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Why Do You Need Social Media Monitoring


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Every brand is on social media. But do they know what to look for in it? How can you turn the conversation online into leads for your business? The answer lies here

Every brand is on social media. But do they know what to look for in it? How can you turn the conversation online into leads for your business? The answer lies here

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  • 1. Social Media Why do you need social media monitoring?
  • 2. Word Of Mouth Publicity Has Always Been An Effective Tool For Marketing
  • 3. Where did you buy this robe from? I should buy one too!!! On the roadside plaza off the Third Block Image courtesy
  • 4. The New Address for Word Of Mouth Publicity: “Online” Image Courtesy
  • 5. Opinions & Recommendations for products are available on the internet Image courtesy
  • 6. Negative comments can ruin your business
  • 7. Positive feedback gets you more customers
  • 8. 70% of the people trust opinions and feedback posted online Source:
  • 9. Internet has turned the world into Global Village. Conversations now happen ONLINE
  • 10. LinkedIn has over 100 MILLION users and adds about 1 MILLION new users to its service every week Twitter has more than 145 MILLION users and adds about 6 MILLION new users a month The Conversation Bubble Facebook currently has over 850 MILLION active users around the globe YouTube has 2 BILLION views per day, and 24 hours of video is uploaded every minute
  • 11. Capitalize on this free flowing “social chatter” Image Courtesy
  • 12. Steps for Social Media Monitoring LISTEN Discover all real time consumer conversations MEASURE Monitor, analyze and track the conversations ENGAGE Engage in active dialogue with consumers
  • 13. Listen Image Courtesy
  • 14. People are talking about you ONLINE Some Comments are Positive Some Comments are Negative
  • 15. Monitor What They Are Saying
  • 16. Image Courtesy teamaltm
  • 17. ENGAGE & Grow Audience
  • 18. ENGAGE For Grievance Redressal
  • 19. Engage with your customers to convert the negative responses into positive leads
  • 20. Become Popular on Social Media
  • 21. Turn your leads into profit by Social Media Monitoring Image courtesy
  • 22. Leaders use Simplify360 Global Clients Resellers / Partners
  • 23. Key Implementations – Client Categories Agency & Research  Set-up Social Media Analytics and Research Practices  The agency cut delivery cost in half  Lowered reporting time from days to hours; increased client conversion rate by over 50% Enterprise  Implemented a Market Intelligence Practice for ITC Foods  Brand, Competition and Intelligence Reporting time decreased from months to real-time  Helped ITC Foods to better the Social Media Marketing efforts  The company now responds to every customer query happing from anywhere. OEM  Using Simplify360 as Social Media Contact Centre Combination  Successfully serving global clients through partners. In-premise installation of Social Media Contact Centre for TOP global Telecom company. Happened first time in the World; platform running in complete security set-up within client’s firewall Effectively managed the customer queries; response time lowered by 80%  Highly successful in serving Customer Service via Social Media  Reduced Response time by more than 80%  Reduced the cost per response by more than 80%.
  • 24. Key Implementations - Use Cases USE CASE - Customer Service Contact Centre SOLUTION PURPOSE BENEFITS Social Media Customer Contact Centre Address Enterprise’s increasing requirement to respond to online complaints and feedback in real-time Reduces •Customer response time to resolve new complaints •Risk of losing brand image due to online complaint escalation Increases •Customer Satisfaction In-premise Social Media Command Center Provide: •Secure response management and tracking •Seamless integration with the existing Enterprise Systems Advantages: •Complete control over the system and opportunity for future customization •Complete ownership to the data and control over conversation flow USE CASE – Marketing Research SOLUTION PURPOSE Social Media Analytical Report on Media Channel Provide: •In-depth analysis on the conversations happening around TV shows Insights delivered •Audience insights on what drive online conversations •Competitive analysis on what TV shows were being talked most •Audience sentiment towards the TV shows and its actors Provide: •Comprehensive study on all the product lines of FMCG brands •Tracks their online presence. along with their respective competition. Insights delivered •Complete landscape of the FMCG’s brand presence v/s it’s competitors •Key insights on most talked campaigns and why •Insights on how consumers respond to FMCG brands and their sentiments Social Media Analytical Report on FMCG Brand BENEFITS