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Social business 2011
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Social business 2011


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Need to get your business using social business. Start with thissummary of toolkit that will give you insights into the world of social business through the latest AIIM Toolkit on Social Business.

Need to get your business using social business. Start with thissummary of toolkit that will give you insights into the world of social business through the latest AIIM Toolkit on Social Business.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Social Business - 2011
  • 2. What is Social Business?
    AIIM defines social business as…
    “the use of social technologies and processes to improve internal collaboration and external customer engagement.”
  • 3. Social Business
    Does your organization utilize social/Enterprise 2.0/collaboration tools INSIDE the organization?
    53% of largest orgs.
    36% overall
  • 4. How can your organization benefit from social business?
  • 5. Social Business - Drivers
    Which TWO of the following would you say are the key drivers for internal social/enterprise 2.0/ collaboration tools in your organizational unit?
    Team collaboration is by far the largest benefit.
    Reduced travel and meetings cost very low.
    N=188 Social Business users
  • 6. Do you need to collaborate with your staff?
  • 7. Social Business
    Which of the following social/enterprise 2.0/collaboration tools are in use inside your organization? 
    Collaboration and communication tools most popular.
    N=188 Social Business users
  • 8. Do you need to engage with your customers and partners?
  • 9. Do you want to improve your business processes?
  • 10. Social Business - delivery
    What does your organization use to deliver these kinds of social/enterprise 2.0/collaborative capabilities? 
    57% using SharePoint.
    Only 34% using paid-for products.
    N=188 Social Business users
  • 11. AIIM is here to help you get connected with social business…
  • 12.
  • 13. Why get the Social Business 2011 Toolkit?
  • 14. AIIM has done all the work for you. We have researched and gathered the best articles, studies, and information into one document.
  • 15. Feature Article from a leading industry expert
    Top 10 Trends at E2.0 Santa Clara
    Ultimate Text – Social Business Process
    Getting to Know Your Users
    Government Social Business
    Social Business Roadmap 2011
    Business Case and ROI for Social Business
    ROI Calculator: Building a Case for Social Media
    …and more…
    What will you find in this toolkit?
  • 16. How can you get Social Business 2011?
  • 17. Are you an AIIM Professional Member?
    You get it free! Download your copy today at
  • 18. Not an AIIM Professional Member?
    You have two choices:
    Join AIIM as a Professional Member for $135 and receive the Social Business 2011 Toolkit and all the other toolkits and tools.
    Buy the Social Business 2011 Toolkit for $99.
  • 19. Visit and Join today to start receiving your AIIM membership benefits!
  • 20. What do you get for your annual $135 dues?
  • 21. Checklists, Guides, & Templates
    ECM Request for Proposal (RFP) Template
    How to Get the Most from Your RFP Guide
    OCR Checklist
    ECM Checklist
    Email ROI Calculator
    Discounts on AIIM Certificate Training Programs
    Specially Designed Free Essential Training Courses
    ECM Toolkits
    Social Business 2011
    Records Management 2011
    Preparing for ECM Projects
    Business Process Management
    Change Management
    ECM Primer
    …many more….
    AIIM Professional Member Benefits
  • 22. We are looking forward to welcoming you as an AIIM Professional Member!