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Rm2010 toolkit promo


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Published in: Education

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  • 1. Best Practices and Principles
    Records Management 2010
  • 2. Is this what your records management program looks like?
  • 3. AIIM’s research shows…
  • 4. …the volume of information is increasing…
  • 5. Paper vs Electronic
    But electronic is going crazy!
    10+ employees (656)
  • 6. …much of that paper and information is unmanaged…
  • 7. Paper vs Electronic
    And it’s the electronic ones that are less well managed
    - electronic more than twice as likely to be unmanaged (44%)
    10+ employees non-Trade (648)
  • 8. Paper vs Electronic
    The majority of paper records are not electronically indexed
    10+ employees non-Trade (648)(weighted)
    Page 8
  • 9. Electronic
    For those records that are managed, just as likely to be managed in a dedicated ERM system as in ECM
    10+ employees non-Trade (648)(weighted)
    Page 9
  • 10. How good would your organization be at finding the right information at the right time?
  • 11. How long would a legal discovery search process take across your paper/electronic records?
  • 12. Legal Discovery
    Paper takes longer
    25% 1 month or more
    17% electronic
    10+ employees non-Trade (572)
    Page 12
  • 13. How do you ensure that your records are being properly managed?
  • 14. Governance
    45% have integrated policies for electronic and paper
    16% of 5,000+ “only have very basic policies”
    10+ employees non-Trade (572)
    Page 14
  • 15. Governance
    But 38% do very little to encourage compliance
    10+ employees non-Trade (554)
    Page 15
  • 16. When faced with e-discovery, will your records management program be able to stand up to the challenge?
  • 17. AIIM is here to help you…
  • 18.
  • 19. What will you find in this toolkit?
    Best Practices for Electronic Records Management
    Principles of Real-world Records Management
    Automating Records Management with Artificial Intelligence
    Records Management Maturity Model
    …and more…
  • 20. Other resources
    AIIM Research Report on Electronic Records Management
    AIIM e-book – 8 Secrets of an Effective Content or Records Implementation
    ERM Blog posts
    Links to webinars on ERM
  • 21. How can you get this Records Management 2010 Toolkit?
  • 22. Are you an AIIM Professional Member?
    You get it free! Download your copy today at…..
  • 23. Not an AIIM Professional Member?
    You have two choices:
    Join AIIM as a Professional Member for $125 and receive the Records Management 2010 Toolkit and all the other toolkits and tools.
    Buy the Records Management 2010 Toolkit for $99.
  • 24. Visit Join today to start receiving your AIIM membership benefits!
  • 25. What do you get for your annual $125 dues?
  • 26. AIIM Professional Member Benefits
    Checklists, Guides, & Templates
    ECM Request for Proposal (RFP) Template
    How to Get the Most from Your RFP Guide
    OCR Checklist
    ECM Checklist
    Email ROI Calculator
    Discounts on AIIM Certificate Training Programs
    Specially Designed Free Essential Training Courses
    ECM Toolkits
    Web 2.0
    Business Process Management
    Change Management
    Accelerating Compliance
    ECM Primer
    …many more….
  • 27. We are looking forward to welcoming you as an AIIM Professional Member!