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Deconstruction is a well honed practice we incorporate in assessing design equities before we begin the design process. This 'seek and discovery' process helps us and our clients understand the brand …

Deconstruction is a well honed practice we incorporate in assessing design equities before we begin the design process. This 'seek and discovery' process helps us and our clients understand the brand assets and the liabilities at the onset of the project

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  • 1. empowerment of
  • 2. 05.08.13DeconstructLeveraging visual analysis as strategic insight
  • 3. 05.08.13Deconstruct is a well honed practice we incorporate in assessingexisting design equities. In keeping with our integration of strategicdesign tools - we have spearheaded this approach to help us andour clients clearly understand the brand and packaging assets andliabilities at the start of the project.Deconstruct Defined
  • 4. 05.08.13Deconstruct DefinedSeparationofElementsDecodingIconographyGapAnalysisUnderstandthe RoleSix phases to discover insights and opportunities for a better designInsightsDrivenDesign
  • 5. 05.08.13SeparationofElementsDecodingIconographyGapAnalysisUnderstandthe RoleDeconstruct DefinedThe physical separation of elements, colors, attributes, andlayers of a design.InsightsDrivenDesign
  • 6. 05.08.13SeparationofElementsDecodingIconographyGapAnalysisDeconstruct DefinedUnderstandthe RoleEvaluating symbols and codes that define how the design is ‘read’and therefore how the brand is represented.InsightsDrivenDesign
  • 7. 05.08.13SeparationofElementsDecodingIconographyGapAnalysisDeconstruct DefinedUnderstandthe RoleUnderstanding of the role of individual codes and the relationshipsbetween them - that then provide a cumulative and often differentsignal than intended.InsightsDrivenDesign
  • 8. 05.08.13SeparationofElementsDecodingIconographyGapAnalysisInsightsDrivenDesignDeconstruct DefinedUnderstandthe RoleProvide a gap analysis and identify strategic opportunities
  • 9. 05.08.13SeparationofElementsDecodingIconographyGapAnalysisDeconstruct DefinedUnderstandthe RoleFacilitate insights to enhance design objectives and increasebrand valueInsightsDrivenDesign
  • 10. Dentyne Design Journey
  • 11. Example case studies – Dentyne Task To re-position Dentyne away from Oral Care - and to instead own the territory of ‘EverydayRefreshment’.Leveraging the credentials of flavour, manifested by bringing to life the positioningstatement of ‘Freshen Up’.Approach•  Identify key challenges to be engaged in order to achieve the objective. •  Seek insight and learning from investigation of key influencing factors and marketobservations.•  Identify implications of each challenge in order to provide robust criteria to supportdesign decisions. 
  • 12. The challenge hierarchy Change positioning, without changing the product or the name, (which makes direct reference to teeth/oral)Maintain core equityMaintain relevance to existing consumer base Evoke overt notions of Taste Evoke overt notions of Refreshment Engage with Modern & Premium Do it better than the competition Bring ‘freshen up’ to life as a meaningful brandessenceTO PLAY TO WIN
  • 13. How we used deconstruct We used deconstruct to;•  Analyse the semiotics currently on pack and assess the gap analysis between currentreading – and the desired positioning •  We then used this as start to point for investigating semiotics of both taste andrefreshment•  This in turn drove a formulaic approach to drill down to a single minded message andsemiotic coding to deliver to it
  • 14. Existing Equity - Deconstruct *Consumer Research – August 2011Logotype is wellestablished anddifferentiated inthe market Fruit as a signifieris deemedimportant by theconsumer –though can beless prevalent*The ‘halo’ effectaids definition andcohesion withlogotype but isnot adding anytaste orrefreshment cues Colour is animportantsubconscioussignifier of flavourTooth iconconflicts with thefruit message andis incongruouswith fun andcarefreepersonalitySugarfree gum isa table stake toplaySmile icon is rooted inhistoric comms messagingand underlines confidenceand enjoyment of life – aswell as playing an activerole in the core brandidentity & thereforerecognition Xylitol need notbe so prominent –as it is largely notunderstood as afunction* Strawberryflavoured isimplicit from theiconography – butimportant to thenew positioning
  • 15. Investigating ‘Taste’ credentials
  • 16. Taste Credentials – learnings and implications •  Literal semiotics and iconography are key •  Colour is key•  Active engagement with flavour is more effective with sense of dynamism or hyper-realism
  • 17. Investigating ‘Refreshment’ cues
  • 18. Refreshment Cues – learnings and implications •  Action •  Motion •  Liquidity •  Engender the action of drinking or emersion in liquid •  Visually accessible/ recognisable as water or having the qualities and therefore refreshmentproperties of water
  • 19. But how do we distil a single minded idea…?
