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  1. 1. tigers TigersContents1)Extinction of Tigers2)Number of Tigers left3)Project Tiger4)Tiger Sanctuaries5)Suggestions & views to save Tigers
  2. 2. Introduction● Tiger is our national animal. The tiger is the symbol of Indias wealth of wildlife. The magnificent tiger, Panthera Tigris, is a striped animal. It has a thick yellow coat of fur with dark stripes. The combination of grace, strength, agility and enormous power has earned the tiger its pride of place as the national animal of India.
  3. 3. 1)Extinction of Tigers● Tiger is a beautiful animal but it needs to be saved. As we know that the deforestation is increasing day by day. They come to the villages and some people get so terrified that they kill these innocent animals.● Another reason for their extinction are the poachers. The poachers kill these animals for:● Body Part Uses Bile Medicine to cure childrens convulsions Blood Medicine to strengthen willpower and health●● Brain Medicine to cure pimples and laziness Claws Used to make good luck charms, jewellery● Fur For ornamentation, burnt to get rid of centipede● Gallstones Medicine for weak eyes, abcesses on hands Stomach Medicine for upset stomachs● Teeth Good luck charms, treating rabies and sores Testes For tuberculosis of the lymph nodes Penis For male strength.●● Whiskers Medicine for toothache● And friends you will be surprised to know that you would never find a single tiger in such a vast continent like AFRICA.
  4. 4. ContinueA hundred years ago there were 100,000 tigers in the wild. Todaythere are as few as 3,200.Why are tigers disappearing?Illegal TradePoaching to feed consumer demand for tiger body parts, mostly foruse in traditional Asian medicines and folk remedies.DeforestationAs more and more forests are cleared for paper and palm oil, tigerhabitat disappears daily
  5. 5. 2)Number of tigers left● According to reports, there were 40,000 tigers in India a century ago.● Today, The country is home to 40% of the worlds tigers, with 23 tiger reserves in 17 states.A tiger census published late in March 2011 estimated that there are 1,706 tigers roaming free in India.● And presently there are approximately 1411 tigers left in India.● Throughout the world there are approx. 3200 left only.●
  6. 6. PROJECT TIGERProject Tiger was launched in 1973 in India.The project aims at tiger conservation in specially constituted tiger reserves, which are representative of various bio-geographical regions falling within our country.Under the project tiger many laws were passed and also the sanctuaries and national parks were made so that our national figure tiger could be saved.
  7. 7. Tiger sanctuariesThere are 42 tiger reserves inIndia which are governed byProject Tiger which isadministered by the NationalTiger Conservation Authority inwhich the Sunderbans is thelargest with an area of 2,585 sq.km.
  8. 8. Suggestions to save tigersThe poaching of these innocent creatures should be stopped which can to some extent can reduce the extinction of the tigers. For it we can organize rallies so that people are aware of the killing of these inocent animals for lust some material. We can stop wearing or using the material which are made of their skin or nails.
  9. 9. By:1)Chetan Samrit2)Omkar Dahule3) Ajinkya Patil4) Akshat Raika5) Himanshu Kukde