) and for me, árangrinum skipti okkur meira máli en upphæðin á tékkanum. Nú rather than lose a job or business, I was able to simply pick up my fimm árum síðar er tilfinningin sú sama. Þetta tækifæri kom í líf Forever business and move it to another country. Achieving Profit okkar á hárréttum tíma, við stóðum á krossgötum, vorum að Share for the third year running has meant the financial byggja okkur upp í annað sinn á lífsleiðinni, í leit að stefnu í átt að implications of having a home in two countries is eased. fjárhagslegu sjálfsstæði. Við erum sannfærð um að Forever Living er rétta tækifærið og sönnun þess að við erum á réttri leið er Profit Additionally, seeing my star Senior Manager, Cora, also achieve Share. Sérstakar þakkir til Rex Maughan! Profit Share is absolutely the icing on an otherwise almost perfect cake – THAT’S the true reward of this business: seeing others Joy, excitement and success are the feelings that come to mind achieve THEIR goals – priceless! I’m so proud of Cora. when we think back to our first Profit Share. Now, five years later, the feeling is still the same. The opportunity entered our lives at Of all the incentives in the Forever world, achieving Profit Share will exactly the right moment. We were at a crossroads as a family, ALWAYS be my top priority. faced with the task of building up a career for the second time. We are convinced that the Forever opportunity was the right one to choose and achieving Profit Share proves to us that we are heading in the right direction. A warm thank you to Rex Maughan!68 UK ICELAND
  • Bodil & Erik Serritslev Jørgensen Saida BenhassenPosition in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing PlanSapphire Manager ManagerLength of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever10 years 3 yearsCheque Amount Cheque Amount€13,339.68 €12,688.84Profit Share Managersin DownlineNanna & Dan Sørensen Jeg startede meget skeptisk i april 2000. Skulle blot have Nous avons commencé l’activité Forever en 2008, une année plus produkterne til at optimere mine zoneterapi behandlinger. Men tard nous sommes devenus Managers ( juin 2009).Dans notre blev total imponeret over aloe vera drikkens positive virkning, især réseau nous avons un Manager 1ère génération. L’année 2010 på en lille dreng på blot 14 måneder. Dette var en øjenåbner for était une année exceptionnelle puisque nous avons gagné le Profit mig. Den ene positive oplevelse efter den anden fik mig overbevist Share pour la première fois grâce au super travail effectué par om kvaliteten. Forretningen var jeg også meget skeptisk overfor. notre Downline .Gagner ce chalenge est un événement inoubliable Men alt viste sig at være fantastisk, mere end man næsten kunne dans notre vie et présente une motivation supplémentaire pour forstå. 1½ år senere levede jeg 100% af min Forever forretning. nous et pour tout notre réseau. Cela démontre encore une fois l’ampleur de l’activité Forever. C’est une activité qui nous inspire Det er en daglig glæde at hjælpe andre til succes, og vide at man des nouvelles idées et méthodes de travail et semble nous donner gør en forskel for andre mennesker. des ailes pour voler plus haut vers d’autres horizons splendides et When I started in April 2000, I was very sceptical. I simply wanted merveilleux. Maintenant nos objectifs visent à aider le maximum de the products to optimise my zone therapy treatments. But I was Distributeurs Downline à devenir Manager et ‘gouter’ la saveur du really impressed with the positive effect of the aloe vera drink, Profit Share. especially on a little boy of only 14 months. This was an eye- We started with Forever in 2008, and a year later we became opener for me. One positive experience after another convinced Managers (June 2009). In our team we have a first generation me of the quality. I was also very sceptical about the business. But Manager. 2010 was an exceptional year because we achieved everything proved to be fantastic, almost more than you could Profit Share for the first time thanks to the great work done by our understand. 1½ years later I was living off my Forever business Downline. Winning this challenge is an unforgettable event in our completely. lives and is an extra motivation for us and our team. This We are very happy to help others achieve success, and to know demonstrates once again the extent of Forever activity. It is an that we can make a difference to other people. activity that inspires new ideas and ways of working and seems to give us wings to fly higher to other beautiful and wonderful horizons. Now our goals are to help the maximum number of Downline Distributors to become Managers and ‘taste’ the flavour of Profit Share! DENMARK TUNISIA 69
  • LEVEL ONE Dragana & Miloš Janović Michael & Brigitte Menter Position in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing Plan Soaring Manager Sapphire Manager Length of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever 13 years 10 years Cheque Amount Cheque Amount €12,622.63 €12,589.57 Dragana je bila savetnik ministra, a Miloš je dipl. inženjer Eines unserer wichtigen Ziele, ist es immer, so vielen mašinstva. Oboje su napustili 2002.god. svoje poslove da bi bili Teammitgliedern wie möglich zu helfen, selbst Geld zu verdienen. samo Forever saradnici. Od tada postižu fantastične rezultate: Wir buchstabieren TEAM – together earn all more. Deshalb ist es višegodišnji članovi Prezident Kluba, osvajači Šeringa, Euro Relija, wichtig, Menschen nicht nur ihre großartige Möglichkeit mit Super relija, Auto programa itd. A za sve to kažu:“ Mi uopšte ne Forever zu zeigen, sondern auch die Verantwortung für ihren Erfolg radimo Forever – mi živimo Forever stil života: putujemo, družimo zu übernehmen. se i pomažemo prijateljima u našem sjajnom timu da ostvare svoje Begleiten Sie Ihre Teampartner ein kleines Stück zu Ihrem Erfolg. snove! Hvala Rex, hvala Forever!“ Auf diesem Weg werden Sie eskortiert von erstklassigen Dragana was a senior adviser in the Ministry and Miloš a Produkten und einem sensationellen Marketingplan. Außerdem mechanical engineer. They both left their jobs in 2002 in order to steht hinter allem ein Familienunternehmen mit hohen moralischen become Forever Distributors. Since then, they have achieved Ansprüchen. Beherzigen Sie den Spruch: Faber est suae quisque fantastic results; for many years they have been Presidents’ Club fortunae – jeder ist seines Glückes Schmied! members, Profit Share qualifiers, European Rally, Super Rally, and One of our most important goals is always to help as many team Earned Incentive Programme qualifiers, etc. And they say, “We members as possible to earn their own money. don’t feel like we work hard – we live the Forever lifestyle; we travel a lot and we have many friends in our team and help them to TEAM stands for: Together Everyone Achieves More. It is therefore achieve their dreams! Thank you Rex, thank you Forever!” vital to show them not only the great opportunity that Forever offers, but also how to take responsibility for their success. Support your team partners on your way to success. First-class products and a sensational Marketing Plan will accompany you on your way. Moreover, you are backed by a family enterprise with high moral standards. Take the following saying to heart, “Every person is the architect of his own fortune.”70 SERBIA GERMANY
  • Tibor Lapicz & Orsolya Lapiczné Lenkó Maria & Markku SuhonenPosition in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing PlanSoaring Manager ManagerLength of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever8 years 6 yearsCheque Amount Cheque Amount€12,416.58 €12,209.19 Profit Share Managers in Downline Saara & Marko Hyrkäs Harmadik alkalommal teljesítettük a Profit Sharing kiírását. Mukavaa, antoisaa työtä Foreverissä. Tapaa mukavia, iloisia Fantasztikus érzés képviselni Magyarországot Európa legjobbjai ihmisiä Suomessa sekä ulkomailla. Mitään parempaa ei voisi olla. között. A Forevernek köszönhetően kiegyensúlyozott, boldog életünk Laadukkaat tuotteet esitellä joka puolella maailmaa Olemme van. Nemcsak az anyagi biztonságot tudtunk megteremteni a nauttineet tästä kaikesta ja neljännen kerran saamme profit share cégnek köszönhetően, de a termékek használatával és az shekin. Aivan uskomatonta, mutta mahdollista kaikille, jotka életmódunkkal az egészségünk is rendben van, emellett rengeteg haluavat auttaa toisia voimaan hyvin. Suuret kiitokset Rexi ja időt tudunk együtt tölteni 10 éves Anna lányunkkal. Minden évben 4- Forever tästä kaikesta upeasta mahdollisuudesta. 5 országba elutazunk és az üzletünk, amikor hazajövünk nagyobb lett, mint volt, ezt a hagyományos vállalkozásunknál nem így My work at Forever is enjoyable and fulfilling. We meet friendly, tapasztaltuk, ez számunkra csak a Foreverben vált lehetségessé. happy people both in Finland and abroad. It could not be any Arra vagyunk a legbüszkébbek, hogy minden évben le tudjuk győzni better. Quality products are being presented all around the world. a kényelmünket és Önmagunkat, ennek az eredménye a Profit We have enjoyed all this and have received a Profit Share cheque Sharing teljesítése. Két hitvallásunk is van: Az első: Motiváció + four times. It is incredible, but possible for everyone who wants to Szorgalom = Siker A második: Akinek van Célja és Hite, azelőtt az help others to be healthy. Lots of thanks to Rex and Forever for akadályok meghajlanak. this great opportunity. We have qualified for Profit Share for the third time. It’s a fantastic feeling to represent Hungary among Europe’s best. Thanks to Forever, we have a stable, happy life. Besides financial security we are healthy thanks to using the products and also because of our lifestyle. What’s more, we can spend a lot of time with our ten-year- old daughter, Anna. We visit four or five countries every year, and when we come back our business has increased. We didn’t experience this in our previous venture; it has happened only in Forever. We are so proud that each year, we push ourselves and achieve Profit Share. We have two statements of belief. The first one: Motivation + Diligence = Success. The second one: There are no barriers for those who have faith and goals. HUNGARY FINLAND 71
  • LEVEL ONE Ádám Nagy & Brigitta Nagyné Belényi Sari Sanssi & Rainer Wirtanen Position in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing Plan Senior Manager Senior Manager Length of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever 7 years 6 years Cheque Amount Cheque Amount €12,138.22 €11,515.85 Profit Share Managers in Downline Irmeli & Tommi Lassila Villamosmérnök és közgazdász házaspárként 2 kiskorú Profit Share on loistava ja nerokkaasti luotu motivaatio-ohjelma, gyermekkel megtaláltuk a helyünket a Forever csapatában, és joka ohjaa tekemään oikealla tavalla omaa liiketoimintaa eteenpäin büszkén teljesítettük idén is a Profit Share programot. Ez minden ja palkitsee sitten tavoitteen saavuttamisesta anteliaasti. Tämä on évben egy nagy kihívás, hiszen növekedést kíván, és egy válságos neljäs kerta, kun pätevöidyimme Profit Shareen. Olemme ylpeitä gazdasági helyzetben a talpon maradás is nagy teljesítménynek omasta ryhmästämme ja kiitollisia, että saamme hakea taas számít. A Profit Share program idei teljesítése megalapozta, hogy a palkkioshekin ja tällä kertaa Lontoosta. Olemme onnellisia, että Presidents’ Clubnak a tagjaivá is válhassunk. A Forever marketing saamme työskennellä tämän upean yrityksen tuotteiden parissa ja terve az, ami a növekedés lehetőségét adta, a csapat hozzátette a saamme tarjota tätä mahdollisuutta yhä uusille ihmisille. Suurkiitos munkát és a lelkesedést, és a közös siker valódi jövőképet adott meidän sponsoreille Raija ja Hannu Salmilehdoille, Rex Maughanille mindenkinek. Aki egy etikus üzletet, igazi harmóniát, és ja koko Foreverille! kiegyensúlyozott eseménydús életet szeretne, annak a Forever Profit Share is an excellent and brilliantly devised motivational lehetőségét meg kell ragadnia. Aki pedig ebből a legtöbbet akarja programme that shows the right way to develop your own kihozni, annak a Profit Share program a kihívás! Csináld meg Te is! business activities, rewarding generously when the objective is As an electrical engineer and economist, married with two young achieved. This is the fourth time we have qualified for Profit Share. children, we found our place in the Forever team and proudly We are proud of our team and grateful that we received our accomplished Profit Share. It is always a challenge, since growth is reward cheque again, this time in Vienna. We are happy to be able a requirement, and in an economic crisis, even to stay alive is a to work with this excellent Company’s products and to be able to great achievement. Profit Share helped us achieve being part of offer this opportunity to more and more new people. A big thank the Presidents’ Club, which was our dream. The Forever you to our Sponsors, Raija & Hannu Salmilehto, to Rex Maughan Marketing Plan offered a growth opportunity, we added the and to the entire Forever Company! teamwork and the enthusiasm, and a common vision of real success was shared by everyone. If you want an ethical business that brings harmony and balance, you need to take Forever seriously. And if you want to make the most of Forever you need to make Profit Share the ultimate challenge. You can do it too!72 HUNGARY FINLAND
  • Karlgash Umbetova & Gabiden Saginbayev Ágnes KlajPosition in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing PlanSoaring Manager Soaring ManagerLength of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever2 ½ years 8 yearsCheque Amount Cheque Amount€11,513.08 €11,438.74Profit Share Managerin DownlineAinagul Urynbasarova Мы Сагинбаев Габиден и Умбетова Карлгаш, парень с Örülök, hogy a legjobbakkal lehetek egy könyvben azokkal, akik az девушкой, которые строят этот бизнес ради своего Forever profijai. Ebbe az elit csapatba tartozni célom volt és már будущего, и ради исполнения желаний. У каждого мечта – harmadszor lettünk profitosak. 2005-ben lettünk managerek és здоровье, путешествие, финансовая самостоятельность, három év múlva már profitot csináltunk. A célunk, hogy legalább иметь много друзей и самое главное, гордость родителей három olyan munkatársunk legyen, aki ezt másolja. A férjem за своих детей. И все это у нас есть, благодаря компании segítségével haladunk együtt a közösen alkotott céljaink felé, ФЛП, за свои 25 лет. Спасибо Всевышнему за то, что számomra azért egyszerű ezt megcsinálni, mert ez jól működik. познакомил нас с семейной парой, которая является лидером не только в бизнесе, но и в жизни, €1 в I am so glad that I could be in this book among the best, with Казахстане, Сапфировыми менеджерами, Абуталиевым those who are the professionals of Forever. Belonging to this elite Махфором и Доспевой Галией. С 2009 года упорно работая team was my primary goal and additionally, we have now achieved с командой, достигли статус Соаринг менеджера. И по Profit Share for the third time. We became Managers in 2005 and итогам 2010 года, мы тоже стали участниками three years later we qualified for Profit Share. Our goal is to have at «Президентского Клуба». А так же выполнили программу least three Distributors in our team who will duplicate our methods. Супер Ралли, поездка в Америку, и программу «Деление My husband and I work together towards our common goals. It is Прибыли». Всем желаем успехов в 2011 году. so simple to do that because it works well. We are building this business for our future and to fulfil our dreams. Everyone has dreams, such as good health, travel, financial independence, to have many friends and the most important thing, to be proud parents of our children. All of these we have, thanks to Forever. We thank God for introducing us to the couple who are not only the leaders of the business, but also in life, No.1 in Kazakhstan, Sapphire Managers Abutaliyev Mahfor & Dospayeva Galiya. Since 2009, working consistenly with our team, we have reached the status of Soaring Manager. Based on results from 2010, we have also become members of the Presidents’ Club. We have also achieved Super Rally, a trip to America, and Profit Share. We wish all of you many successes in 2011. KAZAKHSTAN HUNGARY 73
  • LEVEL ONE Sonia De Simone & Salvatore Solarino Catherine Belliard & Lucien Thomas Position in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing Plan Soaring Manager Manager Length of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever 4 years 7 years Cheque Amount Cheque Amount €11,334.92 €11,041.65 Siamo veramente felici di aver raggiunto per il secondo anno J’ai découvert Forever en mai 2004 et après 18 mois je suis consecutivo il Profit Share. È una grande soddisfazione che ci devenue Manager. Depuis je bénéficie du soutien de Lucien et accompagna dall’inizio dell’anno, giorno dopo giorno. cette année nous sommes fiers de bénéficier du Profit Share pour la 4ème année. Pour réussir le Profit Share, il faut démarrer l’année L’entusiasmo è tale che ogni nostro Manager desidera avec une nouvelle équipe de distributeurs et les accompagner en raggiungere il Profit nel 2011 e quindi quest’anno lavoreremo per leur donnant tout le savoir faire. raggiungere il 2° livello. Forever è una via che se percorsa porta Benessere e Soddisfazioni ad ogni tappa. Penser Profit Share permet de prendre chaque 1er janvier,le bon wagon pour la réussite. La remise du chèque par Rex Maughan Il successo richiede impegno e determinazione ma quello che dà est un moment démotion quil faut connaître. in cambio è una vita piena nella quale ogni sogno diventa realtà. I discovered Forever in May 2004 and 18 months later I became Profit per tutti… Vi aspettiamo. Manager. Since then, I have been supported by Lucien and this We are delighted to achieve Profit Share for the second year we are proud to have qualified for Profit Share for the fourth consecutive year. It is a great satisfaction that stays with us from time. To qualify for Profit Share, you must start the year with a new the start of the year, day after day. Distributor team and support them by giving them the know-how. The enthusiasm is such that every Manager wants to reach Profit Thinking about Profit Share allows you to take every January 1 as Share in 2011, so this year we will work to reach Level 2. Forever the vehicle to success. The cheque presentation by Rex Maughan is a path that brings comfort and satisfaction at every step. is an emotional moment you should experience. Success requires commitment and determination but which gives you a full life where every dream will come true. Profit Share for all...we are waiting for you!74 ITALY FRANCE
