Roll your-own e-books ... what's not to love?


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Slides from presentation at Future of Technology in Educatioin 2012 conference at Senate House, University of London

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Roll your-own e-books ... what's not to love?

  1. 1. Roll-your-own e-books...whats not to love? Richard M. Davis #FOTE12 Digital Archives & Research Technologies 7th October 2012 University of London Computer Centre
  2. 2. What is an e-book? Electronic books are distinct from books in terms of media, distribution, functionality, management, quantity, copyright and fair use, information technology, cost, typology of e-books, reading device specificity or lack thereof, pricing, accessibility,publishing model, book news and peer reviews, service model, quality assurance, standards and interoperability, user preferences, layout and paging, and contextual reading. E. Carreiro (2010).`Electronic Books: How Digital Devices and Supplementary New Technologies are Changing the Face of the Publishing Industry. Publishing Research Quarterly26(4):219-235.
  3. 3. What is an e-book?1. An e-book is a digital object with textual and/or other content, which arises as a result of integrating the familiar concept of a book with features that can be provided in an electronic environment.2. E-books, typically have in-use features such as search and cross reference functions, hypertext links, bookmarks, annotations, highlights, multimedia objects and interactive tools. Magda Vassiliou, Jennifer Rowley (2008). Progressing the definition of "e-book". Library Hi Tech, Vol 26 No 3.
  4. 4. Evolution of e-books
  5. 5. Evolution of e-books
  6. 6. Evolution of E-books
  7. 7. Amazon Kindle Store
  8. 8. Apple iTunes / iTunesU
  9. 9. OU @ iTunesU
  10. 10. Doing it yourself: EPUB An EPUB e-book is an encapsulated website...
  11. 11. Doing it yourself: EPUB● HTML (XHTML/HTML5)● CSS● Image formats: JPG, PNG, GIF● Relative URLsEPUB defines standards for Container,Packaging and Content structure (somedifferences between Version 2.01 & Version 3)
  12. 12. Doing it yourself:Word processor
  13. 13. Doing it yourself: Calibre
  14. 14. Calibre
  15. 15. Doing it yourself: online
  16. 16. Doing it yourself: online
  17. 17. Doing it yourself: Wikipedia
  18. 18. The Study PackApproach (1990)
  19. 19. The Study PackApproach (2012)
  20. 20. The VLE Approach
  21. 21. The VLE Approach
  22. 22. Anthologizr for EPrints ● Funded by JISC under Library System Programme (June - November 2012) ● Allow repository users to define collections and export as e-book ● Plugin for EPrints (EPrints Bazaar) ● Report on approach and issues
  23. 23. Anthologizr for EPrints Aspirations ● Promote use of OA versions of articles (and other PD/CC resources) ● Promote use of open/transformable formats ● Be a small nail in the coffin of out-dated fetish with PDF data-unfriendly fixed- format pseudo-paper
  24. 24. Anthologizr: articles andchapters
  25. 25. Anthologizr: image collections
  26. 26. Give me convenience... The Next Web
  27. 27. Concludingly● E-books took a long time coming but they are here to stay● E-readers and tablets everywhere● Format increasingly ubiquitous, well- understood, extensible and hackable● E-book anthologies of study packs offer many advantages if we can get round issues like copyright and PDF conversion
  28. 28. Thank you! October 2012