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Preparing for ecm_projects
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Preparing for ecm_projects


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Preparing for an ECM implementation takes time. Change management is needed for a successful implementation.

Preparing for an ECM implementation takes time. Change management is needed for a successful implementation.

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Preparing for ECM Projects
  • 2. Why should you implement ECM?
  • 3. ECM Drivers
    When you consider your document and records management projects and priorities, what is the most significant business driver for your organization? (Choose two)
    Compliance is more significant in larger orgs.
    But cost and efficiency still highest
  • 4. Do you have your information in control?
  • 5. Content Chaos
    How confident are you, that if challenged, your organization could demonstrate that your electronic information (excluding emails) is accurate, accessible, and trustworthy?
    42% not confident
  • 6. Content Chaos
    How confident are you that emails related to documenting commitments and obligations made by you and your staff are recorded, complete, and retrievable?
    56% not confident
  • 7. So, you are considering implementing ECM?
  • 8. Adoption Levels
    How would you best characterize your organization’s experience with Document Management (DM), Records Management (RM) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM)?
    16% have true ECM capability.
    29% heading that way.
    (Last year was 12% and 28% resp.)
  • 9. Why are you implementing ECM?
  • 10. Adoption Levels
    What would you say is the biggest single factor that has triggered your organization to plan for/implement a new ECM system now?
    Content chaos is biggest trigger.
    Then system consolidation.
    N=143 new or replace
  • 11. Implementing ECM takes planning– start planning your implementation today.
  • 12. AIIM is here to help you plan your ECM project…
  • 13.
  • 14. Why get the Preparing for an ECM Project Toolkit?
  • 15. AIIM has done all the work for you. We have researched and gathered the best articles, studies, and information into one document.
  • 16. Feature Article from a leading industry expert
    8 Ways to Kill Your ECM Project
    Change Management Always at the Top of the List of ECM Implementation Obstacles
    Change Hurts! But You Can Prepare
    What are you going to do? Building a Business Case
    8 Secrets of an Effective Content or Records Management implementation
    Links to webinars
    …and more…
    What will you find in this toolkit?
  • 17. How can you get this Preparing for an ECM Project Toolkit?
  • 18. Are you an AIIM Professional Member?
    You get it free! Download your copy today at
  • 19. Not an AIIM Professional Member?
    You have two choices:
    Join AIIM as a Professional Member for $135 and receive the Preparing for an ECM Project Toolkit and all the other toolkits and tools.
    Buy the Preparing for an ECM Project Toolkit for $99.
  • 20. Visit and Join today to start receiving your AIIM membership benefits!
  • 21. What do you get for your annual $135 dues?
  • 22. Checklists, Guides, & Templates
    ECM Request for Proposal (RFP) Template
    How to Get the Most from Your RFP Guide
    OCR Checklist
    ECM Checklist
    Email ROI Calculator
    Discounts on AIIM Certificate Training Programs
    Specially Designed Free Essential Training Courses
    ECM Toolkits
    Preparing for an ECM Project
    Going Paperless
    Records Management 2010
    Social Technologies
    Change Management
    ECM Primer
    …many more….
    AIIM Professional Member Benefits
  • 23. We are looking forward to welcoming you as an AIIM Professional Member!