  • Nathalie & Pascal L’Etang Lucica & Gheorghe TabacaruPosition in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing PlanSoaring Manager Senior ManagerLength of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever15 years 11 yearsCheque Amount Cheque Amount€10,846.39 €10,766.52 Nous avons signé chez Forever en 1996. Mais ce n’est qu’en Juin Realizarea celui de-al cincilea Program Profit Sharing este, pentru 2000 que nous avons décidé de nous lancer réellement. Après avoir noi, o mare bucurie şi rezultatul muncii planificate riguros, acţiunii, étudié sérieusement les produits, le plan de rémunération et fait monitorizării muncii în echipă şi încrederii pe care o dăruim celor quelques projections de notre futur, nous avons fait nos premières din jur. Pentru a realiza ceva durabil în viaţă trebuie să ai sprijinul şi actions et nous sommes qualifiés Manager trois mois plus tard. Nous cooperarea multor persoane care doresc să aibă succes în Planul nous sommes qualifiés Manager Sénior au bout d’un an et avons de Marketing Forever. Pentru a avea succes trebuie să devii o atteint la qualification de Manager Essor en 2008. C’est la troisième persoană de succes în mintea şi în inima ta. Mulţumim Rex pentru fois que nous nous qualifions au Profit Share. Nous sommes bien şansa oferită şi te asigurăm că vom zbura mai sus, învingând toate évidemment très heureux de cette qualification et nous espérons obstacolele. qu’il y en aura encore plein d’autres. Dès le début, Nathalie et moi Qualifying for the fifth time for Profit Share is a great joy for us. It is avons fait de Forever notre activité principale et notre choix de vie. the outcome of well planned work, action, monitoring the activity in Notre engagement consiste à aider nos partenaires à progresser our team and having the confidence in all those close to us. In vers la réalisation de leurs projets. Nous remercions toutes les order to build something that lasts, you need to be able to rely on personnes qui nous font confiance et les félicitons pour le travail the support and cooperation of others who want to achieve qu’elles accomplissent chaque jour à nos côtés. success in the Forever Marketing Plan. In order to reach success, We joined Forever in 1996 but decided to really start the business in you need to become a successful person in your mind and in your June 2000. After seriously studying the products and the Marketing heart. Thank you, Rex, for giving us this chance and we assure Plan, and planning our future, we qualified as Managers after three you that we will fly higher and higher, overcoming all the obstacles months. We became Senior Managers after one year and Soaring in our way. Managers in 2008. It’s the third time we’ve achieved Profit Share. We are very happy to qualify and hope we will do so many more times. From the start, we decided that Forever would be our main business and our life’s choice. Our commitment consists of helping our Distributors to succeed and to fulfil their objectives. We thank all the team who trust us and congratulate them for the hard work they’ve achieved alongside us. FRANCE ROMANIA 75
  • LEVEL ONE Serikzhan Tlyuberdinov & Lyazzat Tlyuberdinova Malin Bäckström Position in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing Plan Manager Soaring Manager Length of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever 3 years 9 years Cheque Amount Cheque Amount €10,647.52 €10,308.90 Profit Share Managers in Downline Abdrahman Kazakbekov & Sara Kazakbekova Мы, семейная пара Серикжан, Ляззат Тлюбердиновы. В Profit Sharing ger teamet trygg tillväxt, energi och glädje. För mig компанию ФЛП подключились в мае 2008 году и в этом har Profit Sharing inneburit stor frihet i vardagen, oberoende году выполнили условия «План Машины», поддерживали inkomst och fantastiska resor - ett liv som jag tidigare inte ens активность весь год, и попали в программу «Деление kunde drömma om. Прибыли», который проходит в г.Вена, в столице Jag är stolt över att arbeta med Forever som ger vanliga Австрии. Хотим выразить благодарность нашим människor en chans att nå ovanliga resultat. Vi skapar förändring, спонсорам Карашевым Рсалды и Кайрат, так же vi hjälper människor till ett rikare liv, att leva sina drömmar. поздравить наших руководителей Смагуловых Даулет, Розу, Бухаршиных Ермек и Майру с выполнением Tack Rex och Forever för att ni ger oss och alla möjligheten. условий программы «Деление Прибыли». За нами две семейные пары выполнили условия программы, это Profit Share gives the team secure growth, energy and joy. For me Казакбековы Сара, Абдрахман, Молдабаевы Нуржан и Profit Share has brought great freedom in my day-to-day living, an Бейбиткуль. Пользуясь, случаем их, тоже поздравляем с independent income and wonderful trips – a life I couldn’t even огромным успехом. И желаем достичь еще больше! dream of before. Огромное спасибо нашей компании Форевер Ливинг I am proud to work with Forever, which gives ordinary people a Продактс, который дает возможность улучшить здоровье chance to achieve extraordinary results. We create change, help и благосостояние тысячам людей, и возможность people lead richer lives and to live their dreams. объездить весь мир. Спасибо сотрудникам компании! Thank you to Rex and Forever for giving us and everyone the We joined Forever in May 2008 and this year we qualified for Car opportunity. Plan and achieved Profit Share. We wish to express our gratitude to our Sponsors Rsaldy & Kairat Karashevs, congratulate our leaders Daulet & Rosa Smagulov, and Buharshin & Mayra Yermek, Sara & Abdrakhman Kazakbekova and Nurzhan & Beybitkul Moldabayev who all achieved Profit Share.76 KAZAKHSTAN SWEDEN
  • Márta Zsiga Mustafa & Ay e Nur ÖzdemirPosition in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing PlanSoaring Manager Senior ManagerLength of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever13 years 2 yearsCheque Amount Cheque Amount€10,213.94 €10,156.84 Profit Share Managers in Downline Zehra & Ali İlter A Foreverben nyolc hónap alatt értük el a Manageri szintet, rá egy Hayatta sağlık problemleri olan, parası olmayan insanlar vardır. évre Senior Managerit, 2008 óta pedig a Soaring Managerek Forever de hem sağlık hemde parayı bir arada bulabileceğiniz bir vagyunk. Az autós program harmadik szintjét élvezhetjük, de çalışma modeli mevcuttur. Forever ile 2009 Mayıs ayında tanıştık mindez nem lett volna lehetséges, ha 2003 óta nem teljesítjük ve çalışmaya başladık. İlk 2 ayımızda Asistant Manager seviyesine folyamatosan a Profit Share feltételeit. Meggyőződésünk, hogy a ulaştık ve 2.ayın sonunda da Müdür olduk. Grubumuzdaki cégünk jól átgondolt marketing stratégiájának részét képező PS arkadaşlarımızda Müdür seviyesine ulaştılar. Çok büyük bir program teljesítésével a marketing terv összes lépcsője bevehető mutluluk duyuyor insan. Network sistemi ile aslında 2003 yılında és egy kiszámítható, biztos jövedelmet nyújthat a vállalkozásunk- tanıştık. O dönemde ben öğretmendim. Altı yıllık network deneyimi életünk végéig, sőt! Büszkék vagyunk az üzlettársainkra, akik révén yaşadıktan sonra Forever ile tanıştık. Geçen sürede maddi egyre több családhoz jut el Rex Maughan üzenete. Ők valósítják sıkıntılarımız vardı. Bu nedenle Forever ile tanıştıktan sonra ilk meg elnökünk gondolatát: A Forever ereje, a szeretet ereje! hedefimiz kar paylaşımı oldu. Kar Paylaşımına katılabilmemiz için Köszönjük Rex! çok kişiye ulaşmamızın gerekli olduğunu anladık. 20 ay gibi bizim için kısa bir sürede hem kendimiz hemde bir Müdür arkadaşımız We reached Manager level within eight months and after a year we Kar Paylaşımına katılmaya hak kazandık. Önyargısız ve mazeretsiz became Senior Managers. Since March 2008, we are very proud bir hayat dileği ile! Hayatta insanların öyargıları, mazeretleri to be Soaring Managers. We enjoy the benefits of the Earned olabileceği gibi hiç kimseye muhtaç olmadan yaşayabileceği yada Incentive Programme Level 3. However, none of it would be birilerine yardım ederek yaşayabileceği bir hayatı olabilir. Önemli possible without having achieved Profit Share continuously since olan güzel mutlu bir hayatınızın olmasıdır. 2003. It is our belief that through qualifying for Profit Share - which is part of our Company’s well thought out marketing strategy – you There are people in life who are healthy, but have no money, or can reach all levels of the Marketing Plan and our business can some of them are wealthy, but poor in health. Forever is a assure us a lifelong income, or even longer! We are very proud of business that enables you to be both healthy and wealthy. Our aim our team that passes Rex Maughan’s message to more and more was to qualify for Profit Share because of financial difficulties. We families. They realise the dreams of our CEO & Chairman of the saw that the more people we could reach, the easier it would be to Board. The power of Forever, the power of love. Thank you, Rex! qualify. Now we and a Manager from our team, have qualified for Profit Share. Now we have a team. We wish you a life without excuses or prejudices. People can live by helping others achieve a better lifestyle. This is the key for living a happy life. HUNGARY TURKEY 77
  • LEVEL ONE Patricia & Stéphane Lalanne Torun & Per-Thomas Nordskaug Position in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing Plan Soaring Manager Sapphire Manager Length of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever 4 years 10 years Cheque Amount Cheque Amount €10,123.12 €10,119.08 Le profit sharing est notre fil rouge, il nous permet d’être toujours Forever har gjort en forskjell! Livskvalitet, helse og nye mål for livet. en mouvement, de rester dans la dynamique du réseau. Alt vi har måttet lære på veien og personlige utviklingen som har vært nødvendig for å lykkes. At suksess i Forever avhenger av å Nous nous attachons à finir notre PSM assez tôt dans la saison. hjelpe andre til suksess er en fantastisk måte å drive en forretning Nous le vivons en deux parties: les premiers 6 mois à le construire på. PS er viktig for oss, da det gir en stabil vekst med påfyll av nye et le consolider, les derniers mois à préparer l’année suivante. entusiastiske forhandlere, alltid en stor åpen gruppe som omsetter Résultat, nous donnons un tempo régulier dans notre affaire, pas masse produkter og hjelpe ledere til å sette mål og arbeide med de stress, simplement de la méthodologie de la discipline et de sine grupper. Alle bør kvalifisere seg til PS -da lykkes du long term l’anticipation. Il y’a une règle simple que nous appliquons, chaque i denne forretningen. Genialt! début d’année nous redevenons animateur adjoint mais avec un peu plus d’expérience, ce qui donne une motivation incroyable de Forever has made a difference to our quality of life, health and new continuer à bâtir votre réseau. life goals. We’ve had to learn everything along the way, and personal development has been crucial to our success. The fact Un clin d’œil bien mérité à toutes nos Downlines Managers, nous that to be successful with Forever you have to help others achieve savons que bientôt vous prendrez notre place, nous avons hâte de success is a wonderful way to run a business. Profit Share is vous voir sur ce podium. Merci à Rex. important to us, as it provides stable growth with a fresh crop of Profit Share is our guiding line; it enables us to stay motivated, and enthusiastic Distributors, always a large, open group that retails keep momentum within our network. We try to finish our Profit lots of products, helps Managers set goals and work with their Share qualification early in the season. We plan it in two parts: the groups. Everyone should qualify for Profit Share – it’s the way to first six months we construct and strengthen our plan, the latter achieve long-term success in this Company. Brilliant! months we prepare for the following year. Result, we gain a steady pace in our business; no stress, simply discipline and anticipation. There is a simple rule that we apply; at the beginning of each year, we become Assistant Supervisors, but with more experience, which gives us an incredible motivation to continue building our network. A thank you as well to all our Downline Managers and to Rex.78 REUNION ISLANDS NORWAY
  • Giovanni Adamo & Daniela Trevisan Abdrahman Kazakbekov & Sara KazakbekovaPosition in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing PlanSoaring Manager Senior ManagerLength of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever11 years 2 ½ yearsCheque Amount Cheque Amount€9,865.34 €9,409.92 Profit Share Managers in Downline Beibitkul Moldabayeva & Nurzhan Moldabayev Vogliamo dare la nostra testimonianza a chi sta cercando В очередной раз убеждаемся в том, что нам очень un’attività seria e sicura. Io e Daniela abbiamo iniziato nel lontano повезло в сотрудничестве с ФЛП компанией. Живя у себя 1999, senza nessuna esperienza, avevamo solamente un grande на Родине – Казахстан. Есть большие возможности, как у sogno, quello di crearci un reddito superiore alla media, volevamo нас, так и у всех, кто только начинает свой бизнес в ФЛП. realizzarci e dimostrare a noi stessi che si può fare. Abbiamo Каждое утро благодарим основателя ФЛП Рекса Моана и condiviso questa grande opportunità con molte persone e dopo своих спонсоров, которые нас пригласили. В 11 anni siamo qui per la settima volta a prenderci il giusto premio Талдыкоргане мы своей командой усиленно работаем. per il lavoro svolto. Come ci siamo riusciti: solo con la costanza, la Второй год участвуем в программе «Деление Прибыли». perseveranza, la formazione e soprattutto tanta azione. Non è Особо хотим поблагодарить наших партнеров Нуржана stato facile, non è stato difficile, è stato semplice perché aiutando i и Бейбиткуль Молдабаевых, вместе с нами участвуют в nostri collaboratori a crescere la conseguenza è quella di программе «Деление Прибыли». Самое важное в ФЛП, raggiungere tutti i nostri obiettivi. это то, что у нас много друзей. В семье здоровье, гармония и любовь. Un saluto a tutti e ricordate, se lo puoi sognare lo puoi realizzare. Желаем Всем терпения. We want to demonstrate that we are proof to people who are Будьте успешны, будьте с нами! looking for a serious and safe business. Daniela and I started back in 1999, with no experience, just a big dream, to set up an above- Once again, we realise how fortunate we are to be involved with average income. We wanted to build a business and prove to Forever, while living in our homeland – Kazakhstan. There are ourselves we could do it. We have shared this great opportunity great opportunities for us and for anyone starting their business with many people and after 11 years we are here for the seventh with Forever. Each morning, we thank our founder Rex Maughan time to receive awards for doing our job. How is it achieved? With and our Sponsors, who have introduced us. In Taldykorgan we persistence, perseverance, by attending training courses and work with our team. This is only our second year, and we are above all, with a lot of action. It hasn’t been easy, but not too participating in Profit Share. We want to thank our partners difficult either; simply because helping our Distributors to grow, we Nurzhan & Beibitkul Moldabayeva who also achieved Profit Share. could reach all our goals. The most important thing in Forever is that we have many friends. In our family, there is health, harmony and love. We wish you all Greetings to all and remember if you can dream it, you can do it. patience, and to be successful with us! ITALY KAZAKHSTAN 79
  • 80
  • LEVEL ONE Jlenia Raisa Yassine Bennani Position in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing Plan Sapphire Manager Soaring Manager Length of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever 11 years 2 years Cheque Amount Cheque Amount €9,357.98 €9,300.09 Ho conosciuto Forever a soli 18 anni mentre stavo terminando gli J’ai signé mon agreement le mois février 2009. Actuellement je studi, mi sono innamorata del prodotto e del grande business che suis Manager Senior. J’ai atteint le niveau Manager le mois potevo svolgere in tutto il mondo, semplicemente aiutando le octobre 2009 et Manager Senior le mois décembre 2009. persone ad avere vite più salutari e felici. Oggi dopo qualche anno Le profit Share est un rêve qui s est réalisé pour moi et qui me di attività posso dire che Forever è la più grande azienda al mondo motive pour d autres qualifications. C’est la première fois que je che ci permette di raggiungere obiettivi importanti per il nostro réalise cet objectif. Le profit shear est le fruit d un travail de groupe futuro e quello dei nostri figli, è un business aperto a tutte le et de persévérance. persone semplici che hanno dei sogni veri e si impegnano nel raggiungerli. Parliamo di un’opportunità lavorativa meritocratica I signed with Forever in February 2009, and currently I am a Senior dove i guadagni e gli incentivi percepiti sono direttamente Manager. I reached the level of Manager in October 2009 and proporzionali all’impegno dedicato al nostro Business. La mia Senior Manager in December 2009. motivazione in questa attività è nel donare salute e benessere a tutte le persone…mentre la gratificazione più grande è aiutare i Profit Share is a dream come true for me and motivates me to miei “amici” collaboratori a raggiungere i loro successi con la achieve other incentives. It is the first time that I have reached this consapevolezza di fare del bene nella vita di tante persone. objective. Profit Share is the fruit of teamwork and perseverance. I’ve known of Forever since I was just 18, whilst finishing my studies. I’ve loved the products and the great business that I could do all over the world, simply by helping people get healthier and happier lives. Forever is the largest Company in the world that allows us to achieve important goals for us and for our children’s future; it is a simple business open to all people with real dreams. We are talking about a Business Opportunity based on merit, where profits and incentives are directly proportional to our business efforts. The greatest satisfaction is helping my team, my friends, achieve success, and the chance to do good in the lives of many people.82 ITALY MOROCCO
  • Claire & Paul Barradell Etienne & Arimanana Mariette RajoelPosition in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing PlanSenior Manager Senior ManagerLength of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever10 years 2 ½ yearsCheque Amount Cheque Amount€9,231.17 €8,756.41 Ten years ago, I came across the Forever opportunity and saw a Nous avons rejoint Forever en septembre 2008 et sommes different way to earn an income that offered flexibility around our devenus Manager en décembre 2009 puis Manager Senior en mai young family. Paul had a successful career in engineering sales 2010. C’est la première fois que nous sommes qualifiés au profit and until we came across Forever we had always worked for other share. Cette qualification représente pour nous non seulement une people. We saw the potential within the opportunity and Forever récompense de notre travail et de nos efforts pour atteindre nos began to take us and our family in a different direction. We feel objectifs mais surtout un encouragement à aller toujours de l’avant very privileged to have qualified for Profit Share many times and vers d’autres qualifications. Nous avons travaillé dur, mais notre the generosity of Forever never ceases to amaze us. This is plus belle satisfaction a toujours été d’aider les autres à atteindre such an important incentive to achieve and by following the leur but et à améliorer leur qualité de vie. Notre rêve devient réalité principles required to achieve it, each year you will build a strong, car nous sommes passionnés de travail. Nous nous fixons stable business for yourself and your family. It takes focus, toujours des objectifs et nous planifions toujours nos activités avec determination and consistency and brings the feeling of utmost une formidable équipe que nous remercions de tout cœur. pride as you achieve. We joined Forever in September 2008, achieved Manager in Thank you to our wonderful team; it’s a pleasure to work alongside December 2009 and Senior Manager in May 2010. This is the first you all! time we have qualified for Profit Share. This qualification is, for us, not only a reward for our work and efforts for achieving our goals, but also an encouragement to always go forward for other qualifications. We worked hard, but our greatest satisfaction has always been to help others achieve their goals and improve their quality of life. Our dreams came true because we are passionate about our work. We always set ourselves targets and always plan our activities with a great team. Our thanks from the bottom of our hearts. UK MADAGASCAR 83
