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Starksboro Overview
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Starksboro Overview


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Slides for a storytelling workshop in an internet-less space.

Slides for a storytelling workshop in an internet-less space.

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. Storytelling Overview Workshop: Starksboro April 14, 2009 Digital Explorations for Orton Family Foundation When we dream alone, It’s just a dream. But when we dream together, It’s the beginning of a new reality. ~Brazilian Proverb
  • 2. HOUR ONE: Overview HOUR TWO: Trying it out HOUR THREE: Planning the Project
  • 3. Why Storytelling? "There is no change greater than a community discovering what it cares about." Meg Wheatley "Stories of place … indicate past and present sustainable or unsustainable relationships , and thus provide the basis and means for analysis of future sustainable directions of change . The many and diverse regional stories must be told and listened to before they can be weaved and transformed into a new regional story , and before a region can imagine a new and sustainable way into the future . Realising and celebrating a sense of place encourages active citizenship and builds social capital , which is essential for the sustainability of a region, and provides a secure foundation for approaching the future. It could also be a powerful vehicle for reconciliation , with differing groups realising that they are linked by the same sense of concern for and attachment to a region. " K. Longley, 2002, Stories for Sustainability, Sustainability Forum, Perth
  • 4. Sense of Place Physical Built environment Natural environments Geography Climate Natural resources Non-physical Human community History Cultural heritage Spirituality Heart & Soul
  • 5. What Can Stories & Storytelling Do for Us? Bonding & Bridging *Community engagement *Reconciliation *Sense of belonging Transmission of Culture *Lessons of the past *Realities of the present *Hopes for the future Refer also to Orton’s Document: Why Storytelling?
  • 6. The Story Spiral C E L E B R A T E L I S T E N S H A R E B U I L D T R U S T
  • 7. Map & Set Goals Consider Story Options: how they match community & goals Get Realistic about Resources & Capacity Plan Waves: Moving from bonding to harvesting to dialogue to active civic participation while weaving in art projects The Four Phases
  • 8. Mapping & Goal Setting completed Storytelling Options matched Storytelling Capacity matched Inside the Storytelling
  • 9. Original photo by Challenges!
  • 10. Outreach: Engaging the Full Community Locating & Engaging the Hubs Matching story type & scenario to least likely participants
  • 11. Moving Beyond the Past While Honoring It
  • 12. What we mean by Story Values Themes & Issues Understanding the Languages We Speak Original Photo by
  • 13. “ The situation is the context or circumstance, sometimes the plot; the story is the emotional experience…:the insight, the wisdom, the thing one has come to say.” Vivian Gornick (p. 170 The Situation and the Story
  • 14. Learning to Listen: What is the story about? What is it REALLY about?
  • 15. Finding the Story Asking Great Questions finding & entering the space within the story
  • 16. Town-wide Participation Volunteer Burn-out Vs.
  • 17. Thorny Issues Original Photo Uncomfortable  Disruptive Finding Common Ground Trust Respect Welcome
  • 18. We can find the extraordinary in the ordinary or the ordinary in the extraordinary
  • 19. The Importance of an Inclusive Process From Glasgow’s Imagining the Future of the City From a Workshop at Woods Hole Choosing a wide Range of Story options
  • 20. A Realistic View of the Process Moving past Listening Dialogue Sharing Weaving in other approaches
  • 21. Matching Stories To the Project
  • 22. Text-based Stories
    • Newsletter
    • Community Almanac
    • Front Porch Forum
    • Self-published book
    • Community displays: bulletin boards, roadside boxes & benches, etc.
    • Contests: essays, postcard stories
    • In combination with visual media & with public readings- radio or live events
  • 23. Minnesota Vermont Young Writers Project Examples
  • 24. Community Almanac
  • 25. Visual Stories
    • Visual artwork ( exhibitions , murals, posters, quilts etc)
    • Slide stories ( online or at events)
    • Postcards & ecards
    • Comics
    • Calendars
  • 26. Art & Soul Installations Murals Vancouver Face Up: North Carolina
  • 27. Exhibitions: In Town and Online Minnesota Alaska: Making films & screening them
  • 28. Audio Stories
    • Personal narratives
    • Interviews/oral histories
    • Story circles
    • Audio theater stories
    • Story booths & events
    • Story tours
    • The Sounds of Starksboro
    • Community Almanac
    • Community radio
    • Combined with visual media
  • 29. Story Tours Murmur Project ArtMobs JHKunstler’s Walking Tour of Paris KunstlerCast_56_Virtual_Tour_Paris.html
  • 30. Multimedia Stories Voicethread ; Soundslide ; Collage ; Digital Stories; Hypertext
  • 31. Digital Stories Online Tours Kiosks Theater Movie Night Set into Other Events Alberta Community Walk Ukiah PlaceMeant
  • 32. Youth Engagement Skowhegan, Maine Voices: Arizona Youth
  • 33. Neighborhood & City-wide Story Circles Walking Story Circles Thematic Events Site-Specific Events Celebrations
  • 34. Using Stories in Facilitated Dialogue Events Add data Incorporate visualizations
  • 35. Not-So-Expected Stories List stories Sounds of Starksboro Image-Only Stories Poems, Maps Collaborative Stories Postcards, Story Mosaics/Quilts, Wishing Walls Wish Book, Traveling S torybook A Day in the Life of Starksboro Story Quests Guerilla Storytelling (Performance) Stories in the Landscape Kiosk Bulletin Board Murmur-type project Tours Story boxes, story benches Original Photo by
  • 36. Stirring the Story Pot Original Photo by tp:// Trying it out: Story Circles
  • 37. Original Image by Getting the Creative Juices Flowing: Playful Story Exercises
  • 38. What comes next? (In your Starksboro setting) A Lesson from Comics Writers
  • 39.
    • What role do the physical details of space & place play in the story?
    • Could this story be told about any other place?
    • What is the relationship between the physical and nonphysical
    • elements of Starksboro?
    The Senses, The Place
  • 40. Using role play, we’ll explore storytelling as an effective means of bringing people together to share stories , to harvest values , and to thread them into dialogue about the future of the community. A. Story Circle Role Play : Story Hotspots Four participants (preferably with little or no experience with story circles) will share 2-minute stories about a place on the map that they associate with stories. B. Value Harvest : What did you hear? What resonated? Stickies (and C. Deepening the Harvest : Relationships, Themes and Issues-- Clustering and Sunray charts D. Finding the Issue for a Facilitated Dialogue : Using a simple matrix , we’ll sort the issues, and select one to engage with in a short facilitated dialogue. Story Circles PLUS
  • 41. Harvesting Values
  • 42. Finding Connections Between our Stories
  • 43. Searching for Common Ground & Recognizing Differences
  • 44. Stickies and Wordle (
  • 45. Second Round: Grouping & Getting Specific
  • 46. Round Three: Sorting the Issues for a Facilitated Dialogue actionable disruptive urgent less pressing
  • 47.  
  • 48. Mapping Informal & Formal Groups, Identities , Storytelling Capacity
  • 49. Timelines and Subcommittees: Planning & Outreach
  • 50.  
  • 51. Plan Well & Expect Changes
  • 52.