Alumni Denkfabrik Session 3


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Alumni Denkfabrik Session 3

  1. 1. Well-Structured Workshop Facilitation
  2. 2. Well-Structured Workshop Facilitation The World Café „The World Café – Shaping Our Futures Through Conversations That Matter“, J. Brown, D. Isaacs, Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc., San Francisco 2005
  3. 3. Well-Structured Workshop Facilitation When is World Café appropriate? Choose World Café: • For sharing knowledge, stimulating innovative thinking, building community, and exploring possibilities around real-life issues and questions. • For conducting an in-depth exploration of key challenges and opportunities. • For engaging people who are meeting for the first time in authentic conversation. • For deepening relationships. • For creating a meaningful interaction. • When the group is larger than 10 (up to 1.200). • When you have the minimum of 1½ h (better 2h) for the Café.
  4. 4. Well-Structured Workshop Facilitation World Café is no optimal choice • When you are driving toward an already determined solution or answer. • You want to convey only one-way information. • You are making detailed implementation plan and assignments. • You have less than 1½ h for the Café. • You are working with a highly polarized, explosive situation. • You have a group smaller than 10.
  5. 5. Well-Structured Workshop Facilitation Website from which I depictured the drawing shown:
  6. 6. Well-Structured Workshop FacilitationSet the Context: Purpose – Participants – Parameters Purpose: • What is the purpose for bringing people together? • What are the best possibilities or outcomes you can see emerge from your Café? • Find a name for your Café so that the name reflects the purpose. Examples: Leadership Café, Knowledge Café, Community Café, etc. Participants: • Which participants have to be included? Diversity of thought yields richer insight and discoveries! Parameters: • Check the parameters: Time, money, venue, and so on.
  7. 7. Well-Structured Workshop Facilitation Website from which I depictured the drawing shown:
  8. 8. Well-Structured Workshop FacilitationThe „Future Café“ .
  9. 9. Well-Structured Workshop Facilitation
  10. 10. Well-Structured Workshop FacilitationEncourage everyone´s participation Collective insight The Café Assumptions evolves from… • honoring unique contributions • connecting ideas • listening into the middle • noticing deeper patterns and questions
  11. 11. Well-Structured Workshop FacilitationThe Café Etiquette At the tables: • CONTRIBUTE your thinking and experience. • LISTEN to understand. • CONNECT ideas. • LISTEN together for patterns, insights and deeper questions. • PLAY! • DOODLE! • DRAW!
  12. 12. Well-Structured Workshop Facilitation
  13. 13. Well-Structured Workshop FacilitationCross-pollinate and connect diverse perspectives Characteristics of that phase: • Moving among tables • Talking with new people • Contributing your thinking • Linking essence of your discoveries to ever-widening circles of thoughts • Emerge of patterns • Additional perspectives surface • Discovery of new combinations of insight and creativity
  14. 14. Well-Structured Workshop Facilitation
  15. 15. Well-Structured Workshop Facilitation Listen together for patterns and deeper questions: • Invite participants to enter a conversation with the goal of learning from each person. • Encourage people to view different perspectives and assumptions as gifts. • Remind participants to listen together for patterns or core questions that underlie the various perspectives.
  16. 16. Well-Structured Workshop Facilitation
  17. 17. Well-Structured Workshop Facilitation Harvest and share collective discoveries Time of reflection in a whole-group conversation: • What have we learned? • What has heart and meaning? • What is present now? Time of sharing key ideas, themes or core questions: • What holds real meaning for me personally?
  18. 18. Well-Structured Workshop FacilitationThe table cloths from our „Future Café“
  19. 19. Well-Structured Workshop Facilitation
  20. 20. Well-Structured Workshop FacilitationOpen Space Future Search World CaféFeatures: Features: Features:• 5 to 2000 participants • up to 100 participants • 10 to 1200 participants• 1 to 3 days • 2 ½ days • 1½ hours to 3 daysPurposes: Purposes: Purposes:Dealing with complex and Creation of shared vision; Sharing knowledge;potentially conflicting issues; action plan for organization, exploration of keyLooking for an answer network or community; find challenges and corenobody knows yet; common ground among questions; deepeningparticipation of large stakeholders; implementing relationships; stimulatingnumber of people is existing visions. innovative thinking.required for dealing withquestion.Short overview: Short overview: Short overview:Law of two feet; be pepared Whole system in a room; Café-styled conversation;to be surprised; self- global context for local action; café etiquette; movingorganization; proceedings; focus on future and common among tables; networkconference book. ground, not on conflicts; self- building; stand management, responsibility alone/serve as part of for action. large-group event.
  21. 21. Well-Structured Workshop Facilitation The World Café Thank you for your attention! Dorothee Kreling