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Social Media Fundamentals for Marketers
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Social Media Fundamentals for Marketers


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  • 1. 1 Simplify360 2012Simplify360Social Media Management Copyrights 2012 Simplify360Application for Social Business
  • 2. 2TABLE OF CONTENTS 01. Abstract 04 How important is it to Invest in Reputation Management? 04MAIN Getting the right team for a Social Media Campaign 06SOCIAL MEDIA-The need Engagement or Likes: What works better for Facebook? 08 10How to handle negativity on How do you connect with yoursocial media platforms? fans through Facebook Ads? 12 14How are companies using social Creating Facebook Contentmedia for customer service? Strategy Using Facebook 17 Analytics 20Five essential steps of successful How to Use Hashtags forsocial media marketing Successful Twitter Marketing? 22 24 Simplify360 Social Media Management Copyrights 2012 Simplify360 Application for Social Business
  • 3. 3AbstractWith social media becoming an integral part of marketing needs ofbusinesses and brands. This book will help marketers understand the socialmedia better. Social Media Fundamentals for Marketers book guides youthrough the different platforms on social media and how to use themeffectively.The core objective of the book is to help marketers in coming up with bettersocial media strategy and help them build a strong presence on differentonline platforms.The key sections of the report:  How Important is it to Invest in Reputation Management  Getting the right team for a Social Media Campaign  SOCIAL MEDIA-The need  Engagement or Likes: What works better for Facebook?  How to handle negativity on social media platforms?  How do you connect with your fans through Facebook Ads?  How are companies using social media for customer service?  Creating Facebook Content Strategy Using Facebook Analytics  Five essential steps of successful social media marketing  How To Use Hash tags For Successful Twitter Marketing Simplify360 Social Media Management Copyrights 2012 Simplify360 Application for Social Business
  • 4. 4How important is it to Invest in ReputationManagement?Reputation Management can be broadly defined as managing the reputation of acompany; it could be a large company wanting to promote itself or its products or it couldbe a newly formed company wishing to gain visibility or create a buzz about itself. Reputation Management can be sought for three basic reasons-1. To build a good reputation for a company that has just entered the market.2. To keep up the good image of a company in public eye, which is also called maintenance.3. To rebuild faith of consumers in a company, which has hit a bad patch due to negative publicity?Why to invest in Reputation ManagementIn the last one year Reputation Management has become very important on the net. Aspeople have really become hooked on to the internet with social media becoming viral, thechances of visibility of any company have increased manifolds. This visibility has itspositive as well as negative impact. While there will be bouquets, there will be brickbats inequal numbers if not less. The cost of hiring a firm for reputation management will be almost equal to that of hiring a content writer, but here one gets an experienced team to help guide and save the company from the pitfalls of the internet. Sometimes when the company tries to handle the reputation management on their own, they end up making matters worse. Reputation Management should be treated in the same manner as branding. Whilebranding is about the product or services, Reputation Management is about how onedelivers on that promise. Both are interlinked. Companies spend years building areputation for themselves, so it is crucial to protect their brand or product. As bloggers aretaking over newspapers, it is essential for companies and individuals to keep theirreputation squeaky clean online.The vital question here would be how much people value their brand online? Probablymore than the amount of resources they are willing to put together to manage it. It isalways better for companies to invest in reputation management before it starts costingthe company in lost sales and a tarnished online image. It will not only protect the Simplify360 Social Media Management Copyrights 2012 Simplify360 Application for Social Business
  • 5. 5company’s brand but also stop unscrupulous rivals taking advantage by getting negativecontent high up in the search results of its brand and taking its space.Now that everyone is into blogging, many potential customers, job applicants andinvestors will first research a company on Google before they come to a conclusion. Acompany that wishes to sell its business has to make sure that it is immaculate online.For this, strategy has to be developed to feed positive content to repress the first fewpages and help to cover up the negative results which could be costing a company. It willhelp in removing any libelous slander against the company on websites.It is a general notion that whatever ranks on Google is true and can be trusted. Therefore,to increase visibility and positive buzz, proper planning and investment on ReputationManagement should be an integral part of a company’s strategy. Simplify360 Social Media Management Copyrights 2012 Simplify360 Application for Social Business