  • LEVEL ONE Seppo & Eija Tanhua Wing & Helena Ly Position in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing Plan Senior Manager Senior Manager Length of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever 7 years 12 years Cheque Amount Cheque Amount €8,583.68 €8,566.84 Vuosi 2011 on 5. perättäinen vuosi, kun olemme saavuttaneet Le Profit Share est une source de motivation et un objectif annuel Profit Sharen 1. tason. Ensimmäinen kerta oli tietysti ‘nuorille’ pour les Managers, un challenge qui nous remet en question managereille huippujännittävä kokemus, etenkin kun itse saavutus chaque année comme un nouveau Distributeur, et par tuli oikeastaan yllätyksenä. Sittemmin jännitys on säilynyt Profit conséquent, la croissance du groupe. C’est aussi une générosité Sharen tietoisen tavoittelemisen kautta. Olemmekin joskus de la part de Forever, ce qui le diffère des autres sociétés de vente pohtineet, kenen aivot ovat olleet osallisina näin nerokkaan directe par réseau. Cela s’inscrit dans la tendance où le travail est kannustinjärjestelmän luomisessa. Tehtävä on tarpeeksi récompensé et reconnu. Nous sommes concernés par la réussite haasteellinen, muttei kuitenkaan ylitsepääsemättömän vaikea et l’évolution de Forever. Nous sommes seulement Manager saavuttaa, kunhan koko vuoden uurastaa oikeiden asioiden Senior, cela témoigne que c’est accessible à tous les Managers. parissa. Palkintona saat upean matkan ja hienon kokemuksen Merci Forever. lavalla Rexin kanssa eikä voittoshekki ole ollenkaan hullumpi lisä. Profit Share is a motivator and an annual goal for Managers, a Tätä kannattaa tavoitella. Kiitos Rex! challenge that we undertook each year as a new Distributor, and 2011 is the fifth successive year that we have reached Level 1 consequently the team grew. It is also generous on the part of Profit Share. The first time, of course, was a super-exciting Forever, differing from other MLM companies. With Forever, work experience for ‘young’ Managers, particularly as the achievement is rewarded and recognised. We are influenced by the success itself really came as a surprise. Since then, the excitement has and evolution of Forever. We are Senior Managers, which shows remained, thanks to our conscious efforts to achieve Profit Share. that it is accessible to all Managers. Thank you Forever. Actually, we have sometimes wondered whose brains have contributed to the creation of such an ingenious incentive system. The task is challenging enough but not insurmountably difficult to achieve, however, as long as you work hard on the right things for the whole year. The reward you get is a luxurious trip and a great experience on stage with Rex, and the winner’s cheque is not to be sneezed at either. This is something to aim for. Thank you Rex!84 FINLAND FRANCE
  • Silvia & Johann Mühlberger Nicoletta NonnoPosition in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing PlanSenior Manager ManagerLength of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever10 years 7 yearsCheque Amount Cheque Amount€8,465.79 €8,351.72 Profit Share Manager in Downline Maria Teresa Cardinale Forever ist für uns eine einmalige Chance, mehr aus unserem Sono Nicoletta Nonno, Manager Forever di Chieti, da 7 anni Leben zu machen, einfach ein Lebenskonzept. Das Profit-Share ist collaboro con questa azienda. Mi sono avvicinata al mondo eine Vorgabe mit der wir uns das „13. Monatsgehalt“ erarbeiten. Forever da consumatrice usando i prodotti, contentissima dei Hiermit können wir uns einfach mehr Träume verwirklichen. Das risultati ottenuti ho iniziato a parlarne con tutte le persone che Schöne daran ist, dass man dieses Einkommen selbst bestimmen incontravo ogni giorno.Ho poi deciso di lasciare il mio precedente kann und es ist immer noch steigerungsmöglich, egal aus lavoro e mi sono catapultata nel mondo Forever. In pochi mesi welchem Beruf man kommt. JEDE/R kann es erreichen - sono diventata Manager conseguendo ottimi riconoscimenti entscheidend ist das Durchhaltevermögen! Die Zielsetzung für das economici e morali. Quest’anno per la terza volta consecutiva ho Profit Sharing macht es mir leichter, mein tägliches Business zu raggiunto l’obiettivo del Profit Share grazie anche al lavoro del mio planen, die monatlichen Zahlen zu erreichen und das Ziel klar zu gruppo. Per riuscire bene in questo lavoro ritengo fondamentali 2 formulieren. Profit-Sharing beginnt am 1. Januar des Jahres und qualità: la voglia di fare e amare ciò che si fa. nicht irgendwann im Jahr. Und es bringt Wachstum in jede E poi…credere fortemente in Forever. Richtung: persönlich, geschäftlich, finanziell und ganz wichtig auch I’m a Forever Manager from Chieti and I’ve been working with this im Privaten. Company for seven years. I approached the Forever world as a Forever is for us a unique opportunity to ‘inject more life’ into our Customer, using the products. I was very happy with the results, lives. We use Profit Share to generate a ‘13th month salary’, and and started to talk to everybody I met every day. Then I decided to by doing so we can achieve more of our dreams. The best about it quit my previous job and I launched myself into the Forever world. is that you can define your income yourself, and you always can In a few months I became Manager, achieving excellent financial increase it, no matter from which occupation you came. results and personal recognition. This year, for the third Everybody can reach it, only staying power is crucial! A Profit consecutive year, I’ve reached the goal of Profit Share, thanks to Share objective makes it easier for me to plan my everyday the work of my team. I believe that in order to succeed you need business, to reach the monthly figures and to formulate the aim two basic skills: the will to do and the love of what you do. And clearly. Profit Share begins on the 1st of January each year, then…to really believe in Forever. bringing growth in every direction; in business, in finance and, more importantly, personally. GERMANY ITALY 85
  • LEVEL ONE Ukutai Abilkasimova Serdar Hakan & Şahnaz Arvas Çiftçi Position in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing Plan Soaring Manager Soaring Manager Length of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever 3 years 7 years Cheque Amount Cheque Amount €8,202.82 €8,054.86 Я, Абилкасимова Укутай, пенсионерка и многодетная Tıp doktoruyum, 42 yaşındayım, evliyim, 18 yaşında ikiz kızlarım мать из г. Астаны. Я пришла в этот бизнес удивительным var. Ispartalıyım. Bu işi hekimlikle birlikte yürütüyorum. Forever’ye образом, когда сильно пошатнулось здоровье, и мне 2004 yılında başladım son beş senedir Non-Managerda üst üste присвоили инвалидность. На себе испытала Türkiye birincisiyim, 3 senedir de üst üste Kar Paylaşımını великолепное качество продукции, которое в kazanıyorum. Aceleci olun, ertelemeyin. Hayat erteleyenleri дальнейшем переросло в финансовую независимость, affetmez. Bizim işimizde iletişim kuranlar zengin olur. Ayrıca seçici которую не могли даже себе представить всего два olmamalısınız. Bazıları kartal olmasa da kartal avcısı olabilir ya da года назад. sizi kartallara ulaştırabilir. Gülümseyin, ama içten bir dost gülümsemesiyle. Gülümsemesini bilmeyen dükkan açmasın! В этом году я первый раз участвую в поощрительной Hayatını değiştirmek isteyen insanlara yardımcı olun. Hata программе «Деление прибыли». Я благодарю yapmaktan korkmayın. Mutlaka hata yapacaksınız. Biz de yaptık. Всевышнего за то, что познакомил с удивительно On kişiye söyler belki bir kişi alırsınız. Tek yapması gereken ara щедрой и справедливой компанией Форевер! Всем vermeden devam etmektir. желаю успехов и дальнейших достижений, которыми безгранично богата наша компания!!! Şirketin ve insanların da en iyileriyle çalışırım. Gerçek canınızı acıtsa bile yalan söylemeyin. Sözünüzde durun Size iyilik yapanları I am a pensioner and mother of many children from the city of hayatınız boyunca unutmayın. En önemlisiyse paraya da kariyere Astana. I came into this business in an amazing way. My health de amaca götüren araç olmaları dışında değer vermeyin . had suffered greatly and I became disabled. I have experienced the great qualities of these products, using them myself and this I am a medical doctor aged 42. I am married, and have 18-year- later evolved into financial independence that I could not imagine old twin girls. For the last five years, I have been the top Distributor just two years ago. with non-Manager qualification in Turkey, and have qualified for Profit Share for the last three years. Success is something that you This year, for the first time I am participating in Profit Share. I thank can achieve by working hard. The Company and the people I work God that I am involved with this surprisingly generous and fair with are the best. Keep your promises, and be faithful. Keep in Company that is Forever. I wish everyone success with future mind all the people who were kind and favourable to you. Money achievements! and career are two important tools in helping you to achieve your dreams.86 KAZAKHSTAN TURKEY
  • Nicole Sille Christine & Mike ThompsonPosition in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing PlanSenior Manager Sapphire ManagerLength of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever7 years 14 yearsCheque Amount Cheque Amount€8,012.18 €7,804.04 Quel bonheur de concrétiser un rêve et en plus sans prendre le How fantastic it is to be included in the 2010 Profit Share. Profit moindre risque. Et puis tout s’enchaîne…j’obtiens le Plan Mérite Share is always our primary goal each year and from the effort of niveau 1 en Mars et en Novembre, j’atteins la qualification achieving it, so many things become possible, not just for us, but Manager Sénior. Dans la vie courante, le terme Sénior est for others whom we help to move forward in their lives. Thanks to synonyme d’un long parcours professionnel et chez Forever c’est the team for their efforts in 2010. The European Profit Share Rally le début d’une longue histoire: Les différentes étapes du Plan is an amazing event and an indication of what the future holds for Mérite, Manager Essor. Et puis bien sûr le plus difficile mais aussi this Company. le plus généreux, le Profit Share! L’envie, la détermination et des My background was as a post mistress and Mike worked in objectifs précis m’ont permis de me qualifier et pour la première engineering, and we thought that would be our future. How fois au Profit Share. Atteindre cette qualification est le résultat d’un different life is today! ensemble d’actions: recrutement régulier, formation et accompagnement des distributeurs et à ce titre, je voudrais We would particularly like to thank Robert & Lynne Strange and remercier chaleureusement l’ensemble de mes partenaires pour their entire team for being our 600 leg and Kim Penney & Jem Hills leur enthousiasme, leur persévérance et surtout pour le plaisir de and their amazing team for being a major part of our new business travailler avec eux! Engagez vous et vous récolterez un jour le fruit qualification. Future Profit Share qualifiers! de vos efforts! What a joy to make a dream a reality, and without any risks! I achieved Car Plan Level 1 in March, and in November I reached Senior Manager. In life, the term Senior is synonymous with a long career and this is the start of a long history with Forever; the different steps towards Car Plan, Soaring Manager etc., and, of course, the most difficult but also, the most generous, Profit Share! The need, the determination and the precise objectives allowed me to qualify for the first time for Profit Share. This is the result of: regular recruiting, trainings and following up with Distributors, I would like to thank all of them very warmly for their enthusiasm, perseverance and for the pleasure I have when working with them! FRANCE UK 87
  • LEVEL ONE Peter & Esther Slowakiewicz Nurcan & Musa Metin Position in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing Plan Senior Manager Diamond Sapphire Manager Length of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever 8 years 9 years Cheque Amount Cheque Amount €7,594.79 €7,225.25 Wir planen das Profit Sharing rechtzeitig bereits im Vorjahr. Die Forever ile Mayıs 2002 sağlık problemim nedeniyle tanışmıştım. İş Profit-Share- Anforderungen werden jeweils auf den Monat Planından ve Kar Paylaşımından herhangi bir bilgim yoktu. Ürünler heruntergerechnet. Wichtig ist außerdem, dass man an den Zielen harikaydı. Daha sonra İş Planını tanıdım. Yıllar sonra da Kar seiner Partner arbeitet, damit erreicht man seine eigenen Ziele Paylaşımı programını tanıdım. O gün bu gündür Kar Paylaşımına leichter. Das Arbeiten in den verschiedenen Bereichen, die Forever hep katılıyorum. Forever da sanırım beşinci kez Kar Paylaşımı bietet, gestaltet das Geschäft für alle abwechslungsreich und jeder programını kazanmamdır. Süper bir teşvik! Süper bir gelir! Kar kann seinen Weg finden. Dazu gehören Trainings im Bereich Paylaşımı programı hayatımıza başka bir renk kattı. Hedeflerimizin Produkt und Geschäft. Beim Profit Sharing geht es darum, seine daha da büyümesini sağladı. Artık diğer havuzlara girmek istiyoruz. Teampartner zu fördern und sie ebenfalls in die nächste Stufe des Sayin Rex Maughan’a ne kadar şükranlarımızı sunsak azdır. Marketingplans zu begleiten. Also Teamwork. Wichtig ist es, ein Due to my health problems, I was first introduced to Forever in offenes Ohr für seine Teampartner zu haben und mit Freude und May 2002. The products were great, but I had no idea about the Freunden zu arbeiten und sie weiterhin als wertvoll zu sehen und Marketing Plan and Profit Share. First I learned about the zu behandeln. Sowohl das Arbeiten mit unserer Firstline, als auch Marketing Plan, and then Profit Share, long after. Since then, I das Arbeiten in die Tiefe sind für die Qualifikation zum Profit have qualified for Profit Share every year. This is the fifth time I Sharing wichtig. Von Jahr zu Jahr versuchen wir unser Geschäft zu have achieved Profit Share with Forever. The Profit Share incentive verbessern und unser Bestes zu geben. Wichtig ist es, zielstrebig programme is a great income, a super incentive that adds colour und konsequent zu arbeiten und den Spirit von Forever to our lives, and helps to achieve our goals. Now we want to weiterzugeben. achieve success in all the incentive programmes. Our appreciation We plan Profit Share in plenty of time, during the previous year. goes to dear Rex Maughan. We plan our goals for each month. It’s just as important to work on team goals, making overall goals easier to reach. Forever offers so many options, that anyone can be successful and achieve their own goals. Profit Share is all about working and promoting your team, helping them to reach the next step in the Marketing Plan – which means teamwork. It is important to listen to your team and to work happily with them, but always valuing them.88 GERMANY TURKEY
  • Nicole Bernard Perrault & Joseph Bernard Cora McKeown & Danny HawkinsPosition in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing PlanSenior Manager Senior ManagerLength of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever6 years 6 yearsCheque Amount Cheque Amount€7,165.35 €7,118.51 Voilà maintenant six ans que nous avons rejoint léquipe Forever. With a background in nursing and no business knowledge, who Cest après huit mois de vente que nous avons décidés de would have thought I would have ever been able to build a construire un réseau. Six mois après, nous sommes devenus business that allowed me to access the Company shareholder managers, cétait en mai 2006. Nous nous sommes qualifiés programme? managers sénior en novembre 2008. Cest cette année là, en Profit Share is a team effort and without each and every one of our 2008 que nous nous sommes qualifiés pour la première fois pour team, we could not have done it. We thank them all, including le Profit Share. Cette année cest la troisième année que nous Catherine Aiken and her team for committing to be our 600 leg. nous qualifions, et cest toujours un véritable bonheur que datteindre ce niveau, merci Forever. Profit Share is about bringing it home to the team, showing them it is possible for them to change their lives. Profit Share is the most It is now six years since we joined Forever. It was after eight exciting part of our Company’s Marketing Plan; it is the part that months of sales that we decided to build our network. Six months can seriously provide the lifestyle. It is the thing that gives our later, we became Managers, in May 2006. We qualified as Senior business the stability for lifelong income. Managers in November 2008. During that year, in 2008, we qualified for Profit Share for the first time. This is the third year that I never thought I would ever be someone who would access the we have qualified, and it is always with genuine happiness that we Profit Share scheme; I thought it was for those higher up in the reach this level. Thank you Forever. Company, those who were clever! My light bulb moment came when I went to the Budapest Rally a few years ago watching all of those hard working people being rewarded for their efforts. As a family, we had a goal to pay off our mortgage in ten years and then I saw the massive cheques being given out and thought how ridiculous to wait ten years when a one-off cheque could do it. So we set our goals and are very proud to be first time achievers, the first Profit Share cheque of many. We were delighted to be in Vienna and receive our hard earned reward from Rex Maughan. FRANCE UK 89
  • LEVEL ONE Maria Theresia & Augustin Hönegger Vadim Nabokov & Elvira Nabokova Position in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing Plan Soaring Manager Soaring Manager Length of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever 9 years 3 years Cheque Amount Cheque Amount €6,919.17 €6,897.10 Der Weg zum Profit Sharing bedeutet für uns beständige Arbeit Мы выражаем искреннюю благодарность нашим und eine enge Zusammenarbeit mit denen, die größere Ziele спонсорам Гидофалви Аттиле и Каталин за то, что haben und mehr Einkommen erreichen möchten. Auf positiv открыли нам дверь в удивительный мир Форевер Ливинг denkende Menschen der Downline sollte man hören. Wenn Продактс. В нем мы научились мечтать и воплощать jemand Manager werden möchte, soll man ihm die notwendige наши мечты и цели в реальность.Огромная Unterstützung geben. Ein erfolgreiches Forever-Business bedeutet благодарность Рексу Моану за волшебное Алоэ, für uns eine gesunde Lebensweise durch die beste прекрасный маркетинговый план и возможность участия Nahrungsergänzung und der Körperpflege mit Aloe Vera. Wir в программе Деления прибыли. Искренняя können uns die eigene Praxis ohne diese wertvollen Produkte von благодарность и поклон всей нашей Команде, желаем Forever nicht mehr vorstellen. Unser Ziel ist immer zu helfen, ob es всем бизнес партнерам войти в эту программу в 2011 auf gesundheitlicher oder finanzieller Ebene ist. Die Arbeit mit den году. И абсолютно всем желаем здоровья, успехов и Menschen macht einfach Freude und dies gibt uns Kraft und удачи! Energie, die Forever-Produkte noch vielen Hilfesuchenden zu empfehlen. We express our sincere gratitude to our Sponsors Attila & Katalin Gidofalvi as they have opened the door to the wonderful world of The path to Profit Share for us means continual work and close Forever. In this world, we learn to dream and to turn our dreams cooperation with those who have bigger goals and want more and goals into reality. income. One should listen to positive thinking people in the Downline; if somebody wants to become a Manager, one should Many thanks to Rex Maughan for magic aloe, a wonderful give them the necessary support. A successful Forever business Marketing Plan and the opportunity to participate in the means for us a healthy lifestyle with the best food supplements programme that is Profit Share. and personal care with aloe vera. We cannot imagine being We offer sincere thanks, and bow to our team. We hope all our without these valuable Forever products. Our aim is always to business partners achieve this programme in 2011. And to all of help, either for health or financial reasons. Working with people you we wish health, success and good luck! simply gives us pleasure and the energy to recommend Forever products to everyone.90 AUSTRIA KAZAKHSTAN
