Making the most of the beyond website for your business 111012


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A presentation on how to make the most of the Beyond website and how to increase web exposure of your existing business.

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  • Welcome and what is covered todayWe will look primarily at the Beyond Website:B2B RequestsBeypond BlogsBeyond MentoringBeyond DirectoryAdding your business to the directory (Practical)Tips for a more usuable website
  • This is the Beyond HomepageB2B Request – An area to request help from Fellow Beyond members.Blogs – An area to promote your business and expertise and also promote your websiteBeyond Events – Details on monthly events and past events. Sign up to events here.Business Directory – All the businesses within the Beyond NetworkForum – An area for discussion and to communicate openly with other membersGroups – Members of the Beyond Programme can create specific groups relating to their shared interestsMentoring – Details on Beyond mentors and how to apply for business mentoringNews from BeyondSignposting of events from other programmes
  • Pods
  • Beyond has a front end and back end. Front end is for the public only. Features like the Directory are available.The members section offers more features such as Business Requests, Communication between membersAccess to the Business Directory and Profile
  • Sign in here
  • Search for Zephyr IT – Displays a Synopsis
  • Practical
  • Google?The main Google search engine.
  • Some of the useful tools from Google. Google being the main search engine – it pays to use their servicesAssists with SERPS (Search Engine Results Page).Google also “loves” Media Rich content like youtube. Setup Youtube channels.Google blogging software - Blogger
  • Making the most of the beyond website for your business 111012

    1. 1. Making the most of theBeyond Website
    2. 2. Making the most of the Beyond WebsiteTips for a more usuable website.
    3. 3. Front end (Public i.e not signed in)
    4. 4. Front end (Public i.e not signed in)
    5. 5. Beyond has a public front end and a dedicatedmembers section.Member Profile – How to sign – Front end (Public) – Members only section.
    6. 6. Sign into Beyond Website:
    7. 7. Members Section – User logged in.
    8. 8. B2B Requests. • Ask for help from other businesses within the Beyond Network • Especially suitable for services such as accountancy, graphic design and websites. • Businesses can contact you directly with advice / quotesMembers Section – User logged in.
    9. 9. B2B RequestsMembers Section – user logged in.
    10. 10. Add a new request by clicking hereMembers Section – user logged in.
    11. 11. Describe what the problem is. Fill out as much Link to your website detail as possible regarding the issue you are having.Members Section – user logged in.
    12. 12. This is what a request will look like to other Beyond MembersPublic Section (not logged into members area)
    13. 13. Blogs• Promote your business and services• Add a link to the blog to help direct more traffic to your website.• Talk about news and information relating to your business• Free publicity• Useful as another method of promotion for a website.
    14. 14. Access the Blogs Function hereMembers Section – user logged in.
    15. 15. Past BlogsMembers Section – user logged in.
    16. 16. Name of Blog Blog ContentMembers Section – user logged in.
    17. 17. Mentoring can offer:• Business advice• Assistance to help focus objectives• Boost morale and offer support• A sounding board for ideas and business strategy• A platform for sharing expertise and help build business skills• A wide network of support and useful contacts
    18. 18. View and request support online.• Choose between Individual Mentoring or Collaborative Mentoring• Find out how the Beyond Mentors can help you• For more info and to apply for mentoring online go to this address:
    19. 19. The Business Directory• Completely Free• Increases local exposure• Provides an inbound link to your website• Relevant to the local area• Page Rank of 4/10
    20. 20. Sectors within Beyond DirectoryPublic Section (not logged into members area)
    21. 21. Public Section (not logged into members area)
    22. 22. Address and Tel No’s Free link to website Important Profile InformationPublic Section (not logged into members area)
    23. 23. • All changes to Member info / Directory are done within the members section.• Lets update your own Business profile and directory by logging into the Beyond website.
    24. 24. • Google Plus• Google Local• Google Shopping• Google Checkout• Google Maps• Google Adwords• Youtube
    25. 25. Present your site in a way that Google can understand• Google can’t read pictures (Alt Tag descriptions)• All media must contain a decription• BUT write for your audience! Not what you think Google would like.• Keywords and search term phrases are important.
    26. 26. Make sure Google knows you’re there!• Upload an accurate site map• Add your business to relevant Directories, E-zines, Email Signatures etc• Use all the free tools!Google Webmaster Tools - creator - Analytics -
    27. 27. Build good quality, relevant links with other websites• Keep it relevant to your business.• Avoid automated link building programs• But Submit to Google and Yahoo• Don’t cheat – you will get Blacklisted!
    28. 28. Adhere to website standards• Ask your developer to code with W3C in mind.(World Wide Web Consortium)
    29. 29. Update your site regularlyTry to create new and interesting high quality content on adaily basis if possible. At least weekly.Find your niche – Explore keywordsGoogle Keyword ExplorerHow would you search for your website?
    30. 30. • Phone Number• Email Address• Address• Contact Names• Product Prices• Hours of Operation
    31. 31. gives your business the opportunity to reach outand actually connect with your audience.• Your competition is using it.• Your target audience is using it.• It’s the next generation of Word of mouth marketing• Social Media Networking sites have high Page Rank• It’s Free!
    32. 32. Check your progress on PR Checker and Google Analytics• Be patient! 2 – 3 months for changes
    33. 33. EMAIL: 028 4461 0856