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Landscaping Design

Landscaping Design



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Presentation1 Presentation1 Presentation Transcript

  • 6 Hunter Drive Residential Landscaping Design
  • Existing House 12,800 sq ft. garden to design
  • Existing Shrubs Some of the existing shrubs should be removed.
  • Existing Trees Some of the existing trees should be removed.
  • Vinyl Privacy Fence Vinyl privacy fence 387’ length 8’ modules 6’ height. 8’ bi-fold door
  • Mulch & Walkway Red mulch 2’ to 3’ width and 3’ natural walkway
  • New Flower Design A variety of colored flowers, trees and shrubs creating a gorgeous landscape
  • Design Proposal By combining the existing and the new, we will make a great improvement.
  • Planting Schedule
  • PLANTING SCHEDULE KEY PLANT NAME COMMON NAME SIZE QTY. FOLIAGE/FLOWER COLOR GROUNDCOVERS SHRUBS GrAnn G randif lo ra-A nnab elle ANNABELLE HYDRANGEA 3 to 4' 3 Snowy white rounded clusters 10". E merald'n G o ld Evergreen shurubby. Leaves 1 1/2" glossy dark green with golden EmGold EMERALD'N GOLD 4' 4 yellow margins. R ho do dendro n Evergreen shurubs. Flowers color range from white to pink, red, RhoDo RHODODENDRON 3 to 4' purples, yellow or bi-colors. R ho do dendro n Evergreen Shrub. Bright lavander pink flowers. Small foliage is PJMRh P.J.M. RHODODENDRON 3 to 4' glossy green. Pieris J apo nica Evergreen flowering shrub. Flowers in April and May long JaAnd JAPANESE ANDROMEDA 4 to 8' 3 drooping clusters of white or blush white blossoms. Pyramidalis Narrow pyramid with moderate to fast growth rate. Foliage strong Pyramid PYRAMIDAL ARBORVITAE 4 to 8' mid-green, tends to bronze in mid to late winter. 22 C yano viridis Compact, dense shrub grows slowly. Foliage blue-green turning Dwarf DWARF BLUE CYPRES 10 to 12' bronze in winter. C ompact a Densely branched, deciduous shrub of slow growth. Flowers in DwarfBB DWARF BURNING BUSH 5 to 6' 1 late spring, small and delicate, yellow-green color. R ho do dendro n Deciduous flowering shrub. Flowers in late spring or early Mollis MOLLIS HYBRID AZALEAS 3 to 5' 1 or 4 summer., blossoms in yellow, oranges, pink or white. H ib ernica Narrow upright column with moderate growth rate. Foliage deep IrishJu IRISH JUNIPER 5 to 8' 39 blue green: color holds all year. G o ld F lame Low growing mound deciduous shrub, retaining in compact habit. GldFlm GOLD FLAME SPIREA 2' 5 Produces rosy-red flat flower heads. H ypericumF ro ndo sum Deciduous shrub, fast-growing with dense and compact habit. GldStJn GOLDEN ST. JHON'S WORT 3' Flowers in summer, bright golden yellow blossoms. G randif lo ra Loose-spreading deciduous shrub. Flowers on this year's growth HillSnw HILLS OF SNOW HYDRANGEA 3 to 4' 1 July through September; pure white rounded clusters. R o yal Purple Rounded deciduous shrub. Flowers in early summer on new RoyPur ROYAL PURPLE SMOKE 10 to 12' 1 season's growth, smoky appearance by late summer. D eut z L em inei ia o Deciduous shrub of upright habit. Shrubs is covered with clusters LemDeu LEMOINE DEUTZIA 5 to 7' 1 of white star-shaped flowers having yellow stamens. A urea Deciduous shrub with arching branches. Flowers in spring, profuse Aurea GOLDEN BARBERRY 4 to 8' 1 light yellow blossoms along stems. Red fruit. Po t ent illa F rut ico sa Deciduous, little care, low to medium size shrub spreading habit. BushCin BUSH CINQUEFOIL 2 to 4' Yellow, gold or white buttercup shaped flowers. C apit at a Broad conical shrub with fairly rapid growth rate. Needles dark UpJapa UPRUGHT JAPANESE YEW 7 to 12' 4 green. Protect from winds to minimize winter burn. Ilex V ert icillat a Slow growing deciduous shrub. Flowers in summer. Fruit grow as WinBerr WINTERBERRY 7 t0 10' abundante red berries, need male and female plants. 22 H icksii Uprigth habit with moderate growth rate. Needles very dark HicksUp HICKS UPRIGHT YEW 6 to 10' green. Protect from winds to minimize winter burn. TREES A t ro purpureum Small deciduous tree or shrub. Slow growing. Leaves deeply cut, RedLeaf REDLEAF JAPANESE MAPLE 15' 1 red-purple color all season. Color intensifies in fall. C o rnus F lo rida Deciduous tree with single or multiple trunks. Flowers in early CorFlor FLOWERING DOGWOOD 15 to 30' 1 spring before leaves unfurl. White or pink individual bracts. D o lgo Fast-growing flowering tree. Flowers in very early spring as leaves DolCrab DOLGO CRAB APPLE 6 to 8' 1 unfurl white apple blossom-scented blossoms. R o yalt y Fast-growing flowering tree. Flowers in very early spring as leaves RoyCrab ROYALTY CRAB APPLE 6 to 8' 1 unfurl crimson, scented blossoms.
  • What you want to do? See all 3D Studio Images Go to presentation
  • Design Proposal By combining the existing and the new, we will make a great improvement. Place the cursor on front or back yard, click on it
  • Front Garden Place the cursor on specific areas, click on it
  • Around Home 3D Studio
  • Around Home Sketch
  • Home Perimeter Picture
  • Home Perimeter 3D Studio Sketch
  • Home Perimeter Sketch Picture
  • Single-Tone flowers pots Picture
  • Single-Tone flowers 3D Studio Sketch
  • Single-Tone flowers Picture Sketch
  • Pots at the Main Entrance Sketch
  • Island Colors 3D Studio
  • Island Colors Red Purple Sketch
  • Island Colors Red Fall Sketch
  • Island Colors Purple Fall Sketch
  • Front Color Corner 3D Studio
  • Front Corner Color Sketch
  • On the Stone Wall Picture
  • On the Stone Wall Sketch
  • Front Yard Tree Picture
  • Front Yard Tree Sketch
  • Back Yard Place the cursor on specific areas, click on it
  • Pool Place the cursor on specific areas, click on it 3D Studio Picture
  • Pool Idea Sketch
  • Match Pool to Home Sketch
  • Hot Tub 3D Studio Picture
  • Hot Tub & Light Pool Pot Sketch
  • Hot Tub & Light Pool Pot Sketch
  • Shower Room 3D Studio
  • Shower Room Sketch
  • Walking Through Colors Picture 3D Studio
  • Walking Through Colors Sketch
  • Walking Through Colors Sketch
  • Green Corner Picture
  • Green Corner 3D Studio Sketch
  • Green Corner Picture Sketch
  • Color Corner 3D Studio Picture
  • Color Corner Sketch
  • Color Corner Sketch
  • Fencing Trees 3D Studio
  • Fencing Trees Sketch
  • Back Yard Entrance Right Left 3D Studio
  • Back Yard Entrance Sketch