  • Saara & Marko Hyrkäs Yashdeosingh & Asha Keeran MudhooPosition in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing PlanSenior Manager Senior ManagerLength of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever4 years 3 yearsCheque Amount Cheque Amount€6,684.15 €6,670.52 Tutustuin Foreveriin reilu neljä vuotta sitten. Tämä on toinen kerta C’est notre 2eme qualification consécutive au Profit Share. Cette kun saan Profit Share shekin ja se merkitsee minulle ylimääräistä réussite représente pour nous le fruit de notre travail que nous kiitosta hyvin tehdystä työstä. avons entamé pendant toute l’année 2010. Recevant un cheque est toujours agréable mais vivant l’émotion forte du rallye, Forever on todella hieno yritys ja olen erittäin ylpeä saadessani l’ambiance électrique d’une audience en délire, prenant le cheque tehdä töitä sen kanssa. Voin auttaa ihmisiä voimaan ja de la main de Rex fait de cette réussite une expérience inoubliable. ansaitsemaan paremmin. Forever on paras mahdollisuutesi ikinä! Gagner le Profit Share n’est pas une chose trop difficile comme I learned about Forever a little more than four years ago. This is the peuvent imaginer certains distributeurs. Il suffit de mettre un second time I have received a Profit Share cheque, rewarding me objectif très net au début de l’année et faire les actions again for a job well done. nécessaires pour le réaliser sur le terrain. Faire réussir ses downlines à réaliser leurs objectifs, nous permet toujours de Forever is a great Company and I am truly grateful to be a part of réaliser les nôtres. Nous remercions nos uplines pour leurs it. I can help people to feel better and to earn more. Forever is my encadrement précieux et félicitons notre équipe downline pour le best opportunity ever! travail qu’ils ont accomplit. This is our second consecutive Profit Share qualification. For us, this qualification represents the result of the task that we have accomplished during 2010. Receiving a cheque is always nice but experiencing the strong emotion of the Rally, the electrifying atmosphere of a delirious audience, and getting a cheque from Rex’s hands, makes this achievement unforgettable. To qualify for Profit Share is not as difficult as many Distributors may think. You only need to set a clear goal at the beginning of the year and carry out the necessary actions to make it happen. Making one’s Downline attain their objectives will always allow one to realise one’s goals. We thank all our Upline for their precious coaching and congratulate our whole team for the task they have accomplished. FINLAND MAURITIUS 91
  • LEVEL ONE Mohammed Nahed & Nozha Abti Balzhan Shaidayeva & Baglan Shaidayev Position in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing Plan Senior Manager Sapphire Manager Length of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever 4 years 2 ½ years Cheque Amount Cheque Amount €6,656,52 €6,604.47 J’ai démarré l’aventure en décembre 2006, je suis devenu 2008 жылы 13 қыркүйекте біздің жанұямызда өмірімізді Manager en avril 2008, puis Manager Senior en juin 2010. Fixer түбегейлі өзгерткен маңызды оқиға болды.Табиғи mes objectifs m’a permis de réaliser de nombreux projets, tels que өнімдер өндіруші әрі оны таратушы бірегей Форевер le Plan Mérite niveau 1 puis le deuxième. Aujourd’hui je me qualifie Ливинг Продактс компаниясына тіркелдік. Сеттік la première fois au Profit Sharing, je suis fier d’en faire partie. C’est маркетинг әлемінде ФЛП біздің бірінші компаниямыз. le résultat d’un travail constant, ça n’a pas été toujours facile mais Алғашқыда әрі қызық, аздап қорқынышты après la qualification quel bonheur! болатын.Бірден іске кірістік. Нәтижесінде 2010 жылдың қорытындысымен табысты бөлісу шартының 1 дәрежесін I started this adventure in December 2006; I became Manager in ұттық. Бүгінгі таңда Соаринг Менеджерміз.1 қатарда - 8 April 2008 and Senior Manager in June 2010. The setting of my менеджеріміз бар.Спонсорым үлкен лидер тамаша ұстаз goals enabled me to achieve many projects, such as Car Plan - Анар Сағиева, Талғат Баймолданов. Жоғарғы Level 1 and 2. Now I have qualified for Profit Share and I am proud спонсорымыз ФЛП-ның Қазақстанға ерте келуіне еңбек to be part of it. It is the result of constant work and was not always сіңірген абзал жан - Айгүл Бенакай. Ең үлкен рахметті easy, but after qualifying, what happiness! қымбатты президентіміз Рекс Моан мырзаға компанияның басшыларына, қызметкерлеріне айтамыз. Үлкен арманымыз - Даймонд дәрежесі. We signed up to this wonderful Company in September 2008, our first time with Network Marketing. Initially, we were a little afraid to start this business, although it was of interest to us. But we believed in ourselves and started to work very hard. This has resulted in us achieving Profit Share. We are now Soaring Managers with eight Managers in our Downline. Our Sponsors are great leaders and mentors – Anar Sagiyeva & Talgat Baimoldanov. Our Upline is Aigul Benakay, who brought this generous Company to Kazakhstan. We would like to thank Rex Maughan for giving us the chance to build such a business. Now we have a dream to become Diamond Managers.92 MOROCCO KAZAKHSTAN
  • Gülperi Daşdemir Ruslan Syrlybayev & Samal YegizbayevaPosition in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing PlanSapphire Manager Soaring ManagerLength of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever8 years 2 yearsCheque Amount Cheque Amount€6,496.35 €6,433.58 Forever benim hayatımda çok önemli bir yeri olan bir iş fırsatıdır. Мы семейная пара из г.Атырау Сырлыбаев Руслан и Forever benim için mutluluk ve yaşam demek! Çok değer verdiğim Егизбаева Самал познакомились с компанией ФЛП в мае kızımın sağlığına kavuşmasına yardımcı olan muhteşem ürünlere 2009 года. Наши спонсоры-первые Сапфиры Казахстана- sahip. Ürettiği ürünler ve sunmuş olduğu iş fırsatıyla ekibimdeki Абуталиев Махфор и Доспаева Галия. Наша первая binlerce insanın hayatına dokundu, Forever bizim için mutluluk, поездка в Европу в город Лондон состоялась в марте çoşku ve paylaşım demek. Sistem “İyilik, yap iyilik bul!” felsefesiyle 2010 года. "Деление прибыли» проходила в Уэмбли kurulmuş bize göre bu felsefe benim hayata bakış açımla aynı. Bu Арене, где собрались 10000 дистрибьюторов со всей işte bana ilham veren kızıma, Rex Maughan’a ve Reyhan İşmen’e Европы. Мы там первый раз увидели, как наши спонсоры teşekkür ediyorum. получили чек от рук учредителя. В этом году мы вместе со своими спонсорами и командой едем в Австрию, Forever is a very important Business Opportunity in my life. Forever чтобы получить свой чек. Кто хочет улучшить свою means a happy life for me. Wonderful products have helped my жизнь, подключайтесь к команде Форевер и daughter recover to good health. Offering such a Business осушествляйте свои Мечты! Opportunity and products, Forever has changed thousands of people’s lifestyles through my team. That is why enthusiasm, We were first introduced to Forever in May 2009. Our Sponsors sharing, and happiness are what Forever means for us. The main are the first Sapphire Managers in Kazakhstan – Abutaliyev Mahfor concept which our system is based on is, ‘Do kindness to receive & Dospayeva Galiya. Our first trip to Europe to the city of London goodness!’ which is also the same as my philosophy in life. This is took place in March 2010 where the European Rally and Profit inspirational to me and to my daughter. I would like to thank Rex Share gathered 10,000 Distributors from all over Europe. There, Maughan, and Reyhan Ismen who inspired me in the Forever for the first time, we saw our Sponsors receive their cheque from business. the hands of the founder of Forever. This year, with our Sponsors and team, we went to Austria to receive our cheque. Whoever wants to improve their life, join Forever and live your dreams! TURKEY KAZAKHSTAN 93
  • LEVEL ONE Marisa Smaniotto & Enrico Piffer Sue & Jeff Firth Position in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing Plan Senior Manager Sapphire Manager Length of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever 7 years 18 years Cheque Amount Cheque Amount €6,321.16 €6,313.64 Anche questanno, abbiamo raggiunto lambito traguardo del At the age of 57, I was bankrupt, stressed and suffering from Profit Share, per la terza volta consecutiva! depression. I lost my business in the recession of the 1980s, and our home was repossessed. Pensions I’d paid were taken and Questo dimostra che ognuno di noi in Forever con impegno e cashed…so after 40 years of working hard and saving for my costanza può raggiungere qualunque meta. retirement, I was left with nothing, no hope – no life – no future. Grazie a questa azienda meritocratica che premia il lavoro e In the same year, Sue was made redundant - her boss told her l’impegno dei suoi collaboratori si possono avere ambite she was a luxury he couldn’t afford! Our boys were just three and gratificazioni. A tutti i nostri collaboratori un augurio sincero di five years old. Sue found herself out of the job market because she raggiungere al più presto questo bellissimo traguardo. was over-experienced, over-qualified, and over the hill! She was Once again we have reached the desired Profit Share, our goal for 40, overlooked and very worried about our future. In August 1993, the third consecutive year! I got a call from Richard Williams. Thank you for your persistence. This shows that all Forever Distributors can achieve any goal with After 12 short weeks, we were Managers with an excited team of commitment and perseverance. Distributors. We qualified for the Super Rally and Car Plan in our first year, and within three years we had a Sapphire Manager Thanks to this Company that rewards – on merit – the work and business and a six figure income. commitment of Distributors, you can receive desired rewards. We sincerely wish for all our team to reach this wonderful goal as soon When I reached the age of 65 - my government pension was just as possible. £400 a month! Imagine surviving on that! What about today? Well we have a fantastic team of people both here and in the Netherlands - you are all amazing; thank you for helping us achieve all of this. We have a fantastic work-life balance. Some of our favourite places are Hong Kong, Vancouver, Hawaii, and the Bahamas. We enjoy the kind of peace of mind that only financial freedom can give, with no worries about the future. Thank you Rex, Gregg and Forever from the bottom of our hearts.94 ITALY UK
  • Max & Sabine Payet Natalie HeeleyPosition in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing PlanSenior Manager Senior ManagerLength of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever8 years 5 yearsCheque Amount Cheque Amount€6,310.32 €6,306.13 Nous sommes ravis de nous qualifier pour la deuxième fois. Ce Achieving Profit Share is an amazing feeling and for me it shows challenge demande une certaine discipline dans l’action et tant the foundations of a solid business and an amazing team. It does mieux qu’il en soit ainsi. not matter what the figure on the cheque is (for the first one anyway!), it’s the achievement. L’occasion nous étant donnée, nous souhaitons féliciter tous les distributeurs, et bien sur ceux qui se sont joint à nous pour vivre ce When I first started it seemed totally out of reach but just by simply grand moment. Le Profit Share est un cadeau qui nous est offert, following the system and doing the daily activity, anyone can do it nous sommes tous invités à y prendre part. Donnez le meilleur de – because I have! vous même et osez relever ce challenge. Forever nous a It cannot be achieved alone but can with the commitment of réellement permis de comprendre qu’il était possible d’obtenir ce helping others to build their futures. That’s what I love most about que l’on souhaitait de mieux pour nous. Il y a un moment où nous Forever’s incentives - you have to help others to be rewarded devons décider de ce que nous voulons faire: il suffit de décider et yourself. d’agir. Now I can’t wait to help my team achieve Profit Share – that will be Nous vous souhaitons à tous de croire en vous et de compter sur the icing on the cake! Forever pour vous permettre de les atteindre. We are delighted to qualify for Profit Share a second time. This challenge requires a certain type of discipline. We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all Distributors, and of course those who have joined us to live this great moment. Profit Share is a gift, in which we are all invited to take part. Give your best and dare to meet this challenge. Forever really helped us to understand that it was possible to achieve the best for us. There comes a time when we decide what we want to do: simply decide and act. We wish for you all to have belief in yourselves and to rely on Forever to help you achieve. REUNION ISLANDS UK 95
  • LEVEL ONE Wafa Garbaa Corinne & Joël Erin Position in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing Plan Manager Senior Manager Length of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever 7 years 5 ½ years Cheque Amount Cheque Amount €6,298.13 €6,280.13 J’ai signé mon agrément avec Forever en juin 2004. En décembre Nous voici à notre 3ème qualification au PSM. 2007 je suis passée Manager. Ma qualification au Profit Share était Nous avons appris à avoir des objectifs, une vision. Forever nous un vrai défi car Forever n’était pas encore ouvert en Tunisie. Voilà permet de contribuer de façon tellement concrète au beaucoup de persévérance, de patience et d’épanouissement que développement de toute une région. je vois aujourd’hui récompensés. Notre objectif est de dupliquer nos Up-line à qui nous devons tant I signed my agreement with Forever in June 2004. In December et de partager notre vision pour que nos associés réussissent à 2007 I qualified at Manager level. My qualification for Profit Share leur tour ce challenge. was a real challenge because Forever wasn’t around at the time in Tunisia. But today a lot of perseverance, patience and self- Nous remercions vivement Rex Maughan d’avoir partagé cette development has been rewarded. opportunité avec nous et de nous permettre de vivre autrement. Notre devoir est de la transmettre à notre tour au plus grand nombre! Here we are with our third qualification for Profit Share. We have learned to have objectives and vision. Forever allows us to contribute in a concrete way to the development of a whole region. Our objective is to duplicate our Upline to whom we owe a lot, and to share our vision with our team, to allow them to succeed in this challenge. We thank Rex Maughan for sharing this opportunity and for making it possible for us to live this lifestyle. It is our job to offer this opportunity to as many people as we can!96 TUNISIA FRENCH GUYANA
  • Altın Kanieva & Nurlybek Safin Gabriele ReichardPosition in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing PlanSoaring Manager Senior ManagerLength of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever4 years 7 yearsCheque Amount Cheque Amount€6,247.86 €6,246.54 Біз, біріміз қарапайым журналистен, екіншіміз Das Erreichen des Profit Sharings ist für mich die zwingende қарапайым мектеп мұғалімінен табысты отбасы Konsequenz aus sorgfältigem Teamaufbau, der in die Breite wie in деңгейіне жетіп отырмыз. Бұл, ФЛП компаниясының die Tiefe kontinuierlich und stabil erfolgen muss. Mit Vernetzung тамаша өнімдері мен әділ маркетингінің арқасы және und Kollegialität im Team entwickeln wir uns persönlich weiter, еңбегіміздің жемісі. Демеушілеріміз – Ләйла Сұлтанбаева bieten gemeinsam exzellente Schulungen für unsere neuen Partner мен Анар Сагиевалардың адал ниетпен айтқан ақыл- an, sorgen für zügige Informationsweitergabe und Freude am кеңестері де біз үшін табысқа жетер төте жол болды. Біз Networken. Da springt einfach gerne der Funke über! компания ұсынып отырған сегіз табыс көзінің сегізіне де Für mich war das Incentive Profit Sharing auch dank des Vorbildes қол жеткіздік. Соның ішінде 2010 жылғы табысты бөлісу meiner Sponsorin Dr. Susanne Schwemmlein von Anfang an – он үшінші айлық алу құрметіне ілігіп отырғанымызды erreichbar und folglich Bestandteil meiner Ziele mit Forever – und айрықша бөліп айтуға болады. Біз бұл жетістікке жалғыз so ist es auch für die Engagierten unseres Teams! жеткен жоқпыз. Өзіміз жеке-жеке сөйлесіп жүріп құрған командамыз да айтарлықтай игілікке ие болып отыр. Taking part in Profit Share is the inevitable consequence of Барлығыңызды ФЛП компаниясының тамаша өнімдерін building up a stable team with care which should be undertaken тұтынуға және әділ маркетинг бойынша бізден үйреніп, comprehensively and thoroughly. Through networking and shared табыс табуға шақырамыз. responsibility within the team, we continue to develop individually, we offer excellent training courses for our new partners, we make From being a simple journalist and a teacher, we have become a sure that information is passed on quickly and that networking is very wealthy family. It is due to the wonderful Forever products, fun. The spark of enthusiasm is simply contagious! Profit Share honest Network Marketing and our hard work. Also, the advice of was achievable right from the outset thanks to our Sponsor and our Sponsors Laila Sultanbayeva and Anar Sagiyeva has helped role model Dr. Susanne Schwemmlein. guide us in the right direction. We achieve all of the incentives which the Company offers us, including Profit Share. We achieved these not alone, but with our team members who have also achieved great things. In conclusion, we advise everyone to join our wonderful Company! KAZAKHSTAN GERMANY 97
