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for a course taught in January 2013 - notes and syllabus here:

for a course taught in January 2013 - notes and syllabus here:



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Books & Culture course slides Books & Culture course slides Presentation Transcript

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  • KennethMoyle
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  • Fenton & family
  • EEBO
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  • wikimedia
  • "Badly drawn, badly written,and badly printed - a strain on theyoung eyes and young nervous systems –the effects of these pulp-papernightmares is that of a violent stimulant.Their crude blacks and reds spoils achilds natural sense of colour; theirhypodermic injection of sex and murdermake the child impatient with better,though quieter, stories. Unless we want a coming generation even more ferocious than the present one,parents and teachers throughout America must band together to break the `comic magazine."
  • Tom conboy
  • Dark Horse Comics
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  • foxyripper
  • Brian Dettmer slide show Su Blackwell Book Sculptures New Zealand Book Council / Going West
  • Steve CadmanMedieval help desk
  • "For now and for the foreseeable future, any serious readerwill have to know how to travel down two very differentroads simultaneously. No one should avoid the broad,smooth, and open road that leads through the screen.But if you want to know what one of Coleridge’s annotatedbooks or an early “Spider-Man” comic really looks andfeels like, or if you just want to read one of thosemillions of books which are being digitized, you stillhave to do it the old way, and you will have tofor decades to come." Anthony Grafton, “Future Reading”
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  • Lost Libraries of Timbuktu (BBC)
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  • wikimedia wikimedia
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  • wikipedia Paperback Books Nazi Book Burning
  • maolibrarian
  • Community learning international
  • BBCKenyan camel libraries serve nomads; in Ethiopia, donkeys pull mobile libraries
  • The Guardian
  • 1 Real Darren Stone
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  • 4The filter
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  • Imagine you have an internship with a statelegislator interested in literacy issues.She has asked you to give a short presentationsummarizing what the research says aboutyouth and reading. Using data from these twostudies, how would you summarize their findings?Which findings would you point out arecontradictory or problematic?She really likes bullet points. If you were tosummarize these findings in four or fivebullet points, what would they say?
  • elRojoSweet juniper’s photos of the Detroit School Depository
  • All US Books Published , 2010 ~ $28 Billion trade k12 higher ed prof/schol2011 sales:Ebooks up 117% (but still only 20% of market)Audio up 25%Hardcover down 18%Trade paper down 16%Mass market paper down 36%
  • There is No Heaven for Books
  • Green Apple BooksSmackdown!The Book versusthe Kindle storytime oops an unfortunate event 10 Cool Converted Bookstores Thomas Hawk
  • The End Future of Books Annie Mole
  • How it used to be.
  • Hypertext fiction Mass digitization projects The “world’s first interactive book” A newer experiment A different way to pay for itmuellermartin
  • … or you could just tweet your storyRead fromthe bottomup
  • Why DRM doesn’t work
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