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  • Consumers want to do more with their digital cameras Manufacturers need to add new functions to differentiate their products Many industries would use panoramic images more, but creation is difficult, expensive and requires specialized equipment


  • 1. iseephotovistaembedded photo stitching technology
  • 2. Current ChallengeTo provide an affordable method for bothconsumers and businesses to take picturesand create breathtaking panoramasinstantly on cameras and mobile phones
  • 3. Solution: iseephotovista Taking digital panorama photography to whole new horizons: • Creates greater detail and resolution • Makes shot process a whole lot easier • Resembles more closely what humans see • Adds greater impact to nature photography
  • 4. iseemedia is…the developer of ieephotovista.• Panorama creation software • World leading multiple award-winning • Used by hundreds of thousands of users • Real estate, travel and tourism, museums, Web apps Addressing “create once, publish to many” paradigm
  • 5. vista Panoramas for Business • Photos created quickly - Without special equipment • Just a standard digital camera  Real Estate Agents,  Travel Professionals  Engineers and Architects  Law Enforcement  Insurance Investigators • More compelling presentations - Striking beach resort images -or- - Beautiful pool of a home being sold
  • 6. ista Panoramas for Consumers • New ecosystem of printers, paper and electronic presentation • Upgrade incentive to cameras and camera phones with new, exciting features • High quality and high resolution photography • Instantly on digital cameras & camera phones  Cityscapes  Dramatic sunsets  Holiday resorts  Family get-togethers
  • 7. ama Revenue Ecosystem ($$$) Add images to maps and other location based applications on Web and mobile • Digital cameras to • Online storage and create images printing • Printer support for • Photo kiosk support printing • Web presentations • Panorama paper
  • 8. eephotovista Secret Sauce  Designed to function in  Stitch horizontal panoramas constrained environments • Digital Cameras • Left to right • Camera phones • Right to left  Uses efficient algorithms  Input and output format • and advanced memory • YCC 4:2:2 management • YCC 4:2:0  Capable of stitching 3 images  Rendering done using only • 3.2 MPixels (2080x1552) internal RAM • 9.3 MB available heap • Maintains possible quality memory of the original images Focused on the growing demand for scalable solutions
  • 9. otovista for Symbian and J2ME iseePhotoVista GUI User Java Applications Other native applications MIDP/CLDC iseePhotoVista EM stitching engine Java KVM Graphical User Interface Camera API Other OS API Operating System Core
  • 10. iseephotovista Workflow iseePhotoVista GUI Video Image Pass image to Preview and preview with Capture in the panorama YCC format save overlap engine panorama 4:2:0 planar 2. Render 1. Add YCC images 3. Retrieve panorama to stitcher Panorama 4:2:0 Interlaced Panorama Stitching Engine Color Warp Align Balance Blend
  • 11. seephotovista Technology  Superior stitching engine • Accurate and configurable warping • Blending engine to create seamless transitions between images  Color balancing • Creates seamless single image • Even if light conditions have varied from shot to shot  Quickly generates an image stripe from preview mode • Provides alignment assistance • Making subsequent image capture easier and more accurate  Includes efficient memory management • Enables stitching in low memory environments • Takes advantage of dual core processors to increase stitching speed  Customizable to create panoramic images from 2 images • To as many as is required to create a full 3600 panoramic image Currently available for: • Texas Instruments (Arm), Zoran (Mips), Intel Xscale, and ARC chipsets
  • 12. ness Arrangements/Options • Works with camera manufacturers - OEMs and ODMs to provide the fastest and highest quality solution - Partners with OEM and ODM manufacturers to offer solution to their customers • Customized solutions to meet customer’s requirements - Platforms not currently supported by the technology may require additional development and an NRE • Revenue generation based on number of possible models: - One-time payment (source code license) - Fee based technical support if requested - Per unit royalty and annual fee
  • 13. Coming Soon• Tilt compensation - Skew image to correct for tilt of camera• Dynamic lens distortion compensation - There can be 5% deviation from specification in lens • In low cost digital cameras and camera phones even more - Dynamic lens correction adjusts the stitching algorithm • Makes compensation more consistent from camera to camera• Real-time feedback of stitching alignment - Displays when user is getting within set alignment parameters • Automatically take the picture
  • 14. For further details contact: in Asia Brenton Brownell brentb@iseemedia.com +852-6444-1300 (mobile)