  • LEVEL ONE Carina & Anders Gullberg Arshad & Ragnhild Amith Position in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing Plan Senior Manager Sapphire Manager Length of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever 10 years 8 years Cheque Amount Cheque Amount €6,242.47 €6,219.96 Nu har Forever varit en del av vårt liv i 10 år och jag är så tacksam Vi ble presentert for Forever i november 2002 av Charles att jag tog möjligheten som har förändrat vårt liv. Möjligheterna är Wadsworth, og har jobbet fulltid siden mai 2003. Vi bestemte oss oändliga och tillgängliga för alla som blir Distributörer. Att kunna da for å jobbe mot Diamond, og at veien til suksess var å prate erbjuda människor ett företag som ger en bättre ekonomi, med mange folk som sier nei, kanskje og som sier ja. Jo flere nei, möjlighet att äga sin tid, personlig utveckling och detta med kanskje og ja vi fikk, jo større team fikk vi, og jo mer penger tjente fantastiska produkter. Bättre kan det inte bli! Profitshare är ett vi og jo mer opplevelser hadde vi med Forever. Resultatet av dette genialt sätt att bygga en stabil organisation och motivera oss er at vi i dag har mange mennesker i teamet som har og fortsetter Distributörer. Som med allt i Forever – Vill du göra jobbet så blir du å nå sine drømmer, vi har sikret våre og våre barns framtid, vi har rättvist belönad. Jag är så tacksam över alla människor jag träffat, blitt Sapphire Manager i desember 2010, vi har reist rundt hele allt jag lärt mig under resans gång och allt det gett min familj. verden med Forever og tar vår femte profitshare- sjekk. Dette kan anbefales til alle! Det er enkelt, men du må gjør jobben... nr1. ta en Forever has now been part of our life for ten years and I am so avgjørelse nr 2. ta action nr3. bli immune mot nei. grateful that I took this opportunity that has changed our life. The opportunities are endless and accessible to anyone who becomes We were introduced to Forever in November 2002 by Charles a Distributor. Being able to encourage people to join a Company Wadsworth, and have been working full-time since May 2003. We that provides better finances, the opportunity to own your own then decided to work towards Diamond Manager, and the route to time, enables personal development and all this with fantastic success was to talk to many people whether they would say no, products - it can’t get any better! Profit Share is an ingenious way maybe or yes. The more we heard no, maybe and yes, the larger of building a solid organisation and to motivate Distributors. As our team became, the more money we earned, and the more with everything at Forever – if you do your job right, you’ll be justly experiences we had with Forever. The result of all this is that we rewarded. I am so grateful to all the people I have met, for now have many people in the team who have dreams and are everything I have learnt during my journey and for everything it has continuing to achieve them. We have secured our own future and given my family. that of our children. We became Sapphire Managers in December 2010, and we have travelled around the world with Forever, now receiving our fifth Profit Share cheque. We can recommend it to everyone! It’s easy, but you need to do the work... First make a decision, second take action, third become immune to ‘no’.98 SWEDEN NORWAY
  • Lotta Kreij Kathy & Humphrey GervaisPosition in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing PlanSenior Manager ManagerLength of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever9 years 7 ½ yearsCheque Amount Cheque Amount€6,085.05 €6,045.85 Jag vill tjäna extra pengar så jag kan förverkliga mina drömmar: This is our third Profit Share cheque and we are so very proud to Går jag för Profit Share så vet jag att jag arbetar på rätt sätt enligt have qualified once again. Rex sätt att se på Forevers verksamhet. Jag erbjuder nya personer When I first looked at the Marketing Plan I was struck by all the varje år att förverkliga sina drömmar genom att erbjuda möjligheten possibilities for really serious income - not by luck or by pushing your med Forever. Jag mår så bra när jag får hjälpa andra till en bättre way to the top, but by hard work and commitment. What I saw was hälsa och till en bättre ekonomi. Jag ger dem även everything I had achieved in my corporate life and more. Kathy saw a handlingsplanen till ett roligare liv tillsammans med massor av way to become the businesswoman that she had always wanted to mysiga och trevliga Forever kollegor över hela världen. Kan det bli be, and we both saw a way to work together as partners in business. bättre? Achieving Profit Share Level 1 is a pride goal for us. It points the way I want to earn extra money so I can make my dreams come true. I to the next stages. It means that we can show our team what they work towards Profit Share so I know I’m working in accordance can achieve by going ahead and setting the example. There is a huge with Rex’s approach to Forever. Every year I offer new people the satisfaction in setting down a goal at the beginning of the year and chance to make their dreams come true by showing them the ticking off the requirements month by month. Forever opportunity. I feel so good when I get to help others Qualification for Profit Share is very straightforward and is designed to improve their health and finances. I’m also giving them an action give you a structure for creating an income for life. We have other plan for a more enjoyable life with a lot of great Forever colleagues goals each year, such as keeping our Eagle Manager qualification, but around the world. Could it get any better? everything builds towards being recognised on stage by Rex for having helped others, while building our business, in the way that he first envisaged 33 years ago. And the best part of all is that working towards Profit Share guarantees you growth in your team which in turn means a bigger monthly cheque. Congratulations to our wonderful mentors Robert & Philippa Symes, and to Jayne Leach & John Curtis. Thank you for inspiring us and showing us how it is done! SWEDEN UK 99
  • LEVEL ONE Magnus Daniel Ingolfsson & Hlif Palsdottir Vibe & Ole Larsen Position in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing Plan Senior Manager Senior Manager Length of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever 10 years 8 years Cheque Amount Cheque Amount €6,036.53 €5,971.00 Í fjögur ár höfum við hjónin notið þess að vera Profit Share-hafar. Vores første møde med Forever var med Aloe Vera Gel, der siden Þetta hefur verið okkur hvatning til að leiða betur hópinn okkar til april 2003 har været vores daglige energidrik. Siden hen lærte vi vaxandi velgengni hjá Forever. Við höfum ekki kynnst því fyrr að fá de andre kvalitetsprodukter at kende, og dem bruger vi nu med greiddan arð frá fyritæki án þess að eiga hlut. Sú breyting hefur glæde hver dag – fra top til tå! Det var derfor ikke svært at samle einnig orðið á okkar högum, að við hættum að vinna annað en að kunder i vores hjem til en præsentation af produkterne. Det er kynna og selja vörurnar. Hver dagur gefur okkur því ný tækifæri í nemlig altid en fornøjelse for os at præsentere de dejlige produkter viðskiptum. Við erum viss um að Forever er rétta tækifærið og for kunderne. Senere skabte vi vores team, og det har givet os Profit Share er sönnun þess að við erum á réttri leið. Okkar þakkir mange dejlige timer. Det har været fantastisk at få så mange nye til Rex Maughan. venner. Vores motto har fra dag ét været: ”det skal være sjovt at arbejde med Forever”, og det er det! Aldrig før har jeg haft et job, For five years we have enjoyed Forever’s Profit Share and it has der har været så givende. Forever har givet os frihed. Vi vælger encouraged us to further enhance our commitment to our Forever selv vores kollegaer og bestemmer selv, på hvilken måde vi vil group. Never before have we experienced a Profit Share being arbejde, og hvor lang tid vi vil bruge. Det er herligt! Vi er meget distributed to non-shareholders. We have developed our Forever taknemmelige for den mulighed, Rex har givet os. business to such an extent that it is now our only livelihood and each day brings us new opportunities. We know that Forever was Our first contact with Forever was using Aloe Vera Gel, which has the right choice for us and our Profit Share confirms our been our daily energy drink since 2003. We then got to know the conviction. We’d like to offer our special thanks to Rex Maughan. other quality products – and we use them every day, from head to toe! So it wasn’t difficult to gather Customers in our home for product presentations. It is always a pleasure to be able to introduce these wonderful products to Customers. Later, we created our own team, and this has provided us with many happy times. It has been fantastic to make so many new friends. Our motto from day one has been, ‘Working with Forever should always be fun’ and it is! Never before have I had such a rewarding job. Forever has given us freedom. We choose our colleagues ourselves, decide how we work, and for how long. It’s great! We are very grateful for the opportunity Rex has given us.100 ICELAND DENMARK
  • Peter & Grace Osakwe Astrid SangildPosition in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing PlanSenior Manager Senior ManagerLength of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever2 ½ years 7 yearsCheque Amount Cheque Amount€5,937.25 €5,859.57 Our backgrounds are in accounting and law. We thank God for Jeg er selv blevet hjulpet så meget af produkterne fra Forever, så Forever and for our amazing team members. jeg gerne vil hjælpe andre ved at fortælle om Forevers produkter, og så følger forretningen mange gange med. Achieving Profit Share was a dream born when watching the last Profit Share at the European Rally in London, March 2010. Watching Jeg har et udlejningsfirma, som jeg har arbejdet med i mange år, the achievers receive massive cheques made me see how true and og her passer foreverfirmaet godt sammen med, arbejdsmæssigt how rewarding this opportunity really is. Grace and I decided then og kontakt til nye mennesker. that Profit Share is ours to take. Jeg glæder mig til, for anden gang at modtage profit-sh. af Rex – We focussed consistently on supporting the team to achieve their og håber at gøre det mange år ud i fremtiden, ved hjælp af min dreams, and on developing leaders with continuous team trainings skønne gruppe. and encouraging participation in Company hosted trainings; by this, we created momentum. Forever has helped me so much, so I want to help others by telling them about Forever’s products – and this way, business often We came to realise that success is time, patience and commitment follows. geared towards an objective; commitment we believe is the principal part of building a successful business. Rex Maughan put it this way, I have a distribution agency I’ve worked with for many years, and “Great achievers put in the time, efforts and commitment required to the Forever business fits well alongside it work-wise, as well as in be successful.” He has set the goal, great achievers strive to reach it terms of contact with new people. – we reached it – have we? We believe we are on a journey, the journey to a destination. We now realise how important committing I’m delighted to receive Profit Share from Rex for the second time time to growing this business really is, focussing on your goal – your – and hope to do so for many years to come, with the help of my WHY and defining the activities necessary to achieve it. great team of people. If you have a dream, the snow, rain, or heat cannot stop you. In 2010 we lost a baby and I lost my younger sister. We had more than enough reasons why we could have failed in achieving Profit Share but we were determined that family tragedy would not slow us down, our goal must be achieved, our visions attained. We are still on a journey, the journey to a destination; we have only just started. UK DENMARK 101
  • LEVEL ONE Anne & Patrick Carton Bernie Allen Position in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing Plan Senior Manager Soaring Manager Length of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever 7 years 17 years Cheque Amount Cheque Amount €5,775.62 €5,745.90 We are so excited and honoured to be Profit Share qualifiers. As a restaurant owner, people looked upon me as someone that had a business, so in their eyes, I also had a lot of money. How many times have we heard it said, “This business seems to be too good to be true?” It really is a Business Opportunity that I What they didnt know was the business had put me into serious am very glad I didn’t allow to pass me by. This is a business built debt to the tune of €78,000. around sharing and caring. It is a very ethical Company with a I had nowhere to turn and everybody was chasing me for their Marketing Plan in place which, like any successful business, ‘pound of flesh’. This was a scary place to be in and I couldn’t see requires commitment, persistence and determination. All of which any way out of the mess until I was approached to have a look at add up to success. By working our Marketing Plan and sharing it something that could change my life – Forever. with others, plus recommending our products, you will achieve all the incentives thus leading you to Profit Share. In all walks of life, After joining I could see how, if I applied myself, I could pay off my team work is of the utmost importance and Profit Share is debts. achieved by team efforts. I gave myself a target of five years but achieved it in four and a half, and paid off every last penny. A very special thank you to all our team and we look forward to you achieving this key incentive in the future. Just do it! Work on Forever has helped me regain control of my life. I now do the your goals and achieve your dreams. things I want to do, go where I want to go when I want to, not when someone allows me. Remember Rex’s words – THERE ARE NO LIMITS. One of my dreams with Forever was to receive a Profit Share cheque, so at the European Rally in London 2010 I decided I was going to go for it so I too could pick up a cheque in 2011. I achieved my goal in November 2010, what a wonderful feeling! So my advice to anyone reading this is, Rex says it’s there for us all, but it’s up to us if we want to take it. BIG THANKS to Forever for helping me escape the rat race. My future is so bright with this Company I need sunglasses!102 IRELAND IRELAND
  • Ender & Burcu Altıntaş Jamila Zidi & Wahib NabiPosition in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing PlanSoaring Manager Senior ManagerLength of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever8 years 1 ½ yearsCheque Amount Cheque Amount€5,741.58 €5,638.32 Marmara üniversitesi Beden Eğitimi öğretmenliği mezunuyum. Le début était la signature d’un agrément Forever en date du Üniversitede 3.sınıf öğrencisiyken Forever ile tanıştım..Ortalama 8 Decembre 31 2009. Depuis, j’ai essayé le produit et au fil du temps, yıldır hiç ara vermeden Foreverda calışan bir distribütörüm; eşim je me suis convaincue de son efficacité et également de l’importance Burcu Altıntaş ile 2 yıldır beraber calışmaktayız. Soaring Manager de l’affaire. A fin mars 2010, j’étais qualifiée Manager puis Manager kariyerindeyiz. 2010 yılında İngiltere Londrada yapılan Kar Senior en mai 2010. Ces qualifications m’ont incité et encouragé à Paylaşımı programını izledikten sonra eşimle Kar Paylaşımına donner davantage à cette affaire en termes d’effort et à consacrer girmeye karar verdik. 2010 Ocak ayı itibarı ile ekip arkadaşlarımızla plus de temps. Ainsi mes efforts ont été couronnés à fin décembre Kar Paylaşımını kazandık. Kar Paylaşımın da alacağımız çekten 2010 par la réalisation du challenge profit share dont je ne rêvais pas ziyade ekip arkasaslarımızında Kar Paylaşımına girebilecekleri au début. Cette récompense de Forever confirme bien son sérieux et konusunda örnek olmak bize inanılmaz bir mutluluk veriyor. Bu yılki sa crédibilité et qu’il s’agissait bien d’une opportunité et d’une affaire hedefimiz Kar Payı gibi iddiali bir hedefe tüm müdür à ne pas rater mais plutôt à en profiter tout en se basant sur le critère arkadaşlarımızında ulaşabilmeleri için onlara yardım edebilmektir. de persévérance. Enfin je ne peux vous cacher mes sentiments de joie et de bonheur pour rencontrer une bonne partie de la famille I graduated from the Physical Education Instructorship College of Forever à Vienne. Marmara University. I was in the third year when I came upon Forever and have been working with Forever for nearly eight years I signed up as a Distributor with Forever on December 31 2009. now without a break! For the last two years, my wife and I have Since then, I have tried the products and over time, have become worked together, and achieved Soaring Manager. We both convinced of their effectiveness and of the importance of this decided to qualify for Profit Share after watching the European business. During March 2010, I was recognised as Manager and Rally 2010 in London. We began working very hard with our team since May 2010, I’ve achieved Senior Manager. These qualifications from January 2010, and we qualified for Profit Share in nine led and encouraged me to spend more time and effort on my months. business. During December 2010, all my efforts were crowned by achieving qualification for Profit Share. This was a dream of mine Setting a good example for our team, by receiving our Profit Share when I first started in this business. This award confirms Forever’s cheque at the European Rally 2011 in Vienna this year, gave us professionalism and credibility. It really is a Business Opportunity not more happiness than the money we earned. So, our goal is to help to be missed, but to enjoy, albeit with lots of perseverance. I cannot our friends at Manager level in our team to qualify for Profit Share hide my happiness and my good fortune at meeting the Forever next year. family in Vienna. TURKEY TUNISIA 103
  • LEVEL ONE Marat Nazarov & Yendigul Nazarova Christoph Albrecht Position in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing Plan Senior Manager Senior Manager Length of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever 3 years 9 years Cheque Amount Cheque Amount €5,469.37 €5,448.11 Біз, Назаровтар отбасы, Қазақстанның Алматы Für mich ist das Erreichen des Profit Sharings der wichtigste Teil des қаласында тұрамыз. Бес баламыздың екеуі Айдана, Forever-Marketing Plans, denn hier muss man die Basics des Ардақ осы ФЛП компаниясының менеджерлары. Біз ФЛП Forever-Geschäfts erarbeiten. Allein, wenn man nur konsequent компаниясына 2008 жылдың 15-ші майында „versucht“, das Profit Sharing nach diesen Richtlinien zu erreichen, ist спонсорымыз Аттила Гидофалвидің шақыруымен man auf einem guten Weg, ein gesundes Geschäft und eine stabile тіркелген болатынбыз. Биыл 1-ші рет “Profit Share” Organisation aufzubauen. Ich beginne immer bereits im Dezember, программасының 1-дәрежесін орындап шықтық. ФЛП gezielt auf das zukünftige Profit Sharing hinzuarbeiten. Wegen der компаниясының жоғары сапалы тауырлары мен әділ де Vorlaufzeit im Bereich Sponsoring, habe ich somit gleich zu Beginn керемет маркетинг жоспарының арқасында тағы да бір des neuen Jahres die ersten neuen Distributoren, mit denen ich dann табыс көзіне ие болдық. Әрине, бұл жетістікке жетуімізге 12 Monate Zeit habe zu arbeiten. Genauso mache ich das mit спонсорларымыз бен компания қызметкерлерінің де meinen Profit-Sharing-Managern. Mein Tipp: Nutzen Sie die neuen көмегі шексіз, сондықтан барлығына алғыс айта отырып, Kommunikations- und Informationstechniken sowie das Internet als Шымкент қаласында тұратын партнерларымызға да wichtige Kontaktmöglichkeit für Ihr Geschäft! ризашылығымызды білдіреміз. Компанияның негізін For me, achieving Profit Share is the most important part of the қалаушы Рекс Моанға Қазақстандық дистрибьюторлар Forever Marketing Plan because you have to work hard on the атынан мың алғыс! basics of the Forever business. The fact is that if you ‘try’ consistently We live in Almaty city in Kazakhstan. Two of our five children, to achieve Profit Share based on these guidelines, you are well on Aidana and Ardak also work in Forever, and have achieved the the way to establishing a healthy business and stable organisation. I level of Manager. Our Sponsor, Attila Gidofalvi, introduced us to always start in December to work specifically towards the next Profit this business in May 2008 and this is the first time we have Share. Due to the lead times in terms of sponsoring, I make sure I qualified for Profit Share. Because of quality products and the get new Distributors at the beginning of the new year, with whom I honest Marketing Plan, we have achieved another income. We then have time to work for the next 12 months. I follow the same thank our Sponsors and the Forever office staff. Many thanks also strategy with my Profit Share Managers. My tip: use new media and to our partners in Shymkent city. Great thanks to our Company’s new communications techniques and of course the internet as an founder Rex Maughan from all Kazakhstan Distributors! important contact tool for your business.104 KAZAKHSTAN GERMANY
