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Uploaded from pdf save of google doc slideshow.

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Sp 128 w2slidesharepresentation

  1. 1. A Multimedia Teaching Tool TOP Spring-2012, 8W2 Group Members and Co-leaders: Corey Buttram, Brian BurnsSlidecast of this presentation is here.
  2. 2. SlideShareA free community for sharing presentations online• Used in many industries, including education, business, and information technology• Allows uploading of existing Powerpoints and google documents to create shareable online presentations• Also allows for sharing documents such as PDF files• Audio files can be added to a slideshow but must be recorded separately and synced online• An example slideshare presentation can be seen here
  3. 3. Create Your SlideShare AccountVisit www.slideshare.net to set up your free account and create a profile.Note: There is an option to upgrade to a multi- tiered paid PRO plan with additional features. An education discount is available. However, this presentation focuses on the features available with the free account. Click Here for details.
  4. 4. Get Started with SlideShare• Uploading your first presentation is easy: Click on the yellow Upload button and identify your file. Add a description and youre done.• Take a look at SlideShare 101 to find out more about the features offered.• Use the Help pages, especially if youd like to learn how to create a SlideCast (presentation synced with voice)
  5. 5. Use SlideShare In Your Online CourseSlideShare can be used in the online classroom environment in many ways. Here are a few suggestions:• Use SlideShare to upload an existing Powerpoint to create an online presentation sharing your ideas or to introduce classes to a concept.• Have students in a marketing class create their own SlideShare presentation to introduce a brand or product.• Use another user’s SlideShare presentation as a topic for a weekly online discussion forum.• Suggest students create a SlideCast as an online alternative to the face to face group presentation.
  6. 6. SlideShare in Our CoursesCorey: Im looking forwarding to converting and updating an existing presentation originally created by a retiring colleague. I will most likely record audio and turn this into a SlideCast to be used in online ITE119 classes.
  7. 7. SlideShare in Our CoursesBrian: I was rather unimpressed with the freeversion of slideshare and do not think the upgradedversion is much better. There are many tools outthere I think are both better and easier to use. Thisis not a product I plan to use.As an alternative, I created an audio presentation directly using powerpoint and saved it as a windows media file and uploaded to the free video storage place www.screencast.com. The video can be found here. This is for MTH 163.
  8. 8. DisclaimerThis presentation may be used for educational purposes with proper attribution.