Galway 2040 Symposium - Arts & Culture


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Máiréad Ní Chróinín's presentation on Arts & Culture at the Galway 2040 Symposium - (Disclaimer presentation is the view of the individual and does not necessarily represent their respective organisation).

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Galway 2040 Symposium - Arts & Culture

  1. 1. Arts and Culture Pillar Paraic Breathnach, Chair Máiréad Ní Chróinín – theatre artist Aideen Barry – visual artist Ollie Jennings – music promoter Fidelma Murrane – Solas Cinema
  2. 2. Where are we now? - Galway's qualities Multicultural influences Strengths in theatre, traditional music, Irish, spectacle Tradition of the arts in temporary performance spaces (tent / retail spaces) Strong festival orientation International reputation Average annual wage of an artist = €14,000 Currently 9,000 employed in creative sector
  3. 3. Where are we going? Trends in the arts in Galway Migration of older artists out of Galway City to the County Migration of technical expertise to Dublin and abroad Short cycles of creativity – artists are burnt out in their 30s and leave the profession Growing body of young artists graduating from NUIG and GMIT High potential of creative sector – WDC Report No sustained development in the arts, due to lack of financial, infrastructure and policy supports Low level of public exposure and critical awareness
  4. 4. A Vision for Culture and the Arts in 2040 - Place Culture and the arts should affect- What the city looks and feels like What the city thinks about itself What outsiders think of the city How the city functions What the city creates
  5. 5. A Vision for Culture and the Arts in 2040 - Inspiration Creativity requires a mental state that welcomes ambiguity, doubt, confusion, irrationality, anxiety, error, failure, risk, change. A mental state that sees all these as positive qualities. - Tim Emlyn Jones We like to use the word 'question', 'object', 'contradict', 'challenge', 'contest', 'disapprove' and the like. This contradictory spirit, often considered a fault on an individual level, becomes a virtue when expressed collectively. - John-Marie Dru
  6. 6. A Vision for Culture and the Arts in 2040 - Inspiration A certain amount of chaos or spontaneity in the city is the core ingredient for the city to fulfill its basic mission. The spontaneous exchanges in the city are the core of the creativity of the city, the social justice of the city, and the democratic life of the city. - David Engwright I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world. - Albert Einstein
  7. 7. A Vision for Culture and the Arts 1. Role of Culture and the Arts In 2040, culture and the arts will be an integrated part of the social, political and economic fabric of Galway City. Culture and the arts will be a creative force that sustains entrepreneurship, a source of imagination and inquiry in education and research, and a catalyst for civic engagement and social inclusion.
  8. 8. A Vision for Culture and the Arts 2. Support for Culture and the Arts Galway City will be defined by its passion for culture and the arts, and artists will have the infrastructural, educational and financial supports to make, show and tour work that sets international standards. The city will sustain a vibrant community of Irish and international artists, between students, emerging artists and established artists.
  9. 9. A Vision for Culture and the Arts 3. Affect of Culture and the Arts Art and culture will permeate the everyday life of Galway City, disrupting the norm and creating a contradictory public spirit that welcomes ambiguity, irrationality, failure, risk and change. Arts and culture will give people experiences that are live, unpredictable, spontaneous, inspirational, challenging, passionate. Culture and the arts will be a topic of debate and discussion in pubs, cafes and on the street.
  10. 10. A Vision for Culture and the Arts Assumptions: Education Infrastructure Enterprise and Innovation Public access Finance Governance Quality of life
  11. 11. A Vision for Culture and the Arts How do we get there? Now: Infrastructure!!! Enterprise and Innovation Start the conversation...