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What can be done to stop the growing threat of cybercrime

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  1. 1. What can be done to stop the growing threat of cybercrime? ICT ICA 3 GROUP MEMBERS: HARRY PANG JIA WEI, 083142M HO PEI JING CHERMAINE, 084288T JOHNSON OOI CHEE TIONG, 080785Y BF0801 - FA
  2. 2. What is Cybercrime?  Refers to criminal activity where the computer is the source of a crime  Describing criminal activity in which the computer or the network is a necessary part of the crime
  3. 3. Cybercrime  Can be divided into two categories: - crimes that target computer network or devices directly. - crimes facilitated by computer networks or devices.
  4. 4. Types of Cybercrime  Spam  Fraud  Obscene or offensive content  Harassment  Drug trafficking  Cyberterrorism
  5. 5. Laws  We have laws to deter criminal acts  One very obvious way to combat cyber crime is to have laws to deter cyber crimes.  Singapore has the Computer Misuse act and is continuously reviewed.  Assistant Professor Warren Chik recommends to include provisions on cyber forgery, cyber fraud and identity theft in 2006
  6. 6. “Law enforcement Trojans”  Tools used by backers can also be used by the police  German police are reviewing the idea to plant “trojans” on the PCs of suspects
  7. 7. Hiring hackers  The trend has been to hire ex-hackers  Reasons - For their skills.  Downside - Giving them access may be dangerous  Solutions? - Interviews and test to determine if he/she is trustworthy
  8. 8. Credit card frauds  Credit cards are convenient  Credit card frauds are predominant  In 2005, the amount of credit card frauds go beyond 400 million pounds  One recent way to combat this is to have stronger security  For example the Emue card by VISA
  9. 9. Spoof scamming to prevent Internet Fraud  Campaigns were held by the authorities in the US and Canada.  They use Internet banner advertising and sponsored links on search engines.  Direct consumers to fake websites and stop real scammers from attacking
  10. 10. Using Anti-Virus Softwares to prevent DoS and Viruses • The Conficker worm is a potent worm which has infected millions of computers running the Windows OS. • Remedies are provided by anti-virus vendors such as Symantec and Trend Micro. • Preventing this worm can be done through Anti- Virus softwares.
  11. 11. Understanding Cybercrime to prevent it  By understanding Cybercrime, you can help protect yourself against:  Internet Frauds.  Getting spammed.  Being a victim of Phishing Scams.
  12. 12. In Summary...  Cybercrime refers to criminal activity where the computer is the source of a crime.  Can consist of DoS, computing viruses, phishing scams, fraud and identity theft, spam and many other unethical acts.
  13. 13. What can be done to stop the growing threat of Cybercrime?  Laws to deter criminal acts (Legislation).  Trapping the hackers.  Hiring White Hat Hackers.  Using Anti-Viral, Anti-Spyware and Firewalls.  Understanding Cybercrime.  Educate the youth on Cybercrime.