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Learning to Teach
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Learning to Teach


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Published in: Education, Self Improvement

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  • 1. EDUC 250: Topic #1: Purpose and Identity ““The quality of learning rarely exceeds the quality of teaching” Dr. David Sousa Learning How to Teach
  • 2. Are you ready to be a teacher?
  • 3. A lot to know…
  • 4. KSA “K” What do you want to learn this year? How do you learn to teach?
  • 5. Pre-assessment: Rate Yourself My Pre-assessment of the Knowledge, Skills and Attributes of Quality Teaching Undeveloped Developing Proficient Distinguished KSA #1: I understand the legislated, moral, and ethical framework within teaching in Alberta KSA #2: I can engage in a range of different planning activities KSA#3: I understand the subject disciplines that I would like to teach KSA #4: I know there are many approaches to teaching and learning KSA #5: “My application of pedagogical knowledge and abilities is based on an on-going analysis of what is happening with students.” KSA #6: I can create and maintain environments that are conducive to student learning. KSA#7: I can translate curriculum content and objectives into meaningful learning activities. KSA #8: I can gather information to determine the needs and progress of the students KSA #9: I can apply a variety of technologies to meet students' learning needs. KSA #10: I can engage in partnerships among school, home and community KSA#11: I am a life-long learner
  • 6. Determine your goals • Step 1: Pre-assess your KSAs • Step 2: Identify several key goals for this term that will help you “become a teacher”. • Step 3: Download a Professional Growth Plan Template from the ATA website • Step 4: Think of resources, timelines, targets, etc. • Step 5: Put it into place and Learn
  • 7. Learning How to Teach Volunteering Presentations Observations Microteaching Simulations Teacher Videos Reflections PD Sessions
  • 8. Teacher Tips/ Thoughts about Teaching I am a Gardener
  • 9. I am a gardener. I stand at the edge of the fertile soil Which lies fallow and empty in parts But tomorrow seed packages will open and my job of planting will start. First step is preparation For I desire a very fine yield I’ll till the ground, and ready my tools and timetable my work in the field.
  • 10. How should I arrange my plants this year? The traditional rows work well Current almanacs suggest groupings in planter boxes, inclusive for all. As always I’ll check my resources and read the instructions to grow Consult with gardeners of past years for advice to nurture my rows.
  • 11. Of course there are budgeting matters Gardening costs have risen a bit Consultations with gardening superiors Will give direction and plenty of.......manure. Seeds, trowels, hoes, fertilizers: My equipment is all in place Tonight I must find time to rest For gardeners work a hectic pace.
  • 12. Rise and shine, bustle about Go through all those mental rounds Open packages, get those seeds in their rows Oops, some confusion abounds. That first day of planting is challenging All those tiny and delicate seeds Each has different requirements: Sun, water, shade - these are their needs.
  • 13. The next few weeks are very exciting As you witness the first hints of life. Time to assess situations Transplanting, thinning, more light. It doesn’t matter if they’re tiny or large All plants deserve needed attention I’ll prune each one so they’ll do their best And are worthy of some recognition.
  • 14. The first report is out and things look good The garden is progressing along Some weeds of course need displacing For in this garden, they just don’t belong. Some experts say to use chemicals To clean the garden of pests. Others say all specimens can blossom With gentle kindness rather than tests.
  • 15. Sometimes not all plants will make it late Spring, hot sun, too much rain I will have to evaluate each situation and with some start all over again. Each year has its perennial problems Which are filled with a great deal of strife. Other times I feel like an expert in my field, and this job is the best in my life.
  • 16. But for now the harvest is upon us and a sense of panic abounds. A chilling frost is near us. We must take the fruit from the ground. I will pick some samples for testing to ensure a high quality But visitors will evaluate my produce assessed solely on high quantity.
  • 17. I am proud of my garden creations: the flowers, the fragrance, the fruit. The seeds through my teaching have germinated and in watching, I’ve seen them take root. I am a gardener I have seen many plants mature and grow. This job is taxing, but oh so rewarding I look forward to more seeds to sow.