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ENGL 100 March 11 Presentation ENGL 100 March 11 Presentation Presentation Transcript

  • Fox-hunting; A Media quandary of ethics and bias
    Ning Fu,
  • Fair & Balanced
    Liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the people
    John Adams – Second US President
    1797 - 1801
  • Outfoxed
    Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism
    A Documentary by Robert Greenwald
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  • Robert Greenwald
    Born in 1945, an American film director, film producer and political Activist
    Noted in 2000 for his documentaries critical of Fox News and of the George W. Bush administration
    Greenwald's films have garnered 25 Emmy Award nominations, awarded the 2002 Producer of the Year Award by the American Film Institute.
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  • Fox News Response
    Fox News called the film "illegal copyright infringement" for its use of clips from Fox News Channel programs. It also said the film misrepresented the employment history of four people identified as former Fox News employees. Fox News challenged any news organization that thought this was a major story to "put out 100 percent of their editorial directions and internal memos [and] Fox News Channel will publish 100 percent of our editorial directions and internal memos, and let the public decide who is fair."
  • Discussion Forums
    • Discuss the presence of Fox news in Canada and the opinions of the network on Canadian viewers
    • Discuss examples of coverage by Canadian media that is biased/subjective in a similar fashion
    • How does expressing opinions differ from reporting facts in the media? Should one be favored over the other?
  • Foxism & CNNism
    How does the news shape the way we see the world
    Alisa Miller
  • Final Discussion
    • Money vs. News: The News Business
    • Should the public take action on the obvious biased reporting of popular media? What methods of action, if any, would be most effective?
    • What unfamiliar words or unclear points did you find in the readings?