  • 6. 6Getting the right team for a Social MediaCampaignWhen you start or plan to start a social media campaign, the first variable that you arefacing is the team. You need to get the right set of people to get this challenging taskdone. If the team is done right, then half the task is done. Most companies grapple withthe qualities to look for in the members of the team that they need for doing their SocialMedia campaign. Social media isn’t something that can just be assigned to someone any more than you can just assign someone to be the homecoming king. Adding a social media• to that junior public affairs officer’s job description isn’t suddenly going to make wonders happen. In fact it is a perfect recipe for disaster.This is why so many social media initiatives fail-not because of technology or policy, butbecause of people. We talk often about what department should lead social media, how toget leadership buy-in for social media, or what technology should be used, and while thoseare important discussions to have, you should be focused on identifying WHO should beleading the social media initiatives.The best person right now might be X in Marketing, but what if X leaves the organization?Who leads the social media initiatives then? The answer isn’t necessarily X’s replacement.It might beY in HR. It might be that new guy over in community relations, or maybe it’syour webmaster. The point is that social media doesn’t fit nicely into just one jobdescription. There’s a very real human element to it, and identifying the person, even if it isthe right position is often the biggest determination in the success or failure of your socialmedia initiativesSo what is that magic mix that can get the job done for you? I am going to tell you a fewthings that I have learned, more as guidelines and not hard and fast rules as such .Herethey are: Simplify360 Social Media Management Copyrights 2012 Simplify360 Application for Social Business
  • 7. 7In line with the Organization: Every member of your team needs to be a part of yourorganization in mind; they need to understand the full picture of the mission and theessence of your organization. Their interest should be in the mission and not just thefinancial angle of being in the team.Understands all the aspects of Social Media: The members of the team should be peoplewho know the real transformational power of social media and not a bunch of people withtwitter and Facebook ids. They should understand that it’s not about applying the sameold processes to new tools. It’s about fundamentally transforming the way yourorganization interacts with the public, your customers and with each other.Communicative by choice: The team has to be a set of people that enjoy being around andare good at driving conversations and keeping people engaged on a consistent basis. Agroup of snobs who are always running around with their head in the clouds will simplynot cut it; their personality will be counter-productive online. That may end up hurtingyour brand more than helping it.Not afraid to goof up : Let us admit it, not all ideas are good all the time, but what theteam needs is a continuous flow of ideas, even if a majority of them get shot down by thecustomer or the higher management. You really cannot afford to have people who willretract into a shell the minute someone shoots down their idea, there should be no fear offailure, but the ability to take it and move on is the keyTeam Players: They need to innately enjoy working in diverse teams and thrive on thethrills and pressures that this bringsNot Shift based people: The day long news cycle is dead and it is all full time and real timenow, so if you have a team that believes in time shifting and closes shop at 5:00 pm, yoursocial media campaign is as good as dead, you need people who are willing to stretch it. Bysaying that, what I mean is, flexibility in schedules to suit needs is the keyCan rise above statistics: What you do not want is a team that spews out numbers at thetouch of a button and churns out a ton of statistics which go way above the head ofeveryone else. What you want is a team that understands the expectations anddeliverables and communicates in responsive and simple language. Corporate marketingspeak, statistics, facts, and figures are good, but when was the last time you got inspiredby a pie chart? Find people who can connect with their colleagues/customers/clients on apersonal levelNow that I think about it, these are many of the same qualities that exist in any leader,right? So, what you need is a team full of people with great communicative skills andleadership skills .Once you have the team in place, the next step is to have roles andaccess control defined and then put them in the sea to see how they swim. Simplify360can help you with really simplifying that with the best-in-class team managementfeatures that it offers in a very easy to use and intuitive interface. Simplify360 Social Media Management Copyrights 2012 Simplify360 Application for Social Business
