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Meydis English Version

  1. 1. Direct Marketing Services MADRID – VALENCIA – BARCELONA – VIGO - LISBOA
  2. 2. NDEX 1. Presentation 2. Services 3. Clients 4. Contact
  3. 3. Presentation
  4. 4. PRESENTATION Meydis was born in 1982 as a direct communication tool, complementary and as an alternative to general advertising. An enterprise with Spanish character and internationally oriented. Today, Meydis services have become a crucial support for the success of many companies. Our team, and our cutting edge technology make the difference that allows us position ourselves as the First Group in Relationship, Direct and Transactional Marketing Services in Spain. Since the beginnings, Meydis services have been used in order to help thousands of customers of all sizes and importance. Meydis provides services nationwide from its headquarters located in Madrid and its operations centers located in Valencia, Barcelona, Vigo and in the Canary Islands. We also have strategic alliances in Lisbon and Bilbao.
  5. 5. Services
  6. 6. Direct Communication
  7. 7. SERVICES DATA BASES • DATA WAREHOUSE Outsourcing of storage, maintenance and management of databases. Also, we are specialize in creating and exploiting databases specially designed to the needs of our customers. • LISTBROKING Meydis is the link between those companies that possess files and those in need of them. We make sure that they have been properly segmented to conduct direct and relational marketing campaign. Analysis Cluster. Data Mining.
  8. 8. SERVICES DATA BASES • LISTMANAGEMENT We have our own files that we provide our customers in order to develop actions such as: mailing / e-mailing / telemarketing. All our files comply with the Data Protection Agency and current regulations. Our files are characterized by: Updated and reliable sources. National and international coverage. Versatility in the segmentation.
  9. 9. SERVICES DATA BASES • Individuals: We have registered more than 12.000.000 Spanish homes, all with the following fields: Contact Name (phone owner) Full postal address Socioeconomic status of household Age of the subscriber Cultural level of the subscriber
  10. 10. SERVICES DATA BASES • Professionals We have over 2,600,000 records of autonomous and independent professionals all sorted by: Activity Code NCEA, number of employees in charge and in some cases the phone. • Companies: We have over 1.300.000 national companies that can be sorted by the following variables: Number of employees CNAE or activity code HQ or branch Company’s age Turnover (in some cases) Postal address
  11. 11. SERVICES DATA BASES • PERMISSION E-MAILMARKETING B TO C We have access to the database with more subscribed consumers (12.000.000 spanish and around 33.000.000 internacional registrations), segmented by the following parameters: Socio-demographic criteria (age / sex / Province / Profession). Areas of interest: Promotions Computers and Technology Leisure and entertainment Employment and Training Travel Sports Motor Business & Finance Health & Wellness Children Men Articles Articles Lady Music and Books News
  12. 12. SERVICES DATA BASES • PERMISSION E-MAILMARKETING B TO B We offer our clients the file with more than 78.000 e-mail addresses of companies and executives nationwide and more than 2.300.000 worldwide. Those can be sorted by the following criteria: Company Name Contact Person Phone
  13. 13. CRM We are specialize in the creation, analysis and use of data through CRM applications generated specifically for each client taking into account some specific needs. These applications allow us to know all the facts and behavior of end customers, so that we can generate specific offers and campaigns tailored to the needs of each group according to their behavior. + 25 years standardizing, enriching and exploiting databases.
  14. 14. CRM MANAGEMENT CRM INPUTS PROCESSES CRM OUTPUTS Current records Identify types of PHASE 1 customers DB legalization Standardization Deduplication Marketing One New Costumers Generating tables to One Segmentation New WEB Cross Selling Members Telemarketing Development of PHASE 2 Data increase New Products Data warehouse Vouchers Cluster Analysis Target New Data mining Markets Road shows
  15. 15. CRM MANAGEMENT CRM OUTPUTS OBJECTIVES Identify types of INCREASE customers SALES Marketing One to One Mailing FIDELIZATION E-mailing Cross Selling Faxing Telemarketing ROI Development of New Products INCREASE Target New Markets BRANDING
  16. 16. SERVICES BILLING We offer a comprehensive service in managing the lifecycle of transactional and Trans-Promo documents. (Design, Manufacturing and Distribution). Channel solutions, according to the needs of our customers (paper / electronic / multimedia documents).
