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Did you win the lottery


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If Not - this may Help.

If Not - this may Help.

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  • 1. Did you win the Lottery on Saturday night?
  • 2. We all know Winningthe Lottery changeslives
    “Are you banking on a lottery win?”
  • 3. Before your life starts?
  • 4. “Have you found the opportunity that will take care of you and your family for the rest of your life?”
  • 5. “maybe your stilllooking for it”
  • 6. “I don’t will”
  • 7. I have a good story that …might make you a lot of money…… might not…
  • 8. “Want to hear it?”
  • 9. Okay ... “Let me ask you this ...”
  • 10. “Would it be ok if you didn’t have to go to work again?”
  • 11. How much money would you need to cover your take home pay? “So that you never had to goto work again”
  • 12. Would it be ok if you earned that amount...working from home?
  • 13. Ok!
  • 14. Well, you know how people are always looking to stay healthy, maybe trying to lose weight, or they just want to look and feel 10 years younger… ?
  • 15. Well, there’s an International Company called Forever Living Products that have …
  • 16. Amazing products that keeps people satisfied and helps them to stay healthy, lose weight or keeps people looking and feeling 10 years younger!.
  • 17. Now, if you never wanted to goto work again! all you would have to do is get15 or 20 customers to order 1 or 2 products from you… each month!
  • 18. Now, youmay not knowhow to get 15 or 20 customers could learn!
  • 19. Just ... think about this for a moment...
  • 20. You learnt how to drive a car
  • 21. and you learnt how to be a parent
  • 22. You even Learnt whatever it is you do now!
  • 23. We all have to start somewhere...
  • 24. So what is going to be easier for you?
  • 25. … fighting the traffic to work every day…
  • 26. putting up with theoffice politics…
  • 27. jumping every-time your boss says so …
  • 28. earning the sameamount of money until you retire …
  • 29. oryou could learn a simple “system”
  • 30. to get your 15 or 20 customers so you don’t have to goto work again!
  • 31. So… “what would you like to know next?”
  • 32. Want to hear more?Then read on…
  • 33. This is the story of One Company that's making a difference to millions of peoples lives in 145 countries around the world
  • 34. This is the story of Forever Living Products
  • 35. And just like Bruce Springsteenthey whereborn in the USA
  • 36. Meet Rex Maughan
    President & CEO
    'One of the greatest sources of illness in the world today is an empty wallet. If you want to decrease the number of stomach problems or the ill-effects of depression, then give a person a chance to earn a living - this is a powerful remedy.'Rex Maughan
    “Is this your opportunity to earn a big part-time income”
  • 37. Lets find out...
  • 38. Welcome to
    Rex purchased the Magheramorne Estate in October 2000 as the headquarters of FLP in Ireland, recognising the long term aspirations of both the Company and its Distributors as well as setting our roots in an ideal location to service our expanding business throughout Ireland.
    During your next visit to Magheramorne House, keep an eye out for our resident ghost who haunts the upper floors of the main building!
  • 39. a multi-billion dollar company operating in over 145 countriesand a turnover of 2.6 billion dollars in sales in 2010 andnow with 9 million distributors world wide
  • 40. Just what is it, that makesForever Living asuccess?
  • 41. Is it because ...?
    “It’s the World’s largestGrower, Manufacturer and Distributor of
    Aloe Vera and Aloe-based products.
  • 42. Is it because…?
    It’s the World’slargest supplier of Bee products, with it’s ownsource in the pollution-freeSonoran desert,in Arizona“
  • 43. Is it because …?
    The products work
  • 44. Maybe it’s because …?
    People love to buy the products time and time again once they know about them
  • 45. Is it because …?
    Theseproductshelp people feel better
  • 46. IS it because …?
    People Look and Feel10 years younger when they use these products
  • 47. Yes – of course it isBUT...
  • 48. “the biggest reason forForever Living being the success itis ”
  • 49. Is people like You andMe
  • 50. OMG NO WAY!!!
  • 51. Yes – Way hehehehe
  • 52. “Ok -Whowould need or want these products?”
  • 53. There’s you for a start
  • 54. Me?....I didn’t ... I don’t ...I ...
  • 55. Ok relax here comes the serious bit ...
  • 56. How many people can you think of who may ...
  • 57. want to be healthy
  • 58. want to be fit
  • 59. wantAge-less Time-less Beauty
  • 60. want to lose weight.
  • 61. As you know “Nutritionis the Biggestfactorin being Healthy”
  • 62. And that’s where you come in
  • 63. With my Help & Support
  • 64. And as much Help and Support as you need... from an amazing team
  • 65. And with
    Award winning Training
  • 66. You can help the people you know You can help the people you meet
  • 67. You can help as many people as you want to ... to feel and look a whole lot better
  • 68. How can I do that!....?
  • 69. By simply talking and showing everyone the products
  • 70. And this is what happens when you do ...
  • 71. you get paid every time they purchase theproducts from you!
  • 72. Ok –Howdoes it work?
  • 73. What’s the catch?...
  • 74. What's the Plan?
  • 75. There must be one!!!
  • 76. How much are distributors with Forever Living earning?
  • 77. What WillI have to do?
  • 78. How much will it cost me to start?
  • 79. If We showed you how...If We helped you do it...
  • 80. Here it comes!!!!
  • 81. If you had a couple of hundred extra to spend each month working ... Part-time!
  • 82. If you hada few thousand to spend each month working ...Part-time!
  • 83. Wouldn’t it be worth while finding out more?
  • 84. Your right... There is a catch!!!
  • 85. The only catch is...“You have to learn a little and practice what you learn”in other words...“You have to do it”
  • 86. And if you do!...Check out the next slide
  • 87. John and Jane did and now look!
  • 88. “Maybe you could do better...”
  • 89. Will you start your own Home Based Business with the help of Forever Living? or will you be waitingto win the Lotteryit’s up to you...
  • 90. And remember the nexttime you don’t win thelottery ...Simply think of this opportunityand John & Jane and give me a call!
  • 91. Thank You for your time If you are serious - so am I Email