  • 8. 8SOCIAL MEDIA-The needIF THE NEWS IS IMPORTANT, IT WILL FIND ME…..This line defines the new power shift inthe field of communication and trust on Social Media platforms. Here in this article I amtrying to investigate what makes it so adoptable, how it explore human psychology andwhy companies needs to tab this before it’s too late.Aspect of Adoptability Social media continues to have a tremendous impact on howpeople behave online; how they search, play, converse, form communities, build andmaintain relationships; and how they create, tag, modify and share content across anynumber of sites and devices.In response to the ever-increasing penetration rate of social media services and the fiercecompetition among new entrants and incumbents, new business models emergeregularly, where firms blend unique technologies and business models to buildcompetitive. At the same time, content-sharing sites, microblogs, social networks, wikisand a plethora of other consumer-oriented services and platforms continue to grow.Adoptability of social platform continue to grow rapidly as the comfort level, need forpresence, digital relationship, reputation, group ego and feeling of expressing self identityincreases among people.HONEYCOMB MODEL This honeycomb model helps explain the implications that each block can have for howfirms should engage with social media in three important ways. 1. Different specific facets of the social media user experience. 2. Allows managers to conduct a focused a priori study of their firms’ specific ‘community needs 3. Lens for monitoring how dynamic changes of the community’s needs vis-à-vis changes of the social media tools present implications for the firm. Simplify360 Social Media Management Copyrights 2012 Simplify360 Application for Social Business
  • 9. 9Exploring the PsychologyThe shift in paradigm of social power has already happened; new beliefs have redefinedthe way power is perceived. The stronger social network you have the more powerful youare perceived socially. Your views/opinions/judgments all become more important toothers, if you belong to this elite group. This shift in power has been made possible largelyas a result of rapid developments in social networking sites. The key change broughtabout by this has been from “visiting” to “participating” and forming communities in theon-line world.The availability of “wiki” applications has led to the creation of consumer-created content,which is disseminated via blogs, reviews, user groups, forums and other social networks.One intuitive hypothesis is that “popular” people (those with vast, far-reaching, andsignificant networks or contacts) will have connections both in the real as well as in thevirtual world; thus the number of people one deals with in the real or physical worldshould be positively correlated with the number of virtual or electronic contacts one has.On the other hand, a less intuitive (but still feasible) hypothesis may be that people whoare less popular or charismatic in the real world may somehow “compensate” for theirlack of charm by over-indulging in virtual social networking sites (and, unsurprisingly,spend more time in the virtual world than in the real world). Whichever is the case SocialMedia has strengthened itself to all kind of people.Social Media puts the “public” into PR and the “market” into marketing.The evolution of Social Media has brought tremendous opportunities for companies; thedifferentiation that has to be ensured before exploring social media platforms is to bestrategies. It depends on the nature of business, target audience and AIOs (Activity,interest and opinion) of target audience on different Social Media platforms. Abovementioned Honeycomb Model and study of target audience psychology can be a huge helpfor the companies.Determining what customer wants is essential for any company, and trend spotting hasbecome a multi-billion dollar business. However, it is becoming tougher. In today’s high-speed digital age, information and ideas spread at rates never before imagined, and, as aresult, customer wants and needs have an unprecedented turnaround time. Companiesonly hope of keeping up is to join the Internet age.Whatever the method of dialogue, it is clear that customers will increasingly make theirviews known, to each other or to companies, as the technology to do so become easier touse and those companies who can listen and engage will reap the benefit which otherscan only dream of. Simplify360 Social Media Management Copyrights 2012 Simplify360 Application for Social Business
  • 10. 10Engagement or Likes: What works better forFacebook?There was a time when a page with the highest number of fans/likes was considered tobe a successful page but do you think is it working the same way now?Likes were always considered as the main metrics to judge the success of the page butwith the changing time, engagement has taken a front seat. Today, it is more important tomeasure your engagement level than likes. Businesses are clear on whom they want totarget and what type of content they want to share to have a highly engaging andinteractive page.Why Engagement and not likes?Social media is all about engaging with your fans/audience. There is no point of havingthousands of fans but no engagement. Such fans are just the headcounts and notcontributing to the page in any way. If there is no interaction on the page, then you arelosing the game. Your content won’t reach out to people; there are less likely chances thatwill turn up to your page. Quality is always better than Quantity.Even if you have small but highly interactive fan group, they work as your brandambassadors or influencers. They influence others to like your page. For example, if a fancomments on the post or share your content or participate in any activity on the pagethen they are increasing your viral