  17. 17. SERVICES BILLING Black and white laser printing equipment with continuous paper feeding, allowing customization of up to 75,000 documents an hour. We have smart mailers that can compare till 8 personalized elements with a coil and flat input in order to produce more than 2.5 million daily shipments in U.S. / C5 format. All the equipment has the most advanced reading technology to ensure 100% document integrity. Kern 3500
  18. 18. SERVICES BILLING TRANS-PROMO FULL COLOR The Billing Trans-Promo is the perfect combination of technology that provides full color printing machinery and processing of databases. We offer the possibility of doing all kinds of changes and customizations to transactional documents or segmented offerings. This system allows us to generate a differentiated offer to each customer or groups that we consider, taking into account the links assigned by computer databases and images. Each record can have a completely different artwork. 600 ppp. 30.000 A4/hour Inkjet system Kodak Velsamark VL2000
  19. 19. SERVICES BILLING TRANS-PROMO FULL COLOR High quality digital print, depending on individual customer profiles, selecting paper weights from 80 to 300 grams / square meter. With this machinery there are practically no limitations when segmenting offers by groups, languages, attachments and always keeps in mind to try to obtain the most user attention with the less printings as possible. As finish options it offers intelligent enveloping, complet or bagging. 600 ppp. Pliegos de 570 x 360 mm. 3.000 laser prints/hour XEROX IGEN 3
  20. 20. SERVICES DIRECT COMMUNICATION We have the ability to carry out any Relationship Marketing campaign, as our services include: Mailings Marketing One to One Bagging E-mailings Mobile Marketing Mailshots
  21. 21. SERVICES Graphic Production
  22. 22. SERVICES GRAPHIC PRODUCTION AND PERSONALIZATION Own production centers and strategic alliances that enable us to print in any of the following systems: Offset Rotary Digital We have the machinery necessary to carry out any type of customization / finishes on any item (envelopes / letters / brochures / promotional cards, etc ...). Ink. jet plane and rotating Full color laser printing with variables Customizing all kinds of documents (delivery notes, receipts, statements, brouchures, ...) Promotional Card Personalization
  23. 23. SERVICES Loyalty Clubs & Promotional actions
  24. 24. SERVICES LOYALTY CLUBS & PROMOTIONAL ACTIONS A service of FULLFILMENT for Clubs and Promotions that encompasses all: Creation, development and maintenance of computer applications required (CRM). Reception, validation and recording applications / coupons response. Downloading data via WEB. Scanning of test purchases and processing. Card issuance and personalization. Bidding Terms of campaigns and tax management. Draw Performing Warehousing, Packaging and distribution of gifts / products Call Center: Call for Service promotions and Clubs.
  25. 25. SERVICES Call Center
  26. 26. SERVICES CALL CENTER We have a fully computerized Call Center prepared to offer the following services: Assignment of lines to confirm attendance to events, provide information, etc.. Assignment of lines for the management of promotions / loyalty clubs. Management of Customer Service Phone Numbers (902 / 900). Telephone surveys. Data bases update.
  27. 27. SERVICIOS Promotional Logistics
  28. 28. SERVICES PROMOTIONAL LOGISTICS STORAGE We have over 18,000 meters of fully equipped facilities to store any type of material: POS, merchandising, graphic material, stands ... . ORDER PREPARATION. PICKING&PACKING MANUAL HANDLINGS. NATIONAL&INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION SERVICES.
  29. 29. SERVICES VIRTUAL STORES MANAGEMENT Service that covers all needs in the creation, design and management of virtual stores: Development of computer applications. Site Positioning e-commerce. Storage and stock control. Order preparation. PICKING. National and International Distribution. Order tracking and incident resolution.
  31. 31. SERVICES POS MANUFACTURE ALL KINDS OF POINT-OF-SALE DISPLAYS: Totems, Displays, Box Pallet, Alarm covers, Markers, Banners, Stoppers, Luminous spots, ets .. CAMPAIGNS OF DEPLOYMENT AND REPLENISHMENT OF PORSTERS AND POS. DECORATIONS IN SALE POINTS. STORAGE AND MAINTENANCE OF EQUIPMENT. Additional services: reception of containers, palletizing, assembly of exhibitors, product filling, national distribution to sale points or logistic centers.
  32. 32. Clients
  35. 35. Contact
  36. 36. MADRID 003491 8304650 VALENCIA 003496 1666060 WWW.MEYDIS.COM