Le digital dans le marketing aujourd'hui


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Présentation réalisée pour B+G - http://bgcom.ch

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Le digital dans le marketing aujourd'hui

  1. 1. Le digital dans lemarketing aujourdhuiJulien FerlaHead of Digital - jferla@bgcom.ch
  2. 2. fuddone16 97b s di ae nM nr u o te xp oe so as rfsin l20
  3. 3. f i n sa dp r n r re d n a t e sAn independently owned and run agency, b+g is part of one of the leadingworldwide networks of independent marketing communications agencies
  5. 5. «to understand business,you must understand people»a closer look at the trends andcounter-trends that shape ourdaily lives.
  6. 6. Acceleration:to reach an audience of 50 million people it took radio 38 years,television 13 years, internet 4 years, the iPod 3 years, facebook 2 years,and it took the iPhone 3GS just 3 days to reach 1 million users...
  7. 7. Acceleration walking speed has in large cities,increased by 20% in the last 10 years. David Bosshart, Gottlieb Dutweiler Institut, Swiss Retail Forum, Juin 2011.
  8. 8. Mobility 46% of all food is consumedin the USA,out of home and 25% is consumed while moving... David Bosshart, Gottlieb Dutweiler Institut, Swiss Retail Forum, Juin 2011.
  9. 9. Mobilité Internet Internet world population was 1 billion persons in2005. It has doubled within 5 years to reach 2 billion persons in 2010. ITU
  10. 10. Globalization25% of teenagers interact daily with peers living in other countries. Guy Loubry, « Generation Z », AMIN Conference, Anvers, Mai 2011
  11. 11. Cultural aggregationSales of «ethnic food » are expected to grow by 20% until 2014. Nestlé Professional, 2011.
  12. 12. New ways of consumingNext to «traditional online», new ways of « reallife retail » appear : Popup stores, Conceptstores, Virtual stores...
  13. 13. Roots and social membership The need to be part of a community that shares our personal values, experiences andexpectations is even higher in times of ever increased and rapid changes and uncertainty.
  14. 14. The new seduction of «Local» Though still marginal, «Urban farming» initiatives,«slow food» approaches, direct sales from the farmer and other «community supported agriculture» initiatives  are all expressions of locavorism, a rising phenomenon. http://www.smallbizlabs.com/2010/05/urban-farming-continues-to-expand.html http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slow_Food http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Locavores
  15. 15. the taste of simpliciy...« ...we see people beginning to cherishsimplicity. Yes, we have tasted simplicity and have been wonover ». The Food Channel
  16. 16. «Personalized messages on my mobile when I enter the shopping mall; electronic labels and RFID; Internet Drive-ins; online promotions; «self check out»; scanning tunnels...Yes, but in the end, the shopping mall oftomorrow is a mall with more butchers,bakers, craftsmen who you know and youcan talk to...and flexible opening hours!»Sissigno Murgia - Director Coop Suisse romandeForum de l’économie vaudoise, 23.11.2011
  17. 17. ever faster technologicalrevolutions, globalization,aggregations, cosmopolitism,increased mobility andacceleration on one side...
  18. 18. ...the need for communitarianidentification, aspirations tosimplicity, the new seductionof local and «hand made », adesire for more proximity, onthe other side... shape acomplex world.
  19. 19. what if...internet, digitaltechnologies and sub-sequent behaviours werethe main developmentsshaping the history ofmankind since theindustrial revolution?
  20. 20. Let us forget about «digital» asbeing a new «discipline».«Digital» is just a different way ofdoing the same old things.
  21. 21. Tv is digital
  22. 22. Radio is digital
  23. 23. Print is digital
  24. 24. Posters are digital
  25. 25. POS is digital
  26. 26. Products are digital
  27. 27. today, everything has a «digital» dimension. and then again.... there is nothing like «digital» for the consumer.there is nothing like «social media» for the consumer.
  28. 28. There is only life
  29. 29. youtube is about life
  30. 30. facebook is about life
  31. 31. gaming is life
  32. 32. using mobiles ortechnology is life
  33. 33. it is not so much aboutadding a new channel, butabout understandingthe way everyone works andlives today.
  34. 34. Be creativeCreate experience
  35. 35. some examples of how we do this at b+g
  36. 36. we started @ 1996
  37. 37. 1997
  38. 38. 24000 visitorsduring the first year
  39. 39. 2000
  40. 40. 2004-2011
  41. 41. 201218000 visitors each month
  42. 42. Empower your customersBring them tool to expressthemselves
  43. 43. 1 chance de gagner !Insérez la carte dans lune des 5 bornes by Règlement sur mymetropole.ch
  44. 44. Transform the daily act ofbuying with gamification
  45. 45. Create a unique feeling withthe brand with particularcontent
  46. 46. Create a rare and amazingexperience and share it withfriends
  47. 47. it’s all about experiencenot only brand impression.
  48. 48. only 14% people trust advertisingbut 92% trust peer recommendations
  49. 49. people hate advertising butthey love entertainment, theylove content.
  50. 50. Brand content- storytelling- be part of it- local + technology- empower your customercreate life experience
  51. 51. Thank you for yourattention!Julien FerlaHead of Digital - jferla@bgcom.ch