reach, as their participation will appear on their feeds oron the page, which will let you reach out many people at the same time.So, pushing the right kind of content on the page and encouraging fans to engage with thebrand/business is the most important aspect of social media and business should adoptthis if they want success.Engagement with very fast pace is becoming the most important metric to judge successof the page.We never say likes are not important, they are very important for a page to startengagement but always target right audience, who are interested in you as abrand/business because this will only lead to right kind of engagement.How does it work?Few months back Facebook introduced “Talking about this”. This’ Metric slated to roll outto users this week, this new metric measures ‘stories,’ or content users share on Facebookthat can be featured in users’ News Feeds. Simplify360 Social Media Management Copyrights 2012 Simplify360 Application for Social Business
  • 11. 11Working in social media field gives us opportunity to observe different pattern. We workfor different clients and each client gives us different areas to explore. Working with oneof the client from retail industry, we have observed that page is successful if you havehigh level of engagement despite of average number of fans.We targeted the right audience and shared the quality content which helped us inincreasing the engagement on the page and getting new fans through the post, picturesand feeds shared by fans. Giving example of client and one of its competitor will showhow higher number of fans does not mean higher level of engagement.Data below also gives clear picture of the fact that higher number of fans does not meanhigher level of engagement.Fanpage 1 has more number of fans thanfanpage 2 but the interaction rate on fanpage2 is higher than fanpage 1.Rightly said by Jay Baer: “Activate your fans, don’t just collect them like baseball cards.”So, make engagement your power!!!! Simplify360 Social Media Management Copyrights 2012 Simplify360 Application for Social Business
  • 12. 12How to handle negativity on social mediaplatforms?A very famous Dell story is the best example of how negativity can trash your brandimage. In 2005, a blog post from an influential blogger about the dell’s pathetic customerservice created a viral effect. Dell did not respond to the blog promptly, which lead toworsen situation, where lot of people started commenting on the blog and sharing theirexperiences about bad customer service from dell. By the time dell responded to thecomplaint, damage was done.Another example is of Nestle and Greenpeace. Where Greenpeace started a campaignagainst nestle, posting videos of how Nestlé, maker of Kit Kat, uses palm oil fromcompanies that are trashing Indonesian rainforests, threatening the livelihoods of localpeople and pushing orangutans towards extinction. Nestle mismanaged the wholesituation which created lot of negativity for the brand.Social media is all about conversations. These can be Positive as well as Negative .Positive conversations are always considered as blessings and are welcomed anytimewhereas negative conversations are like a nightmare. But as a brand/business you haveto handle both, you just can’t close your eyes. Social media is a two way conversationchannel.While working with clients on social media, weencounter situations where customers are notsatisfied with the product or services. Theseconversations could be complaints or feedbacks.We believe these situations can be utilized tostrengthen the relationship betweenbrand/businesses and customers. Simplify360 Social Media Management Copyrights 2012 Simplify360 Application for Social Business
  • 13. 13How to handle negative conversations?Negative conversations are the part of socialmedia, avoiding or deleting these conversationwill only worsen the situation. Following are theset of rules or best practices which we followwhile working with clients 1. Never Ignore or Delete negative comment: Deleting or ignoring the comments will give out the very bad impression about the brand. This will only show how much you value your customer’s feedback. Deleting negative comments is strictly no no. 2. Promptly acknowledge the feedback: Negative feedback need quick and prompt reply. In our case we never delay in reply to negative comments. Delay in acknowledging the feedback may be taken as brand/business’s laid back attitude towards your customers 3. Take the conversations offline: We would always suggest taking the conversation offline. Your first response should be public. Then you can take it forward as a private conversation. Send them message on email. This will also give a personal touch. 4. Appreciate the feedback: Making customer feel like a king will always help you in building strong bonding. Appreciate their feedback and Make them feel that their feedback has helped your brand in becoming better. 5. Create positivity: Through excellent customer experience Change the negative conversation to the positive one through customer service. Provide them best of customer service which will help you in getting the positive words about the business. 6. Stay connected to the customer: Keep track of all the developments happening on the issue. Stay connected to the customer, until they are satisfied with the result.Negative comments might irate you sometimes but be calm. Try to be positive. Thesetypes of conversations do not always harm your brand. If tackled properly they can lay astrong foundation of customer relationship. Simplify360 Social Media Management Copyrights 2012 Simplify360 Application for Social Business