  • Anu Pellas Sue & Alan MatthewmanPosition in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing PlanSenior Manager Senior ManagerLength of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever9 years 17 yearsCheque Amount Cheque Amount€5,370.96 €5,294.72 Profit Share on loistava tapa motivoida meitä jälleenmyyjiä People often ask us how many hours we work and it is a question tekemään töitä ahkerasti ja pitkäjänteisesti, kaikilla eri osa-alueilla! we find really hard to answer. We believe that if you asked all the Ja kuten aina Foreverissa, meitä motivoidaan palkitsemalla - joka winners of awards in the Forever Profit Share programme you on suuri etuoikeus. Koen itseni erityisen onnekkaaksi, saadessani would probably get the same or a similar answer. For us Forever is kuulua tähän joukkoon! not about what we do for a living, it is about what we have become as individuals. We love the quotation ‘find a job you love, Profit Share is an excellent method to motivate our Distributors to and you will never do another day’s work for the rest of your life’. work long and hard in all the various sectors! As always at Forever, So on that basis we never work – we just enjoy the journey we are we are motivated by reward which is a huge privilege. I consider having with Forever. myself especially lucky to be part of this Company! For us, that is the essence of this Company, and the Profit Share programme is the ultimate recognition of making that transition from treating the business as an income stream, to making it the heart of who you are. That can take anyone to the top in this extraordinary Company. FINLAND UK 105
  • LEVEL ONE Bruna Anesi & Olindo Sartori Nanna & Dan Sørensen Position in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing Plan Soaring Manager Soaring Manager Length of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever 12 years 9 years Cheque Amount Cheque Amount €5,253.30 €5,235.89 Fantastico! Anche quest’anno mi sono qualificata per il Profit Forever skaber i sandhed muligheder for et rigere liv; personligt, Share e devo dire che è proprio una bella soddisfazione! Essere sundhedsmæssigt og økonomisk. Vi er taknemmelige over den premiati per qualcosa che si fa con entusiasmo è ancora più værdifulde livsstil Forever har givet os, - det har på så mange gratificante! Ringrazio di cuore la mia Downline che mi ha aiutata a området beriget vores liv. Blandt andet fordi vi har lykkes med at raggiungere questo traguardo e auguro a tutti di arrivarci e di hjælpe andre til at få succes med Forever, og har glædet og credere nella splendida Opportunità Forever. hjulpet rigtig mange kunder med vores unikke produkter. Vi har i år kvalificeret os til Profitsharing for 7 gang! I vores forretning, er det Great! This year, I have again qualified for Profit Share, and I have vores vigtigste mål, - for ved at nå Profitsharing, arbejder vi på en to admit that it is very satisfying. Being recognised for doing langsigtet strategi om en sund Forever forretning i konstant vækst! something I really enjoy is even more rewarding! I would like to say a warm thank you to my Downline who helped me to achieve this Forever genuinely creates opportunities for a richer life – goal and I wish for everyone to achieve and to believe in the personally, financially and in terms of health. We are grateful for the wonderful Forever opportunity. valued lifestyle Forever has given us – it has enriched our lives in so many areas. Partly because we’ve managed to help others achieve success with Forever, and have delighted and helped so many Customers with our unique products. This year is the seventh time we’ve qualified for Profit Share! It’s the most important goal in our Company – because by achieving Profit Share we are working to a long-term strategy of securing a healthy Forever operation that’s constantly growing!106 ITALY DENMARK
  • Mary Stewart & John Russell Léna & Dimitry MelfortPosition in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing PlanSenior Manager Senior ManagerLength of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever4 years 3 yearsCheque Amount Cheque Amount€5,145.37 €5,142.34 Four years ago life was very different. I worked as a counsellor and C’est notre premier Profit Share, et nous avons déjà commencé à John worked as a music teacher. I had chronic asthma from 13 préparer celui de cette année. Le but n’est surtout pas de le years of age and the condition had become very debilitating. After réaliser juste une fois, nous voulons le gagner chaque année. about four months of drinking Forever’s Aloe Vera Gel I was liberated Arrivée au Profit Share n’est pas le fruit du hasard, il faut travailler from the symptoms of that condition. dur, sans relâche, tout au long de l’année. Nous félicitons tous nos associés, le Succès n’appartient à personne, il est là pour tous, à It was my husband John who recognised that Forever could offer us chacun de le saisir. Nous tenons à remercier nos Sponsors et improved wealth in addition to better health. He could see how Managers, qui ont pensé à nous en Mai 2008. Depuis, notre Forever could improve our pension prospects as our income would qualité de vie, n’a cessé de s’améliorer, merci, grand merci à vous cease when we were not sitting with clients or students. deux. Reaching Profit Share in such a short time has been a privilege and the jewel in our Forever crown. We are proud and grateful to our Nous remercions, la famille et tout particulièrement nos parents, ‘Live the Dream Team’ who made it a reality. The brilliance and qui ne cessent de nous encourager dans notre activité, et qui sont generosity of Rex Maughan’s Marketing Plan rewards you for helping toujours présents pour nous garder, nos deux enfants lors de nos everyone in Forever, thus giving you the opportunity to become a différents déplacements. Merci à vous. leader. It is wonderful to find a company that completely reflects our This is the first time we have qualified for Profit Share, and we have own personal values and standards in a changing world. already started to prepare for next year. The primary purpose is We look to the future with confidence. We create our future every not to make it happen just once, but to achieve it every year. Being day by gratefully and gracefully sharing the opportunity and opening able to benefit from Profit Share is not the result of luck, you need people up to the ‘No Limits’ ethos of Rex. It is remarkable at this time to work hard, tirelessly for the year... We congratulate all of our to make a positive contribution to the lives of people who may be associates; the success belongs to nobody, it is there for everyone facing health or financial challenges. to seize. We thank our Sponsors and Managers, who thought about us in May 2008. Since then, our quality of life has continued Profit Share is available to all in Forever. Study the path, make the to improve, thanks to you all. We thank our family and, in decision, make a plan, make the time, put in the effort and Forever particular, our parents, who constantly encourage us in our will reward you. We look forward to celebrating your success. business, and who are always there to look after us and our two Let’s be the best we can! children during our various travels. Thanks to you. IRELAND GUADELOUPE 107
  • LEVEL ONE Doris Rittmeyer Mary Bingham Position in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing Plan Senior Manager Senior Manager Length of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever 4 years 7 ½ years Cheque Amount Cheque Amount €5,131.49 €5,102.91 Die Qualifikation für das Profit Sharing bedeutet für mich, an der Seven and a half years ago I joined Forever because I saw true Leiter zum großen Erfolg angekommen zu sein. Nun gilt es, sie potential for improving the quality of life for my family. Never in my weiter zu ersteigen. wildest dreams, however, did I imagine Forever would take me on a roller-coaster ride of self-development, excitement and change. This Vorraussetzung ist, die Chance zu erkennen, die das wunderbare has led to the growth and development of my total passion for the Geschäft mit Forever bietet – Gesundheit und finanzielle Forever opportunity and the true commitment to help others achieve Unabhängigkeit in Einklang zu bringen- eine Portion Glück, mit the same success as myself. This will be my fourth Profit Share einer so vorbildlichen, kompetenten Upline zu arbeiten, cheque. Thank you Rex and family for your generosity. Geschäftspartner zu haben, die mit Freude ihr Ziel verfolgen, und schließlich Disziplin und Hartnäckigkeit. By coaching others to be successful, Forever provides my family with such great security and peace of mind for our future, I feel I am Hier im täglichen Geschäft schätze ich besonders die wertvollen privileged to spend my life doing something which I truly enjoy and Empfehlungen und unterstützenden Aktivitäten meiner Upline, die which I find both rewarding and interesting. I know morally and ich hilfreich an meine aktiven Partner weitergeben kann. ethically it ticks all the boxes for me. The qualification for Profit Share means having arrived on the Today more than ever, I know Forever is the best possible future for ladder to success. The challenge now is to continue climbing that my family. So my best tip would be to seize Forever tightly and run ladder. with it, share it with your nearest and dearest and touch as many lives a day as possible. Work hard, keep focussed and help others to The prerequisite is to recognise the opportunity that this wonderful achieve their dreams and goals and you will achieve yours too. enterprise Forever offers – to harmonise health and financial independence – aim to build an exemplary, competent team, to I never thought that by investing in a business box for under £200 work with business partners who pursue their goals with pleasure, back in 2003, it would have led me to such a fulfilling and rewarding and ultimately, have discipline and persistence. life. On every day of this business, I particularly appreciate the valuable My deepest gratitude to everyone in my superb group ‘The Forever recommendations and supportive activities of my Upline, which in Diamonds’, and especially to the great leaders Dee Strefford, Beryl turn I can pass to my active team. Simpson & Nicky Williams, Denise Heptonstall, Sharon & Graham Logan, Simon & Barbara Howarth, Karen England, and Jennifer & Warren Marsden.108 GERMANY UK
  • Paolo Morresi Manfred Mätzler & Marion Mätzler-MallinPosition in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing PlanManager Senior ManagerLength of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever7 years 9 yearsCheque Amount Cheque Amount€5,053.12 €5,036.70 Sono Paolo Morresi di San Benedetto del Tronto e il 6 giugno del Das Profit Sharing ist eine einzigartige Herausforderung und hat 2011 compio 34 anni. È incredibile, 3 anni fa ho partecipato a einen besonderen Stellenwert für uns. Mit diesem Incentive kommt Budapest al mio primo European Rally da Supervisor e non automatisch mehr Stabilität und Wachstum in die Organisation, credevo ai miei occhi quando le persone di tutta Europa ritiravano weil neue Kunden und Vertriebspartner dazu kommen. Man ist assegni con cifre da capogiro! Con il tempo, con la fiducia dadurch auch angehalten, immer wieder die Basisarbeit selber zu massima nei prodotti e nell’Azienda e con un po’ di esperienza in tun. Wenn Sie bei Forever Incentives anstreben und auch più, un giorno mi sono detto: anche io voglio qualificarmi per il erreichen, wird ihr Geschäft auch mit absoluter Sicherheit Profit Share! Quest’anno nel 2011 finalmente ho raggiunto quel wachsen. Die Voraussetzung zur Erreichung jedes Incentives ist sogno. La soddisfazione più grande non è la cifra che ci sarà jedoch eine glasklare Zielsetzung und Planung. Dies hängt ganz scritta ma il fatto di aver creduto fermamente in qualcosa che si è alleine von Ihnen selbst ab. Sprechen Sie mit Menschen über realizzato! La cosa ancora più bella è che il successo non è dipeso unsere tollen Produkte und über die Geschäftsmöglichkeit. Meine solo da me, ma dallimpegno del mio gruppo che ha lavorato con Tipps für Sie: Begeistern Sie sich für die Produkte und eignen Sie molta professionalità e tanto cuore: a tutti loro dedico questo sich sehr gutes Produktwissen an. Setzen Sie sich klare Ziele. meraviglioso giorno! Voleremo sempre più in alto, è una promessa! Stehen Sie immer wieder auf. Arbeiten Sie in die Tiefe und geben Sie niemals auf. I am 34, and from San Benedetto del Tronto. Three years ago I Profit Share is a unique challenge and has a special value for us. attended my first European Rally in Budapest as Supervisor. I With this incentive, more stability and growth automatically comes couldn’t believe that Distributors from all over Europe received into the organisation as new Customers and Distributors come cheques of astonishing amounts. As time went by, now with along. You are thereby encouraged to do the basic work yourself confidence in the products and the Company, I said, “I want to again and again. If you reach incentives with Forever, your qualify for Profit Share!” This year I’ve reached that dream! The business will definitely grow too. To reach an incentive, a clear satisfaction is not the amount but to believe strongly in something objective and planning is essential. It depends on you – always and then achieve it! Even nicer is that the success didn’t depend speak with people about our great products and about the great just on me, but on commitment from a team that has worked business we offer. My tips for you: be enthusiastic about the professionally and with passion: this wonderful day is dedicated to products and acquire very good product knowledge. Set all of them! We will fly even higher, it’s a promise! yourselves clear goals. Rise up again and again. Work intensely and never give up. ITALY AUSTRIA 109
  • LEVEL ONE Francesco Guarnaccia Christèle Martin Position in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing Plan Soaring Manager Manager Length of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever 12 years 2 years Cheque Amount Cheque Amount €5,032.96 €4,919.36 Dopo quasi dodici anni di attività, Forever continua a regalarmi forti Après avoir consommé pour la première fois la pulpe d’Aloé vera fin emozioni e grandi soddisfazioni, oltre al benessere fisico che ogni février 2008, je décide de signer mon agrément en mai et de quitter giorno mi dona la nostra aloe. mon emploi de déléguée pharmaceutique. Fidélisant rapidement une clientèle satisfaite des produits et développant une belle équipe A 76 anni con passione e gioia continuo a percorrere migliaia di dynamique, je deviens Manager, 5 cinq mois plus tard, en octobre km ogni anno, dal nord al sud dell’Italia, per assistere le mie down- 2008. Mon objectif permanent est de faire grandir mes associé(e)s lines. Sono stati anni di intenso lavoro gratificato da soddisfacenti afin qu’ils réalisent aussi leurs rêves ce qui m’a permis d’obtenir cette risultati e anche quest’anno per la seconda volta mi sono année ma première qualification au Profit Share, prestigieuse qualificato al Profit Share. Ringrazio tutti i miei collaboratori e récompense offerte par Forever alliant voyages, rencontres avec les auguro a tutti loro benessere e grandi successi! meilleurs distributeurs du Monde et beaucoup de reconnaissance. After nearly 12 years, Forever continues to give me deep emotions C’est le travail de toute une année pendant laquelle chacun de mes associés, toutes générations confondues et sur la France entière, a and great satisfaction, as well as the physical wellbeing that our collaboré avec enthousiasme, persévérance et dans l’action au aloe gives me every day. quotidien. Je les félicite toutes et tous pour leur implication totale. 76 years old, with passion and joy, I travel thousands of miles C’est une véritable réussite collective. every year, from the north to the south of Italy, in order to help my After consuming for the first time Forever’s Aloe Vera Gel at the end Downlines. My years of hard work are rewarded with good results. of February 2009, I decided to sign up with Forever in May and leave This is the second time I’ve qualified for Profit Share. I thank all of my work in pharmaceuticals. Quickly developing loyalty with satisfied my Distributors and I wish them wellbeing and great success! Customers and developing a great dynamic team, I became Manager five months later. My continuing objective is to grow my team and make it possible for them to realise the dreams which enabled me to qualify for Profit Share. Profit Share is a prestigious reward offered by Forever combining trips, meeting with the best leaders in the world and receiving recognition. It is the result of a whole year’s work, where all the team have been working together with perseverance and with a daily action plan. I thank each one of them for their total involvement. It is truly a collective success.110 ITALY FRANCE
  • Sue Piranty Angelika & Hans-Uwe AlberPosition in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing PlanManager Sapphire ManagerLength of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever9 years 11 yearsCheque Amount Cheque Amount€4,857.92 €4,825.11 Thank you Forever for my fifth Profit Share cheque! Wir sind bereits zum 7.Mal im Profitsharing und freuen uns sehr über diese Auszeichnung. Diese Qualifikation ist für uns der When I split up with my husband, he went abroad, and I had no Beweis, dass Networkmarketing funktioniert. Nur durch die idea how I was going to support my two young children on my intensive Zusammenarbeit von vielen Menschen ist dieses own, and be there for them at the same time. Forever gave back Ergebnis möglich. Wir haben die Endscheidung getroffen, das the hope of a better future. Profitsharing zu erreichen und dies mit unserer fantastischen I got to work immediately, and built a business which has enabled Downline, sowie unserem Sponsor Rolf Kipp besprochen. Durch me to work around the boys, and create a secure income. diszipliniertes Arbeiten von der gesamten Gruppe, einschließlich unserer 600-Managerin Gabriela Vonwald konnten wir das Ziel I am passionate about what this business can offer people, and I erreichen. Sehr hilfreich war auch die mentale Unterstützung von am looking forward to seeing people in my team achieving Profit der Firmenzentrale und den aufmunternden Worten unserer Share. befreundeten Sidelines. Das Wunderbare an diesem System ist, When I started, whilst I was nervous about where this would lead dass jeder, der sich hierbei beteiligt, ein Gewinner ist. me, I had a deep down belief that I could make it work. My tip is to We are very honoured to have achieved Profit Share for the find that belief in you, in any way that you can, even if you have to seventh time, and we are very pleased. This qualification is the pretend to start with. Then keep going and going, with passion proof that Network Marketing works. This result was possible only and enthusiasm, until you get where you want to be. by intensive cooperation with many people – having made the A special thank you to everyone in my team for all of the hard work decision to reach Profit Share with our fantastic Downline and our and determination you have put into your businesses. I would also Sponsor Rolf Kipp. The great efforts of the whole group, including like to thank everyone in my team for the support you have given our 600 Manager Gabriela Vonwald, made it possible. The support me. from Company headquarters and the friendly encouragement from our Crossline was also very helpful. Everybody who takes part in this organisation is a winner! UK GERMANY 111