  • 20. So, what is Juicy?•  Goodness, dew, manna, nectar, richness, sustenance•  Chewing produces juiciness •  Great tasting flavor produces salivation •  Juiciness created by delicious flavour brings about refreshment •  Juicy is the experience of the product – sensory interaction
  • 21. Juicy Cues
  • 22. Juicy Cues – learnings and implications •  Juicy is applied / manifested more creatively, more physically sensorially than purely visually •  Close up and tactile•  Suggestive over illustrative
  • 23. How semiotic gap analysis drove design
  • 24. Design work
  • 25. Design work
  • 26. Design work
  • 27. Taking the insight to the next level
  • 28. Taking the insight to the next level
  • 29. Taking the insight to the next level
  • 30. Analysis Insights /Design Criteria Design DeliveryFreshen upFunctional delivery- Taste driven juiciness, provides refreshment+Emotional delivery- Inspire & Stimulate; new, re-invigorated and mentally refreshing.- Tangible ‘juiciness’- New approach and a new territory to own- Ground breaking & newsworthy- A relevant way to literally bring thepositioning to lifeCompetitiveopportunity- Successfully combine quadrants - to own juicy as a core idea-Innovate in a different direction to Orbit – not graphic, but sensory-Owns a completely new direction inpackaging/premium within sector – sensorialModern& Premium- Attention to detail- Thought & cleverness- Boldness of design & attitude- Tactility & artifact (specialness)- Intelligent attention to detail- Bold iconography- Sophistication through sensory designrather than ‘playful’ graphicsJuicy- Juicy is applied / manifested more creatively, more physically sensorially thanpurely visually- Close up and tactile- Suggestive over illustrative- Splashes of colour and liquid are highlysensory and evocative.- Close up, dew covered fruit – you canalmost taste itConsumer - Functional but fun- Desirable as an artifact, ‘specialness’- Engaging- Unexpected, intriguing and desirable- The focus of the fun is rooted in thefunctional/ intrinsics- Product benefits relevanceEquity - Key identifiers/recognition of identity – to maintain trust- Flavour semiotics. Sugar free - right to play- Confident & stylish. Sense of play and fun- Maintains key recognition elements andpermission to play- Celebrates brand personality-confident &stylishChange positioning -Repositioning successfully engages and dials up the core attributes to bereclaimed or gained – rather than total change- Embraces flavour and oral freshness andtransforms into juicyTO WINTO PLAY
  • 31. Design outcomes and delivery against task •  Brings to life refreshment & taste – ‘Juicy’•  Premium, modern and relevant •  Instant recognition of flavour •  Significant stand out on shelf •  Addresses the desirability of the ‘artifact’ – for a feminine audience Plus •  A focused and core idea facilitates and supports the challenge of repositioning •  Specifically addresses the consumer insight re ‘a moment to self’. •  A smile, an ‘aha’ moment, a snatched moment of sensorial pleasure in everyway. •  Total stand out in sector – internationally
  • 32. What advantage did the process deliver?•  A more powerful insight•  Single minded differentiation•  Innovation that would never have evolved otherwise