  • 14. 14How do you connect with your fans throughFacebook Ads?Facebook as a social media platform gives user anopportunity and power to connect and share withthe world. One of the ways to connect with youraudience on Facebook is Facebook ads.Facebook ads have gained much popularityamongst businesses. We have been running adsfor our clients to gain more fans and visibility.Facebook Ads lets you create and increase yourcommunity base and communicate with them on daily basis.Facebook ads work on many factors, which play a vital role in making the campaignsuccessful. Target the right audience: Facebook ads allow you to target the audience you to reach out through your adsAdvertisers can target based on 1. Location, Language, Education, and Work 2. Age, Gender, Birthday, and Relationship Status 3. Likes & Interests 4. Friends of Connections: Friends of Connections targeting allows you to target the friends of users already connected to your Page or App to reach a more relevant audience 5. Connections: Connections targeting allows you to target your ad to current fans of your Page for promoting special offers and driving customer loyalty 6. Designing Facebook ads Simplify360 Social Media Management Copyrights 2012 Simplify360 Application for Social Business
  • 15. 15After indentifying the target audience, second comes the designing of the ads. We wouldsuggest you to create 2-4 sets of ad sets. Facebook Ads basically consists of: 1. Title 2. Image 3. BodyAdvertising Campaign needs to be optimized based on these three parameters, along withtarget filter.It is suggested that while creating ads, there should be 3-4 variation of the same ads.Variations can be in image or body. This will help you in analyzing which ad works best forthe target group.Some Best Practices for designing the ads Always use an image which goes well with the ad content. Image should depict the message you want to convey through your ad1. Message should be short, crisp and to the point.2. Add call to action to your message. For example “like us now to avail 50% discount on beauty products”.Analyzing and OptimizingOnce the ads are running, you need to monitor andanalyze them continuously to know which ad is performing well. Using the ads report youcan analyze which text and which image is working better for you. On reviewing the reportyou can anytime pause the non performing ads and reallocate the budget to theperforming ads. Simplify360 Social Media Management Copyrights 2012 Simplify360 Application for Social Business
  • 16. 16Optimization of ads is very important in order to bring new content and image this willgive you better results as there are chances of audience getting bored with same oldcontent. We would suggest optimizing your ads whenever you see decrease in the CTR.Important Success metrics for Ads1. Social Reach: People who saw your ads with the name of their friends who liked your page, RSVPed your event or used your app2. Connections: number of people liked your page, RSVPed your event or installed your app within 24 hrs of seeing your ad3. Clicks: A click is counted when a person clicks through your ad to your landing page. This includes liking your Page, RSVPing to your event, or installing your app within the ad creative.4. CTR(Click-Through Rate): Number of clicks ads received divided by the number of times they were shown on the site. Simplify360 Social Media Management Copyrights 2012 Simplify360 Application for Social Business
  • 17. 17How are companies using social media forcustomer service?Every avalanche is a result of small disturbance in the surface of mountain range. Theyare unpredictable and dangerous. In today’s online scenario, the connection betweencustomers and brands have created similar surface which can create an avalanche onbrand’s reputation.Social Media has become number one platform to vent out bad product or serviceexperience. There are many examples where brand’s reputation have been put on stakedue to ignorance towards complain in social media.The most famous example can be the “United breaks Guitar” where a singer-song writersguitar was broken during flight at United. When the artist mentioned the damage to thecustomer service, he was ignored. As a result, he went on to publish a Youtube videoabout the incident which went instant viral, damaging the reputation of United. The issuewas resolves after United responded to complain and reimbursed the artist.Therefore, social media is becoming increasingly crowded with customer complaints anddissatisfaction. Being present in social media sites and responding to queries andcomplaints is becoming more important than before. Many brands have already built aresource and process to address the issue of social media customer service.Below are some of the important ways in which social media can be used to enhancecustomer service.Creating online social profiles and being there. The first step is to create your onlineexistence and be present officially. Creating profiles allows your customers to identify youand makes it easier for them to engage. Rather than shouting at the world, your onlinepresence will make it easier for your customers to seek help to you when needed. Simplify360 Social Media Management Copyrights 2012 Simplify360 Application for Social Business