  • LEVEL ONE Peter & Angelika Möller Irmeli & Tommi Lassila Position in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing Plan Sapphire Manager Senior Manager Length of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever 10 years 4 years Cheque Amount Cheque Amount €4,748.32 €4,694.05 Für mich ist das Erreichen des Profit Sharing die Krönung eines Profit Sharen saavuttaminen merkitsee minulle sitä, että olen Forever-Jahres. Das gezielte Arbeiten für das Profit Sharing mit saavuttanut yhden tavoitteistani: tehdä tämä työ mahdollisimman allen aktiven teampartnern führt dazu, dass man nicht nur die hyvin. Teen työtä suurella sydämellä ja rakastan työtäni. Olen myös anderen Incentives wie Car Programm, Europa Rally und Amerika onnekas koska koko perheeni tukee minua tässä työssä. Reise erreicht, sondern auch vielen Teampartnern dabei behilflich Mielestäni näiden asioiden takia olemme nyt saaneet Profitin kaksi sein kann, es zu schaffen. Außerdem ist diese Teamarbeit auch die kertaa. Toivon voivamme olla hyvänä esimerkkinä muille, että Profit Vorbereitung für Diejenigen, die dann im Folgejahr zu Profit- Share on mahdollista saavuttaa myös aika nopeasti. En tee tätä Sharing-Managern aufsteigen wollen. Ich weiß, allein erreicht man työtä saadakseni Profitin mutta koska pyrin tekemään työni wenig, aber im team ist das Maximum möglich. Es gibt nichts mahdollisimman hyvin, olemme sen onnistuneet saamaan. Schöneres, als Erfolge mit den Teampartnern teilen und feiern zu Kiitollisena tästä työstä ja sen antamasta mahdollisuudesta. können. To me, achieving Profit Share means that I have achieved one of For me, achieving Profit Share is the crowning glory of a Forever my goals: to do this job as well as I can. I do this job with all my business year. Working towards Profit Share with all the active heart since I love it. I also feel lucky because my family supports team members not only results in achieving other incentives such me in this work. In my opinion it is because of these reasons that as Car Plan, European Rally and the trip to America, but also helps we have received Profit Share twice. I hope we can be a good many teams to achieve their goals. Furthermore, this teamwork is example to others, to show that Profit Share can also be achieved also the preparation for those who wish to be promoted to Profit quickly. I am not doing this work to gain Profit Share, but just by Share Managers in the following year. doing my job well I have succeeded in achieving it. I am thankful for this work and for the opportunities it has provided. I know that you can achieve only a little alone, but in a team, the maximum is possible. There is nothing more rewarding than to be able to share and celebrate accomplishments with team members.112 GERMANY FINLAND
  • Ainagul Urynbasarova Ingalill VigmostadPosition in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing PlanSenior Manager Senior MangerLength of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever1 year 10 yearsCheque Amount Cheque Amount€4,679.04 €4,611.57 Я, Урынбасарова Айнагуль занимаюсь бизнесом ФЛП уже Jag är utbildad sjuksköterska och har under många år arbetat på 1 год, за 4 месяца достигла Менеджера, за 8 месяцев akademiska sjukhuset i Uppsala. Jag har också arbetat i IT стала Сеньор Менеджером, и выполнила условия branchen med uppbyggnad av två nya företag. программы «Деление Прибыли». Спасибо моим Samt varit anställd som försäljningschef i ett stort IT företag. Jag вышестоящим спонсорам. За то, что показали, научили har arbetat med marknadsföring och utbildat i förändringsarbete. строить бизнес. Это мои любимые спонсоры - Абуталиев Sedan sju år tillbaka arbetar jag i det egna företaget med friskvård Махфор и Доспаева Галия, Умбетова Карлгаш и och skönhet. Jag är oberoende återförsäljare av Forever aloevera Сагинбаев Габиден. Пользуясь случаем, хочу поздравить produkter och arbetar med coachning, handledning, utbildning моих спонсоров Карлгаш Умбетову и Габидена och rekrytering av nya återförsäljare. Сагинбаева с предстоящей свадьбой. Огромная благодарность моей команде в г. Атырау, Актобе, I’m a qualified nurse and worked at Uppsala University Hospital for Астана, Алматы, Макат, Кульсары. Желаю им терпения, many years. I’ve also worked in the IT sector and helped build up выдержки и никогда, никогда, никогда не сдаваться и не two new companies. I have also been a sales manager at a large останавливаться. Терпение доведет до большого успеха! IT company. I’ve worked in marketing and have given training in change processes. For the past seven years I’ve run my own I have been working in Forever for just one year. In four months, I fitness and beauty company. I’m an independent Distributor of reached the status of Manager, in eight months, I reached Senior Forever and work by coaching, offering guidance, training and Manager and now I have achieved Profit Share. I thank my recruiting new Distributors. Sponsor for showing and teaching me how to build this business. My Sponsors are Abutaliyev Mahfor, Dospayeva Galiya, Umbetova Karlgash and Saginbayev Gabiden. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate my Sponsors Umbetova Karlgash & Saginbayev Gabiden on their forthcoming wedding. Many thanks to my team in Atyrau, Astana, Almaty, Aktobe, Makat and Kulsary. I wish them patience and endurance and hope that they never, never, never give up or stop. Patience will bring you huge success! KAZAKHSTAN SWEDEN 113
  • LEVEL ONE Pia Hedenfalk Zehra & Ali lter Position in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing Plan Senior Manager Manager Length of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever 10 years 2 years Cheque Amount Cheque Amount €4,563.51 €4,520.17 Forever jobbet innebär en resa i personlig utveckling, vilket gör att Forever ile bundan 17 ay önce tanıştık. Sponsorumuzla beraber vi hela tiden ser nya möjligheter och sätter upp nya mål; det gillar koyduğumuz hedeflerin hepsine zamanla ulaştık. Sağlıklı bir yaşam, jag! Att bestämma sig för att klara Profit Sharing innebar att jag fick yüksek bir gelir, yurtiçi ve yurtdışı seyahatleri, araba planı ve Kar struktur på vad som skulle göras och därmed hjälp att hålla rätt Paylaşımı. 2010 Avrupa Rally si ve Kar Paylaşımı etkinliğine bedava fokus under året; vilket gav resultat! katılmaya hak kazandık. Londrada 5 gün hem eğitimlere katıldık, hem tatil yaptık. Ama Kar Paylaşımını kazanamamıştık. Londrada Tack härliga team för Era prestationer och engagemang under üst sponsorumuz ile 2011 Kar Paylaşımını hedef koyduk. Üst 2010 - det har varit mitt hittills roligaste Forever år! Att få vara en sponsorumuza ve kendimize verdiğimiz bu söz Uşaka döner del i Era (och andras) framgångar värmer otroligt gott i hjärtat. dönmez bizi harekete geçirdi. Yıl sonunda da hedefimize Profit Sharing inspirerar verkligen mig - det har även skickat en planladığımız gibi ulaştık. Seneye ekibimizden daha fazla kişiyle Kar tydlig positiv signal till mitt team, där flera numera ser Eagle Paylaşımına katılmayı hedefliyoruz. Herkese başarılar. Manager och Profit Sharing som en självklar målsättning i sin utveckling. Jag ser ödmjukt fram emot ett nytt stimulerande och We came upon Forever 17 months ago. In that time, we have utmanande år! achieved every goal outlined by our Sponsor, such as a healthy lifestyle, a high income, domestic and foreign travel, Car Plan and The journey with Forever involves personal development, which Profit Share. We qualified at Level 3 for the European Rally 2010. means that we are always identifying new opportunities and We spent five days in London, with trainings. However, we failed setting new goals, something I really like! Deciding to achieve Profit to qualify for Profit Share, so we committed to qualify for 2011 Share meant that I had a structure to work to and thus maintained Profit Share whilst with our Sponsor in London. Having such an the right focus during the year; which gave results! objective prompted us to do something as soon as we got back to Thanks to a wonderful team for your achievements and our hometown, Usak. At the end of last year, we were happy commitment during 2010 – this has been my most fun year ever at because we were successful in achieving our target as planned. Forever! To play a part in your (and others’) success is truly heart- Now, it is our aim to qualify for Profit Share with more of our team warming. Profit Share has really inspired me - it has also sent a in the future. clear positive signal to my team, where a number of people are Good luck everybody. now seeing Eagle Manager and Profit Share as an obvious goal in their development. I am humbly looking forward to a new stimulating and challenging year!114 SWEDEN TURKEY
  • Rosita Nasseri-Darrell Randi-Helen Magdahl & Peter LindemanPosition in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing PlanSenior Manager Senior ManagerLength of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever12 years 11 yearsCheque Amount Cheque Amount€4,485.32 €4,443.26 Ich bin sehr glücklich und dankbar, die Qualifikation für das Profit Profit Share hjelper meg til å jobbe systematisk for å ekspandere Sharing zum 5. Mal erreicht zu haben! Das Profit Sharing bedeutet min business. Profit Share hjelper meg til å sette klare mål, holde für mich nicht nur eine zusätzliche Belohnung, über die ich mich fokus, være aktiv i min personlige rekruttering og teambygging natürlich sehr freue. Es ist vor allem Ausdruck einer stetigen samt å motivere og hjelpe mitt team til å gjøre det samme. Profit Entwicklung meines Geschäftes inklusive teamwork mit Share gir meg motivasjon og viser hele teamet at mål kan nås. Jeg bestehenden Linien, vor allem aber auch des konsequenten synes det er fantastisk at Forever har Profit Share. Det er med på å Aufbaus von Neugeschäft. forsterke min stolthet over å være del av et firma med høyeste kvalitet på alle områder. Das Profit Sharing ist für mich jedes Jahr aufs Neue Anlass für eine persönliche Verpflichtung mir selbst gegenüber, meine Fähigkeiten Profit Share helps me work systematically to expand my business. weiter zu verbessern, Ziele zu setzen und Aktivitäten zu entfalten, Profit Share helps me set clear goals, maintain focus, be active in um sie zu erreichen. Anderen behilflich zu sein auf ihrem Weg zu my recruitment and team-building, and to motivate and help my mehr Lebensqualität und Sicherheit ist eine so erfüllende Aufgabe team do the same. Profit Share shows the whole team that goals für mich, dass ich sie nie mehr missen möchte. can be achieved. I think it’s great that Forever has a Profit Share scheme. It’s yet another reason I’m proud to be part of a I am very happy and grateful to have achieved Profit Share for the Company characterised by the highest quality in all areas. fifth time! Profit Share means not only an additional reward - about which I am of course very glad – but it is also an expression of the steady development of my business, the teamwork and the logical progression to new business. Profit Share each year is for me a new opportunity for a personal obligation to myself to improve my abilities. Helping others on their way to a better quality of life and security is a fulfilling job which I never want to miss again. GERMANY NORWAY 115
  • LEVEL ONE Alison & Ian Fox Nuri Erdinç Erol Position in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing Plan Senior Manager Senior Manager Length of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever 12 years 2 ½ years Cheque Amount Cheque Amount €4,425.52 €4,386.61 We have achieved Profit Share every year for the last eight years Elektronik mühendisiyim. Kişisel hedef ve hayallerimizi teşvikler ile and it’s a record that we are very proud of. However the real paralel hale getirdik. Katıldığım ilk Succsess Day’de Araba Planını benefit of qualifying is that it focuses on the most essential hedef koymuştum, Müdürlük ardından Londradaki Avrupa Rallisini requirements of building a business, sponsoring and helping. By yaşadıktan sonra Araba Planı kazandım. Kazançların Kar Paylaşımı introducing new people to Forever and taking responsibility for çeklerinde gizli olduğunu farkettim ve kendime yeni hedefler ensuring their success, we invigorate our own business and koydum. Avrupa Rallisi ufkumuzu açan, işi kavramamızı sağlayan strengthen its foundations so that it can weather all the financial büyük bir etkinlik. 2010’da Non-Manager’da 6. olduk. President’s and personal storms that can be thrown our way. Club’a katılmayı hak ettik. Eagle Manager teşviğini kazandık. Eğer şu an Müdür iseniz ve ekibinizden üye yaptığınız 1. hat What a clever Marketing Plan; everyone wins and life-long distiribütörlerinizden 5 kişi başarmak isteyen, eğitime öğrenmeye friendships are made. açık kişiler olursa Kar Paylaşımına bu sene siz de kalifiye Thank you Rex for your vision and incredible generosity. olabilirsiniz. Bu beş kişiye ulaşmak için de en az 15 kişi kaydetmelisiniz. Yazımı “No Limit” sloganımız ile bitirmek istiyorum, başta kendinize koyduğunuz ve toplumun koyduğu limitleri bir kenara fırlatın, eğer bir kişi bir şeyi başarabilmişse gerçekten başarmak isteyen bir kişi de aynı başarıyı gösterebilir! I am an electronics engineer, and have been in Network Marketing with Forever for 2½ years. We qualified for Profit Share in two years. At the first Success Day I attended, my goal was to qualify for the Earned Incentive Programme. After nine months, I achieved Manager level, and I qualified for the Earned Incentive Programme in my twentieth month. I would like to draw your attention to the importance of patience in working towards success, and emphasise that you should keep doing the basics, repeating the same things you’ve done before, thus qualifying for incentives every year. Adopt a ‘No Limits’ attitude, and you will achieve success!116 UK TURKEY
  • Munira Nusupova & Yerniyaz Nusupov Christa GasplmayrPosition in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing PlanSenior Manager Soaring ManagerLength of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever6 years 9 yearsCheque Amount Cheque Amount€4,277.54 €4,271.74 Мы семейная пара Нусуповы Мунира и Ернияз. У нас Ich habe das Profit Sharing gemeinsam mit meinem team двое детей. В компании мы 5 лет, со дня открытия geschafft. Wir haben die Qualifikation ein Jahr vorher detailliert офиса в Казахстане. Но 1 год до этого мы работали с geplant, uns monatlich kleine Ziele gesetzt und diese dann ФЛП Турция. Я по профессии учитель, муж - инженер. konsequent verfolgt. Als wir im November etwas in den Rückstand ФЛП постоянно радует нас поощрениями, это – План geraten sind, hat mein Team eine neue Idee mit einer tollen машина, программа «Деление Прибыли», Produktaktion geboren, die so erfolgreich war, dass das Team den международные круизы и, наконец, 15 числа бонусы. 600er-Manager geschafft hat. Das Profit Sharing gehört zu den Работая с компанией ФЛП, мы получаем огромное wichtigsten Meilensteinen beim Forever-Business. Die Qualifikation удовольствие, притом, что, за удовольствие нам платят dazu verlangt gewisse Kriterien, die man in Teamarbeit erbringen деньги. Очень рады, что выполнили программу muss und die dazu beitragen, dass das Forever-Geschäft wächst. «Деление прибыли». Ещё одна мечта попасть на Ралли, I achieved Profit Share jointly with my team. We planned the стимулирование и Мировое Ралли. Просто надо мечтать qualification in detail one year ahead, set small goals on a monthly и действовать! Огромное спасибо нашему президенту basis and then pursued these consistently. When we were Рекс Моану, который дарит людям здоровье, радость и somewhat behind in our schedule in November, my team brought успех. Большое спасибо нашей команде, которые верят forth a new product idea which was so successful that the team в нас и строят бизнес вместе с нами, всем сотрудникам accomplished ‘600 Manager’. Profit Share is one of the most компании ФЛП Казахстан, за их терпение и трудолюбие, important milestones in the Forever business. The qualification for а так же, генеральному директору Илькеру Ишмену. this requires that certain criteria be achieved by the team, all of Желаем всем здоровья, добра, упорства и успеха!!! which contributes to the growth of the Forever business. We have been with Forever in Kazakhstan since the office opened 5 years ago, and for a year before this we worked with Forever Turkey. I am a teacher and my husband is an engineer. We have two children. Forever makes us happy with promotions like Car Plan, Profit Share, international travel and monthly bonuses. Many thanks to Rex Maughan who gives people health, happiness and success. Many thanks to the members of our team, who believe in us and build their businesses with us. We wish you all health and success! KAZAKHSTAN AUSTRIA 117
  • LEVEL ONE Maria Teresa Cardinale Hansjörg & Renata Wohn Position in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing Plan Manager Soaring Manager Length of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever 4 years 9 years Cheque Amount Cheque Amount €4,220.25 €4,151.46 Non finirò mai di ringraziare la persona che mi fatto conoscere Forever bietet jedem die große Chance! Denn Forever bietet einen Forever. A 49 anni mi ha dato il coraggio di rimettermi in gioco e di ausgeklügelten Marketingplan und zahlreiche Incentives an, die iniziare un lavoro che amo e che mi ha aperto le porte ad una den Weg für einen erfolgreichen Geschäftsaufbau ebnen. Als wir nuova vita colma di benessere fisico ed economico. Ho la fortuna uns Anfang 2010 die erneute Qualifikation für das Profit Sharing di essere accompagnata in questa meravigliosa avventura da uno zum Ziel gesetzt haben, haben wir diesen Weg wie auch schon in stupendo gruppo di collaboratori e da colleghi che mi spingono a den vergangenen Jahren mit großem Engagement und täglichem credere in me e in Forever ed a cui va un caloroso ringraziamento. Einsatz konsequent verfolgt. In enger Zusammenarbeit mit Dopo 2 anni di attività, ho raggiunto finalmente il profit share tanto unserem Team haben wir so unsere Qualifikation für das Profit sognato e desiderato: ora sono felicissima del traguardo raggiunto Sharing 2010/2011 erreicht. Wir leben nicht nur die e motivata per i prossimi, convintissima che tutti i miei collaboratori Firmenphilosophie von Forever, wir teilen diese Chance auch possano con l’impegno arrivarci anche loro. Posso dire che la täglich mit anderen Menschen und helfen diesen Menschen, Forever sta realizzando i miei sogni di libertà finanziaria e perciò täglich das Gleiche zu tun! Wir werden auch in diesem Jahr wieder consiglio Forever a chiunque voglia migliorare la propria vita con an der Qualifikation für das Profit Sharing dabei sein. Unser größter un guadagno che nel tempo diventerà sempre più importante e Wunsch ist es, einmal Diamond Manager zu werden. gratificante. Forever offers everybody a great opportunity – because Forever I’ll never stop thanking those who introduced me to Forever. By offers an ingenious Marketing Plan and numerous incentives which encouraging me to start a new job that I love at the age of 49, it pave the way to building a successful business. At the beginning has opened up a new life of physical and financial wellbeing. I’m of 2010, when we began our re-qualification for Profit Share, we lucky to have this amazing adventure with a wonderful team that followed the same path of commitment and consistency that we has pushed me to believe in myself and in Forever, to which I send had in previous years. In close cooperation with our team, we warm thanks. After two years, I have reached Profit Share. I am so reached our qualification for Profit Share in 2010/2011. Not only happy to achieve this goal which was my aim. It has motivated me do we live by the Company philosophy of Forever, we share this for the future, and also persuaded my team that with commitment opportunity daily with other people and help them to do the same! they can also achieve it. Forever is realising my dreams of financial We will be back this year in the qualification for Profit Share. Our freedom, and so I recommend Forever to anyone who wants to biggest wish is to become Diamond Managers. improve their own life with a profit, that over time, will be increasingly important and rewarding.118 ITALY GERMANY
