Simplify360 Product Features and Benefits


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An overview & Product Tour of Simplify360

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Simplify360 Product Features and Benefits

  1. 1. Simplify360Product Tour
  2. 2. References•  Believed  by  major  agency  groups  like  Publics,  WPP  •  Used  by  So;ware  Integra?on  and  Consul?ng  majors  like   Accenture,  Wipro,  Intelliverse  •  Used  by  several  Fortune  2000  companies  –  directly  or  through   White-­‐Label  Partners  •  Use  cases  spanned  across  11  industries  and  6  business  ver?cals  
  3. 3. OUR KEY OFFERINGS  Social  Media  Research  and   Intelligence  Repor4ng.    Social  Media  Management   Pla8orm.  
  4. 4. Simplify360 is a social media management platform whichenables business to monitor conversations, analyze data andmanage social media profiles.•  Social  Networks.  Blogs.  Micro-­‐blogs.  Forums.  And  more.  •  Billions  of  messages  monitored  and  analyzed  in  real  ?me.  •  Monitoring  sites  from  all  5  con?nents  and  28  languages.  •  Global  reach  and  coverage.    •  Yes,  highly  localized  to  the  country  of  presence.  
  5. 5. Simplify360 Social Media Management Platform for Social Business Analytics and Multichannel Engagement§  Discover the most relevant conversation that’s happening.§  Make sense out of the social media buzz.§  Engage with your prospects, influencers and customers. Listen Analyze Collaborate§  Understand what is working and not working in your campaign.§  Manage your organization’s multiple social profiles.§  And more: collaboration, reporting, white-labels, custom Engage Optimize Publish integration etc.
  6. 6. Listen: Basic Dashboard Trends in Buzz In-depth Social Sentiments Media Data Filters Region wise Buzz coverageAnd more:Age and Gender trends,Language popularity,Website authority etc. One click messages view on the dashboard
  7. 7. Analyze: Advanced Dashboard User-defined Message Discover Active Filter Trends Communities Messages Source DistributionAnd more:Message type Distribution,Community type Distribution, Social BuzzSentiment based keyword listing, VisualizationCustomer message filter designingAnd so on.
  8. 8. Get insights into your Facebook Optimize: and Twitter Profiles   Simplify360 Scores to keep your Benchmark your activities activities on the track against your competition. Find the perfect time To publish your contentAnd more:Multiple channel integrations,Demographic details of your Twitter andFacebook Communities,Detail Status Update analysis,Trends in the engagement and Get the total insights into theimpression of your content etc. Trends in your online community
  9. 9. Engage: Multi-channel Dashboard Message Filter Multiple Tab Options Creation Action Buttons to EngageAnd more:Embedded workflow management,In-built Facebook engagement, Adding multipleDirect link to the messages,In-built sentiment indicator/filter etc. Social Profiles
  10. 10. Engage: Message Dashboard Profile Detail of Message Tagging the message & Grouping Create custom message filtersAnd more:Message response,Excel format data download, Create customWorkflow embedded,Influencers Details, message filtersComplex message filter options etc.
  11. 11. Publish: Manage your social content Engagement metrics for Calendar view of the messages published Scheduled Messages Message editingAnd more:Message Upload in Excel/csv,Message Template, media attachment, Multi-channelIn-built URL shortening tool,In-depth Click stream analysis Message PublishingList of top messages published etc.
  12. 12. Collaborate: Multi-user environment Filter the assignment Assign Messages To According to priority and respond your Team Members Create your own Audit Form to keep track of ConversationsAnd more:Create multiple teams with different access levels,Share profiles and channels with team members, Various actions toDownload the Message Audit history,Set-up an approval system for publishing etc. manage assignments
  13. 13. Simplify360E: contact@simplify360.comF: @simplify360For more informationWeb: