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Comparative Study of Software Packages for ERP Implementation
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Comparative Study of Software Packages for ERP Implementation


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Comparative Study of Software Packages for ERP Implementation (DBMS and Application Servers) …

Comparative Study of Software Packages for ERP Implementation (DBMS and Application Servers)
C.R.I.S. ( Centre for Railway Information Systems )

Published in: Education, Technology, Business

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  • A very good morning to everyone.I’m here to give presentation on my “Summer Training“ which was successfully completed at C.R.I.S., (Chanakya Puri, New Delhi) under the guidance of Mr. Pradeep Kr. my external guide and Mr. Nidhish Shroti my Internal Guide.The topic of training was Comparative Study of Software Packages for ERP Implementation which consisted of DBMS & Application Servers.
  • First of all, about C.R.I.S. where I did my training. Centre for Railway Information System has its office at Chanakya Puri, New Delhi.…
  • In January 2008 C.R.I.S. introduced Tender.The Tender talked about implementing an Integrated Solution which would automate several procedures for Locomotives Maintenance at Sheds.The key features of the solutions are - …
  • The solution would consists of following high-level modules…WISE-II : Workshop Information Management System – Phase II
  • The objective of the training was to do a Comparative Study among Software Packages demanded as per the tender document to implement ERP/EAM based solution, and to recommend the optimal one among compared.
  • The scope of training was constrained to Technical Comparison. The Software packages compared were …
  • Availability of Credible Resources was one factor, the sources were carefully chosen for the study. The implementation of a solution of such a level requires years extensive experience, which I lacked. Enterprise Products are not available for the use.
  • The plan of work was carried out as shown .. The study of relevant information from the tender document was the first step in the plan of work.Data Gathering was next on the plan of work and one of the longest activity. While Interview/Expert consultation took only 3 days.Analysis & Report compilation were next on the plan.Report Submission was the last and took the least time.
  • No specific Research Methodology was followed!Summer Training was a study and therefore no specific research methodology was applicable.
  • Following are the tools & techniques that were used during the training.
  • This section is focused on Results of Comparative Study.
  • The first section of Comparative Study is Database. Two Products were taken into consideration – Oracle Database & IBM’s DB2.S-P-A-M were considered as comparative parameters.The main source of Study for DBMS were
  • The next section of Comparative Study is Application Server. Two Products were taken into consideration – SAP NetWeaver & IBM WebSphere.T-P-I were considered as Comparative Parameters. Sources of Information were majorly White Papers & Official Websites.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Comparative Study of Software Packages for ERP Implementation(DBMS and Application Servers)@C.R.I.S.( Centre for Railway Information Systems )
      Gagan Bhalla
      External Guide
      Pradeep Kumar
      CRIS, New Delhi
      Internal Guide
      Nidhish Shroti
      ERP Consultant
    • 2. Company Profile
      • Centre for Railway Information System - Chanakya Puri, New Delhi
      IT Consultancy to Indian Railways
      R&D efforts to modernize railways
      Freight Operation Information System (FOIS)
      Passenger Reservation System
      Payroll System
      Financial Accounting System
      Unreserved Ticketing System
      Crew Management System
    • 3. Problem Identification
      January 2008 - CRIS introduces TENDER
      Loco Management System
      • Asset Management
      • 4. Enable Cost Monitoring
      • 5. Improve maintenance based decision making
      • 6. Minimize the paper work
      • 7. Setup easy to access Technical Reference Library
      • 8. Get instant Feedbacks
      • 9. Provide performance appraisals
    • Loco Management System (LMS)
      Rolling Asset Management System (ROAMS)
      HR Module for Sheds
      Document Handling with e-Library
      BI based Reporting engine
      Single Sign-On for all LMS Users
      Mail messaging
      Integration with existing software packages
      Comparative Study of Software Packages for ERP Implementation
      (DBMS and Application Servers)
    • 10. Objective
      Comparative study
      Software packages demanded
      Recommend Optimal
    • 11. Scope
      In Scope
      Technical Comparison
      Oracle 10g Enterprise Edition
      IBM DB2 v9.0 UDB
      Application Server
      IBM WebSphere 6.1 Network Deployment Edition
      SAP NetWeaver 7.0
    • 12. Limitations
      Availability of Enterprise products
    • 13. Plan of work
    • 14. Data Collection
      White papers
      Research Papers
      Suggestions / Consultation with people working in the industry
      LinkedIn and other similar Social Networking websites
      Benchmarks performed by recognized institutions and organizations.
    • 15. Tools & Techniques
      Expert Consultation & Feedbacks
      Microsoft Word
      Microsoft PowerPoint
      Microsoft Project
    • 16. Comparative Study
    • 17. Database
      White Papers
      Benchmarking Standards
      Research Documents
      Consulting Experts
    • 22.
      • Scalability
      • 23. Oracle technically strong with Grid (but at additional cost)
      • 24. IBM DB2 lagged GRID support
      • 25. Requirement: Cluster
      • 26. Performance
      • 27. Oracle leaded with performance at lower infrastructure
      • 28. Persistent performance at even high scalability
      • 29. Oracle provides partitioning (but at additional cost)
      • 30. Availability
      • 31. Oracle provided exceptional measures for ensuring High availability
      • 32. IBM DB2 provided support (but at additional cost)
      • 33. Manageability
      • 34. Oracle leaded with
      • 35. 28% Time Advantage
      • 36. 47% Complexity Advantage
    • Application Server
      • Comparative Parameters
      • 37. Technical Competency
      • 38. Package Contents
      • 39. Integration Options
      White Papers
      Official Websites
    • 40.
      • Technical Competency
      • 41. Both WebSphere and NetWeaver came at par which each other,
      • 42. Both supported latest standards, Java compatibility and extensive Web Services support
      • 43. Package Contents
      • 44. Business Intelligence
      • 45. Enterprise Portal
      • 46. Mobile
      • 47. Integration Options
      • 48. NetWeaver leaded here too, providing integrating with Microsoft .NET Framework which WebSphere lagged
      ESR (Enterprise Service Repository) of pre-built industry solutions
      ready to plug and play.
    • 49. Conclusion
      3 out of 4 points were in favor of Oracle
      2 out 4 Consultants Supported Oracle,
      1 Supported DB2, 1 was neutral
      2 out of 3 points were in favor of SAP NetWeaver
      CRIS already using IBM WebSphere
      Public portal => More comfortable
    • 50. References
      Company / Product Websites
      Product Technical Documentation
      Transaction Processing Council (TPC)
      NetWeaver for Dummies