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Webinar :Social media for start ups
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Webinar :Social media for start ups


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Social Media for Startup

Social Media for Startup

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Social Media for Start Ups
    Webinar: 11th August 2011
  • 2. Agenda :
    Fundamentals of Social Media
    Practical Approach to Social Media
    Case Studies of successful Social Media Strategies
    Challenges of Social Media
    Q&A sessions
  • 3. Lets not start with the history of Social Media or Internet.
    History creates an illusion that there is a trend in what is happening and that future can be predicted on basis of it. - Unknown
  • 4. Neither should a startup try to emulate success stories of big brands.
    Big brands put much more effort/money in their social media than that is visible.
  • 5. Also, lets not discuss about the opportunity provided by Social Media.
    The internet is already crowded with too many justification over Social Media’s Potential.
  • 6. Instead, lets try to understand Social Media as it is, with out any reference.
  • 7. What does Social Media Look Like?
  • 8.
  • 9. People
  • 10. Connection (One Sided or Mutual Relationship)
  • 11. Content and Context
    Blog postMicrocontent (written content)
    Infotainment (creative image, photography, infographics, visualization)
    Videos (animation, promotion, activisim, youtubing)
    Research papers (casestudy, whitepaper, presentation)
    Application (viral application)
    Podcasting (online radio Jockey)
  • 12. Dynamics
    This is the core of what makes your social media strategy successful.
    Every startup needs spent time understanding the dynamics of different networks and what works and what doesn’t.
    Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Youtube, LinkedIn,
    Quora, Slideshare, Flickr etc
  • 13. That is all you need to Know.
  • 14. Getting your Feet Wet.
  • 15. Sketching out the Strategy.
    You need to choose your context/content.
    You need to start building community around your content.
    Facebook Community
    Twitter Community
    Youtube Community
    SlideShare Community
    Your own Micro Forum
    More importantly, you Emailer Subscribers.
  • 16. That looks like a long list. How long will it take to build a good community.
    Months or even years !!!
    Social Media is not like planning wedding, its more of long term plan of sustainable Marriage.
    - Gary Vaynerchuk
  • 17. Choosing your content/context ?
  • 18. How do you choose content?
  • 19. Syndicate you content to all your social networks.
  • 20. Building Community Strategy
    Listening to influencers in your network and engaging in conversation with them.
    Lead Generation Strategy to gain Emailer list from interested candidate.
  • 21. Creating Good Twitter Followers
  • 22. Creating Good Facebook Fans
  • 23. Building Community Strategy
    Listening to influencers in your network and engaging in conversation with them.
    Lead Generation Strategy to gain Emailer list from interested candidate.
  • 24. Lead Generation Mechanism for Start-ups.
    Email Campaign is still the core of distributing promotional Materials.
    Hence you need to build a strong emailer List
  • 25. Lead Generation Mechanism
    You need to research well on what is required by your target client and build a useful content related to it.
    You need to distribute these content based on email registration process.
    Good and Genuine Content will always attract targeted audience.
  • 26. Case Studies on HubSpot
  • 27. Case Studies on 6wunderkinder
  • 28. Case Studies on 37signals
  • 29. Case Studies on socialbakers
  • 30. Case Studies on simplify360
  • 31. Case Studies on MailChimp
  • 32. Case Studies on SmashingMagazine
  • 33. Creating and Curating Content. (Blog! Blog! Blog!)
    Consistency is very important in Social Media.
    Blog is the first step towards web presence and needs to be planned out thoughtfully.
  • 34. Finally!!! What are communities worth?
    More than you can imagine.
  • 35. Attributes of Community
  • 36. Managing Communication Channels
    Regularly Update your channels and upgrade them.
    Engage with audience and spark discussion.
    Keep your channels alive !!!
  • 37. Challenges
  • 38. Overcoming Challenges
    Searching for some help from the network or other community forums to generate interest.
    Engaging with high quality comment on forums and discussion sites.
    Promotion through Ads:
    Google Ad words
    Facebook Ads
  • 39. Beyond Social Media
    Search Engine Optimization
    Offline Engagement and Promotion
  • 40. Q&A
    Follow Simplify in Twitter : @simplify360
    Become Fan of Simplify in Facebook :