Built Environment Certificate


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Introduced by John Gardner, BGI's Dean of Academic Affairs

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Built Environment Certificate

  1. 1. Built EnvironmentCertificate
  2. 2. Instructor Jason McLennan, M Arch. CEO of the Cascadia Green Building Council Architect, author, thought leader
  3. 3. Hybrid Format  Lectures: Faculty and guests  Classroom, online, video  Dialog: Classroom and online  Field trips  Projects  Starts Fall 2012 (special start Jan 2012 with sufficient enrollment)
  4. 4. Who the Built EnvironmentCertificate For? Those with an interest in sustainable buildings and structures who are  Seeking a job in built environment sector  Creating new products/services in the design and construction sector  Working professionals in the built environment sector  Very curious about this sector, but not yet sure whether to enter it as a business owner or manager
  5. 5. Four Course Sequence Understanding the context for change Platforms and constraints for a sustainable built environment Business case for building green Practicum: a real world project
  6. 6. Key Concepts – Course 1Understanding the context of current builtenvironment sector Understand the scope, history and future trajectory of the green building movement. Understand the role of the built environment in the larger environmental and social context. Evaluate green building projects and opportunities against the current state of the art and expected future trends Understand project performance against standard metrics for both construction and operations Effectively communicate both issues and opportunities in green building to multiple audiences, including customers, contractors, local officials investors and banks
  7. 7. Key Concepts – Course 2Platforms and Constraints Potentially Achieve LEED Green Associate certification Learn the parameters of the Living Building Challenge Understand regulatory barriers to innovations in green building Determine appropriate metrics for measuring the sustainable performance of green buildings and projects Effectively communicate both issues and opportunities in green building to multiple audiences
  8. 8. Key Concepts – Course 3Business Case for Building Green Understand the current business case for green and how to promote it Understand future value proposition of green – productivity and health benefits Effectively communicate both issues and opportunities in green building to multiple audiences
  9. 9. Key Concepts – Course 4 Practicum - applying tools in an integrated real-world project Options include  Continuation from class 3  New client or work project Formal implementation plan Stakeholder engagement Business case Present to:  Client  Class: representative experts
  10. 10. Project Development Process Apply green building project development and delivery skills to a real or potential project Speak confidently and present on quantitative topics related to energy and resource use in buildings and by people Make an effective presentation and case for a green building project Apply systems thinking to a green building project
  11. 11. Questions?bgi.eduadmissions@bgi.edu206.855.9559