  • 18. 18Listening conversation about your brand. People are never going to find your presenceunless you start engaging with them. The best way to engage is always to listening toconversation related to your brand and start responding. Proactively engaging withprospects and customers can increase your visibility and create better experience for yourcustomers.Creating Content Related to your Product/Service. Your customers are continuouslyseeking help and searching for relevant content. You can be that content provider.Creating content like blog posts or video tutorial are essential part of conversationbetween brands and customers.Real-time Response. Customer delights has become an important aspect into customerexperience. One of the ways in which social media can help create that delight is throughreal-time response to customer’s online query. Immediate response to the complaints ormentions can create ever lasting impression on customer than through direct marketingstrategy.Communicating Offers and Deals. One way to increase interest among your customers isto offer discounts and deals through your social networking channels. This will help youreach out to larger audience and energize customers to participate. DELL was one of thefirst brands to exploit these fundamentals and earn millions through investment in theirTwitter Channels.But how do you measure your performance?Every social media activities gain response from the crowd. Therefore, in order to measurethe performance of your social media activities, you need to consider exact metric whichyou will be tracking continuously as follow:1. Interactions:Keep track of number of fansand followers and their activity related to yourprofiles like ReTweets, Comments, and Likes etc.Keep daily track of how many mentions yourbrand received in all the networking platforms.2. Responders: Number of people who haveinteracted with your brands and the rate atwhich it is increasing.3. Level Sentiments: In addition to trackingmentions of your brands, you need to drill downto the sentiments of customers. The goal shouldbe to provoke positive sentiments and reducethe number of negative complains and Simplify360 Social Media Management Copyrights 2012 Simplify360 Application for Social Business
  • 19. 19sentiments.4. Feedback: Customer Feedback is an important part of customer services, through whichcompany can gain important insights. Company can also use feedback count such asnumber of participants in Survey or Polls, or special programs to measure theeffectiveness of the social media customer service.Social Media has changed the way customers and brands interact with each other. Itdepends upon the requirement of company to decide if they want to adopt social media astheir way to interact with their customers.Strategy to use social media as customer service can vary accordingly with each companyand it’s the responsibility of company to research into the case and adopts the best wayto engage in social media. Simplify360 Social Media Management Copyrights 2012 Simplify360 Application for Social Business
  • 20. 20Creating Facebook Content Strategy UsingFacebook AnalyticsFacebook is one of the best platforms to share content. But understanding on what worksbest for brand/business is important. Content plays a vital role in making a pagesuccessful.For any business/ Brand it is necessary to analyze their data in order to get the most outof it. But with so much information available, you need to select the one which is suitablebest to create a sound content strategy.What should you analyze?As mentioned above it is very important to analyze the right data to know what kind ofcontent your fans like. Analyze your page activityComments and likes on the Page:First thing to analyze on the page is to see whether your posts are getting enoughcomments and likes. Understand all about the updates on your page . Get graphicalpresentations of number of updates posted and number of comments and likes received.A graphical presentation will always help you to understand better. Analyzing commentsand likes will give you an idea of content popularity.Distribution trend of Page post by typeStudy the content consumption to make better strategies. Distribution trend will help youin analyzing which content type is working best for the page. This will give you an overallidea of comments and likes each type of content is getting. Based on this you can decideon what type of content is liked by your fans. Simplify360 Social Media Management Copyrights 2012 Simplify360 Application for Social Business
  • 21. 21Page Consumption TrendPage consumption trend is the trend for the number of times people clicked on any ofyour content; this data will give the number of people who consumed your data actually.This helps you in an idea of what type of posts is consumed more by fans. Understand theoverall clicks/ views on different post and know what works and what doesn’t. Analyzing the right data is what counts. For creating a sound strategy you need to analyze regularly. A good content strategy leads to better engagement and better engagement leads to success. Simplify360 Social Media Management Copyrights 2012 Simplify360 Application for Social Business