  • Rosario & Ronny Kvist Sandra Picha-KruderPosition in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing PlanManager Senior ManagerLength of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever10 years 8 yearsCheque Amount Cheque Amount€4,100.95 €4,079.57 Vi har under 10 år integrerat Forever i våra liv för att skapa en Das Profit Share gemeinsam im Team zu schaffen, war ein större frihet genom att arbeta mindre utan att inkomsten minskar. besonderes Erlebnis für mich. Es ist sicherlich viel meiner Up- Line Nu arbetar vi på vårt nästa mål, att inom 5 år vara helt ekonomiskt Double Diamond Managerin Katrin Bajri zu verdanken, dass ich so oberoende! weit gekommen bin. Sie hat uns ihre Zeit und ihr Know-how zur Verfügung gestellt, um uns zu schulen. Für meine Zukunft mit During our ten years in Forever we have integrated the business Forever habe ich somit die beste Basis, die man sich wünschen into our lives for greater freedom, through working less but without kann. Auf dieser werde ich mein Geschäft in Zukunft gut aufbauen decreasing our income. Now we are working towards our next können. Forever ist und bleibt die beste Möglichkeit, für Menschen goal, to become financially independent within five years! jeder Herkunft ihre Träume und Wünsche zu verwirklichen. Nötig dazu sind lediglich Entschlussfreudigkeit, Beharrlichkeit sowie die Bereitschaft für Neues. To achieve Profit Share together in a team was a special experience for me. I certainly owe a large part of my success to my Upline Double Diamond Manager Katrin Bajri. She placed her time and know-how at our disposal to train us. I therefore have the best basis for my future with Forever that one could wish for. I shall be able to establish a sound business on this foundation. Forever is, and remains, the best opportunity for people of all origins to realise their dreams and wishes. The only other ingredients you need are decisiveness, perseverance and the willingness to try something new. SWEDEN AUSTRIA 119
  • LEVEL ONE Britta Jahn Ralf Huhnstock Position in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing Plan Soaring Manager Soaring Manager Length of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever 10 years 8 years Cheque Amount Cheque Amount €4,072.78 €4,065.83 Das Profit Sharing bedeutet für mich die Königsdisziplin, da für diese Das Profit Sharing ist für mich die Krone des Forever-Business. Qualifikation alle Kriterien erfüllt werden müssen: Car Programm, Man schafft es nur durch tägliche Arbeit, einer hohen neue Distributoren aufbauen, non Manager VE‘s sowie gute Eigenmotivation sowie einer kurz -und langfristigen Planung von Managerlinien. Wichtig ist dabei die klare Zielsetzung, eine gute Jahresbeginn an. Ein weiterer Schwerpunkt liegt auf der Planung Planung Anfang des Jahres, sowie motivierende Planungsgepräche mit der eigenen Downline, damit die angehenden Führungskräfte mit den Teampartnern. Die erforderlichen VE‘s werden auf die wissen, was zu tun ist und dass sie selbst Bestandteil dieses Monate umgelegt und angestrebt. Für die Erreichung der Geschäftes sind und somit automatisch mitlernen, um es später zu Monatsziele überlege ich: Wo investiere ich meine Zeit? Wer hat das duplizieren. Der wichtigste Punkt aber ist die Selbstkontrolle in Potenzial und möchte Aufbauen? Mit wem arbeite ich zusammen? Absprache mit dem Sponsor bzw. der Upline. Dieses führt dazu, Wen unterstütze ich in welchen Bereichen? Es ist eine Bereicherung dass die Zeit effektiv genutzt und somit das Geschäft optimiert für mein Leben, im Laufe eines Jahres so viel neue Menschen werden kann. kennen zu lernen, auf ihrem Wege ein Stück begleiteten zu dürfen und deren Entwicklung zu sehen. In diesem Jahr möchte ich Profit Share is the highest achievement of the Forever business. It gemeinsam mit meinem 600er Manager ins Profit Sharing gehen. can only be accomplished through day-to-day work with a high level of personal motivation, as well as short and long-term Profit Share is the ultimate recognition, because for this qualification planning right from the beginning of the year. Another main area of all criteria must be fulfilled: Car Plan, new Distributors must be emphasis is the planning of one’s own Downline so that developed, as well as non-Managers and good Manager lines. It is prospective Managers become part of the business and learn the important to have clear objectives at the beginning of the year, as ropes automatically in order to duplicate the methods later. The well as having motivational planning meetings with the teams. The necessary CC required each month is calculated, and this is then our most important point, however, is self-discipline and consulting monthly goal. To reach our target each month, I ask myself, “Where with the Sponsor or the Upline. This results in effective time do I invest my time? Who has the potential? With whom do I want to management and thus an optimisation of business growth. work? Whom do I support and in which areas?” My life is enriched by getting to know so many new people in the course of a year, to be allowed to accompany some of them on their journey and to see their development. This year I want to achieve Profit Share again with my 600 Manager.120 GERMANY GERMANY
  • Anette Hausmann Beibitkul Moldabayeva & Nurzhan MoldabayevPosition in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing PlanSoaring Manager Senior ManagerLength of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever11 years 2 ½ yearsCheque Amount Cheque Amount€4,043.43 €3,876.64 Da jeg startede, som Forever-forhandler i 2000 var jeg SLET ikke Мы семейная пара Молдабаевы Бейбиткуль и Нуржан. klar over de muligheder, der lå foran mig. Jeg ville blot tjene et Начали строить бизнес с Форевер, с декабря 2008 года. Мы supplement til min egentlige indtægt og anede intet om de kræfter, очень гордимся тем, удалось выполнить программу der ligger indbygget i vores forretningsplan. «Деление Прибыли» и очень сильно ждем встречи с Президентом компании Рекс Моаном в Австрии, где он Så jeg begyndte bare at sælge produkter uden at have de store, лично будет вручать чек. На сегодняшний день, мы højtflyvende planer. Alt det, der siden er sket for mig i Forever er полностью занимаемся этим бизнесом. Что нам нравится в kommet i takt med at den virkelige kraft bag det hele er gået op for этом бизнесе,это то, что ты даешь другим людям mig: De ufatteligt motiverende mennesker, som er i min возможность достигать более высоких уровней. Тем organisation er i virkeligheden hele hemmeligheden bag hver самым улучшать материальное положение и увидеть мир. eneste af mine succeser. Мы хотим выразить большую благодарность своим When I started out as a Forever Distributor in 2000, I had партнерам, которые поверили нам и строят вместе с нами absolutely no idea of the possibilities that lay ahead. I just wanted этот замечательный бизнес ФЛП. Желаем всем больших to earn a bit of cash to supplement my standard income and had успехов, высоких мечтаний и организованности, тогда вы no idea of the power in our Marketing Plan. Everything that’s станете богатыми и независимыми. happened to me since joining Forever has come about gradually We began to build a business with Forever in December 2008. We as I’ve realised the true power behind the concept: truth be told, are very proud to have achieved Profit Share and we were delighted the incredibly motivated people in my organisation are the real to meet our CEO Rex Maughan in Austria, where he personally secret behind all my successes. presented us with our cheque. Today, we are fully engaged in this business. What we like is that you give others an opportunity to reach higher levels, enabling them to improve their financial situation, and to see the world. We want to express our immense gratitude to our Sponsors who believed in us and built with us this wonderful Forever business. We hope that you all achieve success and that your dreams of becoming rich and financially independent come true. DENMARK KAZAKHSTAN 121
  • LEVEL ONE Herbert & Silke Balles Ilona Haage Position in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing Plan Senior Manager Senior Manager Length of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever 10 years 10 years Cheque Amount Cheque Amount €3,854.00 €3,600.71 Das Motiv eines Menschen bestimmt seinen Erfolg. Das haben wir in Meine Großmutter lehrte mich, in meine Zukunft immer mehr zu den letzten Jahren erkennen dürfen und ist deshalb mittlerweile sehr investieren, als ich dafür bezahlt werde, denn wenn man nicht bereit wichtig für unser Tun. Mit 3 Kindern ist Zeitmanagement unabdingbar. ist, das Ungewöhnliche zu riskieren, wird man sich mit dem Planung ist das A & O. Dabei unterstützt uns die Diamond Managerin Normalen begnügen müssen. Ich hatte den brennenden Wunsch, Christina Chalaupka. Deshalb arbeiten wir mit unserem Team jedes das Profit Sharing wieder zu schaffen – das hat mich motiviert und Jahr auf die verschiedenen Incentives hin, die innerhalb des Jahres vorangetrieben. Die hervorragende Zusammenarbeit sowohl mit von Forever angeboten werden (Etappenziele). Für das Profitsharing meinem Team als auch linienübergreifend sowie die Unterstützung benötigt man ein starkes Team und treue Produktanwender. Wir meiner Familie haben mir dabei den nötigen Halt und den Mut bieten deshalb regelmäßig Beauty- und Vitalworkshops für unsere gegeben, dieses Ziel zu erreichen – besonders in Zeiten, wo nicht Kunden und Partner an. Hilft man seinen Partnern im Marketing-Plan immer alles glatt läuft. Aber ich habe nie aufgegeben, denn ich wollte vorwärts zu kommen und die einzelnen Incentives zu erreichen, so mir auch selbst beweisen, dass ich meinen Zielen immer ein bleibt das Erreichen des Profitsharing nicht aus. Linienübergreifendes Stückchen näher kommen kann, wenn ich durchhalte. Getreu dem Arbeiten brachte uns mehr Leichtigkeit und weitere Freundschaften. Motto „Es gibt viele Möglichkeiten, man muss sie nur ergreifen“, habe Wir geben gerne von Herzen und wissen, „Gleiches zieht Gleiches ich dann auch neue Ideen zur Kontaktaufnahme von potentiellen an!“ Das Resonanzprinzip gibt uns Recht. Danke Forever. Neukunden und Geschäftspartnern entwickelt. A person’s motives determine his success. We recognised this last My grandmother taught me to invest into my future more and more year and reflected this in our activity. With three children, time as I earn, because if you are not ready to risk the unusual, you will management is critical and planning is everything. Christina have to be content with the ordinary. I had the burning desire to Chalaupka, our Diamond Manager, supports us. Each year, together reach Profit Share again – this has motivated and energised me. The with our team, we work towards the different incentives which Forever excellent cooperation from my team, as well as other teams, and the offers. For Profit Share, one needs a strong team and loyal product support of my family have given me the necessary backing and the users. Therefore, we hold regular health and beauty workshops for courage to reach this goal – particularly in times when everything our Customers and teams. If you help your teams make progress in hasn’t run smoothly. But I have never given up, because I also the Marketing Plan and to reach incentives, Profit Share is assured. wanted to prove to myself that I can get closer to my goals when I This line of work has brought us comfort and friendships. We work hold out. True to the motto, ‘There are many possibilities, one has from the heart and we know that ‘like attracts like’! It resonates with only to seize them’, I have also developed new ideas to establish us. Thank you Forever. potential new Customers and business partners.122 GERMANY GERMANY
  • Viviana Greco & Roberto Setti Andreas & Karin FröhlichPosition in Marketing Plan Position in Marketing PlanSenior Manager Senior ManagerLength of Time in Forever Length of Time in Forever11 years 11 yearsCheque Amount Cheque Amount€3,470.80 €3,432.81 E’ dal 2000 che beviamo Aloe Vera Gel della Forever e siamo felici Für uns sind die Profit-Sharing-Kriterien der Leitfaden für unser di aver fatto conoscere questo e tutti gli altri prodotti alla nostra Business. Hierdurch erreichen wir ein stetig wachsendes und famiglia e ai nostri amici. Dal 2002 mia moglie ha iniziato l’attività stabiles Distributoren-Netzwerk. Bereits im Januar 2010 stand für frequentando i corsi proposti dall’azienda e approfondendo uns das Ziel, das Profit Sharing 2011 zu erreichen, fest. Das sempre di più la conoscenza del Network Marketing. Questo ci ha Planen und Umsetzen ist bei uns stets präsent. Durch aktives permesso di proporre alle persone che incontriamo non solo i Empfehlen der Forever-Produkte und Weitergabe der prodotti ma anche l’attività che questa azienda offre. Ci siamo Geschäftsmöglichkeit sponsern wir in die Firstline. sempre più convinti che in un periodo di crisi come questo Mit Unterstützung eines großartigen Teams und der lavorare con Forever sia una grossa opportunità lavorativa con teamübergreifenden Meetingstruktur erreichten wir somit das 3. pochi rischi ma grandi risultati e soddisfazioni. Mal das Profit-Sharing. Ringraziamo tutte le persone del nostro gruppo che anche Für uns ist die höchste Motivation, für die geleistete Arbeit auf der quest’anno ci hanno permesso di raggiungere questa qualifica e in Bühne zu stehen und von Rex Maughan ausgezeichnet zu modo particolare la nostra Manager Silvana Finetti. werden. Wer das einmal erlebt hat, will jedes Jahr dabei sein. We have been drinking Forever’s Aloe Vera Gel since 2000 and The criteria for Profit Share is the guide for our business. Through are very happy because our family and friends have all tried it this we reach a steadily growing and stable Distributor’s network. along with other Forever products. My wife started the business in In January 2010 we made up our minds to achieve Profit Share in 2002 by attending corporate trainings learning about Network 2011. Planning and reaching is always in our minds. Marketing. Because of this, we’re able to offer the Forever products and the business to everyone we meet with little risk and By actively recommending the Forever products and passing on great results and satisfaction. the Business Opportunity, we actively sponsor in our Frontline. We thank all our team for helping us to achieve this status and in With the support of our great team we have achieved Profit Share particular our Downline Manager Silvana Finetti. for the third time. For us the greatest motivation is to be on stage and to be recognised by Rex Maughan. Whoever has experienced this wants to have this reward every year. ITALY GERMANY 123
  • Erdoğan & Sevim Burgazli Position in Marketing Plan Senior Manager Length of Time in Forever 1 ½ years Cheque Amount €3,279.02 En son kendi ticaretimizi yaparken 2001 krizinde iflas ettik ve sahip olduğumuz her şeyi kaybettik. Network sistemi ile tanışdık. Network firmalarının özellikleri bu durumlarda çok önemli hale geliyor. Forever ile aile dostlarımız Meryem, Selim Öztekin sayesinde tanıştık. Forever nin çalışma sisteminin mükemmelliği ve tüm network modellerinin en avantajlı kısımlarını içermesi bizi hayran bıraktı. Birinci yılımızı bitirdiğimizde Senior Manager, Eagle Manager kariyerlerinin yanında şirketin teşvik programları Araba planı, Kar paylaşımına girmeyi başardık. Tüm bu başarıların sonucu olarak Türkiye Rallisini de kazanarak Şirketimiz tarafından çok güzel bir şekilde ödüllendirildik. Hedefimiz kendimizi geliştirmeye devam etmek, sürekli daha iyi olmak için arayışlarda bulunmak, sürekli öğrenmek, bildiklerimizi ve bundan sonrada öğreneceklerimizi çalışma arkadaşlarımıza aktarmak, Kişilerin hayatlarını daha iyi hale getirmelerine yardımcı olmak. We became bankrupt during the economic crisis in 2001, losing everything we had. Then we were introduced to Network Marketing, and the importance of a good Marketing Plan. Thanks to Meryem & Selim Oztekin, and our family friends who showed us Forever. We were impressed with Forever’s system that has all the best features of networking models. At the end of our first year, we have achieved Senior Manager and Eagle Manager level, Car Plan and now Profit Share. Our success is based on a fantastic team, a strong training system, and on our experiences. Our aim is to share everything we know with our colleagues, to keep on developing ourselves, and to search for better every day. This way we can help others obtain better lifestyles.124 TURKEY
  • Join us next year We are very proud that Rex Maughan has again chosen Budapest for Budapest, home to not one, but two, UNESCO World Heritage sites, is the destination of this important incentive of the Marketing Plan. Thank the only capital in the world to boast nearly 100 thermal wells and 12 you, Rex! spas, where 19 million litres of thermal water breaks to the surface each and every day. And do you know, for instance, what an experience it is to We are looking forward with great anticipation to the biggest European enjoy a night-time bathing party in the Rudas or a romantic adventure on event of 2012, to the celebration and recognition of new qualifiers of Margaret Island? The entire city is packed with fortifications and buildings Profit Share and, of course, to welcome all the European Distributors! from Roman times, Turkish baths still in use, artifacts from the Gothic and Europe has seized the opportunity to host this amazing and exclusive Baroque eras, and the incredibly rich architecture of the Art Nouveau. event 12 times, and we are proud that Hungary has played host for Its time to begin your qualification today if you have not already done so. three of these special occasions. We are preparing for the forthcoming Make these exclusive days part of your Forever experience, because it will days with great enthusiasm, so that all attendees will have an definitely determine the future for you, your friends and your family. Do unforgettable experience and will say hello to Budapest receiving great your very best and we will see you in Budapest in 2012! Profit Share cheques. Dr. Sandor Milesz, Country Manager126
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