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Building and maintain relationships with our customers is critical to the success

Building and maintain relationships with our customers is critical to the success

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  • 1. Building Relationships Through Social Networking
    Betsy Fanning
  • 2. How are you building and maintaining relationships with your customers and colleagues?
  • 3. Customers are important to the success of our business…
  • 4. How can we foster those customer relationships?
  • 5. Social Networking Tools can help…
  • 6. What is Social Networking?
  • 7. According to AIIM’s Enterprise 2.0 Community:
    social networking is the dynamic "relationship" (friend, co-worker, family, employer, etc.) building, social networking is foremost about person-to-person connections, and not necessarily "community" or collaboration. Without being linked or integrated into a communication platform (e.g., discussion forum), the value of being able to use the established network is harder to achieve, as discussions are taken out of context into another channel. Facebook and LinkedIn are prime examples of consumer-facing Social Networking sites.
    Source: AIIM Enterprise 2.0 Wiki Glossary
  • 8. How is your organization approaching social networking?
  • 9. Adoption
    What is your organization's current approach to Social Technologies?
    10+ employees (656)
  • 10. Comparing  non-use between PERSONAL and BUSINESS life?
    Comparison – non-users
    All respondents (785)
  • 11. Comparing  Contributor-use between PERSONAL and BUSINESS life?
    Comparison - contributors
    as a
    All respondents (785)
  • 12. How important is social networking to your organization?
  • 13. In your view, how critical is Enterprise 2.0 to your organization’s overall business goals and success?
    Importance of Enterprise 2.0
    54% of organisations consider
    Enterprise 2.0
    to be important
    Cf: 44% in 2008
    10+ employees (656)
  • 14. How would you describe the understanding of Enterprise 2.0 in your organization?
    Importance of Enterprise 2.0
    25% of organisations are doing something about itup from 13%
    All respondents (785)
  • 15. Why should your organization consider social networking?
  • 16. Which THREE of the following would you say are the key drivers for Enterprise 2.0 in your organisation?
    Drivers for Enterprise 2.0
    Knowledge share
    10+ employees (656)
  • 17. In your organization, which departments are STRONG users of Enterprise 2.0 functionality?
    Drivers - departments
    The geeks are in the lead
    But 21% use it for viral marketing
    10+ employees (656)
  • 18. Which group is the PRIMARY driver of Enterprise 2.0 in your organization?
    Drivers – people
    Driven from bottom up not top down
    10+ employees (656)
  • 19. How ready is your organization for Social Networking Technologies?
  • 20. Enterprise 2.0 Readiness
    Propensity for success or failure
    Measuring change management
    (Business) Strategy
    Putting the E in Enterprise 2.0
    ROI fundamentals
    Beyond a pilot
    Competitive edge
    Aligned with and support goals and objectives
    Bolsters culture
    Changes culture
  • 21. Where should you start when considering Social Networking Technologies?
  • 22. Getting Started
    Formulate a plan and business case
    Impact on productivity
    Impact on company’s reputation
    Research the marketplace
    Determine where to focus efforts
    Determine how you will measure your success/efforts and monitor
    Engagement – Building the community
    Engage the correct people in the organization
    Let your community do the talking
    Listen, observe and identify relevant content
    Develop policies
    Train organization on plan, tools and policies
    Get started
  • 23. How will your organization embrace Social Technologies? When?
  • 24. AIIM is here to help you with Social Technologies…
  • 25.
  • 26. Why get the Social Technologies Toolkit?
  • 27. AIIM has done all the work for you. We have researched and gathered the best information into one document.
  • 28. Guidance from the AIIM Enterprise 2.0 Community on Planning and Implementing Social Networking
    Questions from Doculabs to ask your organization as you bring social technologies in
    Questions to ask your social technologies vendor as you choose the technologies you want to use
    …and more wisdom from the AIIM Enterprise 2.0 Community to help you …
    What will you find in this toolkit?
  • 29. How can you get this Social Technologies Toolkit?
  • 30. Are you an AIIM Professional Member?
    You get it free! Download your copy today at…..
  • 31. Not an AIIM Professional Member?
    You have two choices:
    Join AIIM as a Professional Member for $125 and receive the Social Technologies Toolkit and all the other toolkits and tools.
    Buy the Social Technologies Toolkit for $99.
  • 32. Visit and Join today to start receiving your AIIM membership benefits!
  • 33. What do you get for your annual $125 dues?
  • 34. Checklists, Guides, & Templates
    ECM Request for Proposal (RFP) Template
    How to Get the Most from Your RFP Guide
    OCR Checklist
    ECM Checklist
    Email ROI Calculator
    Discounts on AIIM Certificate Training Programs
    Specially Designed Free Essential Training Courses
    ECM Toolkits
    Social Technologies
    Records Management 2010
    Web 2.0
    Business Process Management
    Change Management
    Accelerating Compliance
    …many more….
    AIIM Professional Member Benefits
  • 35. We are looking forward to welcoming you as an AIIM Professional Member!