  • 22. 22Five essential steps of successful social mediamarketingSocial media is not restricted to marketing and brand building. More and more smartbusinesses are integrating social media participation as part of their knowledgemanagement strategy which is product/service development, recruiting, employeeengagement and turnover, brand building, customer satisfaction and relations, businessdevelopment and more. Additionally, Social Media Marketing is often utilized to promote agroup of the associated site, allowing for a good business to customer relationship.Social Media Marketing is a term that portrays the application of social networks, onlinecommunities, blogs, wikis or any other online two-way media for marketing, sales, publicrelations and customer service. In this competitive world there are a number of companieshave adopted this strategy.So how do you think you can stand out in this competitive market using the social mediamarketing tool? Here are few strategies that will help you to make a distinctive position ofyour product or company amongst your target audience on social media websites.Keep it short and simpleThere is not much time for the readers to go through complicated long promotionalmessages. So it very necessary to keep the note very clear and crisp. Do not addunwanted words which are not related with the offer. A difficult message is not useful andis hard to bear in mind.Customize itEvery social networking site has its own features and characteristics. The approaches ofthe Facebook members are very different from that of the LinkdIn audience. So, themessage should be designed suiting to the place and keeping in mind the target audience.Talk about the target audienceThe content in the message should cater to the customer’s needs and not only about theproduct. Consistently utilize social media to connect to potential customers. It is good notto be too much self-interested, instead the content should be more on the target audienceand how your products will be useful for them.Choose the right placeThere are new social networkings websites coming up every day, however there are fewcommon websites where most active customers & influencers spend time online thenlisten and take notes. Technorati, Google Blog Search, Ice Rocket, Bloglines, Twitter Search, Simplify360 Social Media Management Copyrights 2012 Simplify360 Application for Social Business
  • 23. 23AideRSS and HubSpot HubFeed are few social media monitoring tools through which youcan select where to place you message.Select the right timeThere are a quite a few social media tracking tools accessible such as Google alerts andsocialmention that permit you to look for for keywords online. It is vital to observe youronline status and social media mentions so you can deal with comments posted aboutyour company or product. Thus you can also monitor the customer requirements and canassist him/her in what he needs rather than promotion about your company or theproduct. Simplify360 Social Media Management Copyrights 2012 Simplify360 Application for Social Business
  • 24. 24How to Use Hashtags for Successful TwitterMarketingFor the last one month, Twitter has been abuzz with quizzes organised by a particular softdrink brand using hashtags. The wave of conversations the hashtag generated promptedseveral other brands to emulate the concept and build fan base. In the past, several otherbrands have successfully used hashtag campaigns for Twitter marketing, while some (likeMcDonalds) saw their worst nightmares come true with “bash”tags. So what makes aTwitter campaign using hashtags click?1. Make it simple sillyWhen you are deciding on a hashtag, make sure it is new. Using a already used tag willautomatically nullify the changes of the hashtag to make it to trending topics. Also, doremember, Twitter comes with a 140 character limit. So, make sure your hashtag is not toobig. That will save some space for the users to put in their thoughts.2. Trendy tags trendThe essence of hashtags is to communicate a message. The hashtag should be able tocommunicate the message in simple yet bold terms. Suitable keywords representing thebrand or the industry would just pep up the buzz around the brand. Mundane tags thatonly talk about the brand will surely get thumbs down from users. A successful andpopular hashtag needs the “X” factor to trend.3. Caution – Risky road aheadGood things come with their share of side effects. You need to exercise caution at everylevel to ensure that your hahstag campaign does not generate the buzz that you were notlooking for. McDonalds had to pay for their #McDStories with a tumultuous wave ofcriticism flying its way on Twitter. Even American president contender Mitt Romney’s PRcampaign met with a thud on his birthday when people hijacked the occasion to expresstheir dislike for him.4. Abuse and you are outIf you think you can cash in on a popular hashtag and use it to promote your own product,think again. The lesson we learnt from the backlash Kenneth Cole received for using ahashtag related to Egypt uprising, was that hashtag abuse has no place on Twitter. Officialguidelines make it amply clear.5. Bull’s EyeOnce you have your unique and original hashtag, all you need to do is to set yourself atarget audience. Once you set the tongues waggling, BAZINGA! There’s no stopping yourhashtag from emerging on to the trends map. Simplify360 Social Media Management Copyrights 2012 Simplify360 Application for Social Business
  • 25. 25Simplify360Social Media Management Copyrights 2012 Simplify360Application for Social Business